pretty much sold on dr. duran's work...duran doll - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've finally took the step of setting up a profile...

I've finally took the step of setting up a profile. Yes, I've been stalking you girl's page for some time now. Started thinking how fair is this, me on their pages all up in the business and they don't even know i'm using them to help make all my decisions (i.e. Dr., RH, Sx procedures).hahahahaha.
You are some real strong women and very open to share so much and I'm so grateful. I've tried being open,~ for instance at a girlfriend's house for "Thanksgiving" last night. I revealed, I was thinking about plastic surgery. All of a sudden her shirt comes up and she let's me know she's had a tummy tuck and her neighbor as well. Her Dr. did a beautiful job!! Then here's the big question from her "Where are going to get your's done"...I lied. "I don't know yet". Her: "You should go to my doctor.", then she says "My cousin is going to DR"(cousin is sitting right in the livingroom), with complete excitement in my eyes and voice, my response is "I'm going there too"...My girlfriend response is "Really?..Why are you going there?...please be careful". I had to constantly keep defending my decision to go to DR. That's why sites as these are so important. The information on here rather it be good or bad, allows for one to really research a decision that is not so easy.
Now, that I have made my mind to go to DR, to have my sx, here is a little about me.
I am 40 years old, mom of 2. one child is grown, just waiting on my 2nd to finish h.s. in 2 years. I'm 5'5 and 154lbs today. I am a 4 year divorcee. Always pretty confident with my clothes on, however, when they come off, I go into this other person. It actually has some interference in my sexual episodes, i'm yelling turn the light off. Bad look for a man running across the room butt naked just to turn a light off and come back to where he left off. Then the me keeping a tank top or lingerie on while doing the nasty with a bra on is just too much. I can't really be myself or as free as I want because i'm so concious of my body.
So here I am.....and guess what "I'm so Ready"!!!!!!

Pre-Op Pictures

Pre Op Butty

The Before the Hotness arrives!!!

I am really putting myself out's cool. Part of the process.

Pre Ops

MY Realization

Pre Op

My Realization

My Before..


This is crazy!!!..Normally, as someone will be the receiver of your money you would think the surgeon would respond much quickly. I wonder why Duran, does not get someone/someone's just to deal with her appointments?...It definitely makes her more high in demand. I don't mind putting the work in, I guess...Simple as sending emails..1,2,3. I tried sending through FB, twice already. The email I have, keeps coming back. Not sure on how to contact her.


I am so use to being just a behind the scene stalker, I'm forgetting, I am suppose to write reviews in my freakin profile. I have decided that I can't go through the process of trying to reach Dr. Duran, any longer. Over it...(3 tries, don't take much). I believe, I will pay "Belle Vita", I don't feel like calling all over DR. Then setting up the airplane pick up, the whole whatever is involved. I just want to get there and allow the flow to happen. We all know what our patience level is..and lord knows my is very low. Just wondering why I had patience this long to walk around with the zebra prints and flat bootie. I can tell you why some of it was possible. Honnnnneeezzz, because when "WishPicChic" throw on the heels and shirts that cover the bootie, you can't tell her nothing. However ready to put on those shirts that comes to the I'm so ready to look how I feel...and how I feel is not 40. Can I get a "Amen"!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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