My Journey To Sexy with Dra Yily De Los Santos- BBL, BI, TT, Liposculpture - Dominican Republic, DO

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*Treatment results may vary

<3 Hello Beautiful Dolls & Future Dolls <3

Like many of you, RS has become my very own personal drug :) I've been doing a lot of reseacrh & preparing myself physically, mentally & emotionally for my *BigDay* begining of 2014. At the moment im in the proccess of moving & losing some weight. As soon as I have a concrete date for my sx I promise you I will post some before photos of myself. Until then I'm throwing some wish pics & will continue to show support & love to my Beautiful sisters as I have been since I've joined

Thank You RealSelf

Many thanks to RealSelf team, managers & the sisterhood here on RS for keeping it Real, sharing your experiences both 'the Good & The Bad' & showing me love. I have had a lot of support & great advice from lots of sisters. RS has helped me make better decision (s) in chosing a Dr & preparing myself for my journey ahead. Everyday I learn something new thank you RS.

Here is my laundry list of how I'll become the NewMe:

Here is my laundry list of how I'll become the NewMe:

-Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat grafting to the buttocks
-Breast Implants with Lift 450 to 500 ccs (undecided) silicon gel high profile (subpectoral)
-Full body Liposculpture
-Tummy Tuck

So, Im pretty much having everything done.
I'll be "Plastic" but I'll still have my fun. lol

Tummy Tuck or Lipo

I was debating weather I should skip abdominoplasty and simply have lipo to avoid that xtra scar but my goal is to reverse my stretched out abdominal wall due to pregnancy. And, of course what ladies doesn't want to restore a youthful, alluring "hourglass silhouette!?! So, a full tummy tuck it is! :) I can always get cosmetic laser treatment or a tattoo like most dolls do. I heard applying silicon sheet for several months can also do the trick. If anyone has any other strategies to diminish the tt scar please let me know. Thanks chica xxxx


I'm very caring always busy working & put everyone else's needs before mine not complaining just haven't been happy in my own skin & I feel like now it's time to DO ME for a change! I've been craving cosmetic surgery for some time now. A few friends are not keen on me having CS because they don't believe in eclectic surgery (if it don't need fixing, leave it alone).

I know they mean well & scared for me but @ the end of the day it's my decision, my body my temple, my money! I worked hard for it & that's my final decision. I know I wont be complete until I have my sx. I love my friends but some support from them would be nice. When they see how much more happy I am they will change their hearts & opinions about CS.

:) Happiness & Shopping (:

If getting beautified, Yilyfield, fantasticfied, bootyfied, & boobiefied is the missing-secret ingredient to my happiness then I'm going to do whatever it takes @ whatever cost! Girl's I suggest you do the same do what makes you happy - do what you want @ whatever cost!
Yily's signature on my arse is ~a must~ and that's that ;) lol.

Can't wait to shop shop shop after sx :) would be nice to finally wear clothing I avoided for yrs cause I never thought looked good on me but that's all about to change. Once I have Yily's signature stamped on me "It Is On" I am 100% positive I will LQQk good in anything I chose to wear! Finally! :) yay!

BB sisters

Hey BBL'ers can't wait to be part of the BB family yay lol .. I don't want a big donk I already have an ass I just want a good projection & lift. I've seen a lot of awesome results on many sisters here on RS from Dr Duran & Dr Yily's among
other great Dr's work of art. But, In love with bootyliciousD body. She really has that lovely shape, contoured, curvacious butt with a tiny waist I fancy so much. Done by the most famous Dra Yily herself aka Queen of sculpting, waist snatcher etc.

Ohh I cant wait for my sx I wanna be healed by summer 2014 or at least 1/2 way there. Do any of you BB sisters know how many pounds of fat are injected into the rear end with a BBL? Guess it depends on how much fat your body has eh!? just curious as to how much!

I do know that many Dr's recommend a minimum of 2 weeks off your rear end. But, 3 or 4 weeks provides a slightly better result. I think I'm gonna try my best to stay off butt for at least 6 weeks for greater results... not spending all this $$ to get my ass squared out. And, do not sleep on your tummy sleep on your side for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Well if your not getting your hips done that is. Also, I'd like to invest on a couple of doughnut pillow's anyone have any ideas where I can purchase them online? Thanks beautiful chicas xxx.

Dra Yily's Info

For anyone who is interested in having sx with Mrs Queen B famous ~ Dra Yily below is her Info.

Dra Yily de los santos Info;,

Phone office: xxx xxx-xxxx ext. 208 Cell xxx-xxx-xxxx. xxx-xxx-xxxx. United

States: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Download Whatsapp & enter her # 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Dra Yily's assistance Samara's # 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Dra Yily's English assistance Yira's # 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Email from Yily

Email from Yily

hello my dear ....
I would like to see Pics of you (front, back and both sides) light on clothes although it is preferably naked (as you feel comfortable! :)
Two. Age:
Three. Height:
April. Weight:
May. Procedures you want to Have Done?
June. How many pregnancies have you had?
July. How many deliveries?
August. Any medical condition?
9. Any other information we must know before surgery?
10 - that day Pienza make an appointment, for the realization of the surgery?
and so to contribute, and come at a price and one day for surgery

As you can there's a bit of Spanglish going on along with #'s & months mixed up thought you girls would get a kick out of it I know I did lol.

