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Jules Metamorphos Journey April 2013 This...

Jules Metamorphos Journey April 2013

This journey started for me about 10 years ago when I started looking for PS in Long Island, NY I met with one left a deposit and being the woman I am shared this information with my then Man who didn't agree and stressed it so much that I allowed myself to be talked out of proceeding and got my deposit back. Fast forward to Feb 12, 2013. Had a consult with a different PS quoted $17,000 for TT, Lipo, BBL got them down to $12,000 surgery was scheduled for Feb 26, 2013 14 days away. Sooooo I discussed this with my 23 year old son who basically threw a fit and told me to cancel it or he wouldn't talk to me again, ruin his life, quit school and become a looser.....had me in tears and discouraged me so I called and canceled the same day as I booked it. I understood his concerns he felt I didn't need it (his Opinion), I'm in the gym so why not continue that journey (always easier said than done especially in your late 40's) "so what if you have some stretch marks you had children" SMH (a man can never understand) what we go through.... I told him that same day i canceled the appointment, After a week I gave him a chance to let the thought rest and then told him we had to talk.... HE JUST SAID NO!!!!! MA!!!! Meaning I know what you want to talk about and no you can't do it!!! Lol I just laughed and then explained to him nicely....." All your life and your sisters I've sacrificed and done everything for you two to make you happy gave you the best and nicest things. I know you are concerned and that there are risk, I know you don't agree and against those kind of procedures....I know you don't like it BUT I NEED YOU TO SUPPORT MY CHOICE!

Next I told my Mom she didn't disagree but immediately changed her plans to book a flight to go with me to make sure her 47 year old baby would be taken care of so who better than her. She also checked behind all of my research and referred me to www.travel.state.gov international department to research safety precautions, health issues, crime issues, emergency contact information and very useful guides.

My daughter was my final person to tell she's in her mid 20s and ready to pack her bags to get a nip tuck herself but she will have to wait.

Feb I searched the web doing more research of the procedures stories reviews and came across Real Self I stayed up day after day reading story after story going on all the doctors websites viewing B&A checking credentials looking at B&A pictures again and again. I called several PS but for some reason I continued to come back to Dr. Yily. I was truly impressed with her sculpture it seems to me that she has mastered the ability to put the curves where they compliment a women the most. In my opinion I feel she can give me the desired enhancements I'm looking to accomplish overall.

So I emailed her on Feb 25, I also contacted her thru the website directly linked to her web page Dra. Yily de los Santos. I got my first response from her with quote on Feb 9th......she did state she receives over 95 emails daily so avoid sending emails from different emails so when she filters she gets all your emails. Prior to receiving her quote I called the office 2x's I spoke with Geda and on another occasion i spoke with Rosa. Geda seems to speak and understand English well and checked the schedule for availability she explained that payments locked in surgery dates! so although you may call and get put on the calendar unless your deposit is made your date is not definite, seems to me that over booking on calendar may be done then its first come first booked if you take to long to send deposit you loose that date. When I received quote I went straight to Chase and wired the deposit, $45 dollar fee, there a lot of information so the associate needed to abbreviate some of the words so all information was included, I called and confirmed the deposit via telephone and emailed Yily a copy of receipt. She emailed me back next day stating she would confirm deposit and confirm date right away I asked for April 8th she gave it to me, In her email she says tell her what day you want. I also mentioned in my email i was booking with a friend to get discount 2-$150 3-$200 4-$250.

Communicating with office has its hang ups but patience and understanding is a virtue, try nit to become frustrated and make sure you have a international plan on your line to before calling, expect to be put on hold, write down all the questions you may need to ask. Communicating through email takes time and patience as well so hold tight if you are certain in your decision then wire your deposit so that when you email her you can get your quote and your confirmation of a date a little faster or prepare to put deposit the day you get your quote to lock in date you want. As of now it's seems Yily is booked up 1-2 months but you can call to be put on cancel list. As well check real self for PPL looking to switch dates. Rome wasn't built in a night neither is a body of a Goddess........so patience LOVE!!!!!

