A Little Under 2 Months Before Surgery - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm scheduled to go to the Dominican Republic to...

I'm scheduled to go to the Dominican Republic to have a TT, MR, liposuction, BBL and arm lift with Dra Yily De Los Santos on January 10, 2017. I've had a massive weight loss. In 2009 I weighed 374lbs now in 2016 I weigh 204lbs. My arms are sagging and my belly is too????. I've decided it's time to do something now. I'll be traveling with 2 of my friends and they will also be having surgery with Dra Lily De Los Santos on that day. Our rest house will be Luxury RH. We wanted to stay in Serenity RH but the Doctor's assistant Sasha told us that they were all book up. Q: have anyone stayed in the Luxury RH?

The beginning of my journey

I had my gastric sleeve done on April 30, 2015 with Dr. Mario Almonza in T. Mexico. I'm now traveling to the Dominican Republic to have plastic surgery done by Dra Lily De Los Santos on January 10, 2017.

30 Days before surgery with Dra Lily In the Dominican Republic ????????.

I've getting really nervous and anxious to go start my new journey on the flat side. I've meant a lot of new people on RS and the ladies on here are very helpful with answering questions I've had and giving me the motivation I need to keep moving forward to my goal. Thanks so much ladies and God bless you all!!??

On my way to the DR for my surgery!

Oh my goodness ????, I can't believe my surgery buddy and I missed our flight by 10 minutes. Well we could ride on our flight but we was to late to check our luggage. Lesson learned, get to the airport 2 hours before your flight! By the grace of God this nice lady at united airlines really worked it out for us. We was suppose to fly on American Airlines on our trip to the DR but fly back on United Airlines. We will be in the DR only 1 hour later than the other flight. It must be meant for us to go to the DR because we haven't skipped a beat yet????????! GO UNITED AIRLINES ????

My surgery is done by Dra Yily

My surgery buddies and I arrived her yesterday even and Hose took us to Cipla to get our blood work done. After he took us to the Eden RH and we were told for months that we would be staying at the Luxury RH although we really wanted to stay at the Serenity RH but was told that Serenity was all booked up and the Luxury RH would be the place we would be staying. I have no idea why we were misled by these people. The food isn't great/good and these dog next door is constantly barking. The nurses are very nice tho and we are the only patients here so they are waiting on us hand and foot. I really wish they had there booking together and more organized. Other than that we are doing good.????

I think I'm doing well?

Good evening ladies, it's Thursday 1/12/17 and I had my surgery on 1/10/17. I got a tummy tuck and lipo. I was scheduled to get BBL and a arm lift also but Dra Yily said that I wouldn't be able to undergo those other procedures all at once, I'll have to come back because of the massive weight loss I've had and all the skin that she'll have to remove. I'm happy with my tummy tuck and that she looked out for my health and safety rather than just trying to get that money. Ladies she's a sweet heart and I'm glad I came to her. I'll Kee you updated its time to rest now.

7 weeks P/O since my surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Good evening ladies, I posting an updated now that I'm ready to tell everyone how I'm doing so far. I had to get another drainage tube in here in St. Louis because I was diagnosed with Abdominal wall seroma. That's fluid from my tummy tuck that needs to come out. When I was in the Dominican Republic my drain came out in 6 days. My drain needed to remain in for at least 14 days. The doctor in the Dominican Republic tried to manually Drain my fluid from my abdomen area but it was no luck with that. So when I got back home with this situation it was making my abdomen area hang out and hurt. So on February 8, 2017 Dr. Brent Stromberg had me admitted for out patient surgery to drain off my abdomen fluid and replaced my drainage tube. Last Tuesday he took my drainage tube out. I'm still experiencing a lot of swelling but I feel much better now that my belly isn't full of unwanted fluid. Here's a photo of me before and after. I'm a bariatric patient and I have scars from my gastric sleeve surgery, but I'm happy that I don't have all that unwanted skin from my 200lbs weight loss ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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