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So I am new to real self, I've decide to start...

So I am new to real self, I've decide to start writing because i am only 3 months away from getting my procedure down: however I've been looking at different profiles since last year and find this site very helpful. I think its really good that woman can come together and empower one another to feel good about a life changing decision. as the days pass by Im becoming more nervous. But I cant wait till my time comes to go to DR and just feel so much better about myself. after I had my 4 year old daughter my body has not come back to normal. I will be having surgery with Dra. Fatima Almonte and I must say her work is incredibly amazing. I've seen her work in person and a friend of mine got work the a few years back and looks amazing and natural. i was referred to her by my friend. Also her assistant is awesome very professional and attentive to all my questions and concerns and speaks perfect english. The patient care I received over the phone and through email makes me feel so comfortable about the doctor I've chosen. Hopefully me writing here from time to time will make these 3 months go back extremely FAST. I also hope my income tax will come in a timely manner since that is half of the money im going with. GOD willing everything goes as planned for me !!!

date has changed

So due to this government shutting down for 2 weeks taxes are also being pushed back about the same time. I love to plan everything precisely so I did some research and tax season would start anytime from Jan 28-feb 4 which also means I'll be pushing my date back so instead of it being 3 months away it'll be 4 months now. but once the holidays pass by the days fly by as long as I get my procedures done and I am healthy and everything is good I don't mind waiting ohhhhh and as long as I have killa body for SUMMER 2014 LOL


GOD willing everything turns out ok for me, I have faith in GOD everything will work just fine.


So Im extremely nervous, extremely, extremely, nervous!! I know my surgery is all the way in MARCH 2014, but the days are flying by. In just 3 weeks we will be in DECEMBER which means I will ONLY be 3 months away from surgery. Tomorrow I will be purchasing my flight which is why I am so nervous!!! so nervous extremely nervous!!! I've been wanting this for 2 long years and I am going to go for it. I have faith in GOD that everything will be ok. In December I am slowly going to start buying everything I will be needing to take to DR. From December to February I should have everything I need. Luggages clothes EVERYTHING! Praying to GOD everything goes as plan for myself.


So I just bought my plane ticket this morning. I am ECSTATIC!! omg I can not wait till March 2014. I can not wait to have my new body!!! I pray to GOD everyday say he can stick with me through this life changing journey. GOD ID GOOD!!




Sorry I keep misspelling words that's how nervous I am! lol

Time needs to pass by fast!!!

Im counting the days down till my life changing journey. In to weeks we'll be in December which means I'll be 3 months away from surgery yaaaaayyyy!!! for now Im 3 months and 3 weeks away to be exact. Im trying not to think about it and live day by day, but this is something I've been wanting for 2 years. Im so HAPPY. Can't wait for MARCH 2014.

time is near!!!

Finally just three more months, and Its my turn. i pray to GOD day and night everything goes as plan for me.


So i just realized i was logged on to two diff accounts. when i first started i wasn't to familiar with the site so i made two profiles. i just realized that im logged on to this one on my lap top and the one i do not use on my phone. the account im going to keep using is AMONTEDOLLL2014 the account i have already written everything in. Sorry if any one was confused lol

Me a dado cuente que estaba escribiendo de dos paginas differente. cuando primero comense con real self no tenia la menor idea de como usar el sistema y ise dos cuentas differente. en mi computadora estoy con este nombre y en mi cellular con el que no uso. el nombre con que voy a seguir escribiendo es AMONTEDOLLL2014, con la pagina que ya escribodo todo. perdon por el error.


Yes! I am counting down! Just 79 more days to go, to finally go get what I've been wanting for two years. I pray day and night that GOD is by side and remains by my side through this process. Lately I've been feeling so down. I don't like to go out or do anything or be around any one I have a very bad complex and it's getting worst. I just want to feel good about myself for once. I look great with clothes, but hate how I look with out them. I'm 170 now, I'm trying to lose 20lbs before the surgery. So in January I will be starting the gym. I'll only be focusing on losing weight. I will be posting pictures soon !!!!


So my cousin knows I've been planning on doing these procedures and she also knows that im going for sure b/c she kept asking me if im going and when im going and blah blah blah. I stopped mentioning it to her and don't talk about it with her b/c she is so NEGATIVE!!! Always saying I dont need it and people catch infections and this and that. Today she texts me saying she saw something on the news. I love her with all my heart but I just hate talking about this with her and kind of regret telling her b/c she puts fear in my heart. I told my mom and my mom is supporting me 100% and so is my boyfriend I had to talk him into it but i have them by my side and GOD!!! I pray to GOD each and everyday to please stay by my side b/c I have a 4 year old daughter to come back too but I also hate my physical
appearance when it comes to my body. I hate going out and being around other people because i am not confident. i am going to go and w.e happens happens..

