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I recently lost 62 pounds and was looking for a...

I recently lost 62 pounds and was looking for a way to tone my body. But after doing the research my stomach has a lot of excess fat that I would never achieve the look I want with out a Tummy Tuck. Also I always wanted a nice butt I currently have a butt that looks like sponge bob square pants. My breast could also use a lift they are pretty low and I am currently a 38dd. In the states I was quoted 8900 just for a tummy tuck hurt my little feelings so I was going to give up. Until I came across a someone who has become a good friend who let me know she went to Mexico to have work done. At first I was scared of the thought but after being on realself and checking out Doctors I found three that I was interested in. After all the quotes and email. I am going with Dr. Yily I LOVE her work and how detailed her email was. So I am awaiting my conformation date for August 1, 2013 Dominican Republic here I come. If anyone have any tips to help me with my journey to becoming a Yily doll please post. 12 weeks and counting.

I think I change my mind....

OK I have found a new Dr Dr. Baez. I have talk to her a lot on the phone and through email and decided she would be best for me. My SX date is August 23, 2013. Soooooo.... excited I will keep you guys posted.

43 days to go........

I have less than 45 days to my SX. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have a lot to do before August 22 making sure I have everything I need for this trip. I wish everyone luck on their journey. I will keep you guys posted as I become Dr. Baez Beauty.

36 Days and counting........

I just booked my hotel Tropical Island Apart-hotel entire stay for 12 days was 385$. My doctor cleared me for Surgery all my test came back all good. So now I am working on losing this last 15 pounds before my SX date wish me luck. Airbnb.com is a really good place to look for places to stay in the DR. I hope this help someone. Also is there anyone who hired a nurse please let me know. Thank you in Advance

27 DAYS UNTIL SX!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY..... ladies my sx date is getting closer sooooo....excited. I finally have my passport yea. I did the expedite services and received it in 3 days. I will like to take a minute to thank my husband who has been so supportive through my journey not only being there for me but working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week to pay for it. He is truly a blessing. I also started packing my suit case. If there is anything that is a must to pack please post. Thanks in advance

11 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!

Okay ladies I am almost done packing. I have only a few more items to get. I am so nervous but very excited that my turn has finally come. I have followed all of doctors Beaz dolls and have been happy I pick her as my doctor. So hopefully I can help someone by posting my journey. Ok so I am currently 171.8 pounds. 5"2" in height.

Waist 37"
Butt/Hips 42"

I wish everyone a good experience and happy healing on their journey. I will post as much as I can because I know we need more pictures to help with our decision on a doctor hope this helps.


My bags are pack and I am now counting down the hours until the wheels are up and I'm on my way to the DR. My nervous are not as bad as I THOUGHT. I will miss my babies that is the hard part I have 2 girls and 1 boy 9,6, and 3. My soon to be husband in January 2014 and I have never spent a night apart so I will really miss him but other than that I am ready... Ok ladies I will keep you guys posted on my journey and I wish everyone a happy and healthy healing.

I MADE TO THE DR........

I made it safe to the DR. I might say I was a little worried because I really don't like to fly but it was okay. First off let me say if you are coming to have surgery in the DR please be sure to bring patience because no matter how well you plan things do and can go wrong. Ok I will like to say I am so glad I choose Dr. Baez she is so wonderful she lets you know if your expectations can be meet and she is very honest about what she can do. Everyone that works with her is amazing so nice and actually cares about what happens to you. Jose is the best he is like having your very on body guard he looks out for you. So ladies make sure you treat him right. Also Dr.Baez husband will be right there making sure you understand everything that is going on. I don't know what most people expect when you come to the DR but it is not like the US so please be prepared to stay in modest not moderate. So I went to have all the lab work done hopefully everything is fine so I can have my surgery in the morning. Okay this is it for now I will do my best to keep you guy's update with my journey. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

Quick update. .....

I am 4 days post op feeling fine no pain. My experience with Dr. Baez and her team was wonderful. I will give a full update when my wi fi is working better just wanted to post my results,
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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