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To begin with, I had gastric sleeve surgery in...

To begin with, I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2009 in Md. I went from 346 to 140; losing 200 pounds over the course of 5 years which left me with a whole lot of sagging skin. Because I spent the vast majority of my adulthood as a plus size women I was an expert at camouflaging the negatives and accentuating the positives pertaining to my body but in reality my body resembled a 90 year old women when I stood naked:( and i was tired. I began search locally in Md. I needed the works, breast aug with implants, tummy tuck, arm-lift, thigh lift, and bbl with fat transfer to butt and hips. I went to about five different Doctors in the states including Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta. Of course I was told I could not get all the work done at once, I would have to divide the surgeries into at least two, the upper portion and lower portions. The prices I was quoted here in the states were not obtainable for me. I than begin to talk to friends about my concerns and was told about the services that was provided in DR. I got quotes from Cabral, Baez, Almonte,Robles and Yily. Almonte had the best price and communication hands down but I was not confident she would be able to give me the Butt I wanted because at the time that was my main focus!!!! I wanted a butt from the Gods and everything else was a secondary priority to me. I arrived in the DR on august 11 and I personally went to the office of Baez, Cabral and Yily. I was escorted around by the staff at my recovery house: Tropical Recovery Deluxe. The owner's name is Ruth Pinenetel ***-***-****/whatsupapp: ***-***-****/*******@***.com. 

I will be writing separate review about my recovery house because lord knows they deserve it!!!! They were AWESOME!!!!!! as i stated before i wanted to go with Cabral but he was 2000 more than everybody else for a total of 8000 which did not include my stay in the recovery house. This quote for bbl, tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. my next choice was Yily because based on her reviews she appeared to be the one who could deliver after Cabral the waist line and Butt I was dying to have. i did have some concerns with the reviews on breast yily had performed. i did not find one set of breast that included implants online that i was comfortable with her work that was posted without implants were beautiful to me but those with did not look asymmetrical to me. that was frightening, which is why i met with all the other Dra once i arrived in the DR. because time was a factor, I was only scheduled to stay for 11 days and id wasted one already i decided to go with yily but expressed my concerns on her breast work to see what her take was on the topic. Yily is very straight forward and Honest, she petty much says what she means and means what she says. she stated that she does not post many before and after herself and it is a good possibility that the pictures posted are jobs that are just out of surgery and the implants have not have proper time to settle. She stated she was totally confident she could do the breast aug without complications and they would be beautiful. So I decided to go with Yily. I am happy with my choice. 

I feel like Yily gave me a new start at lifeJ. Yily was very sweet. She greeted me with a hug on every appointment. Her staff is very attentive to your needs and answered all questions. At my first post op appointment with Yily she stated she was not happy with the results from my arms and she would revise them when I came back to get my thighs lifted. I was ok with my results. I stil have a little loose skin but after years of hating my arms I finally felt as if I could show them. So I will allow her to make the revision but I was totally fine with how they turned out. Initially I had fluid in my breast and one swelled larger in size than the other. This occurred after I returned to Md. I was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital By Dr. Rosso. He stated based on what he could see, Yily had done an excellent job on surgeries and he knows how difficult it can be when you are not in the same town as your surgeon so he would be happy to help me with recovery. I was given an mri to make sure that my implant had not ruptured and they also drain some of the fluid from my right breast. They said the fluid drained was not infected at all and that the fluid is my body’s natural response to have a foreign object place in it. The surgeon stated it would have happened no matter where I had the surgery done because it was my body’s immune system kicking in and trying to protect the tissue surrounding my breast. After about two weeks by breast were asymmetrical, pain free, round, plump and beautiful!!! My stomach is still a little swollen and ahs a little fluid but I do not wear my faja like I’m suppose to because I purchased faja that was suppose to support my whole body as I thought I would be getting a bbl and lipo but I did not have enough fat and I had too much excess skin. So I need more of a waist trainer which I will be purchasing this week.

The mark up

Still healing

Ready for round two

Fajah pic

Per your request

Control your anxieties!!!

