Getting Myself Some Duran -- ?---; TT, BBL and a Side of Lipo! - Dominican Republic, DO

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After years of mental struggle and wanting to look...

After years of mental struggle and wanting to look like a former version of myself prior to birthing my offspring (we'll call them children for I decided to do something about it!
Starting doing some research and came across RealSelf, I began reading all the stories and POOF my Sasha Fierce was created. As I read more stories my confidence grew, I talked it over with my BFF who was like DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!..confidence grew even more. Requesting a couple quotes couldn't do any harm...right? Emailed Yily, got no response. I swear I would have better luck locating Big Foot (I ain't mad at you Yily..get yo money gurl), then emailed Duran then Baez. Guess in the back of my mind I was kinda hoping no one responded so I could convince myself it wasn't meant to...BEEP!! (a response from Duran via FB). My stomach starts to feel funny, is this really going to happen? I received a quote followed by the same generic information she sends everyone. I typed another question, then BEEP again she responds at this point I'm excited cuz I'm totally having a conversation with her (well sorta) we go back and forth a couple more times over the next 15 minutes. My mind is made up...I GOING TO BE A DURAN DOLL! But this is a gift and a curse; she scheduled me for 12/23...2 days before Xmas. A GIFT: because it's a Monday and I would be the first patient after a restful weekend (hopefully), my daughter would be out of school for 2 weeks for Xmas holiday so I wouldn't have to worry about transporting her back and forth since I do most of that because my husband has 3 jobs (and no, he's not Jamaican!..In Living Color joke for my ol', I would be totally healed and bikini ready for SUMMER 2014, watchout na! A CURSE: for some of the same reasons, my daughter would be out of school and I might be away for xmas (thinking of taking her with me, she'll be 12 at that time), those 3 jobs my husband has makes it hard to schedule any damn thing so he probably won't be able to accompany me, and when I showcase my new oh so fierce body for SUMMER 2014, what will people say???
Let me give you a little background on myself, I'm a 5'2" 39 year old sexy, sassy pistol! I've been married to my equally sexy husband for almost 15 yrs, we have 1 daughter born by c-section and 1 angel who was stillborn exactly one year before I gave birth to my daughter. So basically, I gave birth to 2 babies in a years time...and my bod is JACKED!!! My pre-baby body was the schiznit; nice athletic shoulders and arms, flat tummy, a little junk in my truck, nice thick muscular legs all firm and neatly tucked away in a beautiful, glistening, dark chocolate package, fast forward 12 years later and DAMN! A lot of people say "you don't need a tummy tuck or lipo", they have no idea that I am a "Master In The Art of Shapewear." I feel like a size 12 stuffed into a size 8 body...bulges in all the wrong damn places but with my shapewear I'm a bootleg video vixen...38D chest (these are mine, I like my boobs) 31 waist, 41 hips, and a cute face but when I get home and take off all those girdles & waist cinchers and unleash the beast (my that waist number creeps up to about 33 sometimes 34.
I think I will get the desired look I want with the TT and lipo, the BBL probably wouldn't be necessary but uhh who am I fooling?...who am I to waste perfectly good fat?? If I'm going to do it then go for it, but what will people say?? (OHH SHUT UP CONSCIENCE!)

Driving myself crazy...

Ladies I'm driving myself crazy thinking about this experience...but it's a good thing! I've seen more booty than a hotel room, I wake up in the morning checking Duran's instagram to see she's posted new booty pics...I constantly check RS for new booty pics...I've downloaded the plastic surgery app to see myself with a new booty. And let's not talk about tummy tucks and lipo procedures, pics, and video...I'm about 93% sure I can perform the procedure my damn self LOL! I've seen sooo many "WHAT TO BRING LISTS" that I've decided to pack everything I own including the kitchen sink.

Still wanting this to feel "somewhat" like a vacation makes me indecisive about RH's; should I stay at Silhoutte, Real Recovery Armonia or Juana's? Then I saw something about Harmony where the heck is that?? Should I stay at a hotel or rent a condo and hire a nurse? I like modern accommodations, would love a balcony or at least a pretty view but I really like the idea of someone consistently there to monitor my post op progress...decisions! decisions!
And the faja thing totally baffles me, does the one Duran gives you have a cutout to use the bathroom..number one and number two? (hey just wondering). How do you know if it's too small since everyone says it's hella tight? Are maxi pads or foam sheets better to prevent creasing? I really want hips, will the faja squish them? EXACTLY how long do you have to wear it? I plan on buying 2 fajas, should I pick up a third one? So many questions...

