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This is my 1st review. I'm really tired of going...

This is my 1st review. I'm really tired of going on crash diets before vacation only to gain my weight back when returning. I have a friend who had work done by Dr. Manuel Diaz. I must say, he worked a miracle on her lol. That's when I knew it was time to get my body back plus some. I'm getting a Tummy Tuck with muscle repair, Liposculpture full back, full abdomen flanks waist, armpit area, and BBL. I've contacted a lot of Drs before making my final decision. I'll be arriving May 1st for my evaluation and surgery preformed on the 2nd. I can't wait to get my life back.

Well ladies, I've booked my flight

DELTA 4031*

My Dr Visit today

Hi ladies. Today I got my hemoglobin numbers back. The hemoglobin level must be minimum 12 to have any procedure performed and 13 and above to have full lipo sculpture. I'm above 12 but under 13 by .2. Too much time and $ is being spent for me not to get everything I need done. Guess I better get it together. ????

13 day count down.

I've been walking my butt of these last couple of days. Seems like I'm gaining weight instead of losing lol. I got my information on where I'll be staying and a reminder on what supplies I need to bring. Recovery house is where I'll recover. I have everything all packed up and Cant wait until I get this over. I'm be on fmla got 5 months. I'm also having foot surgery in August. Doing everything needed while I'm off wk and still getting paid. God is good. I'll check back in on my way to the airport next wk.

6 Days left and counting

Today I left work early to go and get my hemoglobin checked for the last time. My results won't be back until Thursday. It was 12.8 before, I'm praying its much higher this time. I've gained 5lbs. I think I'm starting to get nervous and eatting more. It's Getting Real Yall. I have my luggage packed, FMLA approved at wk, and extra $ saved for emergencies. Now I need to get my hair done lol. I'll post before pictures of me before I leave the states. Oh n I did register with the U. S Embassy just incase something happens. Lord forbids but you never know.

Excuse the typos

Excuse the typos

Sky is the limit

Well ladies Sunday I fly out. I've been blessed to find a young lady on RS to share our journey together. We managed to get lesley to book is at the same recovery house. My hemoglobin went up fm 12.8 to 13.5 just by taking my vitamins. Got results yesterday so I hope I don't get to the D.R. and the come with some bs saying its low. Lol holla

Bout to go under

I just took that blue pill @ 12:30. My surgery was scheduled for 9am. Yeah right. I took pics real quick of my before. I forgot to do it earlier. I had to make a choose between my arms or inner thighs for lipo. Dr almonte said it would be too much do I picked arms. I'm staying at my home recovery house and it's nice. The workers are nice but some of the women staying there are drama queens. I'm soo glad I've out grown that stage. They talk to the workers like they are beneath them. Smh. I did meet a few that are freaky really cool tho. I've learned that if you want to go anywhere extra the charge is $10. I went to Wendy's yesterday for a salad. The food is just ok to me. They have just about all the restaurants we have in the U.S. And food can be delivered to wherever your staying. Lesley is as nice in person as she is on Whatsapp. I had to bring her a gift. It was only right because I know I worked her nervous. She's beautiful and so is Fatima. I met so many women coming here to have sx at the airport. 2 lady added me to 3 groups on FB. Wish I joined them sooner because dr Manon is a beast with his results but I'm sure almonte will have me snatched.

It's not letting me upload any pics

Ill try back latet

The struggle is real

Ok ladies I've finally got the time and energy to update. I took my before pics the night before ny surgery. Surgery day dr almonte came in marked me up. I was surpose to get TT, lipo on arms, inner thigh, flanks, sides. She made me choice between arms or thighs cause she said it would be too much even tho my hemo was 14.6. 3 hrs later a nurse came in n gave me that blue pill. 1hr later I was being rolled out in a wheel chair and on to the table. I was out. I remember waking up screaming cause they were putting my Faja on back in my hospital rm. my sx partner spend the night with me in my rm because she was having her sx the next morning. She said I was shaking, talking crazy then fell back to sleep. Lol I remember none of that but thank god she was there to help take care of me. The next morning they shipped me off to my home recovery house. They waste no time.

Other before pic

Airport, driver, recovery house, and hospital info

My phone acting up when uploading pics. Anyway, I forgot to let you know that there were so many women headed to the D.R. To get snatched. I talked with about 4 other women and we all exchanged info. The line wasn't long at all to get the visitors card then there's another form you have to fill out before you get in line to get your passport stamped. After getting stamped you pick up your luggage and walk towards the exits. You will see your driver holding up a sign with your name on it then your off to the hospital or the recovery house. The hospital Cecil is across from capital building. The day before your surgery you take all your test. Hemo, hiv test, ekg, etc. either you stay there or they take you to the recovery house. The view was beautiful at first. Then you get to the hood. lol no one can get thru the gates at the recovery house. There're protected with brick walls, Bob wire and you have to be buzzed thru the gate.

Things you don't need

Ladies do not over pack.. I didn't use my adult diapers. You walk around with your Faja on under your dress n no panties over it. No gloves needed. They have those. No bandages or gauges, no scar away strips, don't really need pads because so many women leave them there. I used 1 pad. Don't need chux. So only items I used were 2 pair of panties when they washed my Faja. They was that daily if u like. Clothes got washed on Tuesday n Thursday, compression socks are needed because ankles do swell, u need your anti bacterial soap to wash up, u need arnicare gel it does help with the brushing and they massage your body with it. You need your vitamins, lotion cause your body get dry, about 3 dresses, about 4 t-shirts to wear under your garment. I couldn't wear my bras because I was so swollen so they hurt bad, take wipes, n wash clothes, extra $ for typing, shopping, eatting out, and some meds. Bobby pillow if your getting a bbl. I may be leaving somethings out oh it was so cold in those end so a lot of us had extra throw blankets. Flip flops or slide in shoes. The gauges, neosporian, cotton balls/q tips, tape is needed when u get hm. I could have just taken a carry on bag. Your in soo much pain. It took me 3 days before I could get out of bed on my own. You have to use the rails on the bed and your arm strength to pull you up. We got in the bed knees 1st then fell back on our pillows to get comfortable at night. Your back burns and feel like your carrying a bag of bricks on it because of the fluid. My body was so bruised that dr almonte didn't clear me for massages until the day before I left. They hurt but you feel better afterwards. Prepare your minds mentally for your sx.

3 wk post

Not as flat as I need it to be but each day it gets flatter

My incision line

The hole where my tube was inserted healed up well and so did my incision. Now time to use my ScarAway sheets.

Update pics

2 month post. Feeling much better.

I'm loving the new me

Time for round 2. Lipo and breast reduction n lift
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Almontes assistant has been so helpful. She answers all my questions in a timely matter. I really feel comfortable with having my surgery.

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