Tummy Tuck Lipo and BBL. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys so im pretty new to this! I've wanted this...

Hi guys so im pretty new to this! I've wanted this procedure for a reallllllly long time Im thinking of going with DR. Yily in Dominican... I'm 27 years old from Toronto Canada! Anyone from Toronto planning to go to Dominican?!

I'm a bit nervous but I really cant think of any doctors here that can give me similar results as those ive seen in dominican........

Would love some feedback from you guys =)

Got my blood test results back... Confused?! Help!

Hi dolls! So I got my blood test results back today i was most worried about my hemoglobin levels but it seems i don't even understand hemoglobin levels so i'm a bit confused....
From what I hear and have seen your hemo level needs to be above 12.5? Mine says 148. When I asked the nurse she said "120-150 is the normal range so yours is normal"................. Still don't understand..??!?!?!? Is this above 12.5? Why is it 148?! Also, found out my red blood cell count is 5.49, normal range is 4.00-5.10. Next, MCH (what is that?!) is 27.0 normal range is 27.5-33.0. And finally RDW(??) is 15.2 normal range is 11.5-14.5. Are these things a major factor? Of course I want to be as healthy as possible before surgery and I really dont want to risk going all the way to Dominican to hear I can't have anything done and come home. Any help would be extremelyyyyyyy appreciated! Thanks!


Frigggggg man so my height is 170cm. Which when I put into feet and inches tells me i'm 5'6.929......... Can we just round that to 5'7 or no?!!?!? I'm 212lbs right now. So my BMI is 34.1 ..................... Yily wont operate unless you're under 35 ...................... My doctor wont prescribe me phentermine. I'm having a really horrible day smh any advice is appreciated. Thanks dolls

Yasmines recovery house + Dr. Cabral

Hi dolls so its been a while since I updated this Ive been really busy and going crazy trying to make final decisions. So ive recently been looking at Dr cabrals work and I think he is more suited for what I want... He can really snatch a waist!!!!!! Because of his history I didnt even look into him before but the more I look the more I like what I see. I like Yily too but i feel like its a hit or miss with her...... (feel free to give any advice!) So I contacted him recently and got a quote he said 4500-5000 for what I want (tt lipo bbl) the thing is his quote doesnt include a recovery home or meds and so I'm a bit confused... been reading about recovery houses and it seems its just as hard to pick a RH as it is to pick a surgeon!! Really liking what I have heard of Yasmines so far and the price is fair.. Dont know how to reach her?? Anyone to how to contact Yasmines please let me know. Also any vets or anyone with info on what Cabrals quotes usually include and what will be extra? I'm trying to see how much I will need your help is much appreciated thanks dolls!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

I havent updated in a while because I've been recovering but I had surgery with Dra. Yily De Los Santos on October 14, 2015. I arrived to Santo Domingo and my driver Jose was waiting with a sign! He took us to CIPLA to do my blood work and X-ray and afterwards to a really nice restaurant by the water to eat. I stayed at Luxury Recovery house. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY RESULTS!!!!!!!!! DR. YILY DOES MAGIC!!! I am 26 days po and I can truly say she changed my life. I am a smoker and she took every precaution neccessary for my safety. Even when I was telling her office that I'm okay she made sure to make me stay to see the other doctor for my lungs. I cannot express how happy I am with my results I am so happy I did this because I KNOW no other doctors in USA/Canada would be able to give me these results. I have been looking at this procedure for 6 years and have seen three doctors here in Canada and I was not satisfied with what they promised me. DR. Yily gave me CURVES and a flat tummy that I haven't had since I was 16. I am planning to do my boobs (she said to wait 6 months) and you can bet I will be going right back to DR. Yily!! She was beautiful and sweet and all of the ladies in her office were amazing! I cannot express how happy I am with my results and with my choice of doctor! Any of you dolls that are considering I would say TAKE THE PLUNGE and go and get your body right!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best investment you can make is on YOURSELF! Your body will be with you forever! BE HAPPY! I love my doctor =)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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