Forgot to mention...

Forgot to mention I finally received quotes from Yily (found in my spam folder $4200) and Baez ($3700) for the same procedure. Even though their emails were waaay more informative and helpful than Duran's...I'm sticking with her! The woman's sculpting skills are sick!!!!
As of right now I'm leaning toward Real Recovery Armonia (thanks to the girls staying there now for the great review..happy healing girls!). Bought my plane ticket the other day, now just need to start getting supplies.
Growing very excited and can't wait to meet my post-op body.

Hemogloblin is 12.3!

Hello lovely ladies! Went to the doctor today to make sure all my bits & pieces were in working order before my surgery. Doc asked me what I was getting done, I really expected more of a reaction when I told him I was getting a tummy tuck with agressive the Dominican Republic (I didn't mention the BBL). He's an older Jewish guy but really cool and down to earth, he made mention of his wife's "secret cash stash" for her "secret botox appointments" so he has learned not to question. He intially wanted me to wait 30 days before surgery for bloodwork. Ahhh nooo...I would like it done today so that I may realistically turn around any negative results and not overdose on iron at the last minute. He said very well we can include this as part of your upcoming physical "since you're turning 40" :-o
Listened my's good!
Checked my lungs...good to go!
Felt my glands...I'm good! Then he looks down at my feet and says "are you getting a bunion?" WTH??? Hmm I wonder if Duran can hook me up with a package deal; BBL, TT, Lipo and bunion surgery LOL. He told me it wasn't serious but keep an eye on it..will do Doc. Then asked me if I thought about getting a mammogram "since I was turning 40 soon" :-o (starting to notice a trend here). Told him it was on the top of my list when I turn 40 in May. Got my results back this morning..EKG is great and hemoglobin is 12.3! I really would like it to be 13 or over so I'll probably start taking an iron supplement a month before sugery.

Sooo about the hubby, when I first mentioned getting the procedure done he wasn't really feeling it saying it was "unnatural". Can someone please tell me why do most men think the women they gawk at were born that way???? I know plenty of them are but a lot have gotten ASSistance... they're so naive sometime. At first he would laugh it off, avoided talking about it but I had to keep repeating to him "Just because you won't acknowledge it won't make it go away!" Needless to say he eventually came around while we were laying in bed he said "tell me about your thing you're suppose to have"
[my thing??...hell I guess anything is better than nothing]. I told him I wasn't putting any foreign substances in my body...think of it more like a relocation of my own body fat. Told him we've been married almost 15 years it'll be like WIFEY PART 2!! He would reap ALL the benefits of this surgery. So ladies that's my story and I'm sticking to it..i'm doing it for him ;-) Not sure if he totally bought it cuz I saw some eye rolling, heard a little mumbling following by some sighing, my husband thinks I'm over the top sometimes but I can't help it...I AM WHO I AM!


Sorry should read "Hemoglobin"

My stupid not so smartphone...sorry

Pre-op pics

Pre-op pics

Almost Time!

Hello Realselfers! My sincere apologies for not updating I've been on the FB bandwagon. The groups there are informative, entertaining and for the most part very supportive as each of us embark on this new journey of ever evolving self improvement. I've been lucky to find 2 buddies to share my experience with at Armonia but most of all my bff will be by my side to hold my hand when I cry like a big ol' baby (just kidding), but she is my rock! Found out on the FB forum that some girls experience dramatic vajayjay swelling from fluid constantly being pushed that way during massages to allow for drainage. Some even mentioned getting it lipo'd :-o as if I don't have enough crap to worry about now this NOOOOO.....I don't want a big fat vajayjay!!!

I only have a few more supplies to get and I've started taking my vitamins. My day usually starts with Pur Absorb in a small glass of orange juice, followed by a B12 around lunch time, a Ferrous Sulfate pill a couple hours later and vitamin C before bed. I've noticed the pills keep me HUUUUNGRY and I managed to gain about 7lbs since taking them (just f'ing great...awesommme!). Lord knows I don't need to gain another darn pound but them red velvet cakes be calling my name man (in my Pookie from New Jack City voice). Currently I'm 5'2 and 150lbs, thankfully I have decent muscle tone in my arms and legs now if I could just get this beast of a gut to shape up I'd be straight. My girl Duran is going to take care of that!

