Here We Go for a Renewed Silhouette!!!!!! (Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Fernandez Goico) - Dominican Republic

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Hi y'all! I'm a 48 years old mother of 4 (and...

Hi y'all! I'm a 48 years old mother of 4 (and grandmother of 1) who is in search of a general life change. I was a school principal for almost 20 years and I just retired (from that) a few months ago, because I just felt I couldn't take care of myself and live my life the way I wanted to.

I started by moving to a different state (lived in Georgia all my life and recently moved to Virginia Beach 8 months ago), and just changing everything that was negative about me (no need for further details if you know what I mean).

I am having a Tummy tuck with Liposuction and a little fat grafting to my bum (age just decided to take all the best in me). I was scheduled with Dr. Hubbard here where I live, but I continued doing my research and ended up at Dr. Goico because my daughter's best friend had liposuction with him last year, and recommended that I contact him. After I did I noticed that (with all due respect to american surgeons), body surgery is much better in latin america (at least that's my personal opinion). I chose him for various reasons:
1. Very good results in his website
2. Reviews show that he in fact cares for his patients and it's present when needed
3. Having a really low scar is a priority in my list and he seems to get this done all in all of his cases
4. I already knew someone (as I mentioned before) who already had surgery with him and she had an excellent result and gave me a very positive feedback
5. He has very natural results. I'm not looking for that surreal big butt with a mini waist, I want to look good and healthy in a bathing suit, nothing fake.

I arrived at Dominican Republic today through Punta Cana's airport (By the way, big mistake, certainly changing my return flight to Americas airport in Santo Domingo). I will be seeing him tomorrow and doing all my labs and pre-op exams.

Lots of emotions going through my head right now (anxiety, excitement and why not, a little jittery). I'm all by myself in this adventure, so it's a roller coster of feelings for me. I have decided not to stay at a recovery house (and I'm starting to think I did a bad choice here) but I have a lifetime friend who lives here in DR and offered me a room for me to stay in. I already spoke with a couple of them just in case I feel it's going out of my control. Besides, her house is beautiful and I feel very comfortable for now here.

Long story short, I'm here and the adventure has begun. I'll try to keep posting my experience here throughout the whole process. I can use some prayers! :)

Tummy-less! :)

Hey y'all! I'll start by saying I am alive and well, and so far my experience has been fantastic.

Preop Appointment: Had my pre-op appointment with Dr. FG on thursday and I felt even more confident after speaking with him. When I went in I was really nervous (don't know why but it's the moment that I've been the most, not even before surgery), but he started conversing with me and made me feel as if we had known each other for years (I guess it helps that I've been a pain for the last couple of weeks asking a gazillion questions). Point is he calmed me down immediately and the consultation lasted about 1 hour. He speaks perfect english, which made this whole process way much easier (I should add that up to the list of why I chose him).

Karel is the girl in charge of it all there. She's a sweetie pie, but has the character to make everything happen (great combination). She

Had my labs and cardiologist evaluation, and afterwards went for my Chest Xray at a nearby hospital. The whole process took about 3 hours. Also, since my friend couldn't pick me up at the time I was finished, I went to a beauty salon which is right in front of the clinic and got my hair and my nails done (I was told I couldn't be able to shower until my tubes are removed, so I prepared myself for those ugly days). Forgot to take pictures of the office to share. Will do on my first postop.

Surgery day: I got to the clinic around 7:30 am, and a nurse took me to my room. They are private suites, very clean and organized. Simple but nice. They have a bed for companions, but in my case didn't make a difference since I came by myself (and my friend couldn't stay with me). I met the anesthesiologist (very nice gentleman around his 60's). Saw Dr. FG, got marked and don't remember much after because they gave me the famous "blue pill" and that knocked me out immediately. My surgery took about 3 and 1/2 hours and it felt like 20 mins for me. Woke up and I was in the same room but very thirsty and with a very tight garment on. I don't remember much of yesterday, but I do remember that I had difficulty breathing (or at least felt like it). I still feel my stomach pretty tight (Dr. FG said that I had a big muscle separation and he did a strong repair), but it has become easier to breath (or maybe I just became used to it). The doctor visited me yesterday evening but I can't tell you what we spoke about (because I have no clue).