With that in place I continued to research the procedures i was interested in (BBL, fat transfer,TT, Lipo) gathering information from ladies taking notes, making a list of possible necessities, sent my passport off for renewal ($110) took 2 weeks for me to get it regular mail. I ordered pre op vitamins supplements that Yily stated should be taken to prepare the body for surgery her email message
Before surgery

-You should start taking vitamin B complex ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C, so your body is preparing for surgery.
-Stop smoking at least two months before.
-Stop using drugs
-You must have a doctor or nurse who can drain fluids when he returns home.
The tests are as follows: creatinine, glucose, complete blood count, hematocrit,
electrocardiogram, chest radiograph.
-Please bring comfortable clothes to the clinic, a shirt for use below the belt, wipes
wet and maternity pads.
-You must bring identification to the clinic in order to proceed with income. It can be your passport, driver's license or ID.

I ordered a 2nd Faja I wore it a couple of times to see what I would be dealing with, 3 foam boards, compression sleeves, silicon strips from www.contourmd.com, Durex water pills , urine funnel for conveyance. I have a box in my room to throw everything in as it gets here. Thinking about what clothes and supplies to take.... i packed sweat pants, long skirt, shirt dresses, robe, wash clothes towel, anti bacteria soap, bottled water, boy short under ware to pull over Faja, panty liners tampons, pain killers, mederma for scaring, wipes, arnica for bruising, Deodorant, Hibiclens - Anti "microbial" skin soap, wife beaters t shirts, shower gel, leggings, terry dresses, home made boppie pillow, sun screen, tooth brush tooth paste Q tips, charges for phone, iPad, comb and brush, mouth wash, lip gloss.....

If you meet someone to buddy with talk over the phone see if you are compatible, get to know each other do your research everyone isn't who they seem to be and be cautious no matter what, protect and secure your belongings, agree on all expenses and how they will be devided before hand, include taxes and fees of rentals and divide cost on equal days shared. I personally found Johns room on www.airbnb.com it's 15 mins from Cipla and the accommodations are beautiful, it's a home setting and they provide transportation to and from airport$50 round trip, can provide nurse for massage $35, provide meals $6 and transportation to and from appointments as well as other places you may want to go. Home setting environment at $35 per night accommodates 2 bed and covertable sofa, private bath, AC, wireless internet, they have 3 private rooms for rent, they are across from beach, this is a private home in gated community.

My feelings are of excitement, anticipation, And a little fear of the unknown but overall I'm ready for this journey.

Paying all my bills ahead of time, ( consider wiring majority of balance to your Dr. prior to leaving to avoid caring large amounts of cash in hand. You can also contact your bank regarding currency exchange to avoid the fees at the airport.

Pocket guide currency convertor

$ 1 RD$ 41.13
$ 5 RD$ 205.63
$ 10 RD$ 411.25
$ 50 RD$ 2056.25
$ 100 RD$ 4112.5
$ 250 RD$ 10281.25
$ 500 RD$ 20562.5

Dominican Peso (DOP).
RD$ 50 $ 1.22
RD$ 100 $ 2.43
RD$ 250 $ 6.08
RD$ 500 $ 12.16
RD$ 1000 $ 24.32
RD$ 5000 $ 121.58
RD$ 10000. $ 243.16

I made a list of all addresses phone numbers of Cipla JM spa and the house where I will be staying phone numbers of the friends ill be with in DR list this will be given to a family member state side for emergencies they will also be contacted to inform of progress after surgery.

Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery.

Various Dr I looked into

Dr. Manuel Espaillat Plastic Surgery | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dr Ayman Shahine:

Dr campos

?Dr. Joseph Alkon
Low Cost Plastic Surgery
Travel & Save 40-80% on Plastic

Dra. Walkiris Robles
Member of the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery and member of the Dominican Medical Association. Dra. Robles graduated from the Universidad Autónoma ...

Dr. Pantoja in Mexico

Yily De Los Santos, MD

Information web
surgery org or plasticsurgery org

Additional cost to consider
Airfare I paid $457.00 from NY
Direct flight I prefer Delta
Transportation to-from airport $50+round trip
Spa per night $65-$90 per night
Cipla per night $100 per night
Rental unit $35- $90+ per night
Hotels I looked at 4~5****** accommodations starting at $90 per night

I will continue to gather info and make notes updating when I get to DR and while I'm there I will post photos and answer any questions I can I hope the information I've posted is helpful to each and everyone of you on your journey.

