Tummy Tuck, Lipo, BBL with Dra Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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Going next week. Will be back with pictures:) I'm...

Going next week. Will be back with pictures:) I'm so excited to be 7 days away. I'll try to take many pictures along my journey. I am staying in Santo Domingo for 12 days. I am so excited to be worked on by one of the best Plastic surgeons around! I am excited and think she can work miracles for me. Please follow me in my journey!

I now have curves

I'm 3 days out. Here are a few photos. All photos from today except one with blue gown up, that was right after surgery. I'm doing fine, very swollen and bruised.

four days post and first massage.

Swollen but coming along fine now. I'm glad to be here at Dominga Diaz recovery house. The care is off the charts, this is truly an amazing journey. Here are a couple pics from today, mind you I have pads in my compression garment for where I have inflammation. Garment is a notch smaller after that great massage. I'm feeling great. I wanted a big butt, and that's what I got lol.

foot hurts, hemoglobin levels dropped, and belly button burn, long couple days

For the past couple days I have been in and out of Cipla. Hemoglobin was at 6.5, I needed a blood transfusion., burn on my belly button so had almost 3 days with compression garment open, making knots all over my back and making me swell. Things just happened, my foot and leg still hurts, but I'm assuming with better blood flow it shall pass. Nothing was from sx, things just happen, noone to blame. Always expect the best and prepare for the worst. I'll update more later.

forgot tummy burn photo

Im just putting gauze to let it air out. Kotex on a new belly button get to hot and cause burns

10 days out pictures

Drain still in at 10 days. Still swollen and bruised and far from my end results. I'm loving what I have so far.

13 days out, wet and wild finally taking a shower.

Foot pain still really bad, don't know what nerves were hit in my leg andfoot but it feels like a SOB lol. I'm now feeling human again, a shower, washed faja, and running around doing errands. I'm still quite a bit swollen but you can see the progress of my belly button big time. I still feel fat, can't wait for swelling to be gone so I can actually see my results. Oh ya, pulled drain out yesterday with assistance of someone. It was no big deal.

In the Emergency Room for foot pain

Since the minute I got out of surgery as anesthesia wore off I felt like last 2 small toes and half foot still had tingling. Next morning I couldn't stand on the leg. They looked by ultrasound for bloodclot and nothing. Only thing anyone can think is nerve damage, I'm 15 days out and foot pain so severe it won't let me walk, sit, sleep without being on heavy pain pills. I'm at the Emergency room today and hoping they can get to the bottom of it. I don't care if I need foot surgery if I get some relief from this shart, constant pain. Please pray for me. I don't know how sexy I look in a wheelchair lol.

13 hours in the ER

Diagnosis: nerve pain from lipo, and wound care from belly button. I was given pain killers and Gabepentin to lessen nerve pain till it subsides. Looking at 6-9 months for foot pain to go away. I'm feeling a bit of relief today, takes 2-3 days to get into the system and work well. I'll keep updating, but feeling much better.

it's rare, most likely won't happen to you

Nerve damage is very rare. Please don't take away from the beautiful work of Dra Yily De Los Santos. She is cautious, she is experienced and her work is magical. My foot will get better and is already feeling better. Swelling is part of the process, no pain no gain. Overall the pain wasn't so bad. Would I recommend Dr Yily? You bet my big ass I would!!#teamyily2014

I have never had so much pain

It's directly through the bottom of my foot. Like the worst toothache you ever had, the nerves in my foot are painful 24/7. It's interrupting my sleep, appetite, walking is a joke. The meds help so little it's unreal. If anyone has had this happen please let me know your outcome. I'm desperate, I would rather have a baby all natural knowing in a day or two it would be over with. This is torture and I can't live on narcotics.

no faja, big booty

Swollen in my belly and back pretty bad! Abdominal template to flatten the belly out.

several appointments coming up including a nerve study on leg and foot

The pain is MOSTLY being controlled by my meds. Its much better than constant pain. I'm pretty happy about that. I feel like life is getting back to normal and I love my results.

I made a Dra Yily de los Santos Secret group on facebook. There was one but it closed

There are many of us just not sure what Dr to choose. This group is dedicated to Yily because of the amazing work she does. The more members who share their story the more information is out there about her. So if you already went, your invited, if you plan to go, your invited:) Just let me know!

pictures from yesterday

I had to show some side by side, 4 days away from a month out, and I'm ready for a bikini. I know this will get better, but here is niw and I feel like pure hottness!! Health wise I have some appointments coming up and eill update if there are changes

Nerve ultrasound on my leg at 8:30 pm

I'll update you on my nerve study. And the 24 I go back to the Dr for foot pain and also for belly button. I have had it airing for days and seems like it might just be healing on its own. I have to admit I'm disappointed in the scar it will leave and when I see other Yily bellies looking great I can't help but think I wish mine were that pretty! I'll show it in my next post. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what curves Yily does give:)

leg ultrasound and belly button

Leg ultrasound last night was checking for blood clot so pain still the same and living till my next dose of medicine ugh.. I tried walking and swell everywhere, so no exercise yes. Belly button looked as though it was healing except for a tiny spot, so I put alcohol on it last night to hopefully dry it up and go ahead and heal it.

so this morning belly button looked black, now after showering

I thought last night putting alcohol on the itty bitty spot that wouldn't heal was a good idea. So I showered and it got moist after washing it gently with dial soap. You can now see the little hole in belly button that won't heal. I'm going back to the Dr Tuesday so I will let them know I think the skin is dead and ut won't close and heal. Also pictures to compare my one month out. Yes they are nudies, but to show the full effect I will show them.

ok, no belly button infection

It's in the enclosed part of the belly button she said it didn't get enough air and might take longer to heal. I got a ointment to put on it, but really to iar it out as much as possible.

belly button looking good, I'm looking good, I am loving the new me.

I'm still not 100% but I am getting back to normal life. Still on 6 pills of 600 mg of Naurontin. I'll be glad for the day when I don't need to depend on meds.

I deleted some nude pics

Someone was talking about posting them all over so it was at first my intention to go step by step in this process to help other dolls. I'll find some and post before, but don't want unlady like pics for my son's sake! Before sx

Things looking up

hemo back up to 12.5, and down from 3600 mg to 600 mg of naurontin a day. Foot pain tons of relief and feeling much better. I didn't think the pain would ever go away, looks like it has mostly! I'm so thankful for the curves and less pain, however my belly burn scar is ugly.

vitamin d diffecient

That's the concern now. I have to take vitamin d in high dosages once a week.

Round 2 with Dr Oscar Rafael Gastelum in Mexico.

$2500 lipo sculpture all inclusive, that's right once I get off the plane my rides, meds, food, recovery house, all is included and I can bring one free guest. If you want search his name on Facebook and ask him to add you to the group. There is a wealth of information there. Although I wanted to go in June I have to get my gastric sleeve revision to bypass due to a hernia. I hope everyone is well!

Around 18 months later

I'm great. Need to lose about 20 pounds. Going to Dr Oscar Rafael Gastelum in January in Mexico for round 2 and Dr Victor Martinez for dental.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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