Mochaswirl Waitn the Yily Doll Effect! TT/LIPO/BBL. Dominican Republic, DO

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Okay so i had my hernia surgery as Dr. Gabay...

Okay so i had my hernia surgery as Dr. Gabay suggested. Iam now leaning towards traveling aboard for that body to get twisted by the Dr. Yily.! Yes I love her waist and butts. I sad cause im getting grief from frm family and couple of friends but some are understanding..i want this for me. Tummy tuck lipo and Bbl ...I feel like i always had a puggy stomach even when i was smaller..i always had boobs and butt though . ANY WAY IM waitn on my quote i sent Dr. YILY some pics and medical history. I hoping to have my surgery mid august. My sister said sje is planning to go. I hope she does she very level headed even tho im the oldest lol. I keep you posted!

deposit sent

Scheduled my date for nervous scared and excited. I need this for me though. Im tired of people askin if im son 6 and its like i cant get rid of this waitn on Dr. Yily amd office to confirm they received deposit..i keep u posted

Awaiting feednack

Ok so since I last posted I have been doing more research on the my procedure and what to bring and etc. I emailed Dr. YILY regarding the meds I currently take amd the Birth Control device Implanom that I have in my arm. Im wonderinv how soon should I stop taking them..and if the BC device will interfere with surgery..i had my hernia surgery with it in..not sure if it will be a problem since it is a longer procedure.

Things on my Agenda for next 2weeks..

Get a passport,
Travel med insurance (
Book my flight..but waitn on sis so we can book same time

Yily August BUDDY??

So my sister may not be able to take all the time off from work that is requirred for my DR date is AUG 20th...anyone going that day? Just incase cause im too scared to be alone

Pre op pics

So I decided i take some pics beforey procedure and here you can see why Ian desperate to get the bodyody right

Wish pics

Getting close omg

Birth certificate came finally..I hear you need original in order to apply for a passport5..also fyi ladies

If your passport is due to expire within 60 days of your trips departure it is considered invalid...


Hello. .for whomever breezes past
My blog.. I am getting closer to my date..and excited and scared a little..but I know God didn't bring me this far to leave . I have been praying and I have faith things will be okay.

Passport. .$136 - needed original birth certificate and photo. Got that at Walgreen for $12. So just waiting for that.
Wipes, doggie pads as chux..Vitamin E oil for scar healin (recommended by the pharmacist) travel toothpaste ,maxi pads 48 heavy flow, make up remover, bleach wipes (I'm a Lil OCD) stool softener, Tylenol PM. *ALL FROM YOUR LOCAL WALMART.
I ORDERED: TRAVEL BELTS TO HIDE MONEY from MAXI DRESSES OFF ALIEXPRESS.COM and flip flops from Arnica gel from as well. Oh aND a book to read on plane.
Hemo= 11.7 now so...I'm working on that.
Meds: Feosol (slow release iron) which aides in preventing constipation. I'm taking twice a day..with Vitamin C which aides in absorption. MY A1C was high and iam not diabetic so I'm cutting sweets and carbs and adding protein whole grain..lean meats and Veggies. .I take B complex daily as well. I need more Water..but I'm working on it. I'm a coffeholic so I'm trying to decrease my intake or change up cream for skim. Always take Splenda anyway..
I will post a pic in a few days..keep u posted lovelies...God bless.

Pre op pics

Preop picx2

Dr. Yily..status Update /lipo

Okay so I did purchase my tickets for me and the sister..$711 per person and we purchased flight protection as well. I booked flight through Expedia and sent Dr.Yily office an email with the itinerary. I have not heard back ..but hopefully someone will email me. Iam nervous that Dr. Yily has not emailed a response to my questions about what will happen with mesh and stuff I had inserted month's ago for hernia repair. Trying to be patient..but come Monday..I'm going to be calling. ..the assistant is bilingual that's answers the phone. .she said she will get to it when she gets a chance. SO we'll see. Otherwise..waiting on passport. 

