Mom of 4 Boys Tryna Get my Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey I'm 28 mother of 4 boys after my last child my...

Hey I'm 28 mother of 4 boys after my last child my stomach was never back to how it was before . I really need a tummy tuck I always had ass but now I want more lol so I'm looking forward of doing a bbl also .. I did some research so far I'm loving dr duran and yily. I'm planning to go next year to get my dream body :)

This me just need to put my ass bigger lol

Need to lift my ass and put it bigger

All me

Can't wait to be a Duran doll

So I wasent sure if I should go with dr duran after i read some bad reviews but I guess I changed my mind I'm just Gona go based on what my heart and mind tells me . So yea dr duran finally gave me a quote just have to loose 15 pounds before my surgery can't wait for next year I'm planing to go in April it depends on my work schedule !! Who else is planing to go in April ?!


Hey haves any one of ya dolls done bbl tt, laterals , hips with dr duran just want to know how did ya lady's slept ? Please I need to know would be very helpful and thanks

Looking for Good recovery house

Still debating which recovery house to stay I'm looking in to real recovery armonia , paradise , kindness Idk which one is better ?


Lady's I need your help does any one of us dolls know if dr duran is board certified ???? Please I'm planning on going in April

im 28 years old Mom of 4 boys can't wait to have my body back

So I finally have my surgery date april 6 2015 can't wait . I want to go to armonia recovery house but im not sure yet .. I'm looking for a buddy that's going at that time ...

looking.for a surgery buddy and a good recovery house i been researching dont know which one to pick

so i change my sugery day today i spoked with fania duran assistance and she changed my day for may 12 im siper excited and nervous . now just need to.decide on a good recovery house and get my plane tickets. im also looking for a surgery buddy im leaving the 10 since duran assistant told me i have to be there the 11 for the test ect .so if anyone going that day please hmu

help ladys any one of ya dolls went to kidness rh

so im still debating on.a recovery house i email kidness rh and im.confused im stayimg the 11 and leaving the 22 is 850 but what i dont undestand how much is the deposit or i have to pay the whole amount ..

did a lil shopping

a few supplies i just bought . arnica gel, nesporin,stool softner,vagisil,hibiclens and a few tank.tops . still not done with supplies i have a alot left to purchased .




feeling excited

2 more weeks ima be a duran doll cant wait ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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