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I am looking for a sx buddy who has an appt in...

I am looking for a sx buddy who has an appt in November with Duran. It doesnt matter the day, ill make myself open any day. I do not have a date yet but I dont want to travel alone. I would appreciate anyone traveling alone..thanks.

I need a November date so I can heal before my Jan semester class start. My plans are a TT, Lipo, BBL

Still waiting but hopeful

I spoke with Duran today and she said she couldnt get back with me until Friday. Odd because its Monday, but I understand her days may be busy. She instructed me to send over my pics and we will discuss them. Im excited and cant wait to get my tummy tuck following a horrific hysterectomy that left my stomach scarred. I would love to have a sx buddy, so I wont be all alone. I look forward to chatting with Dr. Duran and I will keep you updated. I want a November sx date, hoping I can get in. TT, BBL, Lipo here I come!!

DR bound, pre-op photo

I'm going to post my pre op photo. I'm hoping for a transformation with Duran after a botched hysterectomy. It's not as big as it looks but it left my stomach with a fold at the cease. I will show it later. I look forward to my surgery with Duran and although i don't have a date yet I'm really going for November, early. I read those with dates can get ahold of her and her staff quicker. If anyone is traveling alone and want a buddy with a date in novemeber please let me know if you can reach duran. Thanks...ill keep y'all updated on my status.

Pre op photo.... Duran Duran make me over!!!

this is a pre op photo... it sucks, yes I know. i have a previous breast reduction and they brought ne from 34FF to 34big C. but my nipples didnt fit anymore. a botched hernia repair, cant even tell where he cut, and a hysterectomy left opened caused me to "fold over". I so cant wait from a make over...with added hips :)


Im getting so nervous. The more research I do on the internet the more I wonder if sx in DR is a good idea. I wonder if the photos are really real, the outcome. There are more "wish" photos on here than actual post-op. I dont know what to think. Plus I have not heard back from Yily or Duran, although I am not expected a reply from Duran til Friday. I dont know what to expect, with results, with the stay. Im not concerned about infections because that can happen here in the States. It happened with me on a supposedly normal common hysterectomy. I have the means to go asap, was hoping for a Novemeber date, but earlier might be better, healing wise. I want to think ppl have their surgery and no longer have a need to update, but wouldnt they want to show off fantastic results...oh my im so confused.

So I got a quote

So a quote is in for $4800, Im trying to clarify what that includes. A surgery date is scheduled for Oct 18th. Im hoping to get my wish pics results. I know she said I have to choose arms or thighs, my oh my thats a hard decision...chime in ladies with your thoughts. I have thick skin but please be tactful and i appreciate all replies.

Yily Replies Back with a Quote

Soooo Yily replied back with a quote of $5300. She added a breast lift, but I have not like post op pics of her breast. Im looking for a reduction as well, but I am going to wait to avoid post op complications. Anywho her quote included tummy tuck, BBL, breast lift, nd lipo of full back, abdomen, arm pit, flank, and waist. I have her quote, but I am reading more about her manners. I like honesty but thats different than just being rude. well hopefully, whomever I chose God blesses their poor little hands. I am now looking up Dra. Distal. If anyone knows of her please send me info. I requested a quote. October is quickly appraoching.

Another quote from... Cynthia Disla

SO I sent pics and info over to Disla for a TT,BBL, and Lipo. I got a quote of $4500. I will post her reply. I am leaning to her because of her willingness to communicate. Yily has also been very verbal, well via email, with me but her reviews make me nervous. I want aggressive lipo with my TT for my BBL. My only hold up is that Duran has not been good, not een great but good, at communicating. If ANYONE has heard about, talked with, had sx with Disla please let me know something. Thnx... here is Disla email, I translated via google since it was in spanish:

Hello thank you very much for contacting me and send me your photos,
THE prodimientos you request> TT, BBL, Lipo-full back, upper / lower abdominal, arm pit, flank, and waist are very correct, is all you need, ek your surgery would cost us 4500, this includes your operating room on, anesthesiologist, clinical expenses, umn hsopitalization day my fees, visits after surgery cures and disposables, Ameritas a minimum of 12-15 days, the RH I can recommend the Armonia Rh, this was the cost of the surgery, if you want a package that has srían 5250 lop us in the Rh WOULD icluidos 10 days, 3 meals go and pick transport to the airport and take you to the office pra scheduled visits, so long, I am at your dosposicion for any questions

Excited and feeling encouraged

I cant find much info on Disla, except for a few post op pics. I still have a feeling Duran is the way to go even though I cant get a hold of her for certain questions, go figure. I would only hope that when it is my time she will give me undivided attention. However, Yily and Disla have been very open with communication via email, or at least their assistant has. I just read another rs story and I am feeling encouraged. I have been to DR on a cruise vacation so I kinda know a little of the culture...but im sure this side of visiting is a whole new experience.