Also included in the quote total are the following:
1. One compression garment (distributed by FAJATE)
3. EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
4. Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
5. Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).
6. Medical Insurance $250 (This insurance covers possible complications that may present themselves during the first 30 days after surgery)

Optional Costs:
ü Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
ü Additional garment $140
ü Compression sleeves for your arms $60
ü Compression Socks $20
ü Blood Transfusion $250

Before Surgery:
-Your Hemoglobin Level must be no less than 12.0. Start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate (Iron), folic acid & vitamin C approx. 3 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date. No prospective patient will be operated on if their hemoglobin level is not at least 12.0

There is a lot more important 411 to this email but if your a patient of Dr Yily's you will see it in your email.

My heart goes out to all sisters & bros

To the beautiful lost souls but never forgotten may you RIP & God bless your fam.

To you sisters & brothers who are not happy with they're final results hope all turns out well as time goes by please do not give up. To you sisters & bros who have had complications during your recovery & still are may God heal you from the inside out & be back to normal ASAP. My heart goes out to all of you .. Hugs x

Happy healing to you post-op Dolls~ Remember pain, stiffness & swollenness is the "New Sexy"

No no no I didn't foret you preo-op beauties <3

Best wishes to you pre-op Future Dolls stay focus, do your homework & you will be just fine

No Drama No Haters On My Page Please!

Love you my Beauties & will be here to support you and cheer you up till the end but I'm gonna be blunt right now! Been to much damn unnecessary drama llama going around. We are here to support one another, to learn from one another, to cheer each other not bash or hate each other...


Bring nothing but positive energy here, knowledge and all about SX and how we can help each other. Thank You.. hugs xoxoxo hope everyone is doing good

whoops excuse my typos

Spell check eclectic =elective, etc. And, on Yily's email well those re not my mistakes funny how the start with spelling out two continue with April n end with 10 instead of 123 lol funny but cute at the same time but were not perfect so in advance excuse my grammar My 'Ladies xoxoxo

Just Made my Deopsit YAY

I just made a deposit of $3000 to Dra Yily I'm so excited..This shit is for real. No turning back now! omgosh omgosh I can't contain myself.. come on hemo rise rise baby lol

Investing on Body Wraps!

I'm thinking of investing on *it works body wraps* they are the bomb they actually work pay a visit to my doppleganger's profile *MySexyBack35* she lost inches in 2 weeks doing the wraps & her before & after images are crazy. Instead of lbs you lose inches which helps the dieting process. She LQQks fantastic & is very beautiful! Visit her page for more 411 the the wraps.

I tried it works last year and I shit you not dolls till this day I still have a really silky soft tummy from the wraps. I got good results. It works wraps helps tighten & firm your skin & feeling soft. If it'd not in your budget the also have body wrap kits check Amazon & eBay. And, ladies if you go to a Spa to get wrapped your looking at paying hundreds.

Here are some sites for Body Wraps for the USA & UK.

Im doing this to help shed some inches help lose some weight and tighten my body..Myabe if all goes well and God willing maybe I can save some ching ching on sx.. you never know ladies...Best of luck and happy healing to those post-op xx

It Works Body Wraps

For more 411 visit MySexyBack35 she's been doing it for sometime and has pics

List of Items I have so far

I forgot to take images of some of the items listed will do next time. Some items I will purchase when I arrive to NY & a few in DR.

1-Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow
2- 3D Eye Sponge Mask
3-Fitted Mattress Protector Sheet waterproof vinyl
4-Portable Timer Pill Medicine Reminder Drug Case
5-Folding Vitamin Medicine Drug Pill Case Organizer
6-20 Tooth Brush Dental Floss
7-Folding Camping/Directors Chair will use as recovery chair for my BBL
8- Ice Bag for Pain Relief/swelling & bruising will use Only for my headaches
9-Waist Holiday Travel Pouch (to keep items such as passport, money, tickets etc away from prying eyes)
10-Docking Station for my Ipod & tablet
11- Telescopic Pocket Back Scratcher
12-31'' Foldable Reaching Pick Up Claw Gripper Grabber
13-Female Urinal Bottle with Lid
14-PEZ Female Urinal
16-Maxi Dresses
17-Kaftans’ Tunic Evening Dress
18-Antibacterial hand wipes
19-Lip balm
20-Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion
21-Palmers Cocoa Butter Oil
23-Thrombocid Cream/Arnica Montana Cream
24-Arnica Montana homeopathic tablets
25-Vitamin B-Complex
26-Vitamin C 500mg, Folic Acid,
27-Vitamin B Compound
28-Multi Vitamins & Iron
29-Percocet 20mg/Oxycodone

Pics for some of the above items on my list

Happy Thanks-Giving

Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving with their love ones.

I'm thankful for my fam & friends and for RS members! Enjoy your day and God Bless!