Expected cost of surgery $3800
Residence $576 for 15 days shared expense with room mate
Flight $457
Supplies $400 approx
Med from Yily $250
Meds from pharmacy in DR $100 approx
Transportation $ 100 approx
Food $150 approx
Massages $35x10 = $350
Just in case $$$$$

Best wishes on your Metamorphous Jules

P.S. the friends you stand to gain from sharing this experience and getting to know someone with something in common being honest and trust worthy!!! PRICELESS

So it's Thursday and as I thought this week is...

So it's Thursday and as I thought this week is flying by I thought it was Wednesday. My nerves are a little up in the air but overall I'm ok had a few weird dreams a couple of days ago. I have my checked bag packed but not my carry on guess ill get to it tomorrow or Saturday. Going to get my eyebrows threaded and hair done tomorrow to last me 2 weeks stay in DR. I would like to do dinner with some of the ladies to talk about our recovery together so please inbox me your surgery date and if your interested.

I just responded to someone's post regarding...

I just responded to someone's post regarding testing done. I went to a primary care physician for a full physical, they did blood work which covered all the test levels that needed to be checked. You should discuss your intentions with you Dr. And let them see what your PS is requesting so that they know. A week later I went to get my results. I also had a HIV test done which I received my results the same day NEGATIVE!!!! I think it's best to get these things done prior to booking your airplane ticket so you know if you can correct any issues prior to going. When you arrive the testing will be done day of surgery but if there's any issues it may delay your procedure.

4:05AM Saturday morning I've been up since 6...

4:05AM Saturday morning I've been up since 6 something am Friday morning had a lot of errands and tedious things to do. Got in bed cause I was tired but watched tv until I knew I wanted to sleep and guess what I'm still awake. I anticipated this being the cause Saturday but not 2 days prior, I have to be at a 830 am appointment wth is my mind thinking right now not letting me drift off....where are the sheep and the sand man on break I'm sure the sun will be rising the minute I even think about closing my eyes? I was reading a review of a young lady who had such a horrible experience with another DR. I scrolled thru all of the comments in her review it was heart breaking to read that some of the members here could be so callus and cruel with their comments. I joined to share my journey, to learn from yours, to educate those with my knowledge if they were looking for information, to help me to make the most of this experience by sharing it with PPl who where on the same quest looking for a little more joy on the inside by working on the outside, and although We were perfect from birth, time, fast food, over processed foods, soda, being blessed with a girl or a boy maybe 2,3,4 or more, low metabolism, being a hungry hungry hippo, thyroid problems, mentally abusive significant others, low self esteem, no drive, or what ever you reason..... I think treating yourself to a new bag, new red bottoms, new hair cut, new hair color or a new body and that new banging body is priceless......it is ALL!!!! and should be ALL!!!!! about YOU!!!!! and anyone that it benefits in the in between time it's a bonus for them as well......I commend those before me, with me and to follow on a choice to make a change......congratulations on your Metamorphous how ever you choose with whom ever you choose to take your journey. Peace and Blessings.

So I'm 5 days post op and this had been a journey...

So I'm 5 days post op and this had been a journey I can't down play not one part of it but this is no joke and should be taken seriously. I'm glad my stay is for 15 days and I'm not rushing to return and have to do what the doctors are paid to do in advance. I've meet some beautiful ppl on this journey and sure to have life long friends from it. I'm really tired and its not always easy getting a signal in my room. My feet are swollen bad so I'm laying down with feet elevated on bed. I will try to give much more detailed info later or tomorrow. Some one please bring me a tuna melt from subways

So hello real self it's Sunday morning and I will...

So hello real self it's Sunday morning and I will start from the beginning. I flew out of JFK airport Sunday met my Girl BigYana at security so we went thru together.....i had a bottle of bath and body shower gel i had to give away because of size brand new......flight was delayed an hour so didnt arrive in DR until 1230, fill out 2 forms on flight for customs. my mom was worried cause we were supposed to arrive at the same time and couldnt communicate with anyone.....Got off the plane paid $10us dollars entry fee.....then walk over to customs line make sure you are on the correct one, one is for DR residence.... get passport stamped. Go pick up checked bags then get online to get out where they match your luggage tags with you receipt out the door you go.......

