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TT, BBL, BL w/Implants was definitely worth it and...

TT, BBL, BL w/Implants was definitely worth it and I'm loving the results even with the extreme swelling and bruising that I'm experiencing, I still can see what the future holds for this snatched, tiny waist, but that is not the motivation for this review, the HORRIBLE experience that I encountered at the RH that I chose was soooo BAD, that I had to make sure that I wrote a retraction to my premature good review I gave them, just based on my initial booking of my stay, walking through, talking to another girl already staying there, and meeting the staff and owner, not actually going through my surgery and staying there yet. Well, that taught me a VERY valuable lesson, 1: never judge a book by it's cover, 2: you can't always take someone else's word...personal experience IS the best teacher (though, this is one lesson that I could have did without having to go through), and 3: Most importantly, not to put the cart before the horse, I'll explain...I arrive at New Life RH after my surgery and everything "seems" well enough, it "looks" clean, as it did when I went there and viewed it the first time and spoke with the one guest that was there (which only one occupant, should have been a clue or a sign to me, but this is my first experience with the entire situation and I didn't know any better, plus the girl there convinced me that this was a good thing because I would receive more undivided attention) so by the time I've had my surgery and been released from the hospital, there's now 4 other patients, one of whom's hospital bed fell all the way back COMPLETELY FLAT on her from the L/upright position in their triple bed suite, immediately after coming from TT surgery, OMG...YES!, the other in the one bedroom suite who's hospital bed also broke on her at 1am in the morning and she had to wait for over an hour for the owner, Massiel and her husband after calling them repeatedly in frustration to arrive and fix it while she sat on the third bed closest to the door in the triple bed suite on the third bed closest to the door (that is also broken, and oh yeah before I forget to mention it, NONE of these hospital beds, 6 in total, have ANY wheel brakes, so they move when you lean on them or go to get in them, on slick hard tile shiny floors, a disaster just waiting to happen), but back to me...I'm ringing the bell and waiting for a response that I don't receive trying to get water, which is extremely important and Dr. Duran tells me is crucial to proper healing from a TT, at least a gallon a day,, I'm treating it as serious as it was put to me, I have to physically get out of bed, just 48 hrs. after surgery to walk myself in the kitchen to get my own water since the nurse (which is a term I use VERY LOOSELY after relocating to Serenity RH five days later, I truly DON'T BELIEVE that the nurses at New Life RH are real, qualified nurses, more like, just young inexperienced girls wanting a job, bless their young hearts) then once I'm in the kitchen, she wants to get up and ask me what do I need (in Spanish, that's another thing, Massiel (the owner) lies not only to me about her and her staff speaking fluent English, but the other patients as well, they said she told them the same, only one of her patients spoke Spanish only, the rest of us all ONLY spoke English, and Massiel tells you when you book your stay that she has bilingual nurses and that she speaks English, which was important to me, but in fact, she does NOT have any bilingual nurses, and as soon as you try to speak with her about your complaints and concerns, she then needs a translator and she doesn't understand you...B.S.) so the nurse asks in Spanish what do I want (I assume) I say, water, agua...she tells me, " YOU HAVE", as in what she gave me earlier, cause that makes sense I want to get out of bed from a TT,BBL, BL my 2nd night to get water at 2 or 3am because, "I HAVE", so she's standing there looking crazy at me, the cook then gets up and asks her in Spanish I'm guessing, what's going on, then they begin bickering back and forth, while I'm standing there bent over in pain, now upset saying, water, water...the nurse hastily goes on the service area where the washer and dryer is and finally gets the (room temperature) water out of a new case. So, that same day, later on the cook takes off for the weekend, so they're just offering and serving either soup (leftover that cook made two days prior) or sandwiches, no one has yet to receive the 3 meals and two snacks that they advertise, it's more like, 2 meals and snack in place of lunch, the owner had to come on Sunday and prepare lunch herself because the women were complaining so bad. I, on the other hand was content with comstantly getting soup because my stomach was so messed up from the time I got there with constant nausea and an extreme gastric issues, so the soup was the only thing that felt soothing, meanwhile this one nurse that has now rubbed me wrong with the pettiness over the water, is constantly scratching her crotch area and butt EVERYTIME she enters the room (which comes to find out is pinworms, she has...YES! as contagious as those are, around women fresh out of surgery with open wounds and wombs, since the fajas are crotchless) then the crafty cook who sneakily hustles the patients for money, keeps taking my personal temperpedic pillow I paid $50 for and brought with me, off my bed and kept giving it to my roommate who's giving her money everytime she keeps crying to her about her problems(and my roommate knows she's working her because she told me on my google translator, but she's from DR and knows the game and feels sorry now that she's married and moved away with her husband to Switzerland) but I don't know this yet, so I'm going off on my roommate about taking my pillow (and sitting on it, mind you...I know, gross!) we had to use the google translator on my phone to get to the bottom of it, because it happened twice, the first time she (roommate) had her family come and visit when she sat on my pillow, so I was waiting until they left to address it with her, but just told her don't take my pillow again,(which she apparently didn't understand)the 2nd time is was another story, but back to the more serious issues...I go to follow up appt. 5 days after surgery to find out that I can't get my drain removed because my drain has NOT been emptied or cleaned properly, so I haven't been releasing the enough of fluids. Once they show me how it's correctly done, I'm like, okay you're absolutely right, it hasn't been emptied properly, the nurses at New Life hadn't even been releasing the air which is how the drain pulls the fluids from you and they had been improperly removing tubing to the drain, so at this point I'm livid, and my minds made up I HAVE to find somewhere else to stay, this is unacceptable, I'm basically fending for myself and paying $85 a day to do so. So I get back to the RH and let the owner know what my doctor said and how they've been improperly cleaning my drain, the extra days I'm going to have to spend in DR, the rescheduling of my flight (more money), and ultimately the poor care over all, I'm going find somewhere else to stay and I need the remainder of my money. She begs me to stay, then tells me she cannot allow me to leave without knowing where I'm going and which recovery house and that she only has two she can reccommend me, either Tropical (NOT Tropical Luxury, there's two, is how she said it) and My Home, two of which I've never even heard of, but I'd spoken with over ladies in Duran's office that were in small groups, so I already had in mind to call Armonia or Serenity. (I went with Serenity, BEST decision EVER, they were wonderful, knowledgable, caring, attentive, worth every penny!) But I let Massiel talk me into staying that day, by her telling me that she's going to comp the extra three days I have to stay and speak with Alejandrina (the nasty nurse with pinworms and a problem giving water) and make sure they're cleaning your drain properly. I'm like, now that they've given me a crash course in the Dr.'s office, I can show them, so...the following morning is when I see the shit (literally) that Alejandrina left in the common area toilet full of worms, and I freak, text Massiel and let them know that they need to send her itchy/scratchy ass home ASAP and bleach the entire RH from top to bottom. I get Alejandrina up and ask her for bleach to wipe ALL my own stuff down, cause I'm weirded out at this point, and they don't even have ANY bleach in the house...what? WTF?? How are cleaning everyday and washing our white linen (sheets, towels, hell fajas too) with NO DAMN bleach? Then, she sends me back a text saying that I'm commanding her to chlorine the entire place, really, so I have to? Then, the cook sneaks in while I'm in the bathroom and takes my tempurpedic pillow AGAIN! I'm hot, it's too much, I let Massiel know, still under the impression that it's my roommate again, so she gets smart, sends me through a line of questioning like I'm lying and we're in an interrogation room (mind you this is the same person who selectively CAN'T understand, but speaking real good English right now) then barks, "QUIET", to me and walks out. Oh no, there's no 11yr. olds here, so I follow her into the common area where she went and let her know, you don't disrespect me and walk off after you bark out, "quiet", like I'm a child, especially when you haven't resolved anything, she says, you are only entitled to two pillows here, I said, yes and what does that have to do with MY pillow that I bought and brought from home? You came with that pillow, I'm like...uhh, duh, yes otherwise why else would I care or be so bothered?
I had to go get the new zippered bag and receipt that the pillow came in, which was having to do too much, and then she still couldn't be woman enough to apologize and admit she mistook the situation and try to correct it, no, instead she calls her husband and has him come bring my remaining money and tell me that she wants me to leave because I disrespected her in front of everyone. Ain't that a B*$h!
To think that I would stay there another hour she was crazy, I had already arranged my stay at Serenity that morning, once I saw the pinworms, but I guess it saved face and sounded better to her to say she had to throw me out for "disrespecting her", girl...all that pettiness, NO bleach in the house, hygienic filth, and poor, unskilled nursing care would have your ass shutdown immediately in the states, just one call to the health dept. and it would be a wrap!
So, to ALL you ladies heading to DR for surgery, beware of Ms. "NASTY" Massiel and her New Life RH, it is not fit for a healthy, successful, speedy recovery.

