McADoo Almost 1 year post op! Still love my results 46 1/2 inches around

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I have been reading reviews on this site for well...

I have been reading reviews on this site for well over a year now. I have had my doubts and wants when it came down to getting work done. I am truly obsessed with Dr. Almonte's work. I wouldn't let anyone else touch me. I am kinda hesitant on going to DR alone. My husband and kids would come and get me 3 days before I am due to leave. I don't know about that either I am still in limbo. My oldest daughter is 21 she said she would check her school schedule to see if she can go with me. I think it would be a great tourist opportunity for her. ((The procedures suggested are as follow: Tummy tuck+Liposculpture full back, flanks, waist, BBL. Below I have detailed the costs.

10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring
Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations
Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray
Post operation medications
1 Post op garment
1 night at the clinic
Free of charge consultation post op))

That is alot for the price. I found that I can't get that done in the US. for that price at all!

I am so excited and really looking forward to the new me. I been married only 7 months and I think my husband would appreciate the new and improved me. In my mind i feel like he didn't help get me looking like this so he shouldn't be stuck looking at me looking like that...just my opinion. But most of all i want this procedure for i can feel better about my self. I want to wear sexy clothes again!!!!

I'm doing the matter cleanse so that I can lose 15 lbs.

looking forward to pasting deposit

Looking for a partner/buddy

I really hope that the one that I need to be my Almonte buddy will find me! I am going December 1 or 3rd I would love to share a room with someone that I can build a bond with before I get there! I could use more encouragement and support. I am also on Day 4 of my Master Cleanse.... I really could give up but I am not that type of person. I came this far so I need to keep going.

seems that

seems that i have started looking at other doctors results. And for some reason It seems as if Yily is the baddest (good way) surgeon in the Dr! Do you have any insight? I think I might just change Dr's. But I would really like some more insight! Please help? Also need ideas's on RH's.

SO I'm thinking I might be changing doctor's

So I have been looking at Yily's reviews, and Almonte. I like them both but Yily's barbies come out on the better side from what I have been seeing! I may be changing Dr's but I am waiting to see what price she quotes me because that will be the deciding factor. I'm on DAy 6 of the master cleanse! I'm supposed to do 10 days but right now I'm tired of seems like thats all i do after i do my seasalt cleanse in the mornings. Truth is why am I fasting/cleansing when I know I am going to get work done! Waste of time or not! IDK what do you think???

a lot to think about!

I been so back and forth with my decision. Dra Almonte or Dra Yily! To get the TT or keep working out! I want a new waist I want to look amazing for my 40th Birthday! I just came off the matmasterter cleanse for 6 days. I'm preparing to do it again soon. I lost inches and weight! I see a real difference with my tummy! That's all good but I want a small waist again! My husband supports my decision! My mother is dead set against it! She isn't happy about it. My husband thinks I wanted my mom's approval. I didn't I just wanted to prove that I wasn't afraid to tell her! I already knew what she would say!!!! But the decision is primarily mine! I'm still looking for someone to be with me in the Dr. My husband can't come because we have 2 minor children! He wants to come pick me up which I'm OK with but the tickets aren't too cheap just to be popping in and out of the country!

I have a lot on my mind! I know I want the surgery. I know I want to continue to eat right and work out! My birthday January 30th so I want to be semi healed by then!

Still haven't decided

I am not really sure if i want to keep working out or do i want the surgery!

Why do i want the surgery. I want my perfect body sculpted.
I want the curves of hips that I don't have. I have thighs and butt but no hips
I want a bigger butt,and a flat washboard abs.

I keep putting it off and hesitating...I let my mind trick me out of making the final deposit. Opposed to keep saying I will do it another day. I wanted it done in December but I kinda think i waited to late to get my Hemo levels up. I dont' think they are low I just think i should have been taking vitamins at least 3 months ago. I eat healthy I am constantly fasting, and doing cleanses. I don't know.....I really want to get this work done!

But my passport application sitting right on my file cabinet. I don't know how much it is going to cost to get it processed! I don't know how long it will take to get back that is why i didn't processed my deposit yet.

I think maybe I will just wait and go for my 40th birthday. I wanted to look a certain way for my birthday but still whats my hesitation......I am obsessed with getting my body done.... I feel like I want my husband to be highly sexually attracted to me. We are newly married and I feel like its way to soon for the sex to slow down! I want a new body for me but for him as well! I didn't have my children with him, so why should he have to look at a sloppy mess!

It's not fair to him!

no butt needed just hips please!!!

decisions and confusion

confusion and decisions

Explicit - Click to view

I decided to upload a video first to win the I phone. Just being honest. But also to just get some things off my mind. Also to engage conversation about this journey to Dr. I welcome comments and suggestions. Live, love, and enjoy life to the fullest!!!