Girls ask for a wheel chair after sx at the airport

yes lovelies don't forget to ask for a wheel chair at the airport after ur sx so your not struggling nor have people bumping into you outch.. and you will be the 1st one boarding the plane x

more wish pics

Mosquito Net

I can't remember who but a while ago I was browsing on RS and came across a sisters review & post-op pics where the poor thing had a mosquito bite on her tummy area after her sx not sure if she got an infection but I do remember it was swollen. I hope she's doing well. I am getting the works done which will take some time for me to heal & I certainly don't want my recovery taking longer then it has too IF I CAN HELP IT! I know most mosquito bites are harmless but a bite after sx is a different story And, I deft do not want any mosquito bites that can be carrying certain viruses or parasites that can cause severe illness. It's bad enough I'll be in pain, stiffed, bruised, swollen, sore did I say achy everything & my mama on a stick probably grouchy too lol so ladies I'm bringing a Mosquito Net for 0ver my BED I Don't want my recovery gone wrong SOOO. This is no joke ladies invest in a mosquito net for over your beds for after your recovery make sure it is on before your sx invest on one for a few dollars your worth it... mad love x

Mosquito Net after sx

whoops I meant invest on a mosquito net take it too DR for over your bed at your RH or wherever your staying to recovery... like I said a mosquito bite can be harmless but it can be a serious situation if you get bit after surgery and we don't want that so PLEASE MY LOVELIES BUY ONE OK! best wishes and God Bless x

Dra Yily had a BabyBoy

Just wanted to share with Yily's dolls & future dolls that Dr Yily had a healthy baby boy on the 10th. I knew she was having a boy cause she told me before hand & I must say he is beautiful. God Bless him. Thank God they are both fine and all went well. I mean he is cute as a button. I remember her telling me she thanks God is a boy lol. Now she has the pair. I just spoke to her and she & her new baby boy are doing just fine they are home & she's just relaxing and enjoying her new baby and her family. Her avatar pic is of her baby boy if your in her contacts you will see how adorable he is... Makes me want to have one. Not! lol I have 1 daughter and always wanted the boy but I'm happy with what I have...Just concentrating on me me me and me and my sx... Hope everyone is doing good happy healing to those in recovery.. God Bless those who have sx this month...

Dra Yily baby boy

Oh I forgot to mention for those of you who don't know that Yily's baby boy weight & length is 8 lbs and 49 cm...

YAY I'm a (RealFriend) lol

wow I feel honoured I've been upgraded from a regular RS member to (RealFriend) LOL *sweet* raising my glass to that cheers RealSelf... (:


Hey beautiful sexy can I describe my excitement...
Yessss I won my Holo Lilo auction bid on ebay. I'm happy my doppleganger *MySexyBack35* turn me to this Holo Lilo inflatable airbed designed for pregnant women's tummy but in my case for my po-op BBL to drop through & avoid laying flat on my ass. Even if Dr's say it's ok to sit on our butts right after sx that is not an option for me! I am not sitting on my $3000 BB for at least a good 6 weeks for greater results. Well, on the plane I have no choice but once I'm home my ass will be dropping through some hole lol. That's why I purchase the Holo Lilo, I have a director's chair turn recovery chair, will be purchasing a beach chair turning that into a recovery chair as well & ofc buying some foam for my bed will cost $ but it's all worth it. I want my final results to be a nice round full perky firm ass. The holo is an inflatable airbed with a hole in the middle available in the UK only but they sometimes have good prices & the shipping isn't so bad as I thought. So ladies treat yourselves to one. If you look every other day you might get lucky, I've been outbid a number of times but stayed on top of my game & got lucky, I won this bid for only £15.00 + £6.00 postage=£21.00 I think Afterlife said she saw it for $80.00 or $88.00 on the official site so I know I saved me some dollars yay... taking mine to DR im so happy (:




Happy New Years to all my beautiful Dolls & Dolls in the making to all the RealSelf Staff & the Brothers on here as well.. kisses & hugs xxxx May the New Year bring us all good health, our dreams, success, love & peace xo

Dra Yily's correct Bank address to make a Deposit for your SX

Oficina: Sans Souci
Direccion: base Naval 27 de Febrero en la Av.
Espana esq Av. Boulevard del Faro, Los Mameyes
Codigo Postal: 11603
Telefono: xxx-xxx-xxx
Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario.
Cuenta numero: xx-xx-xxx-xxxxxx-x
Codigo Swift: xxxxxxxx
Banco de Reservas de la Republica Dominicana

Now I will break it down to you guys in English

Office: Sans Souci
Address: base Naval 27 de Febrero en la Av.
Espana esq Av. Boulevard del Faro, Los Mameyes
Postal Code: 11603
Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario.
Account number:
Banco de Reservas de la Republica Dominicana

To make a deposit to Yily via bank to bank over phone/online/in person all you need is the info below.

Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario
base Naval 27 de Febrero en la Av.
Espana esq Av. Boulevard del Faro, Los Mameyes 11603
Account number:
Banco de Reservas de la Republica Dominicana

But take the whole info including bank # cause everyone's bank is different & you never know what else they might need or ask, so good to have the bank # handy.