I forgot to mention.
I ordered Lipofoam from that came today..quick since I just ordered it 2days ago. Well I also have cough drops cause I hear u get sore throat after surgery. .
So I'm still taking my Iron daily..need to remember to take it 2x a day. I'm cooking more foods and buying less..I actually can't believe it's all happening. Im working hard so hope it pays off.


so iam less than a month away from my procedure..any one wants to give me advice on traveling to D??, what I must have?? what should i be carefull of? do i need a stage 2 faja before i go really, or should i buy down there? I read alot of things and been researching for a long time..but maybe there is somethings I still need to know. I have messaged a few RS sistas and Iam greatfull for their responses. I guess im getting nervous..and excited and again nervous.I have a son and all i think bout is him so ladies if you read this..pray for me as i will for you. I am holding on to my faith but im still a little scared honestly. I hope my trip, procedure and recovery all goes well. I will keep you posted.

Expectations and wishful thinking

OK..I'm not gonna lie. In the back of my head hoping this procedure brings me out a bomb ass bitch. I ALREADY know that Iam a Smart, kind, easy to talk to , hard worker cutie pie..but I have issues with the way I have let myself in turn my confidence has been shot..along with people saying things has also put a cherry on top of that pie. I do hope and pray god will bless Dr yily to use her skills to sculptire not only this body but brain..because when we look good..we feel good. It's a few guys I had my eyes on but yeah ..I think cause of my physical appearance they stood still...yea I'm cool on it tho. I just hope charma bites them in the butt though. .I do intend to work out once iam able to after my procedure I have an idea on what to eat already i jus have to stick to it. Anyway. .thinks for letting me vent..

Yily doll quest *

Okay's getting really real. Passport my suitcase from my grandma like its going down..omg I'm excited and scared. Like I still don't know what is going to happen once I get off the plane like will some one be there to pick us up or do I go straight to clinic to make payment like wtf!!! I a little worry wart at times but I need someone to get at me via email or phone ASAP..I can't deal smh..any way my sister having passport issues but god is good all the time so we gon try to get it expedited. It's 8 days or less for arrival and a extra $110
.NO REFUND on first payment Smh...the site is and for other states I would look under us government website for travel and go from there. Meanwhile Iam workin. Ttyl realself*

Yily doll quest update

So arguing has been happening alot lately. My sister Is struggling with the whole plane idea. .and my son's father just been made aware since iam getting closer to my date aND he is not pleased or supportive at all. He says I shouldn't have to have surgery just eat right and work out. Also not pleased with the Dominican Republic being my choice to get it done at...I been having head aches all evening and I understand that alot is at stake..but I'm I'm a firm believer in the lord. Amd he has been with me when I needed him..I know all things are possible through christ. Iam going to continue to pray aND anyone reading this please pray for me as I will for you

Pre surgery /post vitamins

So I just received my pre aND post surgery vitamins from the vitamedica is the brand and is said to be optimal in healing process. Cost was $64 /free shipping

Yily is the word on da Street bae

Lol so it's crunch time..I need a boppy pillow though can't believe I didn't get it yet..every thing else is set..I thinking I need some lounge wear cause 9 days a long time not to be home if I get soiled or whatever I need to change ASAP LOL. Keeping good thoughts and praying daily the lord is my Sheppard and I know I will be fine. .amen..ladies it's about you no one else. So once we feel in check. .everything else follows.. I been thinking about how the pain is going to be but hey I pushed a baby out I can do anything in gods name..just watching the clock. .pray for me

It's happening..

Ok so I believe I said my sister was having passport troubles..but not anymore WE OUTCHEA!!! I finally got my confirmation email I been stressed overy DON is worried and aware buy god has too much in store for me. I'm good
I still need two or three things but all else is good.. staying positive

Santo domingo one more day

Okay I'm not gon lie..I'm scared as hell. Its really happenimg I'm almost having cold feet or jitters i guess since I'm leaving in a day ..some of of family know some don't I guess it's I being selfish?? What if something happens and I didn't let them all know I'm going?? It's really a mental mind boggle right now stuff I wasn't pondering I'm pondering. What's the legal system like over there?? I gotta find out. I hate to think like that but mama didn't give birth to no dummy
. .I'm praying daily ..out of no where just praying lord..please. .give me strength. Pray for me I will for u