I just wanted to share that my recovery was not a smooth ride but in life situations become what you make them! For instance, I knew that traveling across to another country would be different from having surgery in my own country but I did not know exactly what to expect. To begin with I had three major surgeries at one time. This is something US doctors would not even consider and I don't believe it's to ensure your safety all the time. I believe sometimes it's a form of exploitation, because why charge you less for three surgeries when I can get you to pay me more by using the OR more than once, paying a anesthesiologist more than once and charge you twice for my services. That just my opinion but because I had so many major surgeries at once and due to my gastric by pass surgery I'm always protein deficient, It took me a little more time to heal then what I expected and initially I was afraid it was due to me going out of the states but I was able to control my thinking and I stayed positive which ultimately helped me dramatically with my recovery. For example I just like many people on real self I was afraid that my breast were done incorrectly because I began to retain water in both if them but one had more fluid in it so it was bigger than the other for about two to three weeks and I wanted to freak out about it because it looked deformed but I contacted yily, sent her pics and she advised me to go have an ultra sound done. Now I'm still wanting to freak out but I prayed and asked God to make everything with my surgeries perfect as if he had performed it himself and although physically it did not look like what I was asking I had to trust in him and believe that no matter where my surgeries were performed that his grace and mercy would cover me. So I did go and have the Uktra sound but when u got there they told me that im they wanted to do a MRI instead because it is a more efficient test. After checking me out they said the fluid was just a natural response from my immune system because I had a foreign object placed in my body (breast implants) they drained some to ensure the fluid was not infected and they conducted a 4 week study on the fluid that they drained to ensure a infection did not grow with time. Mean while my breast was still deformed looking. Now although I was afraid I controlled my thinking and out my trust in God and Yily as a surgeon and two weeks layer they were looking fabulous. I will post pics of them when they were not asymmetrical so you will see what I am talking about. It also took my right arm more time to heal then what I thought and I thought it was ugly and infected but it wasn't. It was just negative thinking I had to learn to control. Now it's all healed and you can't even tell I had surgery. In life in every situation it's mind over matter. If you have a healthy mind set your body will follow in most cases!

Two months PO

So far so good

Work out mode

I started to work out my arms and legs two days ago!! I'm doing the 30 day squat challenge and doing YouTube videos for my arms. My stomach steal feels bum inside so in still a little intimidated about a ab regimen but I plan to start it by next week. I think I see results in my arms already lol. My legs are killing me! Yily told me to try and gain 15 to 20 pounds for my bbl. I've gained 12 pounds already I'm now 153 compared to the 140 I wore at the time of TT. I'm going to try to get to 165-170. Bc I want a huge ass and hips!!!!

I've gained the weight needed for my bbl!!

I was 140 in August and told I had no body fat to get a bbl and I should try and gain 15 pounds well I've packed on 30 just to be sure and I'm still worried I won't have enough fat to get the big booty I want!!! But I'm going to just maintain this weight because I'm busting out my size 6 and I still want to be a size 6 when its all said and done with..



Me too


4 months post op scars

Breast, tt, and arm incisions

50 pounds heavier!!

I've gained 50 pounds in preparation for my bbl in April, I'm still not sure who I will use I have quotes from Yily, Cabral, and Diaz. I'll be traveling with two friends who will be getting surgery as well. I leave April 9. I will keep you posted.

round 2 with the King of Barbies Cabral

I had my surgery April 20, I am still here at the recovery home and In a lot of pain!!!! Liposuction is a whole different beast!!! I do not even have the energy to take post op pics like I did for my last review. And the ones I have taken are not a good view of the work I had done. I need some one to actually take the pics for me!!! This go around I got lipo to my back, arms, waist, and side boob Area. Please keep in mind that I returned 50 pounds heavier from my last surgery. During my consult with cabral he was very adoment that I would need an additional tummy tuck because of my weight gain to get the tiny waist he was known for and I was very adoment that I would not. However I gave in and agreed to get tummy tuck, lipo to waist, back and bbl with fat transfer to hip and butt. I emphasized grande butt to cabral because this is what all the weight gain was for... This actually took place in february of 2015, I actually flew down to meet with him in person because I could not get an email response from him. So when I arrived to viola on April 20, cabral and I met again for my mark up surgery. I begged him to do something about my arms and side boob area that had excess skin from my previous surgery with yily. He agreed to lipo my arms and lift them, taking the remaining skin, he also agreed to lipo area of my side boob because initially it was sagging excess skin that Yily left after the Breast lift or arm lift she completed, but now it was a fat roll after gaining 50 pounds. And agreed to do bbl and lipo if back waist. I assumed he was still doing the Tummy tuck as well because he was adoment and forceful about me having it in all our itger disussions. So he vegans to mark me up... This review will be given in prices because of the pain I am in. I will share with you guys as my e energy will permit ????

12 days po

Waist training

Hanging out

1month post op. Still swollen but hanging out

Workout mode

Lipo is a different beast From other surgeries and the itching from healing I'd driving me insane

I'm ready for round 2 bbl

My butt is shrinking ????

Looking good in tanks


Waist training

I'm 31 inches in the waist. I would like to get to be a 28????????????

4 months po

4 months post op and loving my results


I'm in a size 10, I think I want to be in a size 8 with a fat ass!!! I still have a lot if work to do but in the words of Denzel Washington "progress not perfection" for now????







7 weeks post op

I think my thigh lift has been a good start but I now no that the perfect image I have in my head for my body will take a lot more surgery. To begin with I started this journey at 340 pounds and I have not had any skin removed from my butt area, therefore I have a lot of space to fill before I have the perfect dimple free round butt that I desire I may have to consider butt implants. I will also need to have a second procedure done on my legs

Out and about

I am a work in progress
It's been 5 months since I had my 2nd round bbl and thigh lift. My legs still need work before I would feel comfortable showing them. I love the shape of my butt. I am going to have a third round to fill out my hips and some dimples in my butt.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Awesome, cabral did my bbl and revised my arm lift!!! He is the king

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