To make Dra Yily a deposit on the above address is the correct address cause it is how she send it to me via-text and that's the address I use to make my $3000 deposit. Good Luck beautiful Ladies xx

Fajate Virtual Sensuality - Panty Thermal Shaper, Girdle Control Hollow

This is the same name brand Faja Dra Yily uses on all Dolls..

This FAJATE 202 I received today YAY so I can wear & give my bum a lil lift before my sx so my results are even greater! total cost was $$40.45 / £19.65 made in Columbia ordered it via-ebay from the states & omg delivery was very speedy got it in less than 6 days so for me that's a winner winner chicken dinner (:

Complete girdle that flattens the abdomen, raises de gluteus

•Abdomen reducer:
•Special band that raises the gluteus.
•Medium compression band that styles the figure.

•It doesn’t require diets.
•The effect is enhanced with physical activity.
•Raises the gluteus.
•Helps define lower, medium, and top abdominals.
•Molds the hips.
•It can be used with reduction gels.
• Reduces in a natural way.

Congratulations & Blessings to all the Dolls that recently had SX. Happy healings beautiful dolls! xx

Excited for the beautiful Dolls in the making who will soon have their SX yay God Bless you all the way soon to b e dolls! xx

Dra Yily's bank details were edit out xxxx by RS manager

So apparently I'm in violation of RS guidelines for posting Dra Yily's personal bank info on my review (even though Yily herself texted me that I can share her details with all the sisters). But, it does slip my mind now and again that this is still a Public Site and posting personal details such as can be used agaisnt the Dra even we who are having sx can fall victims to predators with no lives who are phishing to make a £/$ from someone else's earnings. So I totally respect those guidelines!

I'm here to help my sisters & bro's in anyway I can cause I have learned so much from all the sisters and even though Dra Yily's acct # & swift code, bank # & email were edit out you can still send me a pm asking for those details & the rest is still available on my review. Hope everyone is feeling ok happy healings to those who just had sx

Spoke to Yily Yesterday

Hey Beauties, I spoke to Dra Yily yesterday she told me she has been going through her emails & responding to as many as she can everyday. Remember she was getting 80 to 100 emails a day before in 2013 & prob even more since she has gotten so popular. also, She recently came back from ML cause she just had a baby boy *cute as a button too* and was fluttered with emails but she assure me she cares about her girls & she's trying. She wanted me to pass on her details so inbox me for that 411. I did let her know a lot of girls are complaining about the lack of communication I mentioned no Names she said she was sorry that she is trying. Ladies I will try my best to help but I make no promises & please do not waste my time.

Gonna be BLUNT & Honest! cause honesty is my # 1 policy. I helped a few girls in the past & when I got through to Yily she waited for this 1 girl's response & the girl never replied back to Yily or me all she did was waste both our time. Don't get it twisted I do this cause I care for my sisters,
I DO NOT do this for coins! So, if your serious I will go the xtra mile for you but don't waste my time is all I ask. When you kill my time your killing every other sister's opportunity of getting in contact with Yily. For that 411 hit me up or send me your email & I will send you Yily's INFO there. smooches' my lovelies xxxx

Right; Dra Yily has told me give her dolls her details so inbox me ok.

2 Different ways of Making you Deoposit To Yily to secure your sx date (Bank or Paypal)

Hey lovely DOLLS.. Like many other sisters I made the mistake of thinking Yily was back at work but she wasn't sorry for that. I learned through phone cal conversation with her these past days it's also been verified through sister iAmShameira that Dra Yily in fact will be back to work on 15 of Jan. She has been really busy replying to backed-up emails, text, messages etc.

So I've been in touch with Yily via phone call & text these past days
her and her son are doing fine she told me the baby is getting bigger everyday.
She has also told me to give out her paypal email address so that you can make your deposit but I can not post it here due to violation guidelines on RS so send me a pm if you want the info or send me your # so I can whatsapp you. Whichever ways works for you.

I was aware she had a paypal acct in the past but heard it got closed not sure what the story is but she has one active now & I learn of this by helping my girl AfterLife83 so I have her to thank for that extra 411 *so thank you mama :)*

So Ladies you now have 2 different ways of making your deposit to Dra Yily to secure your sx date. The Bank & Paypal. But, before you ladies make your deposit via Paypal please let her know BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR DEPOSITS so that she can authorise it if not paypal will return your deposits back if this happens it means Dra Yily has to authorise it doesn't mean she returned the $ back to you so don't worry your pretty little heads surely this has to do with security purposes which is a good thing because it means your $ is secured. If she tells you don't send the $ yet than don't wait till she gives you a day when you can make your deposit. Hope I have everything covered. Happy Healing to you Dolls and excited to those having sx soon yay cant wait to see your transformation remember ladies pain is the new sexy xxx

Paypal Invoice- Bank Confirmation

I forgot to mention that once you have made your deposit to Dra Yily via-paypal you will get an invoice afterwards. Paypal automatically generates an invoice after you make a deposit also on the box below where it ask you what the funds are for make sure you title it COSMETIC SURGERY 2014 and what your having whatever you feel comfortable writing this is for your records and print it out take it with you to DR remember we all have to prove in person we made our deposits to Yily cause she's not going to remember who we all are. As long as you take your proof your good to go. Also if you make a deposit via-bank to bank you should automatically get a confirmation from your bank via-mail save it and take it with you. xo smooches xo

So there it is send your deposits to Yily via-paypal but let her know your doing so if she tells you no and gives you a date than send it on the day she tells you. If your funds are returned back to do not take it personal ladies it doesn't mean she's not accepting the funds it means paypal returned it back cause once again Yily has to authorise it! smootches xxx

Your Hemoglobin level and your Menstrual!