Dr. Fisher, Yily or Almonte

talked to Dr. Fishers office

Explicit - Click to view

Whats a girl to do. I spoke with a young lady today from Dr. Fisher's office.(something Vanity)
I think i was interested til the deal breaker came...she said i can't get BBL, TT, at the same damn i was like wow....yall want 4500 for BBL and 3400 for the TT . and she suggested that I do the BBL firlst. I dont want to go through that pain 2x. So DR it is ...but i can t decide on a Dr.

Changed my whole mind

I ran across Baez and Robles...and honey I tell ya...I forgot all about ALmonte and Yily. Woooow is all i can really say! I'm waiting on a quote from Robles. Now I need to hit up Baez! Any comments and suggestions is appreciated!

Sooooo I been interacting with Lauren

SO i been talking to Lauren Dra Robles assistant. I have enough information and I feel confident enough with my decision to go with Dra Robles. Right now I am trying to get my passport appointment pushed up. I dont want to wait til Dec. 1 to have my appt. and then turn around and be stressing because my SX is on December 26th and I don't have it by then.

so Dec. 26th is my tentative date with Dra Robles.

So i am looking for a buddy to ride this thang out with me?


Im trying to find the cheapest flights through my travel site. So far I found 499. round trip. If you are interested in using my travel sight. inbox me for the direct link and the id-password to use. my husband and my self own a dreamtrips travel busimess.

Travel Travel Travel with World Ventures

Book your DR trip with Rovia by using my id# .... Travel with us....YOu should be here!!!!!

Ancient hospital rooms

can anyone tell me where Dra. Almonte does her surgeries? Is it the same ancient hospital that Robles use? I have hear horror stories about the old equipment, and mean as hell nurses!

no closer

I'm no closer to my decision than I was a week ago! I made up my mind that I was going to Robles. Then started talking to some women on a IG group and started seeing Duran results. and Baez. SO not I am all over the place again! QUESTION?? WHAT WAS THE DECIDING FACTOR ON THE DRA YOU CHOSE? PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS! I NEED TO DECIDE SOON!!!


I don't know if I should be trying to lose weight or not! I'm just going to be honest I'm so tired of diets that don't work, fasting and exercising... My body is tired and I just want this stomach off me.... I'm at ready to get this over with. I have no desire to change drs again. I'm settled with Robles. I'm just waiting on my passport Appt. So I can pay my deposit to the Dr. And book my ticket... I'm so over it all just want to finally get it done!!!!


I missed my healing passport appointment today!!!! Ugh.... I wonder if that's a sign that I don't need to go to Dr. I been looking @Dr.Fisher lately.....

so me and my new friend

So me and my new friend are going to Miami. I scrapped the whole DR thoughts. It's just something in my gut has told me don't go over there. So I trust the voice of God.....I will be stating in America....I don't need a TT anymore all I need is lipo, and BBL. Good luck ladies on your journey... I'm planning on going December 26, 2014

Update on my Supplies for Miami

So, I know I have not been posting much. Today I want to update you all on my supplies I purchased. i am so excited that my SX is January 22nd, 2015, also I have Acquired a very good friend and buddy along the way and she will be getting her SX the same day. We are going right behind eachother. We Decided to only stay in the RH for 4 days then get a hotel room by the beach and relax. SO if you have any questions feel free to hit me up. MY deposit is paid and my SX is 4000 with Dr. Hasan.

Desperately Seeking really... I NEED A RH AND MASSAGE Therapist in MIAMI

Hey beautiful ladies....I am desperately seeking a RH house. I don't want to go to Vanity Home RH, so if any one you lovely ladies can suggest to me a RH and a Massage Therapist. I would greatly appreciate your help. I Emailed one lady I am just waiting on a response. I need suggestions on where to purchase my stage 2 fajah as well! I am excited my SX is 44 days away...I feel so much better kmnowing its now a iffy thing anymore. I am looking forward to celebrating my Birthday right after my SX. My Birthday is is January 30th I will be 40. What a great way to celebrate My BIG 4-0 than to have a brand new body....... WE will be celebrating in Atlanta ...SO SISTERS is anyone is in ATL can you suggest a magical place for me to celebrate kid friendly, FOOD involved. YOu only turn 40 once......

celebrating my

Celebrating my Birthday in Miami who's down!!!!! I want a mini party. I never really celebrated my birthday!!!! January 29th meet and greet /40th Birthday.... Inbox if interested!!!!!! Yayyyy Turn Up!!!!!!

44 days

44 days to my sx. 51 days till my Birthday!!!!!



Finally found a RH in Miami 43 days left

Finally found a RH in Miami. We should be staying with Kayla. I have read only good reviews. but if you have any comments, concerns or reviews please speak now or forever hold your piece. I will be buying my fajah from Moni She only charges 60. SO now i need to book my flight and get this thang over with ....counting down....