My journey has been an emotional roller coster; I'm excited, then not excited, I'm scared then I have moments of peace, should I do it? Maybe I shouldn't...then I spot a dress that has my post op body written all over it and I'm good again. I heard this is completely normal but it's nerve wrecking for me as I'm usually a very emotionally stable individual (with a weee bit of cray cray for some added There a few things that creep me out like those gym shoes with the separated toes (WHY? I don't know why but they're just plain weird...fffreakyyyy) and BELLYBUTTONS!! It just seems unnatural to create a new one, hey I know it has to happen but I don't have to like it! **WARNING** THIS IS A LITTLE GRAPHIC but they cut the entire lower abdomen off including the bellybutton, reattach your internal floating bellybutton to your skin that is then pulled down to your pubic area and recut the hole to create a new bellybutton. This entire bb process gives me the hebbie jeebies, maybe because I've always had issues with mine. I had an "outtie" bellybutton til I turned about 10 or 11yrs old then it turned in. Everytime I've been pregnant HELLOOO! there it is again, sticking out like a damn penis, thank goodness it always goes back in. My mama probably should've gotten me into therapy for this but she didn't so don't judge
I'll update soon...*kisses*


9 Day Countdown!

Hello Dolls! time is quickly winding down and I am sooo ready to get some sunshine and warmth in my life. I know recovery will suck but I am beyond giddy to be off work for over a month, I'm almost as excited about it as my surgery...a damn shame I know.

Not much has changed other than the fact that I have mentally completely checked out of life and anything non surgery related. My daughter just had a birthday party and usually her parties are rockstar legendary but it took divine intervention to help me plan and execute this thing, thank goodness it went off without a hitch (*phew..wipes forehead). My husband just pulled a "dumb man stunt" and purchased an antique car without my input or knowledge...surprisingly, I not too upset. Now once I'm off my surgery high you'll probably see me on an episode of Snapped or maybe First 48 driving his car with my new HOT BODYY telling my story..."see what had happen was that fool bought a car...." LMAO! just kidding. But he should be very grateful that I'm suffering from surgery brain right now.

Oh yeah, I've changed recovery houses from Armonia to Camellia Recovery House and I finally purchased my return flight so I'll be coming back on New Years Day. Other than that the kid, husband, dog and job are all squared away just waiting til my day comes! Will update you next week loves...adios!

I have arrived!

I landed safely 2 days ago and havig the time of my life with Karleigh from the recovery house even though my trip started out iffy. First off, I couldn't check in online the night before for some strange reason, so I had to do it at the airport. The agent said it was something funny with my passport (never had that happen before) and my luggage was 56lbs; 6 lbs overweight and that I would have to move some things around which was impossible so I pulled out my credit card to pay the $100 overweight fee when the agent said "this is my gift to you, have a happy holiday!" Beeming from ear to ear I happily said thank you and tried to offer the man a tip but he wasn't allowed to take it. Feeling blessed because things are turning around..yayy!!

My flight and connecting flight was uneventful. The flight attendant gave everyone visitor papers to fill out which basically ask for your personal info, reason for your visit, your nationality, address and phone number of where you're staying, and length of your visit (keep these in hand with your passport because you're going to need it). Thank goodness I was sitting next to a couple of bilingual young ladies on the airplane who I will refer to as my "adoptive Dominican family" helped me out alot. They made sure I got through the airport process, even shooing away a guy that tried to help me with my luggage. The process was pretty simple because I had them there but could've been somewhat daunting for someone by themself. Once you get off the plane follow the crowd to get your $10 visitor receipt (have correct change) to the left of that was the baggage claim. Now I never saw my bags on the conveyer belt and I got a little worried but on the other side of belt on floor I spotted my suitcase and bag thanks to the bright yellow ribbon I tied on it the night before, my little adoptive Dominican family also helped sweet. With bags in hand, I proceeded to the line that insures your bags match your luggage receipt, afterwards you see a couple more agents then you're homefree.

The first night here Karleigh took me to the bank to exchange money and then we hopped in a carro which is basically a small clown car with people jumping in and out hitching a ride for a small fee. I loved every bit of the Domincan experience, traveling is my passion so I live for the realness of every day people. Dinner was at Adrian Tropical which sat atop of the Caribbean Sea...simply breathtaking. Later that evening we got dressed up and headed to Lincoln Road, an very pretty and modern outdoor bar. The bartender Carlos...mmmm (eye candy). After that on the airport to pickup my bff.