Ladies are your worried about getting your menstrual cycle right before your sx & afraid it will lower your hemoglobin count? If you have a heavy period it will deft lower your hemoglobin count which really sucks but fear not cause God is good! I will give you a good tip.
But first my advice is to try your best to bring your hemo level up if your a 12 and having multiple sx please work hard to bring your hemo at least a 13 + & above if you can because remember we lose quite a bit of blood during sx so the higher your hemo the safer and better we are. We must avoid a blood transfusion if we can so take your vitamins, drink your teas, drink water & eat foods high in protein & drink your OJ. Now about your menstrual & for that good tip. take something for the cramping right before it starts or gets bad, drawn yourself in OJ THROUGHOUT your period! drink lot's of OJ all day all night and even the day after your menstrual is gone. If your a heavy bleeder and last a whole week like me drinking lots of OJ will shorten your menstrual everyone is different so different results for everyone.

For me it was 4 sometimes 5 days out of 7 and a couple times it was only 3 days out of 7. For my cousin it was only 2 days out of 5. NO IT'S NOT BS nor a HOAX look it up online cause almost 90% of women who have tried this will tell you it works! This is a lifesaver for us who can get our sx right before or right after our sx and we certainly do not want it before sx lowering out hemo and we deft don't want to be cramping or uncomfortable during our recovery especially when we can't really move normally...


Perfect Incision- perfect body

This is mostdesired3 check her page out her review is very informative and she is BANGING HOT.. I will say her incision is perfecto in my eyes, the 2nd perfect incision I've seen..... I want my incision looking like mostdesired3 so yeah printing out her pic and running to my Dra & showing her how I want my incision to look (: .. I'm in love with her results all around. She is beautiful.


For crying out fucking loud don't be hating on me cause most times I have no probs getting through Dra Yily! If you cant get in touch with your Dr's don't make it my damn fault! If you have a problem take it up with them!!! Now If I can be of any help don't hesitate to ask or hit me up pm me! I like helping as much as I can that's my forte! But, STOP STOP asking me Or assuming that I am helping Dra Yily or any other Dr for coins cause I AM NOT! That is not my cup of tea! Bloody Hell getting through your Dr is now a crime! they say assumption is the mother of all fuckups! I think you got me confused with another Bish! If you don't like what your reading GO *Suckup a Dickup till you Hiccup! I work, pay my own bills and paying for all my sx & everything else to do with my sx! I even help by making international calls for those who cant make with pleasure & I don't ask for anything in return! I don't help my sisters my bros or anyone else for some ching ching! I got ching ching in my bank Bishes......Peace!


Stole this from the beautiful & sexy sister mostdesired3 so make sure you give credit where credit is due :) .. I think it's important we all pray for each other through our journey cause God forbid you never know but God is good very good & looks out for all his children but still keep each other in prayers! xxx .


WOW Yily can deft snatch that waist & give nice rounded donks, I'm so loving her projection & her boob job might not be the greatest but I'm please with some of the boob jobs I've seen. And, this girl to me looks good all around. Go Yily! They say Practice makes perfect & I think she's getting better at the tits as she is with the donk. If I had it my way I still go to the states for my boob job BUT I'm fine with her boob job so far and me and her gonna have a long talk before during consultation before she works on these babies lol... love my Bishes xx

Which Dr is Best for Boob Jobs in the DR (BL with Implants)

I've been evaluating & reconsidering my boob job with another Dr from the DR cause child honey after view many girls pics of their boob job done by Dra Yily I say only a few out of 10 are nice but the rest are something out of the fucking *Twilight Zone Or Unsolved Mysteries* sorry but I want my money's worth! Don't want no rushed ass job done on me so I can spend thousands more correcting it! Don't get me wrong I love Yily she's sweet & cares for her girls & I am deft still going to her for my TT,BBL, & Lipo but until I see better photos of her boob work I am passing this procedure done by her! So if anyone has done boobs by Yily please ladies I need your help send me some names of her boob jobs I also want to see Dr Contreras boob work I've seen only one pic so far and they look pretty good but I need more pics not one or even 5 boob pics are enough & not going by work seeing is believing so please help a sister out! send me names I want to see which Dr is best on the boobie department! In advance `I am obliged to you' you sexy ladies xx

Yily's Boob work WOWZER

WOW this is awesome many of us been talking about Yily's boob job not being so good but here is a sis with nice set of twins that to me LQQk pretty damn good done by the Queen herself ! I hope by time I get a sx date that she has done quite a few boob jobs that look like this pic because I wouldn't mind my boobies looking like this... this is awesome work....GOD IS ANSWERING MY PRAYERS LOL... thx to my girl Perfectionist_Newmefor sharing pics x

My Complete Blood Count & Hemoglobin Results!