41 days til SX Booked flight and Booked RH

I am super excited as I move forward in my process. I booked my flight today and We booked our RH. THis is truly happening and is a scary and exciting process. I will be documenting my entire process. I will be video recording every thing up until they tell me I can't. I will also in the near future will make a documentary about my process. Life is def. a journey and Where I come from single mothers don't get body work. In fact they can't even afford it. But GOD....I serve a GOD who provides beyond measures. I trust a GOD who provides my every need! I am grateful and thankful that I am not who i used to be and I am not where i used to be. I am now married, a entrepreneur, and a awesome mother of 4 amazing is a adult and thank GOD i am not a GLAMMA too moving right along...4441111111111111 DAYS I AM GEEKED

37 days

time is really flying and I am getting very happy that My SX is coming really fast. I am completely booked for everything. I haven't gotten my Faja but I will buy it from moni when I get to Florida. I am completely packed and ready to go! Ladies did all of you have itching after the procedure?????

34 days till I get my new body

I'm about to trash this old washed up no hips body. Lol. Walking around here my pants too tight on my tummy... Yet knowing I still won't be able to fit them once tummy gone and my butt is humongous..... I already have a big healthy butt...I really want hips I need to be rounded out. Anyways If you have any questions feel free to ask???? Have a wickedly fabulous day!!!!


Ladies What is the best way to travel from Miami via plane. I am confused did you stand up all the way to your destination. I'm having a BBL and I know I'm not supposed to sit on my butt. What was the best way to travel please help?

Lipo Board or Lipo Foam?

DO i need foams and a board....Are they the same?


How do I travel on the plane after my BBL? Thoughts, comments suggestions ..


What is she wearing? Does anyone know?

Ugh Realself Mobile sucks

This stupid joint will delete everything just because I tried to post a wish pictures! I need a massage therapist in Miami for January 22-28. Do anyone know of a therapist that will come to me or I can go to them!

some products that I purchased

some items

Just some items



count down


Where can I get the triangular board for my lower back?

8 days

It's official. I just paid my balance and added chin lipo. I'm kinda nervous s little anxiety but more excited that my dreams are coming to fruition. I'm blessed and I'm happy I met a great friends in the process.

No Insurance

So i am still trying to figure out what I will do for my Labs. I don't know if I need to get them done before my sx or if they will do it at Vanity. I did run across a very helpful profile that offered this link for prescriptions so I wanted to share. This is for the ladies who dont' have insurance like my self!

Im Pissed

So I pay my balance off yesterday all 2300 of it. I get a call today asking basic health question because my SX is next week on the 22nd. So she proceeds to tell me that my BMI is too high according to her calculator (app) and that I need to loose weight to get surgery. i am a easy 198 she is telling me to get down to 184. IS THAT POSSIBLE in the time frame that they gave me. HERE IS WHY I AM PISSED I PAID 2000 TO THEM IN DECEMBER WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME THEN. WHY DID THEY WAIT TIL I PAID MY LAST 23OO AND THEN TELL ME THAT S#$T..... VANITY HAS BEEN acting suspect ever since i decided i wanted to get my sx done there. My coordinator doesn't work there any more and NO she didnt' do her job. She didn't inform me of any of these requirements .... People will LIE, cheat, and steal just to get ahead.

I am so upset. I been counting down to this.
just to be told that I need to do the impossible
But i read when you are muscular your BMI will come back obese!
What am I supposed to do now!!!!!!!!!!1

Is it Possible

to reduce your BMI in 7 it possible to loose 14 lbs in 7 days....or should i just give up, or reschedule...this plane ticket is gonna be a big problem.... smh..irritated!

Thanking GOD for DR. McAdoo

AHHHHHHH the sky lit up the clouds opened up and a rainbow of understanding has appeared! I am getting my Surgery after all! After hours of deliberation it was bought to my attention that there was another Dr. at Vanity that does procedures on women with BMI all the way to 40. I was on the phone for 3 hrs with my new coordinator (KrystaL) she is amazing. She straighten out all the former mess from Francia being fired or quitting Hell i dont know ...... and the new coordinator Salina who never called to check on me, i didn't know her she only called for money so I had no idea she was my coordinator...God bless her...anyways surgery date stayed the same. And i am ecstatic that my new Dr is a with great resistance...I am in a good place. My headache is finally gone...after 7 days....i don't have to binge abs are killing talking about the ones hidden under my already got the neighborhood lesbian telling me to come see her when i come back...bwwwaaaaaa gotta love it...I'm excited...and I am happy that I get to share my exp. with you guys...yess i got a lot of nice perks for my inconvience...but some things should not be mentioned....

