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Hi everybody, I'm doing a tummy tuck, bbl, Lipo in...

Hi everybody, I'm doing a tummy tuck, bbl, Lipo in the back and arms with Dr. Yily De Los Santos. I'm Going to all my appointments to check if im healthy enough for this surgery so then i could get ready to depart to D.R. Probably on april. I'm 25 years old and i have 3 kids. After i had my last kid my body lost its shape. I'm Ready for a new me!!! I want to increase my self-steem And be or even better like i was before!!! :)

be Careful

OMG I'm really scared. I just saw in Univision News about a women who caught an infection in Dominican Republic who got a tummy tuck with Dr.Ivelisse bello. I seen other cases like this with this doctor...there's two cases that has been posted in RS:




My Scaredom Is Over:D

Hey ladies. So last night I was roaming on Yily's profile in RS and I saw some comments saying that Yily had medical malpractice on Jayteedee123. She said she caught the MRSA bacteria because of Yily’s unsanitary equipment (As her Doctor in the US said). At first I was pretty scared, but I’m a very curious person so I called Yily’s office. I was talking to her assistant first about that (I wanted to know if it was true) but then Dr.Yily took the phone and started to talk to me. She told me that many people are trying to ruin her reputation. To be honest I totally trust her. I believe in her blessed hands and I know that she's going to do a great job.


Getting ready!!!

Hello ladies. Sorry I haven't keep up with y'all but I was resolving some problems before I was sure on leaving my stuff in his website. I have been vying lately in Walmart and rite aid and the things I need. Here's a list:
-allergy Relief pills
-ferrous gluconate (iron pills)
-Doc-Q-Lace soft gel pills (to use the bathroom after surgery)
-folic acid
-vitamin B12
-Vitamin C
-naproxen (for pain)
-omeprazole (for stomach ache)
-PVP Prep solution (for cleaning wound)
-70% alcohol
-hydrogen peroxide (or hibiclens)
-hand sanitizer
-large band aids
-sterile latex free pad
-paper tape for sensitive skin
-hot compress
-antiseptic towelettes
-anti itch cream
-gauze sponges
-maxi dresses
-maxi pads
-bed chucks
-bed sheet set
-vaginal cream
-tank tops
-compression socks
AND That's IT!

My bags are all ready all I need is the flight for April. I'm ready for this! All I need is my date and then I'll become an official Yily Doll!!!

Bye Yily :(

Dear RS friends I'm no longer getting surgery with doctor Yily. I'm goon to get my tummy tuck and bbl with my dear friend Dr.Disnalda matos who recently registered to RS. The reason I'm changing my mind is because I've seen too many bad reviews about her and I already know Dr.Matos for 4 years and my mom and 2 other friends got surgery with her and their results are great. Sorry #TeamYily but I'm off...I guess I'm in #TeamDMatos
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