Paying It Forward...YILY BABY!! Pics!! 2014

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I've been reading blogs & reviews for months and I...

I've been reading blogs & reviews for months and I am so grateful to have stumbled onto this site. I'm not a blogger, but I want to share my journey to pay it forward - thanks realselfers for sharing! My stats: 36 years old, 5'4", 169 lbs, 3 kids later. My size doesn't bother me, but the extra tummy has got to go! I simply want to be comfortable in my clothes and I'm willing to trade a big ol' stretched out tummy for a scar from hip to hip.

I've been to a few consultations in my area, sent out some emails, and have chosen Dra Yily. I emailed her on a Monday night & got a reply on Tuesday evening. I sent a follow up email on Wed night & I got a reply on Sat night. So, it seems she has gotten better with responding & I'm grateful because I am so impatient.

2 months, 2 days, 17 hours, 12 minutes, 30, 29, 28....seconds to go!!! I'll post pics closer to the date!! TTYL!!

4 days preop!!!

All has been uneventful so I haven't posted anything. Both my flight & hotel are booked. I also booked massages with the famous Gianna. We've been talking on Whatsapp and she's such a sweetheart. She will be coming to my hotel room for my massages and to teach my mom how to care for my wounds.

I've taken tips from lots of girls on here (Thank You!!!) when purchasing supplies. I am almost done shopping & I never would've thought I'd say I am tired of shopping.

Tick, tick, tick...28 more days!! Yaaayyy!!

Doubt time

I guess it's my time to have doubts. I found out today my cholesterol is through the roof and that I'll have to get on medication for probably the rest of my life - booooo!!! Then my good friend told me her cousin passed away today. He was having some sort of procedure (not sure what kind, yet), slipped into a coma and then died. Wtf??!! I feel so sad for her, but this s&!t is messing with my head. I'm glad I read from you lovely ladies that this doubt is normal. Guess I'll just go to sleep & start over tomorrow. Good night, ladies & happy healing!

Warning: scary pics to follow!

Duh, I just noticed one of my entries said 4 days preop. It's supposed to say 4 weeks, sorry. Anyway, I have exactly 3 weeks to go! The doubt is gone & I am so ready. I looked at the pics I sent to Yily and they knocked the doubt right out of me. Yuck! I will post my "before" pics so that I will be reminded that I really want this. I have so many wish pics thanks to all the ladies of RS. I can't wait to have a flat tummy and normal looking belly button (hernia sx when I was a baby & back then docs didn't care about appearance). I don't really know the what kind of butt shape, projection, etc I want. I've seen so many nice results. I just don't want anything freakishly large. I trust Yily will work her magic.

Well you've been warned. Before & wish pics...

And wish pics...

Here's some pics that I like.


I got 9 days til my transformation. I'm not really sure how I feel. Guess I'll finish packing tomorrow. Thanks AznAzz for the funnel tip. Check out her profile, y'all. She's funny as hell and her BBL came out awesome!

My head is spinning, y'all!!!

I got 2 days before I leave and 3 days before my big day! It seems like I still have so much to do. But not really. I have all my supplies and I'm packed, but I have to get my kids squared away. I feel like I'm running in circles. No time to even think about going under the knife. At the end of the day, I'm excited. I'll just keep telling myself that.

My before pic in my faja

This was a beast to get on...

The front

More wish pics

Thank you, ladies of RS!!! These pics are all courtesy of you!! Muah!!!

I'm here!!! The airport & taxi

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. If you follow the flow and don't forget to get that $10 tourist card, you'll be fine. I used Bambino taxi and the driver spoke pretty good English and was very nice. They're response on Whatsapp is awesome and the price is $35. Not bad at all. I wasn't expecting my phone to just stop working all together. You do need to have a WiFi connection in order to continue to use apps like Whatsapp.
Anyway, we did see something very scary. People always mention how crazy the driving is here. We saw a man get hit by a car and killed on the main road. How sad. The taxi driver treated it as if it was a regular occurrence...didn't even bat an eye. Praying for this man and his family.

On the other side!!! Woot Woot!!

Hi ladies! That's right, I made it!! I will post details & pics tomorrow. So, not a bad experience at all.

Surgery Day

HI ladies! Surgery day was long of course, but be patient. I'm not sure why people think they can show up for surgery and go in and out. It is NEVER like that. Trust me, the doctors are not making you wait for no reason. Something always comes up, a test needs repeating and reviewing, or someone has many, many questions. This will put everyone behind schedule.

The nurses at the CIPLA are not very sympathetic. They deal with Dr. Yily's patients as well as all the other doctors' patients. No excuse, but it is what it is. You get all your tests done, sign consent forms, you consult with the doctor, she marks you up, you get your room, you pay, then you go back for surgery. Your family is allowed to stay in your room and overnight.