Virginia was waiting for me with my Mom .....Dominga pulled up in car we packed up and off we went to the house......My girl Sam arrived at 930 so she was here at the house already settled in there was also another young lady Miss C we will call her....here with her partner she had surgery the day before on Saturday.....she looked great BBL and LIPO we all messed well like one big happy family for those of you who don't know we are in a private home I'm staying in "Johns room" it's comfortable has a balcony queen bed very comfortable i must say, leather bed sofa, private bath very modern bath.....check out rooms on Airbnb......immediately unpacked and one of her regular guest here took us on a walk to the store a few blocks away...... It was Sunday and Sunday is party day Texeco gas station is a hang out spot music ppl everywhere and it's on a main strip across from ocean but its not beach area it's a cliff with a drop ill try to get some photos.....plenty of food vendors chicken cart with grilled whole chickens looks yummie but I'm scared to eat vendor food here and was told not to then the guy riding by on a bike with a pot of hot corn on the cob, women with a crate of hard boiled eggs, ice cream dude on bike I heard its really good maybe ill get one tomorrow, candy man and sugar can man on bike....we walked along a few blocks to cross over main road a lot of abandoned building there are lots of small bar places and prostitution is legal although pimps are not. One block back we were in our gated community. One of the girls made us dinner we ate relaxed rest of day listening to the partying most of the night in the distance.

Monday Cecil came and picked us up 615am and off...

Monday Cecil came and picked us up 615am and off to Cipla it's very nice marble floors, leather sofas, crystal chandlers, gift shop not sure if it was real designer wear but I saw some nice name brand items. First floor your blood is taken by nurse, Yira came in and spoke with us briefly she speaks English, 2 fl Cardiologist he speaks minimal English drop your top and get sticky taps on chest breath in hold your breath for 5 seconds until he says stop, little paper work....... 3floor all your paper work is done I think some fine men up there.....There are a couple of men that do speak English inbox me if you need to know. I suggest you google translate name/nombre address/........
Mothers health
Fathers health
Siblings Heath
Do you have Asthma
Prior surgery when and where
Date of birth
How many pregnancies
Results of pregnancies
Emergency contact numbers
I'd number Social or Drivers license
Reason for your being there
What procedures you want done
A TT is different from abdominal P do your research know what your asking for write everything down

This will help if you don't speak Spanish for paper work

After paper work I was taken to 302 my room private with couch for mom to sleep on private bath tv mini fridge.... Mondays Yily has Reserves duty so she didnt see me until around 11am we spoke she marked and off she went, Yira took money she had emails she had your quote on and off perhaps an hour+ I was put in gown and cloth feet finally 3 guys came to get me and rolled me into the green room.........stripped, IV talked to MEDICINE man expected to see Yily next thing I was passing out. I do speak Spanish not fluently but enough......I remember telling him to tell Yily to give me a BIG BUTT in Spanish and continued conversing with him in Spanish......I could feel them cleaning between my legs with the brown antiseptic occasional a nudge here and there but no pain the sedation you are given is not meant to completely sedate you so don't worry it's normal........

Next I remember being in my room Mom was there they rolled me in and came for BigY my girl next door....

I could see my thighs they looked smooth not swollen yet nor wrapped.....
I had ace bandages on my arms a corset on waist........thirsty a little nausea tired, dry mouth.......they only allowed me a cap full of water.....WTH!!!!!!! I
Looked at her like YOU can't be serious..... So she gave me 2

Several hours later I was given soup good yes it was and allowed to drink water.......I wasn't able to sleep at all Because of shaking that wasnt easy to control, i didn't want to take pain meds but I took deep breaths and then relaxed to help with the shakes until they got better and better eventually I asked for meds for nausea wish I had taken it sooner cause once I did I was able to sleep until the nurse came in ever 2 hours or so to check drains, IV, pressure.......

Had soup and tea later that day along with a really good sweet red juice box

Hours later my girl came out so I had Mom check on here and then off Sam went......

So durning day 2 girls came in and took off what I had on, pee bag was removed also and into the Faja I went........this took a lot out of me and caused dizziness and nausea sweating one of the cuties came in and said i got you ima fix you up alcohol on face and neck and put alcohol under my nose to smell what a help.......I waited for transport my driver and wheel chair and out the door.....to the van Cecil is patient and kind and drives responsibly knowing his precious cargo........ He got me in van gently and gently removed me I had most surgery lipo thigh, stomach, back arm, TT, flanks and chin although it wasn't a lot it was enough.......the walk from car curb to house took a lot out of me.......so I sat in living room and they got alcohol again and fixed me up again......then the walk up stairs it's about 10 steps so we went Cecil by my side straight to the bed......I popped 2 tremedol and stayed in bed to rest......

