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Soo after searching and searching I narrowed down...

Soo after searching and searching I narrowed down my choices to Princess Recovery , High Class recovery, Maria's Recovery and Betty's Family Recovery. Now after contacting High Class Recovery a MILLION times and getting a one response that said they were checking availability and then even I tried to follow up with them still no response, I just gave up. As far Princess Recovery goes I've heard so many horror stories of women getting their belongings stolen and I don't have NO TIME or PATIENCE for that so I kind of crossed them off my list but I have no real proof that it's a bad RH in terms of service, cleanliness etc Soo they aren't totally out. Now Maria's I've heard great things about but they don't have availability for the dates I'm looking for they told me to call back if and see if they have a cancellation. Lastly Betty's Family recovery I actually sent them a deposit because they were the only ones on my list that had availability for the dates that I need. Downfalls are I've only heard ONE review about them and that was from a family member of mine who had sx a couple years ago this family member hadn't even stayed at "Betty's RH" she was at another RH which she didn't like and Betty was actually one of her nurses during her stay (In the other RH not Betty's actual Family Recovery) and she told me that Betty never left her side when she needed anything Betty was right there for her. Which are all great things but just because that was a great experience for her doesn't mean it will be for me, hence why I'm writing this review for research and to get some other opinions. Last downfall to Betty's Family RH is that the ONLY recovery they have are in the quad bedroom and Betty informed me that the room would be full. Smh does anyone know if it's better to stay in a room with 3 or 2 other women vs. just getting a single private room (which I was really hoping to get). What are your experiences with this and what RH's do you ladies suggest. Also will anyone be staying at Betty's during March 30th - April 8th if so I need a surgery buddy because I will be traveling alone :(
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