Mother of Two Becoming a Diaz Doll - Dominican Republic

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Hello Ladies, I have been a silent watcher on...

Hello Ladies,

I have been a silent watcher on realself for years. I want to share my experience and help anyone that has questions, so many girls start telling their story and don't go through to the end. I want to TELL ALL (in my Wendy Williams voice) lol.... I have researched Diaz and just from dealing with his office communication has been great. I called the other day just to check out the numbers making sure things were legit.... Surprisingly he answered the phone (it caught me of guard) I was expecting a women I guess. He answered all the questions about how to confirm the process. After I got off the phone I thought of all the questions I should've asked like details about the recovery house and additional information in regard to what I may need to pack. When I emailed back I really didn't get clarity about the recovery house other then there would be two options and I will be at one of the two. Stay posted ladies :-*

Anyone going to DR on or around March 9th

I'm super excited. I would love to have a traveling buddy for moral support let me know.

Finally packed

Hello Ladies,

I bought the cutest luggage for the trip from forever21. I decided to only take carry-on due to wanting to avoid unnecessary expenses and confusions (I always pack light) I believe by only having the essentials I can be closer to my bags. I confirm some things with Dr. Diaz like....who is picking me up? Is my room private? What must I bring? What should I bring? How should I make my final payment? He answered everything! I mean everything. I have been taking the essential vitamins required for a healthy surgery (pic included). I feel great and now I'm going to start my two week diet exercise regimen. I also started a final checklist. Stay updated surgery two weeks away.

Leaving to become Diaz Doll in a few days

It's been so many horror stories from the DR lately but I am completely satisfied with still going with Dr. Diaz. I talked to him last night via email and he assured me all was well with his practice. I am doing this all alone but Realself has really helped with having people who understand the journey. I uploaded a pic of me and some wish pics and a lil joke for my RS sisters

Scars..... Let's talk about it lol

I want to talk about this future scar lol. So I am into making my own facials astringents and salves. I'm believe nature has a cute for just about every problem. I did a lot of research on ways to minimize scarring and I came across a homeopathic vitamin called staphysagria. It is supposedly like noes poring inside out. Meaning, it rapidly heals from the inside. I have been taking Arnica Montana and I will start taking the staphysagria after surgery. I will also be taking granites to reduce scarring. I created a special blend of oils as well as a antiseptic spray. I recommend that all of you ladies bring at least 3 essential oils.... LAVENDER OIL, TEA TREE OIL, CALENDULA OIL. Make sure that they are all natural 100%. If you want more details on how to properly use them feel free to reach out. I wish all of you a safe surgery and the best scar possible smooches.

Surgery Complete ;-*

Hello Ladies,

I arrived in DR on Monday the 9th and ran into my realself sister Neo in Miami and we were on the same flight to DR. Dr. Diaz driver picked us up from the airport and took us straight to the recovery house. When we got there we met Myra from recovery Armonia. I LOVE HER! They instantly prepared a home cooked meal for us (like they do 5x a day). We got a blood work and x-rays done and shared our journeys.

TT, LIPO, BBL... Muy Bien

I still have a lot of swelling from the lipo but my waist is dramatically more defined.....

Here are the pics

I am sorry that these post are all over the place. The signal is really sucky. Hopefully these pics upload.

Diaz Doll almost 1 year post op

I am very pleased. It has changed my life so took time to get used to the scars but my boyfriend was very supportive.

More pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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