Today (1 day after): My night was ok. I had very mild pain, but couldn't get much sleep (even though they gave me a sleeping pill). I chatted all night with my daughter, and it actually made me feel as if she was staying here with me. Dr. FG came around 9am, took my dressings off and told me everything looked great, and that my surgery went without anything unexpected. He read to me all of my "Dos and Don'ts" and explained to me how should I take my medication, take care of my drainages, and basically behave. He mentioned that this is why they normally recommend staying at a recovery house, because they actually take care of all of these. I still have the option to leave my friend's house, but I really just like taking care of myself, and even though I know it will be more difficult, I am still willing to give it a try. Worst case scenario, me moving to a RH. Continuing, he's therapist came in afterwards and gave me my first lymphatic drainage massage, helped me put my faja on, and by 11:30 am I was out of the clinic. His therapist is a very nice girl as well, and you can just tell she knows what she's doing.

That's it for now. I uploaded a few pictures of the horror before. Dr. FG said he'll give me the ones he took on monday, so I'll upload those then.

BTW, thank you all for your support and your prayers. :-*

Saw the Dr. today!

Hey y'all! Just came back from my first post-op followup. Had my massage and Dr. FG saw me afterwards.

I'll be quick today. Everything seems to be going well. I have mild to moderate pain in my lower back; the front drain I don't even feel it, but the back one just kills me sometimes. I've been able to manage pretty well myself, and haven't had the need of a nurse. My friend has helped me just get into the car and out of the car, but other than that I feel this surgery can be well managed without a lot of extra care (if I would've had breasts as well, that might have been another scenario).

Feeling fantastic overall, and so far so good! Took a quick photo before I had my faja put on. Thanks for all the support. :-*

Keeping it positive

Hi y'all! Saw Dr. FG yesterday, but the internet at my friend's house went out. Just to continue with my journey here. I had my front (tummy) drain removed, but I'm still with my back one. I am pretty soar, but at least I'm draining a lot. Even so, I already feel a huge change in my body, and my back is no exception (uploaded photo). Liquid coming out is pretty clear already (which Dr. FG said it's a good thing) and he believes I'll be tubeless by friday (yay! can't wait to shower! :( ).

Another con from not staying at a recovery house: my drain yesterday (the back one) was sort of clotted, and I never noticed, until the therapist saw me in the afternoon. She said it didn't look like it had been that way for long, and she was able to remove it. I guess if this would've happened with me being in a RH, one of the nurses or employees would've detected it immediately. So, that's another point in favor of RHs.

Things that I have noticed:
- My feet are pretty swollen. Dr. FG said to raise my legs for 30 mins 3 times per day, and if it doesn't work to open up the faja for a while (but I don't like that idea).
- I am extremely itchy. My whole body just itches like crazy. I am using Lubriderm extra moisturizer , but still I feel my skin very dry (and I drink A LOT of water).
- I am getting pretty bad migraines every once in a while. Dr. FG said it's normal due to the loss of liquid that I am having, but still that is very annoying.
- My back feels like burning every once in a while. Momentarily, but literally like I am starting to catch fire (forgot to ask this one, will do).
- Funny but I feel no pain at all on my abdomen. My back on the other hand, is another story. :(

That's it for now. Will keep y'all posted. Thanks for the positive comments, amazing support.

Hey Y'all!

Hello Y'all! I know I've been absent and I had promise to keep my experience updated and all, but a lot has happened since I came to DR. Just so you have an idea, I'm still here and I leave tomorrow. Let me clarify, I've stayed here because (long story short) I am starting a new business about guiding dominican students that want to apply to US universities and I've been into that the whole time. I came here for surgery, and I am leaving with a nice figure and my next life project, who would've known! :p

My recovery has been as good as it can be. I feel very good with my new figure and my confidence has boomed. I saw Dr. FG on Friday for my last checkup (almost 2 months post-op) and he did my post-op photos which I have uploaded. When I saw the difference, I literally broke into tears. Don't get me wrong, I am not a vain person, but many things happened in my life lately that just shook my self-esteem pretty bad. Now I'm embracing the future with such inner strength, I feel like I'm back in my 20's!

Point is I wanted to show y'all the new me, and share my life changing experience.

Thanks for the positive energy! XOXO
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. FG is simply a one of a kind surgeon. His bedside manners and the dedication he gives to his patients is simply out of the ordinary. I don't only recommend him as the best surgeon in DR, but as a top doctor worldwide. He is also surrounded by excellence. Karel and the rest of his team simply go beyond their duties to make you feel special, cared and safe.

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