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I'm planning to have a tummy tuck and liposuction...

I'm planning to have a tummy tuck and liposuction with Dra. Almonte on Sept 15, 2014. The price she gave me was $4750 including 10 days at a recovery home or $4000 without. I'm awaiting confirmation of my date before I send the required $350 deposit. I'm traveling with my cousin who is getting her work done with Dr. Luis Lima on the same day. We're excited!!!!!!! Lets see!!....We are thinking about staying at a recovery home the first 4 days, then getting a hotel and hiring a nurse the remaining days...What do you guys think?...Im open to all POSITIVE feedback...The problem is we can't find a mobile nurse..any suggestions??

Quick Update!

My cuz decided to switch to Baez!!..No more Lima for her...We will be in DR Sept 13th -27th. I wanted to add a bbl, but I've had silicone butt injections before. Baez, Lima, and Yily all told me no BBl. ALmonte wants to see my butt. She told me if it's soft, (which it is lol) that she can do the bbl. I'm still deciding...Also, we have chosen Real Recovery Amonia for our recovery house...

Before Pic

I wanted to go ahead and upload a before pic after battling back and forth with myself!...FYI: I have one baby who is 14months old. I had a c-section. I've had laser lipo before with Dr. Wyndell Bouttee in Snellville, GA and I will tell you it was a waste of money. I think it was just her tho. I've also had a breast reduction in 2010 and a series of silicone butt injections from 06-2012...just a quick overview!!

All Set!!

I've sent my deposit to Almonte and booked my flight with Spirit Airlines!!! Yayy...I also had a CBC test with request a test and surprisingly enough my hemo Is a 12.9!! Whoop whoop!! So now my main focus is shedding and few pounds and getting a few items and gettin my hemo a few points higher... I really dont wanna over_pack...just the necessities lol

Nervous Nervous Nervous!!

I leave this saturday, the 13th headed to DR!..I'm super nervous. Still gathering items. I have changed my RH to Yasmin's. Eventhough I have read some not so good reviews, I know several people who have stayed there and I feel totally secure. She has given me a list of things to bring and has been communicating soo well. My travel buddy who was having surgery with Baez has cancelled so i will be solo! I'm praying every single moment and giving it all to GOD!..No turning back now!. Realself, has truly been one of my motivations. Everytime I'm discouraged, I log on and see positive reviews and wonderful results from my doctor and it reassures me that I'm making the right decision..

I've Touched Down!!!

I made it to DR safe and sound...all the praises and glory to my God. Yasmin was at the airport waiting on me..don't believe everything you hear ladies, she's a doll. Her place is spotless and her mom is sweet....Im attaching a pic of my room's small but it'll do!! My recovery is most important


Yasmin gives you a list of supplies needed....I also got a list from Dr Almonte.....I would rather have more than less first I was gonna buy most of my things here but I was told it's best to get them in the US, so I did!...I also, brought a few of my own pain meds just incase!

Just checked in CECIP!!

Today was a good day ladies!...Yasmine took me to the mall!! It was beautiful. It has like five floors and had a beautiful aquarium. I bought a few things, and paid with dollars. I didnt convert one dime over to pesos. Fyi: Most places will take dollars! My date was switch to tomorrow whoop whoop, so Im at CECIP now. Ive met one soon to be Robles doll and too other Almonte's!!...I got bloodwork done, a chest xray, ekg and I've eaten!!!!....Lesley met me here and she is a beau and sweet as pie. Ive paid my balance and filled out several health questionaires. Ladies, please be honest with these professionals. If u drink alcohol, coffee, smoke anything just let them muy importante just waiting on my blood results to come bk!!!

Thank You!!!

I wanna thank God all all you guys for your prayers and well wishes...I went in at about 12:30 pm yesterday and woke up in recovery around not in pain just stiffness and back and right under my breast is really swollen...Dr Almonte and Lesley and everyone at CECIP have been dolls.....I pucked up all my food lastnight but today I was able to keep breakfast down...two ladies just came in to clean me, take my catheter out and put me in my faja!!!....thanks you guys...I love u all!!

3 days PO!

I thank God for the nurse here. She is so patient and kind. You will be so sore and uncomfortable the first few very swollen and get sharp pains from time to time. I had my first BM since surgery yesterday which relieved a little pressure that I was feeling in my tummy.

Follow-up Appt..

So I went in for my appt with Dr Almonte todau..she looked at my back and said I had some fluid and told the nurse to unclog my drain. I had been draining alot of fluid so idk...the nurse took a syringe and pulled the fluid from the end of my drain...ladies, when I tell u this is the only time that I have shed a tear after the procedure...uugghhh...I pray that was the last of that

3days PO appt

Double take!

The 3day po hurtful doc appt pics finally uploaded!

6 days po!

Happy sunday everyone..I pray all is are a few pics. I just had my first massage and it was eevverything!!..I have another appt with dra almonte tomorrow....everything is pain just stiffness and soreness in my super homesick missing my 1yo baby:(..ttyl

10 days po!!

Hello ladies..I hope all is well with I received my fourth massage, they definitely help...I see swelling has gone down on my left side more than on my super sick of this drain keeps getting clogged and I keep dropping it. Hopefully she removes it at my doc appt back is still super swollen:( ..I went on a walk yesterday and today I went to the hair salon and a few moving around much better today!

Pic didn't upload

Here is a pic before massage

Stage 2 Faja

Raquel and the other assistant had no mercy when squeezing me in this medium fajate!!!

2 weeks PO

Im 2 weeks po today, and the struggle is real lol. I got back home 2 days ago......Im taking my arnica and zinc but Im still very swollen and stiff. It's almost impossible for me to keep up with my 16month old!..I wear my garment day and night...I still have my drain, I've had to unclog it twice since I've been back home. I went back to work today, I mostly sit at work which is good and bad lol...ttyl

18 days po

the soreness gets better and better each day... I messaged Lesley lastnight about removing my drain. She said to keep it in a few more days! I have been itching alot so I use bio oil, arnica gel and durmaplast spray from time to time...Im in the second hook of my stage too garment!!...For some reason Ive been super hungry. Im looking for a good detox or meal plan for post tummy tuck patients..any suggestions??

28 days po

I've been very itchy!! I took my drain out last Tuesday at 22days post...yestetday I discovered a little fluid in my abdominal area so im looking for a ps to see...i've been wearing my stage two garment on third hooks with a hand towel folded in abdominal area for added compression

Slow Motion


5 months post!!

Hello all....I pray that you guys are all healing well and happily!... Here are some pics. I feel like I would be smaller if I were eating right and if I had a size small faja. I'm still in my medium, will order a small today. Also, I started juicing yesterday...I'm thinking of a round 2 for just lipo idk!! Ttyl

5months PO

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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