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Hello ladies, I am 31 years old with three...

Hello ladies, I am 31 years old with three beautiful children ages 14,12,10. I have been wanting to fix my body for quite sometime. I did the dieting thing and actually lost all the weight and some, but I had so much loose skin it was kind of disgusting. Over the last year I have gained weight only in my midsection the infamous muffin top. I have decided that this is my year, I am still very young, I deserve to look good, and wear a two piece swimsuit without feeling so self-concensious.
I have decided to go with Dr. Robles, her work has been proven consistent, Laura her assistant is very informative and diligent about responding to email. I am very excited that I have taken the stand to do what will make me happy. I am nervous about going to DR I will be travelling alone. If there are any other women out there who are going around this time lets connect.

A little update

So, I have begun the process of preparing for surgery. This is definitely an exciting time for me. I told my mom I was having surgery. I think she doubts me this time because I said it 2 years ago, but due to some circumstances at the time I didn't follow through. Anyways, I went an applied for my passport and hopefully I will receive it quickly. Starting my diet to lose about 20lbs. I am not sure how much to lose because I am planning on getting a bbl. Well, I will keep you posted on my journey.

Changed to Dra. Duran

So after numerous hours of research, red eyes, and late nights I have decided to go with Dra. Duran. I have seen numerous of her former patients, and they all look awesome. I like the fact she can work wonders with thick women, that is definitely a plus for me. She responded to emails quickly, and gave me all the necessary information I needed. Until next time ladies Can't wait to be on the flat side.

TT w/ Lipo, and BBL

So, I am getting 3 procedures. I have yet to read any reviews on how to keep off the booty as much as feasibly possible. So I was thinking maybe a body pillow. I have read numerous reviews and I hear the lipo is the hardest part with all the soreness... Just a few questions, concerns, and thoughts.

How much stuff do I really need.

I am reading different profiles and the forums, alot of the supply list is the same, but seems to be so much. I just want to take the absolute necessities. Does aanyone have a simple list. A lot of girls said they took things they never even used, and I don't want to be doing the same.

Not much to update

I have been waiting for my transformation to come one day at a time. I have applied for my passport, waiting for it come in the mail. Debating on posting pre-op photos? Also, has/ is anyone flew out of Atlanta? If so what airline did you use that had the best deal. All I have been able to find was a Delta flight roundtrip for $646. Until next time ladies.

Finally found a flight

I booked a nonstop roundtrip ticket for $393. Finally got a good price sure beats the $646. Waiting for Monday to come to call Elizabeth and see if they receive my deposit and for final confirmation of my date! Only thing left to do is find a place to recover.

My Date

Is secured, Talked to Elisabeth. I will be in DR on Feb 25, and have my surgery Feb 26. Still up in the air about where I will be staying. I see such mixed reviews on here about the recovery homes. So, my next update will be whether or not I will be staying in one or not.

Made some Progress

Hi, RS! Since my last update I have made some progress. I have decided to stay in a RH with my new buddy Desparateforthatdonkey_007! Hey Girl!!!! :) She is awesome. We chat pretty regular which is great. I know a lot of my friends and family are sick to death of me talking about the soon to be new and improved me. LOL, my mom says," girl you have read, researched and secretly stalked page after page you could do the surgery with your eyes closed. She also said I will be glad when you get the surgery because I am sick f hearing about it!!!" I couldn't do anything but laugh. Thank god for my buddy to listen to my madness. I have been purchasing things slowly but surely. I am restricting myself to a carry-on only. I refuse to bring too much unnecessary stuff. So, pic or no pics??? Still undecided whether or not to post pre op. So, I see other profiles and I see wish pics. I have yet to find my wish pic. I kind of know what measurements I would like to be, but maybe I will find some soon. Until next time ladies, I will try to update more frequently, but now its just the waiting game. The part that drives you insane. The anticipation!!!

Wish Pics

Time is flying by

And I am getting mixed emotions. I sometimes feel I am being selfish, a little nervous, and overly excited all at once. I know crazy. The holidays have definitely had me distracted. But now I am back on track. I have lost 15 lbs and counting. Want the most optimal results. Started my vitamin regimen on the 1st. So there won't be any confusion on dates lol... I c an be forgetful. I hope all of you ladies had a wonderful Thanksgiving.... I will try to update a little more often as time nears.

Not too much to update

I have been working getting in as much time as possible to fund the rest of my supplies. I have purchased most of them, just a few odds and ends left. The time is passing me by rather quickly now. Sometimes I have moments of nervousness and doubts. I know that will all disappear when I see the new me.


Hope all of you ladies had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I have decided to post my pre op pics. I will try to get those up today sometime. The new year is right around the corner, and my time is vastly approching. I am starting to feel the excitement, the reality, and anxieties all at once lol. Thats okay though it will be well worth it in the end.

The countdown begins!

I have 51 days until I become a beautiful butterfly! I think I have all my supplies. How many pads will we need? I have purchased 4 bags so far,but I have the notion to buy more?!

Time is moving quickly

I have about 2 weeks left before b I leave. This is going to be a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. My family has supported my decision, and I can not thank them enough. They have all huddled to see who was going to do what, and the kids are even taking part in how we are going to take care of mommy when she gets back. My oldest said she is a little scared for me, but i told her everything will be ok. I will be in the best hands. So, now my nerves are done! I have packed and unpacked. I have taken things out, added things in, and still thinking about things to buy. Lol I am a mess! That is okay though. I know when it's all said and done. This time next year (god willing) I will still be at peace with my decision. I will post my before pics, the day before sx. Not quite eager to share my shame.
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