I'm tired now I have written a lot ill pick up again I took photos not sure when ill post them........this is truly not an easy journey...... Enjoy your Sunday

Try by any means NOT to get sick before coming I...

Try by any means NOT to get sick before coming I had slight inflammation and after surgery the lodged phlem decided to work it's way up to cough me out B........lol well you know how you have the need to cough and must? I was so painful with the tummy tuck and it still is......I had that strawberry smoothie and it causes me that same need to clear my throat and it causes pain in TT

Soooooo hello everyone it's been a few days since...

Soooooo hello everyone it's been a few days since my update.
So I woke up one morning with what I thought was phelm in my thoat and my ovula was swollen scared the hell out of me cause it locked my breathing somewhat. Took some Benadryl and it was ok in 24 hours. I've been having some sweeling with my feet BAD not sure if its the tightness of Faja, buts its drivi g me crazy...........I've been drinking a cucumber pineapple celery green apple juice that's supposed to help but that's got me running to the bathroom, and when you are recovering up and down up and down is not what you desire at all thank goodness for the pee funnel I have using the bathroom in a Faja or even trying to sit on stool is a task in its self and hope you don't wet it.

So recovery is coming along everything is still very sensitive arms back legs chin stomach butt....... After bbl it's not comfortable to sit feels weird like something doesn't belong in there. My arms are tender and kinda have a burning sensation from time to time......they bruised all the way down to my wrist but most of the bruising is Almost gone now the compression sleeves are a small and stop mid way up arm so you feel the pressure on lower arm and cases hands to feel the beginning of sweeling........
my chin doesn't really hurt unless you rubbing on it slightly bruised but not really noticeable I hate wearing chin strap feels like I'm suffocating......

My tummy tuck is healing great the scar so far is beyond expectations with no issues. Just dont make me laugh or cough.....my stomach feels so weird like its got water in it but they say its just inflammation. The Faja if not positioned right when you snap pulls at you and it doesn't feel good at all I think that's why some ppl walk around hunched over, I'm constantly adjusting. Grabbing Faja in front pulling away from chest and up so theres no ripping what I relief!!!! Getting up and down has its moments I'm still caring around my drain it goes in the front at the end of my incision tube runs under skin into the back I get a burning or stabbing sensation I rub for relief the one in the back is the worse more than likely where the tube ends.
My back is very sensitive when I lean lay on it feels like something is between me and the bed. Can't wait to feel normal again I wasn't prepared for all of this but hopefully you will. Tomorrow heeded back to Cipla for removal of drain then massage. The massages are very helpful in my opinion pain and all I will Try to get 3more in before my flight back home Monday. Once the drain is removed your are still draining from open wound so the massaging helps. Ttyl

So I had a friend come by and snip snip my...

So I had a friend come by and snip snip my stitches on the drain and pull it out FREEDOM FINALLY!!!!!!! As you can see In the picture I posted the drain was almost completely clogged with coagulated blood which formed into a worm like consistency. This had to have slowed down the draining process considerably originally I was supposed to have the drain removed prior to leaving DR last Monday but unexpected I had to leave Sunday and Cipla wasn't open to remove drain also I chose to leave it in longer to drain more.

So I'm about to go get some rub it up flip it over...

So I'm about to go get some rub it up flip it over massage me till I fall asleep attention for 60 mins..... It helps take some of the tension and tightness I feel in my back....I'm still a little sore

So it's been 3 weeks and 4 days PO I'm still...

So it's been 3 weeks and 4 days PO I'm still feeling sore and tender around lipo areas arms back stomach inner chin and inner thigh. I've been very gassey since surgery also not sure what that's about. My faja\CG is big in me now I need to down size or get it altered. I put my silicone strip on my TT incision Tuesday just after 3 weeks PO. My back isn't as tight and hard as is used to be and the numbness is slowing taking its time to subside. Got some for the first time since surgery yesterday OMG is was intense but I told him to be gentle with handling my body so he wouldn't just grab on me recklessly. Swelling in abdominal area is still obvious to me even thou when I dress its not to others but can't wait till it completely goes down. The compression garments certainly give me that extra security when I'm not in it I feel slightly uncomfortable. Well that's it for now

Its been a little over a month and I'm still...

