Mommy Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

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Looking to get a tummy tuck full body Lipo and...

Looking to get a tummy tuck full body Lipo and possible shaping and lifting of my droopy booty!!! I have been looking to do this for three plus years and I'm finally ready . At first I was going to Columbia then to Dra Robles and now I'm content with Dra Duran it's difficult at first to reach her but since I am scheduled it's been a lot easier.

Before pics

Hemo is 12.2 need to get it up

Wish pics

Sorry to whoever pics these are but I absolutely love their bodies!!!!

Surgery date June 13

Staying at Highclass Recovery nervous because I'm traveling alone wish I had a surgery buddy!!!

Before pics

I'm willing to finally show myself online please don't throw up in your mouth

Nervous family memebers

How is everyone dealing with their nervous family members. It's driving me up a wall. I feel like they are adding stress and nervous feelings to my mind about going through with the surgery!! Plus I'm traveling by myself.

Please help !!!! Medical papers from work

Today I got my medical papers from work so that I can take short term disability while I recover. Anyone that had surgery know how to complete the forms or can help with the forms?


How many of you ladies follow Duran on snapchat ? I can't wait for her to snatch my waist and Lipo my thighs n shape my booty

Supply list

How much money did you ladies spend on supplies? I'm seeing so many supply list I just need the basics I hate clutter and don't want a heavy bag!! Can anyone send me their supply list of possible please

Recovery House

Did you ladies recovery house provide an overnight nurse in the hospital for you? Thinking I may need one or should I bring my cousin for help and support?

Getting close to crunch time

I brought some stuff to boast my iron just in case especially since my period started Monday smfh

Plane ride

Airport flow was a little bumpy bc I flew standby so I couldn't get on the first flight and my cousin who is accompanying me during surgery had to get on the flight after mines. However the driver Manuel is amazing he was here waiting with a sign. He communicated with me from early in the AM the owner of the recovery house Wendy also communicated with me. Just outstanding so far. Manuel speaks English and was very helpful and reassuring since I'm a pussycat about everything lol... Bring lots of OFF just in case soon as I landed I sprayed myself down lol...NO Mosquitos please stay away... The girls that had surgery in the house were really helpful some were in pain more then others. They said lots of girls were turned away due to their hemo not being high enough. I'm going in for pre op testing this morning at 5:30am. The recovery home is nice nothing spectacular but I arrived in the night so wasn't able to check out the property they have a pool, AC, it's very clean and the nurse on staff is great she checks on all the girls constantly. She gets you all packed up for the hospital as well. She feeds you and make sure you have your meds ur clean and that you get everything you need.

Back home and one hell of a journey

Okay so my drains were removed day 9 and day ten I flew home. Second stage faja kills you fyi ladies... So my thoughts on the day of surgery are: Duran marks you up you tell her what you want she will try her best to give you that but clearly she going to just improve your figure as much as she can...they make you run test and this is costly so just bring $400 for pre surgery tests. She doesn't start surgeries until after 11modt times. Her office is packed so prepare to wait. The assistants are getting calls and helping you do paperwork for the first few hours. They send you upstairs and you get ready happens pretty quickly take blue pill and then your off. I woke up in surgery called Duran she came over with her tiny self and said how can I help you go back to sleep I'm finish. Lol Anyway first night at Cipla you need a nurse period(that speaks Spanish) woke up but pain meds issued but your uncomfy...did have a blood transfusion went fine. Released to a recovery house. Make sure your recovery house has medical beds and a hanicapp functional bathroom. My recovery house nurses n chef n cleaners were great the owner overbooked at one point and had a little situation but it was sorted out. First five days for me were hell on earth but much better after that. The massages are a priority inorder for you to feel some what normal. Ask any questions you want.


I'm super swollen still and have to get 20 massages, one each day min. since getting back home I have had major fluid build up., Out this world. $70min for each massage so prepare ladies. Just want my body to go back to normal. Been majorly depressed.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far it was extremely difficult choosing a doctor but I have decided to go with Duran. I like her work a lot.

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