So grateful ~6 days

Tomorrow I will be getting my Labs done..... I found a place that said 49 for each of the 7 test...I was like omgggg..... I silently prayed....SO he comes back and said I am trying to figure something else out..... When I say the clouds opened up again and poured out a blessing ....he said I can get you all these test for 199.00 I was like thank you GOD.....THank GOD...... I am so grateful.....the count down is real..... Glad they are open Monday as well so I won't be held up! GOD is soooooo GOOD...... I know yall know..... gotta get my prayers stacked up for my SX.....

soooo Helllpppp Me....

I went to the lab yesterday to get all my blood work for my sx Thursday. She proceeds to stick me 9x within 2 hrs. only managed to get 1 tube of blood and urine. I still need 2 more. I am trying to figure out what is wrong my blood would not flow. One of my veins collapsed now i have a swollen wrist. I'm seriously trying to figure out what do i need to do before my appt. tomorrow. They will try it again! is there something I should be eating or drinking. My husband had me go and buy steak. but what else should I be doing....

next: I am anxious and nervous.... I been wanting this Sx for so long that now its finally on the horizon. I am worried...wondering if i would be more comfortable if it was still a thought and not a reality!

Guess What I did...I made a BBL Pillow

I think i did a good job....I have been spending alot of cash. and if i can cut some cost somewhere why the heck now...Imma make me a travel pillow now...i think this is fun. O I am a crafty person I work well with my hands ...I have a baking business, I make body butter,and candles, tutu's and always doing something...i love my bbl looks like a small bag or something.

Celebrating my Birthday in MIAMI

Celebrating my Birthday in Miami January 27th. Let me know if you are interested!



Flying out tomorrow!!!!!

Surprisingly I don't have any feelings about finally going to Miami tomorrow! I think wow. I am gonna miss my 2 children and my Husband. I have been through so much BS with Vanity that I just want to get it over with and never have to deal with them again.... Today they decided to change my DR. But again My Miracle Coordinator handled it and got it fixed. I don't see how they think they can change someone's DR without permission or notification. LAst time I checked I paid that money ....

Done Packing... Gonna eat a salad before bed... . Drinking a prune juice drank a cup of smooth move tea...

Preparing myself mentally, physically and emotionally...I been taking vita medica so I am hoping it does what the reviews have been saying....less bruising and less pain!

I'm not taking my BBL pillow...that is just too much and i believe its too long for the airplane imma just roll up a big dry town with rubber bands on it and just hydroplane above the nifty i will work it out!

SO I am looking forward to meeting my new Surgeon...Dr MacAdoo...

looking forward to meeting my SX new friend....

On plane

On plane Miami here I come

2 days po

Ladies what an experience

3 dpo

So today we are up and walking around????gave myself a shower but can't get my compression socks back in. Feeling a lot better today than I been for 2 face had been swollen for 2 days thank God it's finally going down. We had our massages 2 dpo . We are getting more massages Monday and Tuesday . I didnt have a bowel movement yet so I took some mild laxatives. We are both sore my friend and I but helping each other out.

Best thing

Choosing to let a unknown superstar do my sx. It was worth every penny

Do not stay with keyla

Worst experience ever. She was so nice she got money the next two days she did not take care of us we have been taking care of ourselves and her house she left her kids here he left her 2 dogs here she barely fed us yesterday we got a sandwich today ;-) we got a empanada too and I threw them right back up I have been sick and weak my friends in sick and weak the lady massages we pay $60 each but today Keyla decides to take the two Chinese strippers with her to go ride on a boat with her friends. She left my friend and I All day we didn't know anything about it we were stranded at home all day with no help we had to do our own showers we had to get up and walk on our own we had to change all Faja will washing our own close no Kayla and date three kids are still hereand they are fending for themselves as well she asked for my ID two days ago to get my medicineit's a girl three days to get my medicine I had to share with my friend then she still has my ID never returned it I need my ID to get home here it is 10 o'clock and still no Kayla. We pay for a 24 hour nurse we pay for breakfast we pay for massages and we were supposed to find our own food so she said that she's so busy giving girl showers that she don't have time to cook not true not true at all she's a liar she's a thief and she is grimy do not stay with herif you stay with her you would end up being a babysitter for her Two sons and her two dogs because she just gets up and leave and never comes back.

Been sick 2 days

I been sick for two days I been shaking, slurring my words and in pain. But no one here to make sure I'm ok except my friend and she not too many steps ahead of me she not feeling good to. So we are in this struggle together. Worst experience ever I kept texting keyla yesterday told her I was sick she says that's normal I said when are you coming back her reply was what can I do for you? Bitch I said I'm sick she said its normal . So I iust confronted her me and my friend she looking stupid blood shot eyes smell drink we said we don't want to be here we can be in a hotel she says ok fine you want to leave I will give you rather money back. So now we need a cab and a hotel I'm pissed!