In 2007 I had lipo & my hemo level was 14.9 but since I have gained some weight, I stopped taking most vitamins & haven't always been eating clean. I kind of slipped off the map for a while taking care of everyone else. Now it is time I take care of myself & my needs! For sometime I've been avoiding a blood work cause diabetes, althritis, & alzheimer's runs in my family. Since I haven't been caring for myself like before i was afraid to find out I might have diabetes or thyroid etc I was afraid my hemo level wasn't going to be high enough for my sx. But I know ignoring the situation only makes matters worse so I grabbed my testicles & Mon the 3rd took my arse to my Nurse for a complete blood count & I got my hemo level results today but will get to that in a minute!
I've been having this prob with my boob for a while in 2007 I was referred by my Dr to see a endorcrinologist from there I was told I needed a mammogram and needed to see a surgeon cause it might be cancerous my appt wasn't until a month so i began to panic, cry & worry I was so stressed out & scared my hair began to fall off my head. I carried that weight for a whole month. But I prayed & spoke to God & cried & when time came the Surgeon had cleared me of everything. I was fine in all levels! Thank God he is so powerful & answered all my prayers, you could only imagine the load that was off my shoulders! N, I was able to have my lipo yay.

Although i was cleared my prob still remained sometimes it hurts when my monthly cycle arrives. Through my research I have been obsessing with my problem & worrying like crazy. So, I tell Dra Yily of my boob prob & she tells me that she cannot perform a BL with implants due to high risk of infection po so there goes my most desired wants! My heart sank to the pit of my tummy ): cause I wont have one without the other! I know you dolls prob thinking something is better than nothing but to me having all the workds done is everything to me. I dont want to be no half ass barbie doll on discount lol haha. Any who.

Dra Yily told me I needed to seek treatment cause that wasn't normal so I went to my GP & he prescribed me Bromocriptine I been taking it for months & the procees is very slow but it is what it is. Yily also suggested I seek an endorcrinologist even though I told her I've been down that route already but she wanted to be on the safe side! Well today was my appt with my endorcrinologist & I had my complete blood count read by her she was such a lovely Dr & caring I was nervous as heck sweating mad bullets thinking i might have diabetes, my hemo is prob low, I have prob thyroid it's why I gained even though it was cause I quit smoking *knock on wood*, omg I might not be able to have ay boob job etc etc!

Ok Finally for my Results:

Since i have a reg monthly menstrual cycle I do not have a hormonal imbalance & my prolactin levels were normal yay / all my hormone levels are normal (:
Everything came back GOOD I'm healthy as a horse! Thank you Lord!

My Hemoglobin level is; can I get the DRUMS please lol a whopping 15.1 can I HEAR YOU LADIES SAY WORD???? (: I'm very happy God is awesomeness! Ladies he listens please ask him to guide you tell him what you want! I prefer to speak to him than pray simply pray but I do both! Now my endorcrinoligist has cleared me for plastic sx & I will be receiving a letter confirming it via-mail.
But when I asked her will I be at high risk of infection po she told me flat out that I will have speak to my surgoen about this matter cause this is a whole new ball game! I asked for drainage but nothing else can be done about my prob (avoid stimulation) is all she said including warm showers dirrectly to my breast, continue taking my tablets! I will certainly continue my cabbage remedy. So unless Yily or whichever Dr I chose for my boob job says dif I am good to go & Yily has already told me not to worry that she will perform the sx.

I guess she did some research of her own & is confidence but come on you know Im going to worry! I guess to be continue¬ God is good I will leave it in his hands...ILL JUST KEEP ON PRAYING cause that is all I can do the same way I pray for all my pre-o & po-op barbie & ken dolls! Overall it is great news & I AM HAPPY with my results & my hemo level BEING A 15.1 Which means I am safe to have all my sx done at the same time! I will still consider that iron shot at the chemist for $8.00 since there is a point dif in the DR.

Well until next update my beautifyl sis & bros! smooches xxx

whoops I did it again!

Sorry for my typos ladies & gents xxx

Can I Ask that we all Pray for our sister ~ MySexyBack35~ to get well Please she's back at CIPLA!

