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Hi RS I am new to the site and I am so thankful...

Hi RS I am new to the site and I am so thankful for all your stories that are helping to make my decision to claim me back so much easier. I am waiting on my quote from Dr. Fatima Almonte. I am amazed by her skill and relieved to see so many positive reviews consistently which puts my mind at ease. I have lost 18 pounds since August and working on losing another 30 pounds by March, currently I weigh 228 pounds and I am 5'6 1/2. I have been so nervous about posting but I can honestly say that the stories of the RS community has helped me so I figure it is only right that I share as well, in hopes I can help someone as well. I will provide updates along the way and share my story in depth when I have time to really go deep.

Finally got the nerve to post pics....

I had no idea how hard it was to take pictures letting it all hang out. Not showing my face helps but Lawd, this hurt my spirit.

Had to redeem myself with some pics wrapping it back

Had to balance the scale...thank God for clothes. But I do love my GA peach and my curves just not the ones in the waistline : )

Snatched Date Set- 6/15/16

I am so excited! The past month went by so fast. I Joined a gym 3 and a half weeks ago, went to see Mary J which was fantastic and of course work and running back and forth with my 14 year daughter. I am feeling great since going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. When I went to the concert I did not even wear spanx so I was thrilled!

As of right now my cousin is going to fly over with me I am happy just praying that every thing lines up in the heavens so that she can really come, I know so much can happen in 7 months, but I am not going to worry about because God will work it all out just the way it should be.

I have been so impressed with the results I am seeing from Dr. Almonte, I feel at peace with my decision. I have even been viewing results from other doctors just to make sure I am secure in my decision and I am 1000% sure Maury! Lol. It is my favorite time of year and wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! !

I always ask my daughter what she is thankful for each year and to see how her answer has matured over the years warms my heart.

Ladies I know for most of us this year was filled with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. So what are you thankful for this year? I will start : )

I am thankful first that God saw fit to keep me here with good health. I am thankful for my new job I got in March that I prayed and wished for. I am thankful that my daughter is blossoming into a beautiful young lady before my eyes. I am thankful for a Lawd have mercy chocolate Man who loves me thru what ever phase I may be going thru and for his service to help keep us safe here in the US even tho it means I don't see him as much as I would like, and his support during my journey back to me. Last but not least I am thankful for you all RS ladies because no one really understands the mental anguish associated with a decision like this but ones who have made it. Ladies be safe this season.....Happy healing : )

Adding before picture again...

Hi ladies I am adding my before picture again, I removed them a couple months ago when I received an email saying the site may have been compromised but now that I am getting excited that my sx date is just around the corner I want to be sure you all have my starting point. I will be going to the DR June 14th staying at My Home Recovery House. My sx date is the 15th. If any of you will be there during that time please inbox me, I would love to meet you. I purchased my plane ticket on Sat, this is getting real. I am praying and praying some more for a healthy recovery, I don't know how I am getting anything done, I find myself daydreaming all day and dreaming all night about my results. I don't post much because pretty much all I do is work, and think about and research this sx. I am so motivated and encouraged by you ladies. This website has been my security blanket, I have learned so much. I am so thankful for each of you. Take care : )

1 MORE DAY!!!!

Hi Ladies! My time has finally arrived. I leave in the morning. I am nervous. Did anyone else have trouble sending money by money gram? My anxiety is already high and I am emotional because my period came on early, sooo sent my balance yesterday morning thinking everything was fine. I got up this morning and Lesley sent me my 0.00 balance and that I had a 190.00 credit because I paid for my insurance and Heprin too, so I was beaming and trying to get thru my last day at work today, but then Lesley emailed me and told me they couldn't get it. I'm like what? I was already upset when I found out last month they no longer had the Wells Fargo Bank and did not use western union. I hate Money Gram I always have a problem with them and did not want to use them but the more I thought about it I did not want to travel with the money, so any who I just thought I needed to verify some things due to the amount and country. Wrong, Money Gram had me on the phone drilling me for like 30 minutes asking how I know the person, how do we contact each other, what is it for, I told them surgery, they asked what type, I said is that necessary he is like yes, so I said a TT, then he is like so how many times have you met this so called doctor, I said she is not a so called doctor she is a doctor and that I will be meeting her tomorrow. So then he is like so you are sending a doctor money that you have not met for a surgery, that is not smart it is a scam and I should be careful. pause ( now under any other circumstance I would have agreed but I have been researching her for over a year and feel 100% confident her and Lesley are real thanks to my real sisters) press play.. he eventually told me that they did not feel comfortable sending the money because they think it is a scam and did not send it, gave me a new reference number so that I could go back and pick it up. CHILE BOO! I was hotter than fish grease! So I call Lesley and told her everything I had just went thru and before I knew it I was crying and shaking because I was so overwhelmed. She apologized and so now I have to travel with this money. How did you all travel with your money? I need ideas please. My emotions are up and down, can't even talk about it because I am ready to get there and meet the team that will transform me. I am posting a picture of how I look right now before sx. I really hope it posts right, it keeps flipping to the side. I am so ready. Ladies I need your positive vibes and prayers. The money thing has me shaken. I did not want to travel with it.

