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Hello Ladies!! And all you Yily & Duran Dolls, I...

Hello Ladies!! And all you Yily & Duran Dolls, I am excited about my new journey, I've been contemplating over about seven years, with a lot of research, and praying I made the final decision to take the leap of faith. After being teenage mom, which took a huge toll on my body, and four pregnancies that damaged my muscle. I love clothes, but this stomach is just out of control, it's a never ending story!!!! I can't wait for this transition to take place, I'm totally committed to this journey, Im grateful for the connections I've made with all you kind, strong, courageous woman especially my buddies I made from RS. I've seen some amazing transitions, and body figures that has encouraged my journey, I thank you ladies who already been through this process, and cared enough to share your experience, I appreciate every journal, and info you've shared it gives us future dolls some expectations, and knowledge. I am tickled pink about my future body I will embrace. Cheers to all you future, and recovering Yily and Duran Dolls!!!!!!!! God Bless You all..........

Buddy system

God Grace I found some nice Dolls to travel to the Dominican Republic, it's four of us having surgery, two on the 4/8-and two on the 4/9, we are extremely excited, and the anticipation is driving us Crazy!!!! Can't wait to start this new chapter in my life...... Flat stomach in the front and a dunk in the back, and of course those hips on the Side, don't believe me just watch.......2014 Yily & Duran Dolls yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Planning, Planning, and more Planning

After making a decision, getting quote, finding buddies to accompany me on this journey, now is time for my favorite part planning and organizing myself for this makeover, or should I say upgrade! I've made my travel list, I've found The pre and Post kits to be more suitable, Don't forget to drink lots of water flushes system after swelling and get all the impurities out, lemon water is also good for swelling, stay away from sodium. Get up and move around this is good for your healing process, keep that blood flowing!! I'm starting back in the gym Tomorrow Monday, Time to get right. Every week there will be a delivery truck at my door from ordering all my necessities for my Journey. Getting prepared mentally and Physically to embrace the new Me. So excited!!!!

Flight Confirmation!!

Well today I decided to purchase my flight ticket because the lay overs was getting out of control!! Overnight layover in NY(JFK), than thirteen hours, So I found one for mad cheap and the layovers wasn't bad, so I purchased it, hell when I leave DR the only town I wanna see is my own and thats The ROC!!!! Me and my buddies are too estatic, nervous and anxious all at the same time cant wait to wake up and put my faja on and see my new curves, I know I will be in pain, but with God on my side I will be fine, I am claiming a quick recovery!!!!!

Counting Down 6-Months and 11Days which is 27 weeks!!!!!

I haven't felt this anxious since I was a child that feeling when you can't wait to wake up Christmas morning, and the first day of school, y'all no exactly what I'm saying. This is some journey I didn't realize when I made this decision my life was gonna be consumed with anxiety, a real self stalker, and FB groupie searching for updated info, which has really helped me along the way. Everyday I need more and more info, knowledge, wisdom, or just plain insight about the Yily Goddess!!! The more info the better, I've heard some sad, scary, and some misfortune situation from time to time, that didn't bother me at all cause I know there is always two side to a story and I don't wanna get caught up in no gossip or negativity, so I say a prayer and keep it moving. I'm aware that surgery is a risk, anytime you have surgery it is possible to get an infection, just like I'm aware that when you have aggressive lipo you can get burned, Let's be real about the facts I hear some of the most ridiculous stuff on here make me wonder at times, No I don't want any of the mishaps, but I have to knowledgable about the possibilities as well as my expected results!!! I am counting down, spending money on my personal items can't go no where without buying something for my journey. My husband and sons are all talked out about being Yilified, my poor husband probably can't wait til I get my butt on that plane lol, cause Gods knows I can't wait til my turn. This will be a dream come true I lost my body to three son's God bless me with, If I could do it over I would give them life again and again I love my boys they are my joy!!!!! Me and my buddies are planning, chatting, encouraging, bonding, on a daily basis we are constantly exchanging info with each other I'm ready to share this journey with them and embrace friendship and our experience in the DR, I believe and know we all are going to be just fine, cause Ive asked God to take the wheel, and I know who is driving on April 8, 2014!!! I can't wait to wake up and putting on my faja for the first time, I work in this field so I know it won't be fun, it's a process and I'm preparing myself mentally everyday, I will be taking my bible, kindle, magazines, earphones to listen at pandora, I must admit out of every thing I'm freak out about the belly button, when I of them moving the location really chokes me up!!!! SMH, so until I post again every one stay positive, stay drama free, be encouraged, stay away from all negativity it's poison to your inner self!!! Everyone Be Blessed, and don't forget to prep yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually before your surgery so your body is prepared .

