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New..(On review that is). Excuse me if I throw in...

New..(On review that is). Excuse me if I throw in some spanish words (They read/sound better in spanish). For now, I'm doing pre-eliminary research...


On SODOCIPRE (Sociedad Dominicana De Cirugia Plastica Reconstructive y Estetica, Inc.) Looking for three of my options: Dr. Yily de los Santos Rosario, Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran, Dr. Aridio Collado Cruz......


Hmm Interesting, two of my three surgeons are no longer members of the SODOCIPRE. (Red Flag perhaps? Or maybe they are under maintenance) I remember seeing them there because that is how I got their names: Dr. Yily De los Santos Rosario & Dr. Aridio Cruz Collado are not active members as of today 3/25/2013 at 2:24PM.

***Please excuse my (Inglish) English. I was born...

***Please excuse my (Inglish) English. I was born and raised in the US however I have never acostumed myself speak/writting/reading in english (Ay ombe--- I feel that I express soooo much better in spanish) No offense xo!***

Hi! Ok... so, I have eliminated Dr. Aridio Collado Cruz. I emailed him on 1/23/2013. He responded on 1/25/2013, he quoted me for $5,500 for TT and Lipo of the back and waist. If I wanted BBL w/ FT an additional $500 would be added to the estimated cost. It included one hospital stay, follow-up pre and post, one Faja and massage. A minimum of two weeks stay was required. No other information of an RH was provided. This PS is located in Santiago, Dominican Republic (near the very few family I have over there). The decision was based on the lack of response and interes. I emailed him back because he did not included the cost of BA in his previous email, I questioned the possibility of having all procedure done the same day, how long did I need to be in DR after surgery, if he provided reconstructive surgery if anything went wrong, and if he was willing to do a consultation via webcam/skype. Up to this day (3/25/2013) he had not responded after several attempts.

The same day (1/23/2013) I emailed Yily de los Santos through her webpage. On 1/25/2013 I received a response (generic) quoting me for $4,900 for all the procedures mentioned above except TT. TT was determined when a physical consultation is taken place at her office and it depends on my hemoglobin levels. It included one hospital stay, blood-work and labs (pre and post), medical expenses etc. She mentioned the RH-Jacqueline Spa (which immediately that was a plus for me—I don’t have any family in the capital). The option of purchasing the medication over there is ($250) or I had the option of retrieving it from my PCP here-She included the names, the reason for it and the daily dosage. (Very helpful). She also included the steps towards payment, office location etc. The reason why I emailed her was that I was fascinated by her sculpting techniques. I have been researching on Spanish forums and all they talk about is Cabral and Rosario. I’m not a fan of them. Too much medical negligence under their labcoat! Now, Yily’s I'm not a fan of her BA, but after seeing one of the recently TATA's she did. I really like how they looked. They look very pretty. What is throwing me off is the amount of girls she is scheduling to perform PS on the same day. I feel that she is taking too much and I'm afraid she is rushing into fitting more girls into her schedule and it might jeopardize my experience and others of course-leading to complications afterwards! You see, the cost of the hospital rate is based on a daily fee rate. It is cheaper for the PS to schedule a day at the hospital for 12 girls than a day for each girl throughout the week. I'm not saying that she is scheduling 12 but its definitely more than the # mentioned her generic email. I feel that according to other girl’s experiences, she is lacking some people skills AFTER surgery. Pre-Yily, I read wonders. Post-Yily-Not so much. Well, that is on the personable side. The actual PS side, I feel that she is highly qualified compared to other doctors in Dominican Republic. She has the credentials (which I will take a closer look when I get over there or when SODOCIPRE answer my questions WHICH btw, I emailed them yesterday 3/25/2013) because I went in to grab a couple of more PS and get a quote and inquire more information.

Guess what!??.Dr..YILY is not active and Aridio Cruz is not active as well. Only Duran is an active member. So, I sent SODOCIPRE an email w/ the following:

Buenos días,

Estaba buscando información referente a tres cirujanos plásticos en el país actualmente practicando cirujias: Dr.Yily De Los Santos Rosario, Dr. Aridio Cruz Collado, y la Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran. Actualmente, encuentro que la Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran es la única doctora que se encuentra activa entre los tres doctores mencionado anteriormente. Me gustaría saber y si es posible un reporte detallado de alguna negligencia médica pendiente en contra los tres cirujanos mencionados anteriormente y si estos casos actualmente están en proceso de investigación, vigentes o han sido despedidos. Quisiera saber sobre cualquier querella en contra de los cirujanos mencionados y si sus licencias están al dia y actualmente vigentes o si estan sancionados.

Gracias por antemano

Good day,

I was looking for information regarding three PS in the country who are currently practicing: Dr. Yily De los Santos Rosario, Dr. Aridio Cruz Collado, & Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran. Currently, I only see Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran as the only active member out of the PS mentioned above. I would like to know and if its possible I can get a detailed report of any medical negligence/malpractice pending against the three PS mentioned above, if the cases are in the actual processing of investigation, pending or they have been dismissed. I will like any additional information regarding a complaint against the PS mentioned before and if their licenses are up to day, currently or they have been sanctioned/suspended.

