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I've been a (lurking) member of RS since May of...

I've been a (lurking) member of RS since May of 2015, and I finally have my procedure scheduled with Dr. Almonte for October 12th. I'm having a tummy tuck with liposculpture if the flanks and back, and BBL. I'm excited, scared, overjoyed, elated, and terrified at the same damn time! LOL! Any advice and/or helpful hints & time are greatly appreciated.

Earlier Date?

I contacted Lesley a few weeks ago about possibly getting an earlier date. I'd prefer to have my surgery during the summer while my kids are out of school. She told me she'd let me know if anyone cancels or reschedules, but in the meantime, if any of you Almonte dolls want to cancel or reschedule let me know please!

I Received an Earlier Date!!

Whoop, whoop!! Y'all (I'm from Louisiana, so please excuse all the y'alls), I got an earlier date! Seriously, if I could go tomorrow, I would! I'm tempted to see if she has something available during June or July. The sooner the better. I'm SO tired of looking like the Michelin Man! Lol. Seriously though, I'm to the point where I'm disgusted when I look at my naked body. I'm disgusted when I get dressed. I'm a huge shopper and fashion lover, and I don't wanna buy anything because I feel like nothing will look good on me. I'm just ready to feel attractive again! Hurry up August 17th!

Flight booked!!

I forgot to tell y'all I booked my flight! Ish just got mad real son! Lol 91 days and counting! I'm still trying to decide on a recovery house, so any recommendations and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks to everyone who's sent words of encouragement and we'll wishes thus far. You all have no idea how much it means to be able to come on here and read everyone's journies, success stories, etc., and especially on the days I'm trying to talk myself out of having the surgery. Sometimes as women (mothers, wives, daughters) we take care of everyone and everything first and neglect our own hopes and dreams. I'm definitely guilty of that, and have psyched myself several times into thinking that I'm being selfish by wanting to undergo this surgery. I have to remind myself that I deserve this, and that my happiness is important too. I deserve to love not only who I am on the inside, but also what I see when I look in the mirror.

Change of Plans...

Ok guys, I had to cancel my August date due to starting a new job with no time off. Lesley rescheduled me for February 2017. So of course I was defeated, but I reasoned that at least it'd give me enough time to get all my supplies and finances together. In the meantime, I kept looking at others' surgery pages on IG, including Dr. Almonte's. One day Dr. Almonte put up a picture, and as I was reading the comments underneath, I noticed an Almonte doll saying she was wanting to give up her October date. To make a long story short, I was able to get her date and am now having surgery on October 31st! I have about 43 days to get all my ish together!

Wish Pics...

Low Iron Levels...Help!!!

My iron is low!!! I had a CBC done yesterday, got my results back today, and found that my hemo is a 10.7. I literally have only 37 days to bring that up to a 13! Is that possible? Am I losing it! I actually started taking a Blood Builder vitamin and drinking beet smoothies just last week, just in case this happened, but I don't think it's providing me with enough elemental iron. I have had issues with anemia before, and had to see a hematologist to replenish my iron levels. I may have to go back to her to boost this hemo quick!! Time to break out the big guns! I refuse to extend this surgery another d*mn time!
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