Wish Pic

Nice round firm breast with cleavage

Flat abdomens

Changes Changes!!!!!!!!

Hello Dolls it's been a while, I've been busy preparing and surfing the groups which seem like too much drama for me. So I had to withdraw from some groups, I am totally a no tolerance when it comes to foolishness, and drama!!!!! I am down too three months and three weeks away from my transformation, I've decided I will be a Contreas Doll, my date is still April 7-22, 2014 I'm excited, anxious and ready to close this chapter in my life like right Now!!!! Lol I'm packed and ready to go!!!! My mind is prepared for the journey, and I no all to well that the healing is a process.... Of course I'm praying for a quick recovery and superb results, cause there will be no round two for TQueen unless I have no other choice. I'm a firm believer and I'm def walking by faith in this journey like I do any other situation , I'm not looking to be no one but simply Myself I just wanna enhance, and restore that's all. I must admit this process is a mental roller coaster, it's easy to get side tracked if your not careful with so many opinions, facts, tragedies, and rumors. Cause we desire a certain standard when in DR far as results, services and care, so it become a gamble making sure your decision is with the right Dr. We also have to keep in mind this is not a rich Country, we will not have the luxury of the USA standards, things will be different like drinking water " Why chance washing up with this water unless u buy some sterile or boil water" we no this do prepare yourself mentally I've purchased tons of wipes and personal care products to keep myself clean and comfortable. Think ahead!!!! Plan on purchasing some drinking water why chance getting sick? I get so irritated with some chicks this has been said time and time again and what they do, right after surgery take a shower or wash up in the contaminated water and get infection....... Come on now that's not being wise at all, than we have wonderful vets that's been very informative with their journey Thanks too, Suzy Hillary, LolaJae, PAinla, Mina to bossy, Nr Beauty, Melissa Freeman, Lolita, Royal Dival the original, Geemy, and many more. I really appreciate all you've done!!!! Because of my research and your experiences have prepared me, I'm ready for DR. I remember watching Geemy's video that was very thoughtful, she stated clearly that with aggressive lipo it's possible to get some burns, and bruises, she even gave us a remedy, which was Rose Oil, so I bought some!!!! There will be swelling after the surgery for weeks sometime months, I researched and found some remedies to help with swelling like pineapple tea, water pills, and of course many massages as possible!!!! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE JOURNEY MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY........ Let's pray for each other and send positive vibes cause apparently we are all midst of enhancing, restoring,bettering, or perfecting ourselves. On that note Be Blessed Dolls I wish everyone nothing but the best Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Days before officially becoming a Doll

well I'm almost at the finish line, man I really dont know where to begin. This has been a longggg journey many bumps and humps along the way. Decisions Decisions I found myself making alot of decisions pertaing to the Dr's I started out with Yily wanting to be a Yily Doll, but after time I realized Yily attitude and me would be a bad combination so I switched to Dr. Conteraes and after seeing some of his post op patients made me very skeptical and hearing different experinces made me question was his sculpturing skills for my body type. I felt like he was a hit or miss and just my luck he would miss lol. So I begin watching the King Cabral even though I said I would never go to him, since his return back he has been very persistant and delivering nothing but results, and he seem to be getting a lil bit greedy and his quotes are all over the place. I'm to close to be undecided But I want a round #1 only. Some girls are planning round two before their round 1 thats crazy right smh, I no this can be very addictive. So Ive been planning this trip since August of 2013 started out with five wonderful buddies and only two of the originals are going myself and Julie, my cousin and the sweet Cheryl are the newest addition. I'm am very excited to meet my two buddies that I spent so much time texting, and talking eachother ears off. I feel good I feel secure in God and I no he watches over me, long as I have King Jesus we will be fine. I've asked him to take the wheel and protect us from any harm, danger, infections, blood clots,or illness. Ladies I remember starting out knowing absolutely nothing Research is your number one tool, Groups are good, but be careful their are a lot of snakes in these Groups smh, Ive witnessed some crazy situations in some of the groups I removed myself I am a no nonsense type of person I hate negativity with a passion!!! The only thing that concerns me right now is the Cipla I'm hearing about to many infections and the

Two Days to GOOOOOO

Hello Dolls I'm back and I have two days to be transformed, I havent been on this site in a while due to all the confusion, which I 100% stay away from all DRAMA!!! But Im feeling good I've been in contact with Dr. cabral and his Asst. I'm first on his agenda Tuesday Morning. I prayed up and ready feeling good, and excited, and and praying for a speedy recovery in Jesus Name!!!!! Jesus Take the wheel is all Im gonna say, until next time keep a sista in prayer and I'll be more than happy to journal and ask questions.
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