Its been a little over a month and I'm still having discomfort. Arms back abdominal. Still swollen in abdominal area and I have had a lit of had since Surgery also. Drain site hasn't completely healed as of yet Friday makes 2 weeks its been out. I also get itching around TT. Skin is very dry even when I put moisturizer on it still seems to be dry later on in Day.

4 weeks 3 days PO in my second stage Faja I try to...

4 weeks 3 days PO in my second stage Faja I try to keep pictures updated just to help you in your journey tummy still swollen some and back and stomach still numb and feeling funny but feeling slowly coming back

Woke up this morning and was getting those nasty...

Woke up this morning and was getting those nasty stabbing pains on my sides just tried to rub it out. Didn t have on my Faja all night and today it's drying now. Stopped by gym to see my trainer weigh in and check body fat and BMI sooo for you ladies who have asked me prior here are the numbers Nov 2012 I was 210 body fat 38.0 BMI 32.4 in Jan 2012 I weighed in at 201 and today I'm 182 body fat 31.5 BMI 27.7..... I will be headed back into the gym in a few days start building some muscle on these arms and legs again

Work out time

Soooooo ladies I went to the gym for the first time since February my trainer put it on me even thou I told him to take it easy it its all good I couldn't do any real abdominal moves but I tried but he put these legs to work anyway. I will feel it tomorrow I'm sure, but it felt good to get it in and turning heads both men and women was a confidence booster too..........wooohooooo thanks Yily

Healing 6 weeks

Nerve ending must be coming to life I felt a stabbing on left side this morning when I woke up felt like my incision was torn open I touched area and it stung for a second also but when I looked at it nothing was there and it didnt sting anymore scared me for a hot minute. Stomach still numb and back still feels crazy but overall no complaints washed silicone strip after gym so it's drying so In between I put maderma on scar. ATL next week got keep all this sexy......ttyl

Back shot

Back lipo taken a week ago


I love honesty I'm about being and keeping it 100....... With that being said I don't try and discourage anyone from going with the doctor if their choice here n RS but I just want some of you ladies to know that there are other options that are more affordable to you with great results and where you can get all the things you may want to have and pay 1/3 the money....... I look at some of the results from state side doctors and it bothers me that they got $12+ G's to do a tummy tuck with no lipo and you have to go back cause you aren't happy. I look at some of the after photos and image what the results would have been had they gone to a Caribbean Dr. Not necessarily mine PS but someone that would have given them vixen results. I don't like being robbed when spending my hard earned and I feel for the ladies that want more and just don't know. Ladies please do your research before you commit to any Dr.

Back is fierce

Yily I love my curves

Thank you

It's been 9 weeks since my transformation and my body is still healing. Abdominal still has some numbness but it has soften up almost completely. I still have some sensitivity to my back and occasionally get these little sharp pains I would guess that's the nerves endings coming back to life. I must admit that I'm so grateful for not experiencing any problems in my recovery, my heart goes out to you ladies that have had problems and complications. I'm very happy with my transformation and the benefits of my results have been so much more than expected I'm loving me and so are those who matter if you get my drift........thank you to all that have supported me thru my journey. I have developed some new friends here and hope to have a get together meet and greet with some of you ladies. I love giving support to those of you in your beginning stages doing research with lots of questions as well as my sisters that have made it to the flat side. I encourage you to do something for yourself that will make you happy and dot worry about the ppl that will not agree or discourage you perhaps let them know after all is said and done then let them envy your curves. My choice to go to Yily was by far one of the best investments I made in myself and if I had the choice to do it all again i would have done it 20 years earlier. Best wishes from you RS sister Jules happy healing

TT scare

So today is June 15th and this is a update picture of my TT scare I haven't been using the maderma cream every day but off and on. Scare sits low so my French cut hides it without any issues still feel some swelling but area is softening up, but it does swell when I'm busy and on my feet for extended hours.


A month ago


just in case anyone noticed I photoshopped my tattoo out of my back picture in the icon shot
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5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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