Evidence apparently required for nay sayers,Haters and non-believers of my nightmarish stay at the New Life Recovery House

Fortunately for me, I do not engage in childish, ignorant social media behavior. I just don't believe in it, but from the bits and pieces I've gathered from the comments here, there's obviously been A LOT of ghetto, ignorant, jealous-hearted, slanderous trash talking and bold faced lies taking place, so...just for those lying birds and pigeons I'll provide you all with the actual What'sApp texts between Massiel and I, and shut the bottom feeders up, once and for all! The evidence speaks for itself, and other nastiness that I didn't even mention.
You will read for yourselves that I'm not the "spiteful" or "crazy" or "weird"...or as I have been told on here that FB says, the "hood b"@$!" (Which is really out of ALL the name calling the most ridiculous and far fetched of all, that's a joke...Lol
If whoever the cowardly rodent is, who said that only knew...Smh
I am like I said from my first review, the victim who felt it was important to warn other women, so they don't have to go through the hardship that I did.
For all you intelligent ladies,
you're welcome and God bless!

Mommy Makeover with Dr. Duran, I LOVE HER!

I was soo tired of being depressed about my saggy breast and kangaroo pouch. I chose Dr. Duran based on referral, and I couldn't be more pleased with her results!

I told her what I wanted and expected and she delivered, actually, she went beyond my expectations.
I was able to easily communicate with Dr. Duran and her staff (Hi Elizabeth and Fania, love you ladies, too????) they attended to my needs, provided me with everything that was viable to a successful surgery and ideal recovery.
The first person that I saw at the hospital coming out of surgery that evening and the following morning was Dr. Duran. She's truly an artist of the female anatomy and passionate about her work.
I can appreciate and respect that!
I will DEFINITELY return to her for any future needs (but with this new body hopefully I won't need it ????)
My stay was pleasant and although I had a slight hiccup (needing a blood transfusion) overall, it was a great experience, I have NO regrets and I would definitely do it again!
I won't be providing photos, so PLEASE don't ask. Just trust me, my results are fantastic, but due to experience on RealSelf, unfortunately sharing too much personally, can be a gift and a curse. Nonetheless, I appreciate this site. I wish ALL the ladies successful surgeries and happy healing!

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Excellent, Professional, a rock star surgeon

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