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I waited over 6 weeks to get my response for a...

I waited over 6 weeks to get my response for a quote, (which was well worth the wait ) since it's a busy season in DR , which I wasn't aware, Also because Dr. FG likes to personally review every email & photo received requesting quotes himself .. all I can say is this doctor is very detailed oriented & meticulous with his quotes and very honest and professional . Add to the mix the fact that he is fluent in English & very Handsome ! ( bonus) I want to mention: He pick up on a key medical element , Just by looking at my picture that three other Drs , had missed or didn't care when I had requested my quotes from them to do a tummy Tuck, Full Lipo, with a BBL.. He got into detail on that medical aspect he saw via my photo , we talked about Visceral Fat . You probably wondering what it is , so was I ,he explained it to me in such a way and was so nice about how women are under the impression that they needto gains all this weight to get a bbl , well guess what ? Not all fat is good fat . Let's just leave it at that.. Instead I was told I need to lose a few pound to achieve better results for both my bbl & tummy tuck which I respected his opinion & honesty..

Waiting for a response !

I emailed my doctor to see if I should continue my daily medication regimen that my PCP & Neurologist have take everyday, but I haven't gotten a response, not like him , concern if these meds I take daily will interfere with my surgery or can cause any complications. Well I made appointment see my PCP tomorrow to stress my concern and ask him & I see my Neurologist on May 2 couple days before I fly out.. Hopefully I will hear from Dr. FG before then..

Finally spoke to my PS!

Well my PS sent me a message late last night via Whatapp , we spoke this morning, regarding my medication regimen all I need is medical clearance from my neurologist and I should be go to go.. Yay! Saw my PCP today got my medical clearance from him as well as my pain meds..

Getting my medical clearance from my doctors !!

My PCP has cleared me for surgery in DR, all is well Hemo is 13.7, just waiting on my neurologist to clear me. Which I see no problem .. Migraines have been under control , no recent episodes ..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I highly would recommend my doctor true professional, very caring and most of all his main concern is patient care and making sure his patients are well and satisfied. Loving and very attentive to his patients needs , also is very easy to reach and is a great humanitarian as well..

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