The Big Day is Tomorrow!

Trying to stay calm and relax but I'm sooo giddy, like a child on xmas day. I've never been so excited to be in pain.

Kickin' It!!

Now ladies! I highly recommend coming a couple days before to enjoy some of the Dominican culture, that's why it's good to book with a rh that's bilingual and a person willing to show you around.

The day after my bff arrived we got dressed and went the Agora Mall, it had all the U.S. stores Victoria Secrets, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC, bebe, Zara and Zara Home, Krispy Kreme, Cinnabon etc. I got my hubby a Harley Davidson t-shirt across the street from the mall. Now the language barrier is real but there's usually a person around who speaks a wee little bit of English so things work out. Down the block from HD was IKEA, it was basically the same as the one at home.

From there we went to Contreras' office for a consult for my bff. When I tell you this man was smooooth, baby he had a certain aura about himself...confident, but humble all at the same time. Her consult went well and she was please with the price $3500 for lipo, tt, and fill in some dents on her butt. She doesn't need a bbl cause she already has an ample bottom. His building/office was simply gorgeous and very modern, on the first floor was a beauty salon, laser hair removal office, faja store and one of the prettiest Christmas tree I've seen. Later that evening we got dressed and headed back to Lincoln Road (the pretty outdoor bar) and an area called Venezuela which is a block lined up with nightclubs and people partying in the streets...kickin it!!

Yesterday Karleigh took us to Boca Chica beach on the bus and relaxed. NOW! the bus experience was crazy as hell, it looked like Scooby Doos raggedy mystery machine (cost about $1 USD) and we actually got on the side of the highway and it was packed packed packed and just when I thought there's no way we can fit another person in hopped someone else...unbelievable! At the beach there are TONS of people trying to sell you everything like boiled eggs, huge canvas paintings, fresh clams and muscles, big ass prawns, shrimp, crackling, cashews, cherries with toothpicks in them, and ladies doing foot massages. Now, I ain't one for buying random shit but I'm a sucker for a foot massage so me and the bff got one. O....M....G! **with eyes rolled to the back of my head** this was one of THEE BEST foot massages I'd ever received. They rinse your feet then massage it with almond oil...heavenly. We had dinner at the restaurant there and headed back to the recovery house.

Today we went to Chinatown, and an area called Duarte which is like a swap meet. Picked the hubby up a couple Domincan cigars and did some siteseeing. Duarte might as well been called "Weave Central" cause it was at least 3-4 weave spots on every congested, chaotic block. Their bundles were about $75 (USD) and $10 to sew it in and girls were getting their hair done in these little newstand looking spots that were crowded and had girls waiting. They had all the same hair we have in the US, but their lengths seemed longer and most of the hair was straight.

After walking the hot streets and being pushed around cause personal space doesn't exist here we headed back to the rh to rest up for tomorrow...AHHHHHH!!!!! (sorry I had scream) **apologies for any errors, I promise I'm an educated individual =)


Random pics

More random pics

Getting Up!

Ughhh...I'm just waking up and I have bubble guts. Please don't let me pass gas in front of Duran...LAWD HELP ME!! lmao!!

Not Going To Happen!

Sadly ladies, I did not have surgery. Once I arrived at Duran's office I had my blood test done then saw the cardiologist. She said everything sounded cool but wanted me to have an ecocardiogram as a precaution. The driver took us and I had an ultrasound done of my heart. The doctor told me the right side of my heart looked enlarged and had I ever encountered any issues..I told him NEVER, I have NEVER been hospitalized, NEVER had ANY heart issues, I don't smoke, I'm a social drinker, and I have always considered myself a very healthy individual. Also told him my pcp performed a full battery of tests including EKG before I left and everything checked out. He offered to perform further testing to tell me his exact findings which of course I agreed to because I wanted to know exactly what was going on. They called in an anesthesiologist to assist with the procedure in which a laparoscopic camera was placed down my throat to get a picture of my heart (I was sleep for the 20min procedure). The results are that I have a 2cm hole between my upper right and left chamber in my heart. So your prayers and blessings a different way! Had it not been for the thoroughness of all the doctors involved I might not have ever known about this. I changed my flight to leave tomorrow and I will be spending Christmas with my love ones.

Starting over (IG sassy_chez)

My journey started a couple years ago. Got my ticker I'm back at it again!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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