4 days dpo

Still at the house of horror we got up and confronted her at 5:30 she rood there blood shot eyes looking stupid talking about she was on a boat. So we telling her I been sick all day she says stupid shit that don't make sense. We got up to pack and I cant I get overwhelmed and dizzy she says lay down. So I got back in bed uncomfortable and fell asleep. So right now we roughing it would out l. We sent her to get subway because we don't trust her to do the right thing. We didn't give her our debit card because she proves untrustworthy. We both out of cash being that we can't move around all our cash was used for massages. My head won't stop hurting I'm stressed the hydrocodone gives me bad headaches and nightmares. I'm homesick miss my husband and kids. I'm leaving in 2 days thank God.


Been to the clinic today got my massage ughhh the pain. Numbness in my fingers head still hurting but I'm malong we were finally taken to the store the 1st time since Thursday. My energy level is 0 i get winded very fast. Tired but sleep is so uncomfortable. Beauty hurts so I'm dealing....

I never

Never have to lie to kick it this nlognis about my own personal experience at my Rh and at vanity! People form their own opinion that's their choice
. I will not take back what I preciously said because it's all true. But I will say this after we had a confrontational pow wow with keyla she got it together and has been attentive as if yesterday. Like I said to her overall I know it overwhelming but you can't just leave two patients right out of surgery to go kick it. Apparently she was ok and we moved forward with our day! So with that being said Karpe diem seize the day because I know I will. I asked keyla just a few moment ago if she want me to leave I will no problem she said no they leave anyways today.

I will say this

I will say this because I am a grown woman I apologize for calling keyla a bitch that is out of character for me it was unfair and I do apologize for saying don't stay with her you are gdown you do what you want. This is just me and my friends experience. I don't take kindly to people who opt into situations that isn't their ow!n! I'm too old for RS beefing.


Got my drain out today feeling more normal as the time goes by. Thankful for this experience and everything I learned from it. So when I open my RH I will be ethical and compassionate to my patients. Thanks to the ladies that supported my journey. Tall know I'm not a ignorant person I never flipped off on my RS account. So with that being said I'm good I will be home with my husband and my beautiful children. Life is good and I am blessed everyday that I wake up! Now if you will excuse me imma continue to be the bad seed lol. Love you sistas ....

I can

I can truly say my experience in Miami was a comedy show for the most part. I had the experience of getting work done by a full class comedian he is very personable and you feel so comfy talking to him about any and everything. I was laughing getting marked up I was laughing at my post op spots. I'm very happy that hasan didn't want to do my lipo and bbl because I was truly blessed by a master of the craft! Vanity was unorganized and most of the women didn't speak good English but I had ok service no complaints! I'm so excited im leaving in a few hours it's not goodbye Miami is cya later because this kupkake Katie has some unfinished business!!!! Smooches divas!


Omg what the heck did this booty sign up for its completely impossible not to kinda sit on your butt!!!!! Calgon take me away..... Really wth am I suppose tondo this hoppy and towel not helping. Ughhhhhhh . Cya Miami it's been real real!

Touch down

Touchdown baby I made it to tennessee. Flying home from Miami was the most comfortable experience in my entire life. If you have an alternative way to get home I would use it but I know there aren't many so ladies I know you have to fly oh my god you have to sit on your butt the entire time sit so many different ways. I even booked first-class on my way home so that I will be more comfortable waste of money so I'm out of extra money and my butt hurts so late you have to walk so far in these airports you don't have any help with these big old bag you get on the plane you squeeze in between two big burly man and then the second flying first class and wasn't any more comfortable than the domestic seatso I people tell you Boppys work now they don't let people tell you Rollertown up on your thighs they don't work either you're going to have to sit on your butt and you're going to be mad. First I got off in North Carolina I had to connect to my next point I got off at a C4 had to walk all the way through e19 which is probably 15 minute walk But since I had no energy it's at me like 40 minutes I was so winded I could pass out. Now I'm waiting on my wonderful husband and he's not here yet I'm tired and cold. Funny story one of the airline stewardess was a gave me him so he decided to announce to the entire plane that it was my birthday in two days and that I came to Miami and bought me a new booty for my birthday he was so funny.cont later....

Bruised but beautiful

Oh panties my have I missed you!

day 7 dpo

been trying to keep busy I am super tired all the time but today i managed to put together some pictures... a mini photo shoot for my sisters!

Question so my Birthday Tomorrow

I'm kinda sad that I cant really do anything! What could I possibly do for my Birthday if I cant sit down!!!???

