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Initially, I wasn't sure about posting anything on...

Initially, I wasn't sure about posting anything on RS. But, it is because of RS that I learned of Dr. Manuel Diaz's work. I have been researching for doctors months and it has been an exhausting process! Initially, I had my eyes on Dra. Robles. I am a plus size woman and her work is great. But, after the death I was a little nervous to pursue her. So I turned my attention to Dra. Baez. We communicated very well, she answered all 5 million of my questions, and quoted a decent price for TT, BBL, and lipo. The only thing that I didn't like is having to find my own transportation and recovery house. It's a headache, but not a huge problem. I inquired with Cabral, Contreras, Baez, Yily, Robles, and Diaz just to compare prices. I felt like researching everyone was important as a surgery newbie. For some reason I kept having dreams that Dr. Diaz was my surgeon. I mean it was so real! Now let me bring you up to speed. I dont know what made start poking around here because I hadn't, but when I saw all of the dolls and commentary about Dr. Diaz I was sold! I reached out to him again and he responded within 24 hours. He walked me through the booking process, answered all of my redundant questions, and made sure to offer his assistance even on the upcoming Easter holiday. Long story short, I am officially a Diaz Doll! December 15, 2015 is my date!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll upload my photos shortly.

Pre-op Pics


Maintain, don't gain.

The weekends are always hard for me since I tend to sleep in, which throws off my eating schedule. I'm proud that I didn't gain any of the weight I've lost, and I managed to lose an additional pound! Jesus be a treadmill!

Backup Surgeon

Lately I've been considering booking a backup surgeon just in case anything happens. I love the work that Dr. Cabral does. I mean, nobody gives a better vixen body for sure. But that's the thing.....I don't want a natural body or vixen, I want an in between look. Before anyone comments "Do your research blah, blah, blah" I am well aware of Dr. Cabral's past and I am able to make a conscious decision. I am still a Diaz doll, but there's nothing wrong with having options.

Wish Pics

I wanna wake up skinny...

So, I started on my "liquid" diet this week. I am drinking 3 shakes with 3 snacks (fruit/veggies) a day and today is day 1. I know that my body will hit ketosis at day 3, but this is rough! Laaaawd give me strength to make it through this week because I am tempted to indulge in everything in my refrigerator!

i think this is realistic after I lose more weight

Change of Plans?

It has been a while since I updated you all. I started at 250 lbs and I am now 218 lbs! I am hoping to lose at least 28 more lbs before surgery. Speaking of surgery, I am now more interested in Dr. Israel Manon and I am more than certain that I will choose him. Dr. Diaz is great, but I still find myself wondering if I will be satisfied with one round. I would like to avoid doing multiple if at all possible. Other than that I am patiently shedding weight.


I haven't updated in a while...

I have totally stopped working out and eating healthy, but I haven't gone beyond 228 lbs. I have a new job which means I can no longer go in December as planned. I'll be going in March. I thought about getting VSG, but the more I think about it, the more I dont want it. I am absolutely sticking with Manon. His communication, prices, and aftercare are superb. The results that I've seen are uncontested! So, I am about to detox and start back losing weight. My goal is to be 180 by February.

It's official

Ok yall, I have confirmed my date with Manon (3/13/16) and I've booked with Maria's RH. Now, I have got to find a reasonably priced flight. It's official like a whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish pic

It's possible right?

It's been a while...

I haven't updated in a while, but my date is less than 2 weeks away!!!!!

I made it to DR

I had no expectations upon arrival, but navigating through the airport last night was a bit of a challenge due to the language barrier. Tip 1: Download iTranslate or learn a few basic phrases. It really comes in handy! After we got our bags Pedro (the driver) was waiting for us with a sign and a smile. He knew who we were by our lost faces and our chat photos. Wifi is available in the car, so take that time to update your data plan and turn off any apps that are running. We arrived pretty late but Maria greeted us immediately. She is not fluent in English and we are not fluent in Spanish so this is where the app and basic phrases came into play. You guys she waited on us hand and foot! We literally had to tell her to go sit down or go to bed lol (she's 6 month pregnant btw). Now, if you are looking for luxury this is NOT it, but if you're looking for attentiveness and care this is absolutely your best bet. Mama Dele came this morning (our nurse) and she's amazing! She's fluent in English, super sweet, and pretty funny. So far, so good! We are headed to do labs now.

Meeting with Manon

Well, we just meet Dr. Manon and he said that he prefers to do TT, lipo, and bbl only in the first round because of my hemo. We took 3 flights yesterday and it dropped me down to 11.6. I'm a little disappointed, but this is my health and that comes first. By the way, he is such a sweetheart. He and Diana are super gentle.

Pre-op to 3 weeks Post-op

Much swelling but I am loving my results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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