Date set with Dr. Cochran

Hey yall!!!! I'm so ready and so excited about...

Hey yall!!!! I'm so ready and so excited about this transformation. Im getting a tt, bbl, and lipo of the back Im 34 years young and I have 2 kids ( 6&3) that really took a toll on my body. With my first child I only gained 20lbs and lost it really fast after I had him, but my second child which is a girl really done it for me ( lawd jesus) I gained 68lbs with her and she's been raising hell every since, lol ( that's my baby). In the meantime, I've developed 3 hernias during the pregnancies and now it's time for them to go!!! I have always been active but cant do anything with theses hernias. I found this site on Dr. Jimerson ( the bbl king) facebook and started reading all the stories and seeing all the awesome results. I had Chosen Dr. Jimerson first but whew good lord what a price, and who wants to wait until next year for surgery? So my second choice was Dr. Yily, l love her results!!! At first my thought was do I really want to go to another country to have surgery? Hmmm with that price and those results, hell yeah!!!! Lol. I recently got my quote from Dr. Yily and purchased my flight today. I'm so ready for this journey!!! Shout out to those that have had surgery and shared your stories, they really do help :)

Ok, so this whole sending the deposit to Dr. Yily...

Ok, so this whole sending the deposit to Dr. Yily is a mess!!!!! Dang it why can't I just send the money with simple instructions UGH!!!! (aint nobody got time for this) in my sweet brown voice, lol!!!! Is anybody else having the same issue? I ready need to lock my date in.

It's official, June 18th is my day!!!! Dr. yily...

It's official, June 18th is my day!!!! Dr. yily here I come!!!!!

1 month away!!!!!

Hey Y'all!!!! I Am Now 1 Month Away From Being The Bomb!!!! So Excited Ive Got My Items Together, Passport, And Pills Ready. Only Thing Is I'm Anemic So I Checked My Levels Out The Other Day And My Hemoglobin Was 11.8 :( Gotta Get It Up So Yily Can Give Me What I Want. If Anyone Has Stayed At Hotel Plaza Del So Let Me Know How You Liked It. I Decided Not To Stay At The Jm Spa Due To The Recent Infection Issues That They Are Having.

need to gey a taxi service!!!!

Hey Y'all, I've Booked My Place to Stay. Now I'm Looking For A Good Taxi.Service Any Suggestions?

Has anyone just had tt & lipo with Dr. Yily and paid $4000?

Hey yall!!! I was wondering if someone just only had tt & lipo with Dr. Yily and what was the price? I decided just to get tt & lipo due to some financial issues. She first quoted me $4000 this was for tt, lipo of back, waist, arms stomach & bbl. I emailed her back asking for quote for tt & lipo and she said it was the same price $4000 wtf? Im starting to think that Dr. Yily is not the one answering her emails!!!!

Date set with Dr. Cochran

Hey, yall.... so I've finally made my decision and paid my deposit. Im going with Dr. Cochran. I love his tummy tuck and front what ive seen, he does a great job. I was going to the DR but just decided to stay in the US. I know hes gonna make me fabulous. Im getting tt and lipo of the back. Any tips about Dr. Cochran would be great. My date is dec 11th.
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