A lot of you know the lovely sister MySexyBack35 recently had sx with Dra Duran. She wanted me to update you ladies on her status since she's not able to do it herself at the moment! She sends her love to you all & that as soon as she gains her strength back & feels better she will update her blog! I been checking in on her via whatsapp to see how she's doing. Seems the first couple of days were pretty tough for her on the 3rd day she felt a bit better but when I didn't hear from her I got worried & just got word that she has been poorly & rushed to CIPLA hooked to an IV cause the poor baby couldn't keep her food down nor her meds and she has been running a fever & vomiting so she is getting antibiotics & their giving her fluids... It's been really mentally exhausting and draining for her as well a rough week. Can we please keep her in our prayers sisters.. Stop by her page and show her some love & support & pray to God she gets strong, healthy again & has a speedy recovery & feels better ASAP. Thanks beautiful Chicas ... Were Praying you to get well soon MySexyBack35 we love you! smooches xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

damn typos


Positions to sleep after a BBL, TT & BL/implants + Items we will need or want to avoid ruining our new BOOTY

Hello my beauties just wanted to share some ideas with those who are new here on RS or wondering which positions to sleep in if their having the works done bbl, tt, boobs I know a lot worry about their butts going square.

Their are items you can purchase that can save our lives as we sleep or sit lol.
Right; A lot of you will already know about these ideas as we do research & read other sisters reviews you will come across great ideas they have during their preo-op & po-op who post them up on their blog sharing their experiences with us which I'm very grateful for. I Google all the pics online but in advance I thank a lot of you sisters & credit goes to them for a lot of these ideas cause they weren't all mine! But, they say great minds think alike.

We all know we have to avoid sitting & sleeping on our butts if were having a BBL & avoid that sponge bob look lol but in which positions do we sleep in to avoid damage to our new body? what do we use to help us? hellafire what to do when were having a bbl a tt & boobs all at once? we get creative during pre-op and be ready for po-op... buy cheap chairs, beach chairs, hammocks, foam mattress, inflatables, boppy pillows etc have some of the items like foam mattress & chairs measured and cut a hole so that your butts can drop through the hole while your sleeping & avoid touching the bed etc while sleeping & avoid touching a hard surface like a chair etc when sitting ...

And, if you lovely ladies have any more ideas please do share Im also having all the works done & open to new ideas that can help me be comfortable & save my new goods from getting damage as I recover... Help this at least helps some of the girls that are new in RS or anyone interested! KISSES & HUGS XXX

Positions to sleep after a BBL, TT & BL/implants + Items we will need or want to avoid ruining our new BOOTY

I should have mentioned that it's ok for us to sleep on our sides but do not stay on one side for too long! Shift to your other side than your back if your not having a TT or Boobies done than your good to sleep on your stomach. If your having having fat transfer to your hips try to avoid sleeping on your hips unless you have no choice again do not stay on your hips too long but you can also do what we are all going to do for our butts cut a hole on a foam mattress & let your hip fall through if you need to add a pillow for more cushion do so but also switch! having a TT & Boobs done is no-no for us to sleep on your tummy's what you need to do to be comfortable avoid fast food during recovery to avoid infections! & Best wishes to all & God Bless! xxx

A few Shotouts for my RS SISTERS to show my appreciation!

A shout out my sexy mama AfterLife83 who has been so understanding, supportive & caring she's all that & a bag of chips (: who has a lot of worries & concerns were so much a like Im praying for you doll have faith hun all is going to workout well for you God loves you & I love you!

Some more shot outs to my other beautiful sisters, dukes217 x, LibraLove10 x, Perfectionist_ Newme x, AtlYilyDoll x, CocoaCurves x, ebonymichele x, CinnamonCandi x, cute.n.sweet x! xxxxx wow the list goes on but your all in my thoughts & if I have forgotten any of you I apologize so many of you have been there for me & I want to show my love & appreciation. Thank you all for your knowledge & experiences your journeys, the kindness, love & support xx you girls you are the Best! xxx God Bless you all now & always! Love you RS sisters xxx lets get our SX done & do our thang lol (:

A Shout out goes to MySexyBack35

This was posted about the shotouts but didnt see in my word Doc...
Prayers & a shout out go to my beautiful doppleganger *MySexyBack35* who recently had sx with Dra Duran & was poorly & still is but feeling a slight better than yesterday thank God your gonna be A OK sis your in my prayers you been there for me since day one & I'm glad I met her she such a beautiful creature! love you! xx..

A Shout Out goes to my Girl PAinLA

A Shout out to another of my beautiful & caring RS my sister PAinLA for all the knowledge she has shared with me. She is brave, caring, sexy, beautiful & open minded I love my sisters please visit her blog is very informative and a great read. I have learned a great deal from her. PAinLA you have helped me make the 1st move on a very important decision that was in the back of my head for a very long time I was actually kind of lost but thanks to you not anymore. Thank you sis you Rock! huggies xxx

Leaving It In Gods Hands!

