My Journey to Becoming a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

I have spoken with her on the phone but have to...

I have spoken with her on the phone but have to wait for a quote via e-mail with instructions. I know she is dedicated to her job because she had me call her at 11pm at night while she was home to give me a surgery date and said she would send her quote in a e-mail. I could tell she was tired. I'll update you guys of my quote when I get it until then keep on being gorgeous and positive.

I've gotten my sx date with Duran

I'm having sx on 11/5/2013. Elizabeth just sent me a message. Yea! So if anyone from ny is going let me know maybe we can buddy up.

Just received my quote and surgery date from Duran

I'm having surgery on 11/5/2013 with Duran. So my journey with Duran has finally started. Now I have to try to stay disciplined and focused on eating better and dropping at least 10 lbs. I'm going to start video taping my experience the day of and up load it so you guys can see everything.

Available Appt for Yili if someone wants it!

I originally was going to Almonte but then Yili gave me a quote. Saw Durand work went Bonkers and now I have an deposit with Yili for the 31st of oct. I can switch the date to whenever you want. Just shoot me an message.

Rude ass workers at Plastic surgery center

I'm putting my surgery off until I get in touch with whom ever answers ext. 501 when I call CIPLA! Hanging up the phone on me! Calling me bad words! When you call the main number. It always says for English dial 501 so that's what I did. Honey that thing on the other end was going to make me catch a flight and teach her not only English but some respect! So lovely ladies until further notice I'm out!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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