Thanks in advance,

Only Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran is an active member (which I sent her a email on 3/21/2013 10:44AM and she responded on 3/23/2013 12:43AM). I didn’t sent her any pics. So she replied very nicely with the following (non-generic—I hope)

Hi J****, It is very important for me to see your pictures before I can answer your questions, because your pictures will determined/reflect my answers on that. I liked the way you have expressed yourself and I feel that you have made it very clear and precise what it is that are you looking for in a PS and the whole experience which rarely happens. Send me your pics and we will glady speak about it. Take Care -Dra. Hilario Duran.

I have seen Duran dolls through her website and twitter. (I’m not a fan of facebook so I won’t join FB to search for the “group”. (I’ll ask my twin brother though :D )

I really like Duran’s work. I don’t know how much she will quote me for but I know she is a lil’ bit pricier compared to Yily’s. I’m in love Yily’s work and I’m having a crush w/ Duran’s work.

* Love her BA-very pretty not porn like. ME: (sorry) looking for natural.
*.Love her BBL-which is what most girls in RH are looking for-GRANDE!. ME: Not so much, just enough and lil’ bit more just in case I keep loosing more weight—I see it like this—I can always go for round 2.
* Need more visual of her TT—I have a C-section scar- I like it its’ thin and barely visible—I wonder if they will work with that. (Taking notes)

* Love her sculpting techniques
*Small waist (ohh la-laa)
* TT- I love the MzJuicyFruit87 TT and waist since day one! ( Ay Dio’ Mio- I really do)
*BBL- I don’t know yet. I don’t want much. Just enough. I do want a small waist though I feel that if she don’t give me a BBL at least my small waist and hips will give the illusion.

So, for now :/ I’m torn between two beautiful and talented PS- Yily De los Santos & Agustina Hilario Duran. I’m hoping to go to DR by Aug/September the latest. I have not chosen a date but, once I decided on which doctor I will sent my full payment (so I don’t second guess myself)

FYI: I have purchased the vitamins and I started taking them on 3/20/2013. I will continue to take them (one of each every day) until two before surgery. I will take the recommended dosage two months before.

Support: For now, only my twin brother knows I will be going for PS in Dominican Republic. We lost our mom 5 years ago (although I know she will be with me all the way I have a feeling she would had agreed because she Loves me that much and because after having my lovely and handsome 5yr old son, I always wanted to have the body I had before becoming a mommy. My dad will say “Mira Coño, No-TU NO VAS- PIENSA EN TU HIJO” immediately so, I will have my brother tell him AFTER I have surgery. I don’t want him to go crazy before. It is a stressful decision and I don’t need the guilt trip, the pessimism and negativity. As long as it’s an educated and well researched decision my twin brother supports me all the way. He is even conducting some research w/ his wife’s relatives- just in case I change my mind along the way. I don’t have any BFF- because like becomes easier when you learn to be your OWN BFF. ( I do have friends, just not a BFF).

A lil about me: ( I started backwards should have introduced my self first-Sorry). I was born and raised in NYC, my parent were Dominican. I lost my mom 5 years ago, just three months after having my beautiful son and the only reason why I choose to be a better a person everyday-inside and out. I have two brother, a younger brother who lives in MIA and my backbone-my twin brother (sorry ladies, he is married) J/K. My dad-I love him dearly even though after my mom leaving everyone took their separate ways. It was like the only way of coping with our loss, we couldn’t face the fact she was gone and seeing each other reminded us that everyday. So, I was left alone raising my son. After my mom left everything changed, 9 months later I decided to get a divorce. It’s like everything stopped and I just could not move forward. I wanted to stay in the past, with her memories. I felt safe there. So, I fell under a huge depression where I started eating and I gained a lot of weight after having my son. Before having my son, I was 131 after giving birth I was 183 and I went up 233 pounds being my highest weight. I have been up and down ever since. Currently, I’m 180. I want to loose at least 30 pounds more before surgery. Not too much-because I’m going to need some type of fat for my BBL and I don’t want to be too skinny. I like being curvy-healthy that is.

Diet: My diet- I don’t eat rice, plantains, bread (not even whole wheat), no sugary juices unless its (freshly done-I like beets and carrots w/ one apple-that is my morning breakfast w/ small oatmeal w/ a lil' almond soy milk unsweetened and dried cranberries). Lots of raw veggies instead of-low carbs (cooked veggies-3xa week oly). Salad w/ no dressing only a squeezed lemon, a few drops of EVOO and pepper--no salt. Drink lots of water and when I don't want to drink my 8-9 bottles of water- I infuse it w/ strawberries, limes, oranges, whatever fruit-so I can keep drinking it. Fruits I eat alot but only from the same family on a day- for example: Mondays-strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) Tuesday-watermelon, Wednesday-I keep to one banana only) Thursday-cantelopes, melon. I used to drinki Shakeology-Greenberry Vegan too so that is a meal replacement sometimes when I can't stop for lunch. Before I did a three day detox- green tea in the AM w/ cup of blueberries, PM-Shakeology w/ water- no milk, Dinner- Salad w/ one breat of chicken. No diary ( I love cheese :'( I stop doing Shakeology-one because it too pricey $100 a bag- and I just could’nt take it anymore. Got tired. I

I DON’T EXCERSISE— I WALK A LOT. I will get off four stops before getting home and walk home Mon-Fri. If need to go a store and I can walk it..Guess what- I will walk all 20 blocks. Weekends- I dance while I clean. Merengue Tipico ( Fast Merengue) Ueepaaa!