Happy Birthday to me

I made it to the 40/40 club ladies. Day 8dpo still very uncomfortable restless doing sleeping I wake up quite a few times during the night to go to the bathroom only because I find comfort in getting off my stomach. I am absolutely tired I'm laying on my stomach. My scars are healing fairly way home I'm using maderma, neosporin, arrnice max and triple antibiotic ointment. For my scars and from my bruising majority of my bruises are gone except for the big one on my thigh I have bruises on my butt too. I had to use my butterfly cheer and pillows to level it to my bed in order to rest and watch television and eat. Ladies when I say I am so tired of laying on my stomach and waking up with a headache I can just scream. I finally told my mom about the procedure I knew she would not understand being that she is 63 she said I didn't know black women got plastic surgery. That was the funniest thing ever but I had to explain every nip tuck and every rub she wanted to know what All. So I'm a days 8DPo and I'm feeling rather good. I am no longer Winded. I haven't been outside since I've been home Wednesday. I just find stuff to do around the house. I have been doing a lot of cleaning washing clothes organizing and trying on clothes to see if I can still fit things. So today is my 40th birthday my my mind me getting lipo and the Brazilian butt lift was the best gift that I could have ever given myself. My mom got me edible arrangements but it's up always wanted I was so happy. And my husband got me's new Victoria's Secret underwear and flowers and a heartfelt card I'm very grateful. Too bad I can't go out to dinner because guess who can't see it on her new booty. So he said he had something planned but he had to cancel it because I can't see it now. So he was saving it for aNother day when I'm feeling better. I really wanted a birthday cake but considering I guess I really don't need one so out eat the fruit flowers and be grateful you ladies have a blessed day.



I am 11 days post op

Hey ladies it's been a while I just been laying low and relaxing recuperating and feeling better. I'm no longer swelling I'm sore a lot but if I don't wear my Fajah I don't swell. Now I know everyone is different so please do not do what I do I'm already waist training I didn't waste any time because I just know who I am as a
person. So today was the first day that I did not wear my compression garment all day. But I did wear my sports waist cincher. I feel comfortable I'm at peace I love my results. As far as the Percocet girls I stopped taking Percocet immediately within the first two days it caused me to have terrible nightmares as well is it made me have bad headaches. I actually just got rid of mine gave them away to someone else because I refuse to take that I began taking Tylenol. Tylenol work for me very well especially Tylenol p.m. As of right now I'm only taking my antibiotics as well as my vita medica of vitamins. Today was the first day I actually got out of the house my husband and myself we went to the grocery store and I'm a couponer so I love going to the grocery store. Also I went for a walk I think I walked maybe six or seven blocks initially my butt was a little sore but the further I walk the Looser it got like right now I'm actually sitting on my butt just a little bit. I'm not brave enough to sleep on my back because I know that I just shouldn't do that but although I'm sitting on my butt my Boppy is under me as well as anoter pillow. I'm looking forward to wearing jeans and dresses and heels. But I know I'm not supposed to rush the process so I'm not so just to say this I don't have swelling my stomach is sore and my back my butt aches a little bit no swelling I'm treating one of my scars on my stomach because the ab board gave me burns and made it open???? it's not ugly is just open. I'm no longer getting winded so tomorrow I'm going to walk again. I really want to know how soon I can go and work out I know this is to Son but I miss it. That's all I have for now I'm going to update what if you pictures file you ladies who have not had your surgery yet I'll Bid you good luck and I will be praying for you. Are you ladies made it to the flat side honey I know you feel Fabulous I do


Front picture


Ladies please help me understand something I came on my cycle two days after my surgery I'm still bleeding and I'm like 12 days Post op is this normal because I normally only have a cycle 4 days. I'm worried!!!!

12 dpo

Some items I am thinking about purchasing and updated before and after pictures.

Before and after

Before and after


Why am I still bleeding my period normally last 4 days I came on jam 24th. Why am I still bleeding and its a regular flow where the hell is all the blood coming from.... Im starting to freak out!!!!

Helpful needs

Good evening ladies I ran across this sale going on at Aldi and I know some of you ladies might need this after your surgery and I want to purchase it now so I'm going to take a picture of these things so that you can go and buy them if you need them.

Finally it stopped

I finally stop bleeding today I been in my cycle for like 16 days!!!!! Don't shoot the messenger! I think my husband hates me he won't touch me at all lol.

