I am Mother of three Children and two Grandsons - I'm going to Dominican Republic for my transformation

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I am 45 years old and I'm about embark into a...

I am 45 years old and I'm about embark into a journey , My life is about to change the things I don't like about my body. I'm about to come the new me and leave the old me behind. I been doing my research for a year and when I saw my Niece. The Doctor did amazing job on my Niece so I decide that I would like to go with the Dr. Fatima Almonte in DR and get the procedure done from her. I'm getting done Tummy tuck plus Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist armpit area plus BBL .

Almost ready to go

I been taking my vitamins and doing the green smoothie. I been ordering all the stuff I need cause do to my age I need to be cautious. But I'm almost done. I have to be positive on everything that I am bringing with me . GOD BLESS

My time is coming

I can't wait is getting closer and closer. I've been working out trying to lose the weight

Today was the real Deal

Today I went to do the western union and My Heart was racing a thousand miles And I was sweating all nervous too.
Yes I send my deposit and yes its coming a Reality. Now got one month to go .

change of plans

I had to change my date of my Surgery until middle of May , My sister decided she wanted to come now, So I have to work around her schedule. It's okay that means give me more time to work on my weight .

my wish pictures

get to find out April wasn't available

I have to pick August for now until something comes up in May.Hopefully someone canceled in May and then put me in

The more I read other Barbies Review .

The more I read other Barbies reviews I get very excited . That means I'm going to be next to look like a Barbie .I have faith that everything is gonna be fine.

I'm trying trimtuff

I'm trying something different with trimtuff it's a Tea , let's see if this works cause I'm trying to lose the weight before August.

I'm ready to go , I can't wait. ..

I have my passport and I got my flight . I am packed and ready to go.

High dolls taking my beets juice for my Hemo.

Now I got 3 more months to go, now I'm trying to focus trying to finish school and working overnights stressful but I'm doing this before August. I can't wait for my surgery and to feel better about for myself. Sometimes my kids bring me junk food like Chinese food in McDonald's and I told them that I cannot do this.I have to stay on a strict diet then My kids be like no you have to cheat just a little but I can't do this!!... I started to drink beets juice and I bought iron supplements the liquid , I'm about to go on this until August.

I can't wait

My Date is getting close August 15

Oh my God I can't believe it's already June and My date sx Date is getting closer .I feel a little nervous and panicking a little bit but I try to focus that everything is going to be fine . I'm going with my sister I know everything will be fine.

Trying to get my hemoglobin up its 12.4

Anybody please give me advice how to get my hemoglobin up please. I am very desperate my sx date its August 15th and I'm trying so hard .

I'm definitely preparing my body for surgery

I started taking the Beet's smoothie my mom and my friends had told me it's going to help build my hemoglobin up. I also taking my vitamins and the irons to help me

I can't wait to go to D.R

My sister calls me every two weeks and she's counting down the minutes and the days she's excited for me I'm excited for myself and I can't wait to see my new me

I have 55 more days to go for my sx

I am excited a little scared little nervous but I pray to God everything will be fine

I have 8 weeks to ago

I have 8 more weeks to ago and I'm already getting nervous for my sx date .
I can't wait to get Stitch , lol

I want my body back

I want my body back and feel uncomfortable under my skin before my third grandson is born and before they leave to Hawaii. I will be missing my kids cause they are moving slowing out the house lol lol.

I have 7 days left , I'll at Dominican Republic

My sx date is August 15th. I'm having a little trouble sleeping I'll be up to 3 am then I go sleep til 8 am . I do my normal routine I get my son up he's 16 so he go to summer school drop them off come back fix breakfast and then to lunch for my youngest son 6 . I have a lot on my plate . I think I'm going to start to take Tylenol PM so I could sleep. Lady's be safe and God bless .

I have 5 more day to go ...

I can't wait to be in DR and get this popping, lol lol . I'm so excited and I cant wait to start writing about my Journey. My older sister is company me to DR and I'm also excited but little worried. I leave everything in God's hands he will guide thsee Doctors to do the right thing .

I have question for those who had surgery

Did anyone had any complication during surgery like high blood pressure or any other condition. The reason I ask cause I have high blood pressure but is not that bad . I want to know how the doctor's in DR handle the situation.
Please anyone thank you and God bless

HI ladies, I had my surgery on 8/15/16

Dra Fatima Almote did a great job , I'm happy with my results. I don't any pain , I'm walking around making sure the swell go's down . I'm taking all med's .

If you or anybody bring a companion to Santo Domingo.

When your companion go's to the hospital with you keep in mind that they don't feed your companion they only feed the patient. Bring food at the hospital and extra clothes and towels. We learn the hard way , I did bring some stuff but no food for my sister ,I thought they are going to feed her , what I did I gave her half of my food . We don't eat fast food or soda so it was hard to fine something. Try exchange American money to pesos in DR like 60.00 dollars. Give you enough what to do .

My first visit at the Doctor ????

I'm healing well and walking a lot and drinking a lot water is very important.

Surgery done 8/15/16

I thank God that he guide the Doctor Fatima hands . The surgery was successful . I want to thank My home they where amazing and the food .

My home recovery house are beautiful staff.

I am so happy I met 8- beautiful Lady's at my home they had there surgery . We all got alone and we still keep in touch .

Second stage

1 month and 1 week healing very well

Preparing yourself for surgery is very important.

Lady's please prepare yourself for the surgery by taking your Vitamins B12 , Vitamin C , Folic Acid , Iron brings up your Hemo. Also try to make an appointment with your primary doctor and do a physical and blood work. Most important no fried food or junk food. Start eating Healthy because it's a major change. I'm telling you this because I've been through this and I to have make change in my life . I spend money to fix something that I been trying to fix for 6 years going to gym and doing the diet and I decided to make a change and do the surgery. I feel happy comfortable and sexy. I love my results she did a great job Dra.Fatima Almonte and she beautiful and kind . Her assistance Leslie she was wonderful kind respectful I felt like she was my other daughter. The recovery house My home the staff was amazing.

Wearing my waist training

Waist trainer

I use the waist trainer cause is tight I feel comfortable use it during the day instead of the faja. The faja I use it sleep.

One more thing Lady's

I'm glad I met a young lady on realself, She already had surgery before me and Guide me through my surgery. She had text me that night and told me to ask the Doctor to give me Iron Infusion after the surgery because when you get Tummy Tuck and lipo you lose a lot of blood so put that blood back it's good to get Iron Infusion it's like an IV plus the regular IV. If you feel weak after surgery suggest get Iron Infusion .That's if your Doctor allows it .

HI dolls , I'm going 2 months

I love my results, I might go for round two in next year or 2 years . For my arms and boobs.

I'm doing a lot of walking

I'm doing a lot of walking and that's helpful for my recovery. I'm eating well and taking all my vitamins. One thing I want thank God is for being there for me through my whole recovery and sx. I'm thinking for round two to do my arms and just little for my thighs and My Breast. I'm good after that .

Feeling beautiful

Like the weather is getting colder it's good bundle up.

Feeling happy

Thinking about second round in two years

Up Dating my recovery, going on 3 month in 3 day

Those who wants BBL done

The best ultrasound for your massages heals faster

OR IF you want to the cheap way

Dr. Fatima Almonte

Dr.Fatima Almonte is beautiful person. She prays before she go's into surgery , she makes sure her patience are feeling comfortable and safe . She won't operate on you unless you're Hemo is up is very important to take all your Vitamins and eat right.

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