Nervos, Anxious, Scared! Feeling so many diff emotions

So 2014 is only 7 days away!!! Once 2014 hits things are going to get real. I'll be 2 months away from surgery. And I'm becoming scared b/c of all the negative things people say about getting PS done in DR. I know and seen so many girls get their surgery done with no complications. I pray and ask GOD to please be with me. I want this so bad and I've been saving and sacrificing a lot,working so many hours just to get my surgery done!! I really want this!!!!


So today I bought my luggage omg I cant believe it, I was so nervous by just buying it. I also bought a few things like the grandmas panties I would need lol I also bought thank tops and a few dresses I found a dress for $4!!! who beats that!! I also bought 2 pairs of flip flops!! OMG!!! Its getting so close! almost 2 months away! I pray to GOD that everything turns out good for me!! I am staying positive and cant wait to see my new BODY!!!


So I wish I can wake up and tmrw is my surgery date. Im only 2 months away but my patience is running thin!! lol ughhh I just want to be able to feel comfortable with myself and for my confidence to be at an all time high. January 6 I will begin the gym and try to lose about 10-15lbs I'm 170 but I look like im 160. I dont want to look to skinny neither since I like the thick look. I will also continue to buy everything I need, by February I want to have everything I need. I dont want to do any last minute shopping. I want to prepare myself before time, so everything can run smoothly. MARCH WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!


So I'm so ecstatic just two more months and it will be my turn. I can not wait!!! I just cant wait to be feeling good. I spoke to Lesley and she gave me the list of meds I will be needing after surgery so I can get them here. Also she told me to start taking Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Iron now to prepare for surgery. This is bitter sweet I'm so scared but its what I really want. 66 more days!!!! :)


OMG so I have no patience and the days aren't going as fast as they should be. I just want to wake up and have to go to the airport!! I really want this so bad and just want the days to go by a little faster. Also I hope everything goes well with my income tax since thats the money I'll be using for the surgey. Only 64 more days to go!! If some has a list of things to take to their trip please let me know thanks.

Don't want to show my face yet lol

So as you can see my stomach is kinda of big, I have a jacket in so my back chichos can't really be noticed and my but needs some shaping and lifting :)

List of things that should be taken for surgery.

So I've decide to make a list of things that i believe will be helpful for the women with upcoming surgery.

-Tank tops
-Feminine wipes
-Anti Embolism stockings
-All pre op medicine (best to get them with insurance to save money)
-Antibacterial soap
-Lose dresses, pants, and shorts
-Lose panties
-Sport bras
-Pain medication
-Pain cream
-Arnica cream for bruising
-Medical Tape
-Mederma cream
-Few Towels and wash clothes
-Baby wipes
-Rubber gloves (to prevent any infections)
-Spirometer (to exercise lungs during down time)

I hate my stomach!!!

I can not wait till this gut is cut off!!! I want to lose 20lbs before surgery. I already signed up for the gym.

54 days left

So I'm so anxious! only 54 more days left, before you know it I will be getting my surgery done. I can't wait! I'm also in need of a nice vacation. I will try to enjoy the little I can whether it's at the beach just sitting down. But I want to get away. I need to buy a few more things I need to go. So far i have gauze, medical tape, dresses, sandals, tank tops, my
Big panties and a spirometer to exercise my lungs during my down time. God willing everything will go smoothly. I have faith in him.

53 days!!

Lol I guess the closer the day is getting the more I feel I need write. So far I have everything I need, today I purchased a few more items such as: Arnica gel, Baccitracin, antibacterial soap, tooth paste, feminine wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, vitamin b12, and a few other things I can't remember. To prevent any infections it would be best to stay well hygiene. The antibacterial hand wipes are perfect to wipe hands before touching your body. Hand sanitizer would work as wel; however it dries the hands to much. Gloves should be worn at ALL TIMES, before touching any wound area on the body. Best way to prevent infection since they're sterile. Also since I won't be able to bathe for a few days I am going to see if I find body wipes, I have yet to find them. If I don't find them baby wipes will do. I'm just pretty much missing more clothes and underwear. Can't wait till it's my turn to go!!!


So I started the gym today, I was there for an hr. I did 30 mins on the treadmill and 30 on the stair master. I must say the stair master is no joke!! I was sweating like crazy, just what I wanted. As I start going more often, I will increase my duration time to work out more and burn more calories. The minimum of weight I would like to lose is 10-15lbs. If I could lose 20lbs that would be ideal for me. So I can look just how I want. Good luck to all!!


So I just got my w-2 in the mail lmaooo!! Now all I have to do is wait till I'm able to file my taxes which is Jan 31, wait for my return and flyyyyy away. I am so ready!!! I've been planning this for two years!!

48 more days!!

Yesssss I keep posting! I'm so anxious, nervous everything I can not wait for these weeks to pass by I just want to go and come to my family lol. I've been preparing myself since November so right now I'm pretty much good I have all the important things. I just have to wait for the stores to put more summer clothes so I can buy more summer clothes.