My Prayer...

Our Father which art in Heaven, we all have arrived at this point in our lives from different circumstances and backgrounds, we all have a story whether we were lied on, cheated on, beat on, degraded and disrespected that caused our self esteem to take that downward spiral into despair, but God, you promised us a life of love and the desires of our hearts, so we come to you today in this hour to ask for you to cover us in your grace and love and bless us with the desires of our hearts so that we can live and be the women of God you destined us to be.  We want to be better wives, better mothers, better daughters, better sisters, better friends, better employees, better co workers and better neighbors.  Lord what we do have in common is our desire to be the best self  that we can be, and we can only achieve that goal with your mercy and grace.  Father in Jesus’ name we ask that you cover Dr. Almonte and her team from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, from the person who makes the first incision to the person who sweeps up at night and turns the lights off because Lord I know in your tree of life that each root, branch and every single leaf has its on purpose in accordance with your master plan of the life you have designed for each and every one of us.  I pray for our peace so that we can rest in your assurance and keep all of us safe and healthy as only you can.  In Jesus Name I pray….. Amen.

Made it!!!

I am resting, no pain just uncomfortable. I will write more tomorrow.

Emotional day...

Hi Ladies, just checking in to let you know I am doing good. I have so much to say but will do a real review when I get home. This is an overwhelming experience, I have met some really nice ladies. But now I am counting down til I go home on the 27th. Praying my drains come out before I go.

MY Experience. ...

Hi Ladies,

I woke up June 14th on my way to the DR with Jesus. Flights were good. Please remember to have your info ready with where you will be staying address for the form you have to complete on the plane before you land in Santo Domingo. I was so happy I had all my info printed so all I had to do is just copy. Going thru immigration was a breeze because I already had my tourist card that I purchased for 10.00 online. So I walk thru the Exit and quickly find Neper holding a sign with my name on it. I ended up having to ride to the clinic with another driver because Neper had to wait for one more girl. I was starting to feel my nerves but that all stopped as soon as I had to focus on my prayers for my heavenly Father to just get me to the clinic in one piece. The traffic there is insane. My driver was fantastic he got us thru. They do not obey any road rules or signs there. It was amusing after awhile because they all just blow horns where there is no where to go.

Made it to Cecip, looks just like the pictures. The driver took me right up to Lesley and Raquel. They are beautiful as previous ladies have noted. They were sweet. I went thru the paper work with Lesley (it was in English) paid my balance and was off with Raquel for labs and bloodwork. So I got there at like 430 pm and was thinking they must be about to close and will have to do it in the morning, wrong. It is a factory there T and A in and out day and night. Neper arrived with the other girl and she was gorgeous, I said chile wth are you here to get done, she laughed and said bbl and lipo. And that started our sisterhood. We discovered we only lived an hour and a half from each other and she spoke spanish. ( WHEN I TELL YOU GOD IS GOOD, I MEAN THAT) I prayed and God planted the right people at the right time in my garden. We laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. We ended up staying at Cecip and being roommates, took before pics of each other and talked our nerves out.

I was the first sx, I was wondering where Dr Almonte was because by now it's 730 and my nerves were getting to me. So I messaged Lesley to ask her if everything was ok and if I was still first and she was like you are not with her I was like no. 5 minutes later Dr Almonte walks in apologizing and hugging and kissing me and my roommate. She said she went to the wrong room. Which is funny because that was the 3rd person and we ended up being friends as well. So she marks me up, tells me I don't need back lipo and that my waist is tiny, she said she was going to do just a little inner thigh lipo on me to, I'm game. So she hands me the blue pill, I take it, she helped me in my blue little robe and the wheelchair is already waiting I'm like it's now she is like yes maam. She said I pray before every sx, you will be beautiful. I said well Lord this is what I am here for, I am thanking you in advance for your grace and mercy, cover me Lord.

As I am rolling and singing Something about the name Jesus in my heart and soul, I see the operating rooms and like Jesus keep me. I get to my room and there are like 3 ladies all like we'll oiled machines prepping. I am guessing by now my eyes are telling everything because I am looking at the equipment and noticing it's wrapped in some type of cloths and wondering where is the plastic? And what my eyes did not say my body said the rest cause I was shaking the little lady grabbed my hand and did my IV and another held the other hand and rested my head on her shoulder said a little prayer and patted my back, I felt them wipe my back for the epidural, I remember saying Jesus I know you are real keep me and heal me with your love and next thing I remember is hearing breathe, breathe. I was like oh Jesus, I can't figure out what that means, then they said breathe deep. I realized at that moment I'm alive, next thought thank you Jesus, I hear them saying breathe, I took a deep breath and another and with each one I realized I am freezing. I told them they said I know and gave me a thing to breath into, apparently from the abdominal tightening and my huge boobs I was having a hard time regulating my breathing. Then I saw them roll my roommate in and I gave God more thanks. Now they are about to move me out of recovery and back to my room, 3 seconds of movement resulted in me getting sick, I had enough time to say I'm gonna throw up, Lord that hurt like hell. The guy was so comforting saying it's ok and cleaned me up and continued to my room. Not only was I snatched I felt snatched. Was in and out of sleep, thanking God in between, emotional that I did it. Then my roommate came and we talked and was in and out of sleep. Had a great doctor or asst not sure he was great he checked on us all night. I had to have 2 breathing treatments which helped. Food at Cecip sucked but I was too nauseous anyway so it didn't matter.