New garment swollen sugar pot

Hey ladies I know it's been a while and I needed to update you guys on what has been going on with me. To days ago I received a new garmentI will be plugging them because I pay from hundred and seven dollars So I will not be plugging them because I'm not going to pay for this. I like my garment it isextremely tight I can't breeze literally laying to be on my butt I can breathe if I lay on my side I'm constantly burping so that's pretty crazy it's pushing out of the air out of my stomach. Hi handsome lay on my back literally but in the middle section is Mayway day corset Type Kind Waist cincher connected to it. I'm very happy that my garment is very tight because I was building up fluid in my stomach and I was starting to get sad about it. I like the look of my garment because its sexy sheer on the back sheer on the legs its pretty cute. It's so tight seriously funny I'm just laying here trying to make myself comfortable but I know I need to wear to stay for a couple days. I'm going to get a Lumphatic massage
tomorrow thank god because I surely need sides and my back are very sore when I take my Garment off and I gind knots. My stage one garment is so big I need to have a taken in. So anyways I was thinking about around two just to add more to my hips and maybe a tt I really am grateful for what I have so far.I am thankful to God for my results because last month I didn't look like this and I love amazing to me I could never have fathom how I would have looked after such a surgery! I will say this I love my doctor Dr. Mac adoo is an amazing sculptor and sorry again he's very personable he is very cordial he's polite he's hilarious he makes you very comfortable with him I had no fear at all.



Happy Valentine's day sistera here is

Here is a update my loves

Sexy valentines day dress

My sexy dress

Just a few update

Pictures I had wrote a lot and it didn't update so here are just pictures now.

Guess who

Guess who has pound cakes now!!!!!!!

Do you sleep in your faja

Do you sleep I'm your garment??? I'm so tired of wearing this its so uncomfortable!!!! I'm a newlywed o love to go to bed sexy!!! He not going to want some sugar pot of it's covered in a black garment with a whole in the genital area!!!! Lol

Fb Mcadoo page I started original

I started a page to pay homage to my unsung hero Dr Mcadoo let's share our stories, pictures, laughs. He deserves this!!!! He about to blow up so I wanted to help lay the foundation!'n


Whats up with these ab boards...mine dont work anymore....its bendable and it don't work anymore. Im trying to figure out what else i need to do ...My faja strap broke...but imma have to wear my alternative garment.! if you want to join Dr Mcadoo fb page in need your name in my inbox so i can find you and add you to my page

Round 2

Yes ladies I am dreaming of my Round 2 which will include more hips, and Tummy Tuck. I really love my results DR. Mcadoo is a BEAST I love him to death! I can't wait to see him again! Also he wants me to send him pictures every 3 months. He really loves what I look like!!!! SO im sized down in my new garment i had to wear it my original faja I got from Vanity my straps snapped off. IDK im not going to worry about it. Im sleeping better its still uncomfortable wearing this thing all day. But hell I am used to it. I finally put on a pair of jeans...that was a hoot. So i wore a pair of New York and Company dress pants I got before surgery and Im happy to report that they are 2 sizes too big sister girl needed a darn belt that never happened before! DR MCADOO SNATCHED THE HECK OUT OF MY WAIST!!!!!

loving my results

but i dont like the little pudge that formed at the bottom of my tummy.... the lumps hurt when you wear something to tight it leaves impressions. I dont know ladies..but ready to wear some real clothes!

Used used to post a update picture

Here's a update picture

sisters so I am doing a R2

Now I need all of your help! Who does the best SX Tummy TUcks in the States. I dont want a really high scar I want it low and i want my body sculpted to the Gawdz. So let the fun begin!!!!


So I been having labored breathing for like 3 days has anyone else had this issue after having sx???? It feels like I'm under water like pressure!!!!

I'm Pregnant! I guess Mcadoo Did a Amazing JOB

I know you ladies are probably wondering where the heck i been! I been in a state of disbelief. I am pregnant and yesterday marks 3 months. I could be upset and say darn I wasted my money but I do realize I am MARRIED and this baby is a blessing! I just got a R2 to really look forward to! I wasn't gonna reveal that I am pregnant. WHY not MCadoo did such a good job it saved my marriage and rekindled the fire that had burned out! I am happy I am blessed and I am loved!!!!!



Do anyone have McAdoo email

Do anyone have McAdoo email I lost it?

Dr mc adobo fb

Ladies you have to send a request to join my fb group for mc adoo it won't let me Add you by your name! Send request to mc adoo gorgeous dolls

I lost my baby! Sisters keep me in your prayers

I got terrible news yesterday I'm 11 weeks pregnant but been diagnosed with a blithum ovum! So I will slowly recover from my emotional anguish and be praying that God heals my heart! Thanks you! I wonder if I lost my baby because I just had lipo! Idk keep me I your prayers!

Steel boned corset

I'm trying to get my mind right and get back healthy! I'm going to the gym tomorrow!


bbl update

Update let me reiterate

I'm glad I chose to go to Dr. Mcadoo. I do want a R2 and I'm not sure to whom I want to go to!!!!