Dr. Yily is sweet and she greets everyone with hugs. I felt totally comfortable with her during my consult. She speaks little English, but is serious about her work. I loved that. If she doesn't feel comfortable doing a surgery on you, she will make that clear. Anyway, I've worked with surgeons before, and she definitely makes it to the top of my list.


Surgery day

More pics

Coming along

Got the drain out at 12 days postop. I was more scared than anything. Turns out, it didn't hurt. Whew! Bruising on arms is almost gone, belly button still healing...I can see a stitch or two. Nothing hurts, just this damn back stiffness I get when I first wake up or over do it during the day.
Ttyl RS ladies! Happy healing!!!

Almost 4 weeks postop & feeling great!

You certainly learn some things about yourself on this journey. I am almost 4 weeks out and I am loving my results. My advice to some to the upcoming patients: bring support if you can. There's nothing like someone who loves you taking care of you. I was lucky and had two people. Bring an electric blanket to the CIPLA. Even though it's hot in DR, it's very comforting when waking up. Bring a back scratcher. You get very itchy from the lipo and it's hard to reach your back. Yes, someone can scratch it for you, but you're very sensitive and the itching never really stops. So cliché, but listen to your body. It will not only tell you when to take it easy, but it will tell you when something is wrong. My drain was very superficial and had me in tears for days postop. All it took was for Dra. Ana to pull it out a little to reposition it and I felt so much better. That is all for the advice crap.
I have been feeling great these past two days. I'm not short of breath, swelling is minimal, and I can tie my own shoes!!! I still get stiff after sitting for too long or when I wake up, and the lower part of my back is still a little swollen and sensitive. I absolutely love wearing simple things that my body make look great like exercise pants & tank tops :-)
The weirdest thing though...I found 4 dissolvable stitches that did not dissolve :-( I pulled out two pretty easily, but the other two gave me problems. I almost passed out trying to get one out, but finally it slid out all bloody dental floss. The fourth one is the most difficult. I still haven't gotten that one out because it's in my elbow and I need help. Keep an eye out for those. They really shouldn't be in past two weeks postop.
Anyway, here's some pics! I love my flat tummy, new belly button, plump booty (definitely not a donk), and tiny waist!! I am buying clothes without even trying them on because I know they'll fit and these curves will look good in them. Dra. Yily is skilled, plain and simple. I didn't even request much, but she went in!! Lipo'd between my boobs, underarms, and forearms, gave me some hips and a little vertical tummy line, and just hooked me up with a cute belly button. She replies to me postop on Whatsapp (so does Dra. Ana) & I'm so glad I made the choice to go with her.

Massages by Nina J

I also meant to mention that massages are important. I swear I don't know what I would've done if I didn't get massages from Nina J in Clementon, NJ. I couldn't lift my arms because of the aggressive lipo, but one visit with her, and boom! She starts off with a gentle routine massage and then finds all those trouble spots and works her magic!!! I am ADDICTED!! She charges $65 for 60 min & $100 for 90 min. Believe me when I tell you, it's worth EVERY penny. She serves tea before you start, there's a beautiful atmosphere, and she's so sweet. Those are the extras. I go once a week and wish I could go every other day. Inbox me for her Whatsapp info. I'll get pics at my next visit. Happy healing!!

7 weeks and a day!!!

Hello ladies!! Recovery is going well & I can truly say I have no regrets. Here's the good and the bad. Let's get the bad out of the way: I still have tightness at the lower sides of my back when I sit/lay in one spot for more that 30 minutes. When I try to get up, it feels like my skin is hot and ripping. Ouchy! It goes away in a few minutes. I have some numbness right below my new belly button all the way down to my scar. I'm not worried as this numbness was my entire lower belly, but has shrunk to just below the navel. Lastly, my butt has gotten smaller. Hey, whatcha gonna do?! Now, the good. I love, love, love trying on clothes!!! I can't stop spending money. I have never bought things without trying them on. I do now!!! Everything either looks great or is too damn big! What the what?!!! I have C-U-R-V-E-S!!! Through early adulthood, I was super skinny, almost sickly. No boobs, no butt, no waist, no hips. I could've been mistaken for a broom. After kids, I got double Ds, but at the cost of that tire in the front. But now, now...I have hips, a waist, a flat tummy, a cute belly button, and what my husband calls "pound cake!" Yeah, my butt shrunk. The swelling has gone away and I don't know if it has "fluffed" but it's bigger than it was and it has a cute shape. I'll take it!! I have never been more confident naked and sexier in sweats, panties, business attire, work out clothes or in a robe! I am so happy to be able to enjoy my life without a second thought on comfort. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Yup, that's how I feel - a sigh of relief everyday. Well, good luck my RS sisters. This is definitely a journey and a half. I was proud of the amount of research I did, but I still don't think I was ready for the work involved in recovery. The benefit, however, is still worth it, in my opinion. Would I do it again knowing what I know now? Absolutely. I will not do a second surgery though. TTY in a couple of weeks!
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