Next morning Raquel comes cleans us up, change dressing remove catheter (which I hated) and stuffs us into those damn Fajas Lord have mercy, I stood up and then I was falling, they had to put my feet up and I un snapped the first 4 so that I could breathe. Ladies listen to your bodies, if you can not breathe or you are hurting in that damn thing un snap it or take it off. On to My Home Recovery House.

Picture updates

pics cont.

Feeling myself. ..




Hi Ladies,
Sorry for the delay. I started back to work on Tues so I have been busy and exhausted getting back into my daily routine. I got my drain removed at 15 days by my PS here at home because it was malfunctioning, plus I was tired as hell from having it. I was at 50ish CC's. She figured that I would fill up with fluid and made another follow up appt for the the next Tues, which was 20 days post op, she removed almost 300 CC's of fluid. I have another appt on Tuesday but she probably won't have to remove that much. I am finally sleeping all night in my recliner still can't sleep in my bed probably because I am exhausted from working all day. My lipo hard spots are getting better and my scar is healing great will post pics of it next week. I got my first post op period yesterday, and it is normal no cramps or pain just like it always has been. So that was a relief. I am swollen/bloated but I have been since my drain was removed so I don't think it is any more than usual when I get my period. I am so happy with my results, proud of myself for pushing thru. Dr. Almonte did exactly what I asked her for a natural hour glass that is proportioned to my body. Even with me being swollen I am happy with the results. I will be thankful for her skills for the rest of my life. The recovery takes you thru emotions and feeling you could not imagine until you go thru it. For me it is very trying because I am a workhorse and I like for things to get done. This has slowed me down for real for real. I can not stress enough give yourself time to heal. I was out of work 3 weeks and I still feel like 2 more would have been great. Call around and set up follow up care BEFORE you go and have surgery. The last thing you want to worry about is finding care when you get home. If you take a lockbox with you, please don't put anything in it when you are traveling because they stole mine out of my luggage when I was traveling back at one of the airport thank God I had sense enough not to leave anything of value in it. I had to show my letter from Dr. Almonte in Santo Domingo and Miami so please remember to get it just in case. Get wheelchair service, I can not imagine what it would have been like if I didn't. You may feel good but do yourself a favor and get it. I stayed 13 days and left on the 14th day (with drains) and I did not use half the stuff on the list. I stayed at my home and they had dressing and tape and the cleanser for your incision. Below is a list of what I used and feel are the must haves. Call or contact your recovery house ahead of time and ask what they have already so that you don't over pack. This is what is sticking out in my mind right now. I over packed and I only had 1 carry on sized suitcase. Hope this helps but please know this depends solely on what your particular recovery house offers so please find out before your trip. I would not choose to have this experience again but I am so thankful to God for the ladies I met and the wonderful new friends I made. It has made all the difference in my recovery and yes even with all the challenges of recovery it was worth it! ! Happy Healing ladies and my God continue to keep you and cover you.

Must Have List:
tank tops (for under faja)
Duster or robe (for walking around)
Loose gown
Few pads for stuffing Faja
Arnica pills and gel (for bruising)
Hibiclens small bottle (to shower with
before sx)
deep woods off mosquito wipes
Assurance Premium adult cleansing wipes (the best thing ever) the large one
Dial antibacterial soap ( used bottled water with the wipes and had a good hoe bath every day)
Solid Deodorant, the gel stung for the first 9 days for me
Minimum hair products
Extra Cash

6 week update

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well with all of you. I am doing good, moving much better and my energy level is better with each day. My swelling is not as bad as it was in the morning and at night. I am still swollen but I can tell it is improving. I posted a few pictures for you to see how I am coming along. I think my scar is doing good. I tried to get a shot of it for you guys to see. I am very happy with my results. Even with the swelling I am loving this new body. Finally walking straight up again. The only other thing going on in my life is work but I am not complaining because I get to wear all these new clothes I have collected over the years for "when I get fine". Ttyl

Before and after

8 week post op

10 Weeks Post op! !!!

Still dealing with swelling but I am not complaining : ) All smiles over here!

forgot this one

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is a beautiful lady inside and out. She moves fast but she listens. She did exactly what I asked for. I am very happy with my results. She and her staff love God and not afraid to tell you they pray. They get busy but they care and it shows.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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