Hey my lovely lady bugs I know I been gone for a while! But I'm back to update and just share pictures! After about two month I felt like my butt really Was that big! Today I am almost 6 months post op and I have to say I am thoroughly pleased with my butt! It was the best decision I ever made about my life about anything it has boosted my self-esteem it has changed my life but better and he also made my marriage 100% better than it was. I am so grateful for Dr. Macadoo them if I have to make the decision all over again i would with no regrets only blessing.people stop and stare at my butt people ask me a question people wants to know what type of exercises I am doing and when I reveal them that I had a BBL THEY are FLOORED! I'm so happy with my results I am I love looking at myself in the mirror. At first I was disappointed because I thought that I didn't get the results that I want. yes I want to hips I didn't get those but I did get laterals and I love them! Dolls home tonight journey because I now I am planning a round two. You can join my Macadoo Gorgeous dolls Facebook group by sending a friend request to me Phi Davis it is the only way that I can add you to the group thank you ladies!!!!!

r2. Any suggestions

Who does the best TT stateside???? I'm ready to book my R2

So I decided DRA Tania Medina

I found the Dr that will do my R2 I am excited and ready ..... I love my results from my r1 but i can't wait to get my hourglass on 100% i want a Tummy Tuck, more lipo BBL revision and I will be completely DONE!!!!

see thats why i should make up my mind

what happens is you make up your mind then you see someone elses work and you want them. i like Medina, Disla, and always Almonte...whats a girl to do i want hips, tt, and more butt huge but why not....

Moving to Miami!!!

Sooooo happy the decision has finally been made! I'm moving to Miami and opening a recovery House! Dolls would you rather stay with a vet or someone who has no idea what you are feeling mentally, physically and or emotionally! I been there! I had such an terrible experience in Miami at the recovery house I stayed at I decided to be the voice of reason, a patient advocate, as well as a nurturer(a buddy) I will be the support system that you need! If you are traveling to MIAMI I am the one to pick you up from airport, provide you a clean, Christian home environement. You will have fresh cooked meals and dessert ( I have a baking business) but let's be realistic I love helping and providing for those who just need some help! A hug, a meal, a ride, some prayer and some love! Inbox me for more information! I also offer a buddy service to DR, you need a helpful, caring person to help provide for you over seas! I'm here for your peace of mind and comfort of knowing you have someone by your side praying you all the way through it!

Kingdom Living Recovey House - providing services as a traveling concierge, a surgery companion as well as a care provider in my home!

Be blessed!!!!


No complaints about DRMCADOO can't join the band wagon of complainers because he did a fabulous job on my butt! And I'm grateful!!!!

The Fluff Gawdz have been Good to Me!

8mpo..... Excuse my room I'm packing to move

Kingdom Living Recovery House Opening Soon florida area

Book your date! if you prefer to stay at the hotel of your choice. I will be happy to extend my services to you there. We can help you to obtain the package that works best for you. Servicing clients in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke pines area as well as Hollywood send all inquiries to

Decided to Relocate somewhere more family orientated

I will still over Buddy services. You can email me @paragon
lifestyle ventures at Gmail. For more info, package prices and bookings.

Servicing all 50 states.....

Envy Body care services

Explicit - Click to view

Envy Body Care services


HIIIIIIII dolls I know it has been a really long time since I last really updated with a blog. Sooooo Almost a year post op from my SX. I am completely happy with my decision to have the BBL, and the LIPO now I do regret the Chin LIPO because my chin still looks the same so I basically threw away 300 dollars on that surgery. I looked at my old pictures and I see that I had bruising on my thighs where I requested to have hips. I do have to say this DR. MCADOO DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY HIPS AT ALL. I don't know why i had such bad bruising. I will post a picture. As for me the LIPO had some good points and some bad points. I didn't have a completely flat body because I have stretched marks. but for the most part my body is almost where i want it to be. I am a work in progress. So here is what i did to get a flatter tummy. YES i did waist train but not like others probably did. I took my time and I did it cautiously. I don't do crazy exercising anymore WHAT I DID FOR ME WASN'T EASY AND WASN'T TO HARD. I STOPPED EATING MEAT. i didnt stop eating fish or seafood. but since August 2015 I have not eaten meat. I didnt see crazy results immediately. I didnt' see results for months. I did it because I wanted to be as healthy as i could be for me to live a better quality of life. I will post pictures to show you the difference. The last time i measured my butt it was 47 inches around. I have not measured my waist in a long time i think i will do that now. just so i can give you accurate measurements. I wish all the new dolls the best of luck with your future SX. (smooches)

Hey dolls

I know it has been a million years! I just wanted to say Hapoy New Years 2017 let this year be the best years of your life!!!! I'm still very grateful for the work that Dr. McAdoo had done for my life and my self esteem!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

My unsung Hero...I love this doctor to the max. When he says he going to do something he does. I showed him my wish pictures and he gave me better. I am so satisfied I can't stop looking at myself!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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