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So I decided that I not only wanted lipo with the...

So I decided that I not only wanted lipo with the bbl, but I also want a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Just last week I stumbled across this site and I hae been addicted since. I have read tons and tons of posts about the good and the bad. And I even found out how to contact Duran! I actually considered Jimmerson (here in Atl), then Yily, Baez, and Duran. But, Jimmerson quoted me double what Duran quoted me and his quote was just for my butt. I know that he can deliver, but I am on a budget so I kept searching. I found a few local doctors and doctors in FL that were affordable but they couldn't deliver the results I want from what I had seen in their work. So then I was stuck between Yily and Duran, although I was set on Duran from the bbl she did to my friend in March, I wanted to fully research before I committed. I didn't solely want it to be on price I wanted it to be of value and what I wanted, and I didn't want to have to pay for the same thing twice because the first go round went wrong.

Any who I sent emails to Yily, Baez, and Duran when I came across the site to request quotes. But then I was leaning more towards Duran as I saw more of her work. Then, Yily responded first but it was such a generic message requesting pictures when I had already sent them. Then the one email I had for Duran didn't allow me to attach pictures, then I came across another email and sent it without pictures and she responded yesterday evening. She requested that I send her pictures. She was very warm, personal, and you could tell it wasn't generic. BTW, I do speak Spanish so I sent it in Spanish for those who don't, try Google, its an awesome tool.

Well, I sent her the pics this morning and she responded an hour later with a quote and instructions on how to secure a date etc. So I am definitely excited! She quoted me 6500 with tt, bbl, lipo, and breast implants. And then 4500 without the breast implants. So I am totally siked. I carry most of my weight in my stomach and back and sides so I know she has a lot of fat to harvest to give me a nice booty, small waist, curves, and flat tummy!!!! I am so excited and I can't wait and so is hubby! I sent another message requesting a date, but I haven't heard back yet. So I will give it time. I do know that she typically responds on the weekends. And I got my response on Sunday and today after just sending out my emails on Wednesday. Good Luck to all. I hope to have the work done in December or January. The sooner the better actually!

BTW I got to my highest weight of 185, and I have been dieting and working out and with in the past few weeks I have gotten down to 170. I am trying to get to maybe 155 or 160 and still have enough fat for her to work with.
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