Oracion Para Una Operacion

En contre eat a oracion en google. Para nuestra operacion nos debemos afrerar en dios y pidirle al gran poder que todos nos salga bien a todas que estamas en real self.

Padre mío,
Tú eres mi refugio. Tú sólo.
Clamo a ti, Señor, para que me traigas salvo a través de esta operación y me des curación y ayuda.
Guía la mano del cirujano, para que la operación tenga éxito. Te doy gracias, porque sé que los doctores son tus instrumentos y ayudantes. Nada puede sucederme, excepto que Tú, Padre mío, en Tu Amor, lo hayas decidido para mí.
Así que tómame en tus brazos ahora, durante las próximas horas y los próximos días. Puedo confiar en Ti; puedo reposar en Ti, completamente, aun en los momentos que estaré inconsciente. Hazme proceder en toda esta operación de tal manera que no traiga deshonor en Tu nombre. Si por Tu gracia me despierto después de la operación, que mi primer pensamiento y mis primeras palabras sean para darte gracias.
Yo entrego todo mi ser y mi vida a Ti en esta operación. Que toda mi vida venga a tu luz. No quiero ir a esta operación sin confesar todos mis pecados a Ti, y en cuanto sea necesario a otros también. Quiero recibir Tu perdón.
Mi Señor Jesús, espero todo lo que va a sucederme con el conocimiento consolador de que soy tuyo y que Tú eres mío. Nada puede separarme de tu amor, en vida o en muerte. Amén

38 more days!!!

So I only have 38 more days to go!! Time is deff flying by, but I wish it would go by even faster lol march needs to hurry up and come, so i can already go and have my procedures done. Ughhh I dont even sleep night waiting for the day to arrive I really want to this. For now I'll need to have as much patience as possible and weight for my turn :)

29 more days :O

So I can not believe the days are getting closer, I am very happy and optimistic that everything will turn out to be just fine. Of course I am feeling a little nervous here and there every time I think about it, but I just can not wait till I get my surgery, I've been wanting this for so long and I am finally going to through with it. Now the days feel like they are flying by, I just need to purchase a few more items I am missing and I'll be all set.

7 more days!!!!

So I'm 7 days away and I have everything I need. Only important thing I'm missing is my compression stockings that I really want because this will help prevent DVT. They're just so expensive, but I don't mind because it's for my health. I have so much things. I have my big luggage and 2 carry ons. I'm staying in my aunts house so I just want to make sure I have everything I need and bother her the least I can. I have everything I wrote on my list above. What helped me get everything was writing everything on a sheer if paper and checking it off once I purchased the items. I even bought pampers lol I'm not sure if I'm going to use them but I have them. I also bought a urinal from GO GIRL that is used to pee standing up. I tried it and it really works!!! Lol good luck to all the real self ladies !!


So I'll be leaving in 5 days!!! But I'm extremely worried b/c I think I might be pregnant. I just want to cry I'm so stressed right now. And it's to early to find out, when I get to DR that's when it'll be enough time to test. I pray to GOD I am not. I'm not ready for another kid and I have spent so much money already and I've been wanting to go for 2 years and planning my trip since June 2013. I'll be devastated if I get there and I can't do my surgery. Ughh always use protection people :(

Finallyyyyyy it feels so unreal!!!!!!!

So I can't believe I really went through with this omg yesssssss no more being fat. DR. Almonte is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is Lesly they're both beautiful nice beautiful and understanding. Omggg so I woke up during surgery and I couldn't feel my legs so I started kicking. I was just so scared that something bad was going to happen to me lol I guess I was just so nervous. I wasn't so positive cause to many people talk bad about DR. Cecip is a very nice and clean clinic and the nurses and staff are very clean I'll recommend any in to DRA. Almonte!!

2nd day

This has to be the worst feeling ever!!!!!!!! I'm so uncomfortable, everything bothers me, I can only be on by butt and I got bbl so that hurts so much. I feel like I can't breathe. Ladies get ready for the pain first and last time because pain and I are not friends all. I hope that I feel way better as the days go by. I just want to feel like myself again. I pray day and night so I can recover properly. Get ready for pain ladies this is no joke!

1st day post op pics

2 days post up

13 dayssss post up

So I'm still extremely swollen in my back and a lil on my belly. I'm so swollen on my back I still can't walk straight. And you can't see my bootaaayyy. I'm nervous and anxious cause that's the most important part lol. I hope the bbl results are just how I wanted
It to be. Everything is perfect I love how small and curvy my waist is. I love love Dra. Almonte she's is definitely the best.

Finally seeing results!!

So I am 7 weeks now and I can finally see my results!! As time passes by I an loving how I look. I'm more confident. I'm starting to feel better physically, my back hurts a lil still but no big deal.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

BEST Doctor hands down!!!!!!! I love my belly button, my results are amazing she's so sweet, words can't express how nice she is. She came to check me twice before I left. She's just PERFECT !

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