I was ok for a few days after getting good news from my Dr & endocrinologist & now back to square 1! But not going to stress about every lil' thing because I don't feel like losing my hair over something that can turn out ok! I lost my hair yrs back stressing over the thought I might have to have sx on my breast cause they thought it might be cancerous & all came back fine but now I might not be able to have my BI due to high risk of infection but will have to see what happens. I leave it in God's hands... Nothing & no one is going to stop me from having my sx unless the higher Power says I can't have it. Ladies avoid losing your hair like I did due to stress & so many worries cause that can only make you ill & drive you insane. I know it's hard & inevitable do more research & work on Plan B, C, D to fall back on in case plan A don't fall through! Much Love x

Update On Dr Edgar Contreras

I hear Dr Contreras is really good I have seen some of his work & I must agree he is good so far I like his Boob jobs his Donk they say he's awesome when it comes to Rhinoplasty & Vaginoplasty etc. If interest in vaginoplasty go to PAinLA blog she talks about her wonderful experience. I would like to see more of his work & asked him about it & he told me he doesn't like to post po pics of his clients due to privacy reasons. In my opinion I am happy so far with what I've seen I've spoken to some of his po Dolls & I hear nothing but good things. During my research I read that Dr Edgar Contreras didn't have a license as a PS but as I say don't believe the Hype ladies go straight to the source & that's what I did he sent me copies of his license. I have posted them here for you. Now I can't find him as a member of -Sociedad Dominicana de Cirugia Plastica website-. (Society of Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic website) I think that's how you translate it. But, I have questioned his credential and he is good to go in my book. But, hey do your research girls. He response to all my text & calls better than most Dr here that is a start as communication with your PS is very important! Ok ladies hope this helps someone who was curious as I was... mwah x

Society of Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic

To find any PS who is a member go to the link below you will find Yily & Duran & Fatima is a member.

In Spanish;
Sociedad Dominicana de Cirugia Plastica

In English
Society of Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic

Amazing Yily Barbie Dolls Before & After Photos + Reviews

Hey RS sisters hope everyone is feeling ok, doing good in your every day to day life, recovering smooth as saline & preparing yourselves for your big day & importantly do your research before you make a final decision! Happy journey & God Bless You All! x

I love to share as much 411 as I possibly can with the sisters and bros cause it makes a big difference in our lives. Also, I want to thank some of the sisters that have come to me with important info including the deaths of the 2 girls who recently passed shocking and sad may they RIP. I think it's important we share with each other such info, the Good & the Bad, even the smallest of things can make a difference in how we make our decisions. But, do your research please to be on the safe side & please pay it forward. So, I decided to post some Yily Barbie Doll before & after photos. Will add more when I can...Enjoy.

Just a few of the girls names you can look up & see more of their pics & read their reviews if interested.




For more Yily reviews copy & paste the link below on your browser - you will find Dra Yilys contact info in beginning of the page!


An Update on MizBeautiful1 who recently had sx with Dra Yily

Hey Dolls Just wanted to update you all on our lovely sister MizBeautiful1 who recently had sx with Dra Yily. She send me a text telling me that her sx went well. (Thank God) at first when she saw her tummy she wanted to cry cause it prob looked deform (the same happen to mostdesired3 & many others sisters) but this is normal after SX & following day (s) went by her tummy began to settle & looking much better & she's loving her results. She will be updating her blog with details & photos as soon as she gets home, feels better & gains her strength back cause right now she is experiencing a lot of pain & discomfort. Also, She wants to thank you all for your prayers, support & love. xxx

Finally Got My SX date with Dra Yily

Hey beautiful pre-op & post-op Barbie Dolls I finally got my confirmation sx date with Dra Yily yay so excited. Like many of you dolls I can't wait till my time finally gets here but wait is all we can do! Still sucking up knowledge, & still have items that need to be purchased. Will be moving back home in 3 months time once home I will add my b4 photos as I am still losing weight & want to put up pics how I look before my sx not how I look now please understand & be patients with me wont be leaving you gals in the dark no Maam'! I want to thank God thank Jesus for all the love & answering my prayers when I had so many questions, worries & doubts & fear running through my veins like no tomorrow. I am positive feeling good confident & have so much faith in the higher power that all will be good please sisters keep me in your prayers as I do all of you!

Finally Got My SX date with Dra Yily

whoops I was cut short didn't add my sx date. I was thanking God cause he has answered all my prayers & still is & I am grateful for my life, fam & friends & my sisters here on RS without God & you I'd be lost in all this! All my blood work came back good, I have no probs with getting my bl with implants as I thought I would have I met a nice Doll on here who has the same prob as me still had a bl with implants & no complications what so ever so that put my mind at & my Dr's gave me the clearance to have all sx with no probs yay Thank you *God* My hemo level is a whopping 15.1 YES one more thing I've been waiting for has been checked now Im working on losing some lbs & home sweet home (: than my Dra Yily here I come baby so you can snatch my waist whoohoo. Right so my SX date is on June 5 any ladies here going to Yily or any other PS around June let's maybe meet up we don't have to go through this journey alone would be nice to support each other in person as we do on here & would like to thank you in person for all the support & knowledge & the love you have share here on RS where the sister-hood keeps it Real! x Remember ladies it is crucially important you drink loads of water before sx cause you do not want to be really dehydrated to the point where your throat will be super dry & cause you to have a coughing fit after sx & your stitches open up so drink up this tip came from a sweet Doll who had sx & experience & experienced mega dehydration.. Also, after sx try & stay away from sodium & foods that will make you swoll up & make it hard for you to breath in your faja cause that gonna be tight on us as it is! SMOOTCHES! xxxxxxxxxxx

It never fails

Sorry for my typos ladies.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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