Ta' bien..nos chequiamos' ( It like..Ok..TTUL--Dominican slang 101)

Added more pic w/ clothes.. Pre op will add soon.....

added more pic w/ clothes.. Pre op will add soon.. working on the courage..

I forgot to mentioned, I was recently doing...

I forgot to mentioned, I was recently doing INSANITY- I fainted twice plus last week I was getting out of class and fell.. All my weight fell on my left arm so, I've been in pain for the last week. So,for now I've decided to stick to walking and dancing..

Added a couple more of pictures..some with a Faja...

Added a couple more of pictures..some with a Faja on (Zaray) It's a colombian brand just like Salome but its lighter (at least for me). I know I wil have no problem wearing one since I'm used to wearing a Faja on a reg. basis.

Ueepaaaaa!!!!!!!! I want a find a Yily Muñeca or...

Ueepaaaaa!!!!!!!! I want a find a Yily Muñeca or Duran Doll that had all three procedures done at the same time: TT, LIPO, BA & BBL. Does someone know? Thank you! Gracias..

Tato' (ok) Nos Chequiamo' (ttul)

Ok. So they are back in SODOCIPRE. They...

Ok. So they are back in SODOCIPRE. They re-arranged them Yily is no longer under the Y but under the D (de los santos) and Aridio is under the C (Collado)..

Now, I can breathe..

Still debating between Yily & SODOCIPRE has not replied back to me w/ the other bunch of questions I asked...

Let's See..

On another note, veryyy exicted for some Duran Dolls and Yily Muñeca that had sx in March :) xo!! Wishing them the best recovery possible!!

Tato..Nos chequiamo'

Buen dia mis niñas! I don't know about you,...

Buen dia mis niñas!

I don't know about you, but ever since I started my journey here I keep having these dreams where I'm actually on the operting table.. and I see myself getting cut up and blood everywhere and then I'm wrapped in a white sheets and telling my family that I'm getting sx (but I had already) and then I see myself "sewing" myself up w/ a needle and some thread..sooooo weird. Must be all the tension and thinking back and forth of who to choose, should I tell my dad and aunt (my mom's sister which is like the backbone of the wholeee family and she is very strict, I love her soo much bc when Im with her I feel closer to my mom and she's been there for me always-no exceptions) & she argues soo funny-(the dominican way) OMG-but she has her temper and I know that If I tell her now-she will convince me not, Idk..

Two questions:

Have anyone of you have/had any dreams?


Any funny moments about your experiences pre-op or post-op..

Please share..

Tato.. Nos Chequiamo's y les mando un Besototeee a todas!

Drumrolls....... I have made my decision:.. I have...

Drumrolls....... I have made my decision:.. I have choosen:

*************************** ******************************

Just a quick update.. Lost 26 pounds w/ a natural...

Just a quick update.. Lost 26 pounds w/ a natural detox diet. Now, I will start a juicing fast for 30 days..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy la vida coño..

Pics..weigh loss

Hola mis niñas! xo

I could not find my pre-op pics. I did find three but they are naked. I don't feel comfortable posting them yet. Will do soon. I did find one with my big as arms and chubby face. plus I uploaded my current as of yesterday bangin body (._^) (*yeah-right) I cant wait to get sx.. this sucks!!

Nos chequiamos ahorita..Besos y Good luck a todas who had or is going to get sx this month. Saw some results--Love them all. xo

Nos chequiamos muñecas!

26 pounds less..

:) I don't feel like it though

..Why can't I upload multiple pics? Get it together RS

Why can't I upload multiple pics? Get it together RS

Follow up...

Duran 100%

Following up..

I love Yily TTs..and Duran-stallion bbls and the whole figure..I'm debating of having BA-I mean I have boobs--they just need a lil' uplifting..I just don't want to have everything at the same time now, I'm scared about the TT recovery and the arms-I heard they hurt like hell.

Oh well...Tu quieres moño bonito-aguanta jalones como decia mi mami..

I'm excited! Anxious-Over-thinking--Thank GOD for school this semester--I won't be so preoccupied w/sx.

My twin brother does not want me to do the sx now... Sorry, lindo--I need this in my life right now--he just wants to be the only one looking good! ( l love him tho)

September 1st 2014 with Dr. Hilario Duran


Ya--- por fin!!

Spoke to Paola, sent deposit in person with my friend doctor---booked for Sept. 1st 2014. My Birthday Gift for myself.


I wanted to get my breast done, but I'll see depending on my hemo levels if its possible. Now, I need to find a recovery house.
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