Day 1 .. (Las America's airport )
Jose picked me and my sis up and Another lovely ladie whom came from Cali..then we went straight to Cipla for testing and labs etc..
I saw Dra Mendes the Cardiovascular Doctor who is also a BAD Bi$H..may I add. she did EEG EKG etc.. she said I will need to see Pulmonary Dr. since I was a smoker I just stop 2 month's ago. any way he came asap Nice well knowledgeable and straight to point. I didn't do well on he put me on prednisone and budesonide ..I retest and scheduled for Friday now.
Day 2 ( Sambil and Bodega )
did some souvenir shopping and fyi transportation with recovery house to outside places is a fee. But to Appointment places farmacia and etc. there is not.
(picking up the language )
DAY 3 ; DID DO WELL ON EXAM..but Pulmonary doc wants me to continue meds and breathing treatments over weekend and see him Monday before surgery. I'm glad he is taking precautions . I saw Dra Yily this day..she is a real life BARBIE..#BadBi$H. Soon as she walked in..she said hello and gave me hug and kiss asked so what's going ..I told her .which I'm sure she knows anyway. .but told me it's for the best and see you soon.
- recovery home is beautiful and in nice area..up to date big..I..been loving the ladies one is strict and speaks good English but overall lovely. Dr. Santana stays all the day and nite it seems. probably like the House doctor here. I'm just praying I get surgery and do well in recovery process. It's alot of emotions whirling around. Oh I met someone from here of course shout out to "E"! . she is snatched and stacked the yily way lol I just hope and pray all goes well. Anyway it's few of us here and it's a beautiful experience to have people to relate to. I went out today for dresses since mine from were TOO SMALL. SO ORDER 2XLARGE..ANYWAY. .it's hot or Caliente on this porch I update in few more days..ttyl rs.

To god be the glory !! made it

Made it to the #flat on Monday went we'll. Dr yily was so attentive and on point.. she re did my hernia saying " this is still here, they didn't do good job " same shit I was thinking lol I love her. She came in marked me up and said " I won't give tiny waist cause of your breathing issues I won't do it but u will look nice." I said I understand and told her she so pretty cause she is e everything I see her. .like that's a BAD bish for you lol. She says oh your pretty and kissed my forehead. I don't remember hernia repair part I did wake up while she was doing my lipo I think I was scared amd said I can't breathe. .but the anesthesia doc said breathe thru your mouth . Yily said are you okay , I said yes are almost done she said yes dear of course. I feel asleep after that and woke up in room. Cipla was okay. .it's best to hire a nurse cause my sister was there and tired and not on mood ..and because she was there ..the staff felt like I was ok. That nite was terrible cause I couldnt move all night since I just had surgery and I was going nuts!. Tuesday morning Dr yily came amd told me my instructions amd said to make sure I follow them to a T. She scheduled my follow up visits amd told me transport on way. I will br staying linger since my surgery was pushed back. .it's 75 per day but worth it cause I love all these ladies I mean they god sent. i gon post more when I can I'm still having alot of pain. ttyl dolls.

Yily bae 2wks post

So I'm weeks post op, I came home one 30th and went straight to local hospital where I wad admitted with small abdominal infection . My hemo dropped to 7.2 so I was given blood transfusion. I was on IV antibiotics and sent home on 3rd day I was instructed not to wear any garment for a week and that it shouldn't interfere with my results.  I currently take Cipro amd augmentin daily, same as down in D.R., Colace amd Sennakot,  post op vitamedica vitmains, Iron twice a day, a probiotic, Percocet every 4hours and tylenol,  Benadryl for the itch like every 4-6hours,but please follow your doctors instructions I'm not a doctor. I drink pineapple juice and eat pineapples daily since it aides in decreasing inflammation and brusing. I wear compression socks 24/7, I'm  very swollen. I will add my 2wk post op pics Feel free,to ask anything. .fyi Please mentally and financially PREPARE! I did invest in a ST disability coverage plan which is great since I can't go back to work for 3weeks. If you're single, please have someone check on or hire a CNA,  cause with Tummytuck and BBL im aching all the time. I sleep on couch, I use a inflated pillow which was $10 from CVS,  and it helps !!! I have good days amd bad days since I'm so used to being independent and now I need help. but Pray,  Pray Pray cause God is good...! I keep u posted ladies and gents

2wk pics


Do minivan rep. trip pics

3months post #YILY DOLL

loving my new body yall!!!! I get comment s daily.. I love yily aND I don't regret shit !! I havery pain now and again from process but I take daily pain meds..I haven't been to gym yet due to work schedule. I have been working on cutting back eating badly but it's still a process. I will post pics..aND continue to update love ya rs
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