Mother of 5 Finally Getting my Body Back TT W/ Lipo. I'm going to Miami Florida with Dr Ortega

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I have 5 kids and now it's time for me to get fine...

I have 5 kids and now it's time for me to get fine like wine. I will be going to the DR and having surgery with doctor Emmanuel Mallol on August 1st. I can't wait wait. As far as supplies I'm socking up on them a i will be getting a full lab work up in the middle of june. My sister will be going with me for support but i also would to have a surgery buddy that will know what I'm going through.

Set back

I have done all that i can to save the money but it seems like i run into problem after problem. I am now going to be going to a different doctor in the US for a Tummy Tuck only, and i have ask them can i make payments. I will still be going to the DR due to me me making my deposit already but it want be until i get my taxes next year. But i just can't wait for my TT i will be trying to get it done soon i just don't have a date.

Change Doctors

I originally went with Dr. Oretga when I first started researching and i change to Dr. Mallol. Well I decided that I would stick with Dr Ortega I am having only a Tummy tuck and my procedure is set for 2/21/2017 I can't wait

Getting ready to be a new me

My surgery is coming soon on 2/23/17 with Dr. Mallol.

Finally on the flat side

It has been a long ride. I was due to.habe surgery with Doctor Ortega on 2/21 But due to my taxes coming late I wasn't able to get my surgery in time. I started calling spectrum atheistic to see if can get come in on the 2/24 for surgery and my surgery coordinator said no that Dr. O was all booked up until May. So of course I was so stressed when she said that. I went back to researching doctors and came up with Dr.McAdoo. I played my deposit flow to Miami on the 23rd in hopes that he will snatch me on Friday 2/24. Once i got there the nurse didn't know who I was do to my coordinator Willmary not relaying the information to the clinic. This was at Seduction and Yolanda was just trying to get more money out of me. She said I will need more labs of $400.00. I told her no I already had my labs done before my surgery. She said well you would not be able to get surgery until Monday the 2/27. I was farious and call my recovery house Ms. Keyla to come pick me up. I was so mad i couldn't sleep. The next morning I called spectrum and Keyla called people she know at spectrum. I left a message for Liz Martin to call. Liz call me back and I put my big girl pout on and told her what was going on and that I have all my money and if she can see if Dr. Ortega can get me into surgery to. She said hold on sweetie let me ask the doctor and when she got back on the phone she said yes the doctor said how soon can you get here. I was in Wal-Mart when I was talking to here to get my money off my card. Keyla from keyla recoveryhouse called a uber to come back to the house. when I got there I took a shower in the hepibclens and here house took me to spectrum. I am all flat now and can't to see my results.

3 week update

2mths and a half

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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