OAN: I am pretty much settled on Real Recovery Armonia. I have been waiting to hear back from Duran before sending a deposit over. Her assistant is kinda rushy and I dont like that being that Im giving you my hard earned money. Her email was generic and didnt include anything but how to make a deposit. I noticed Yily and Disla was very detailed...somehow I still dont have a bad "gut" feeling.

Flight and Passport

I have officially sent off for my ppb. I hope they get it back in time since they have my card too. I want to leave on the 3rd. I plan to start flight watching tomorrow about noon, hoping to get a good deal. I plan to stay 12 days but if I book a one way ticket Im thinking its going to cost more trying to get back. Anyone with any knowledge let me know please. I try to travel about twice a year but Ive never flown out of the country.

I have almost everything I need, Im a germaphobe so I tried to get anything that kills germs, bacteria, etc. I need to get EPA it works. I even have germx lotion!! I had an infection before and those things are not pretty I will be proactive. Time is creeping close and I have a lot to do this upcoming month, including my anniversary. stay tuned


I have a few pics that appear to be "personal". After reading I see ppl have alot of concern about pic thieves. If I have anyones pic please let me know and I will remove them. I actually googled and found the pics I have... just let me know. I like to see the before and after pics; it helps decide if a doctor can produce the results "we" are looking for. I can say I loved the support of this website and have been disappointed at the cattiness I see, I guess if you stay on something long enough youre bound to fine negative. I cant see to get off the site though, I roll over and pick up my computer at any time of the night, I even have it on my phone.

I read that iron levels can be too high. I wonder what will happen if it is high. My last check was 13 point something but I have still been taking my iron pills, when I can...constipation is a bugger..sorry folks.

So I have shopped for ALMOST everything I need.. from cleaning antibacterial products to clothes,bedding and applied for my passport. Waiting for my shipments to come in, I received my cg yesterday. I will be packing early since I have to prepare for this upcoming semester of classes. I only need a few items now like a travel pillow and lock. I need to make my deposit on RRA, to Duran, and book the flight and I should be set to go.

Confirmed for the 4th Oct

I have been confirmed for the 4th of October, yaah. Now I had a problem with the wire transfer and was told to bring cash the day of, but I dont want to carry that much cash. I will try until I leave to make a payment some how. I am packing, have my passport ordered, spoke with and confirmed dates for Real Recovery Armonia. Now I have to wait for the count down. Just found out I need another class before the semester is over, ughhhhh plus its my anniversary this month sooo its gonna be very busy. Oh well. If there is anyone having sx on the 4th (traveling alone or in a group) lets chat, battle buddy and support :)

things ive purchased so far

**waiting for a few things from amazon**
I will be bagging them up by groups. so far I have

Dial (gold) hand and liquid body soap, germ x hand lotion,
purell hand sanitizer, polysporin, bactine spray, dermoplast (red can), alcohol wipes,
benadryl gel, scar gel,reg and non stick gauze pads, bandaids
assurance wash cloths(disposable), flushable wipes, dulcoease pink(softner), gas x chewables, advil pm, iron, vitamin B complex gummies and vitamin c chewables, shower flip flops, shower curtain to line the bed, fitted sheet, thermometer and cover sheets, EPA cleaner, hibsclean, and betaiodine, boppy nursing pillow.

**bought at walmart, jcpennys, and amazon

returning Advil

So i will be returning the Advil for a different pm med. Prescription pain meds by mouth always make me ill, too strong. I have come into the knowledge that Advil makes you bleed more and it's not recommended following surgery...

Helpful Tips following Tummy Tuck

I came across this list of dos and donts and thought I would share:

Tummy Tuck Post op Care Instructions for Out of Town Patients

Click Here To Read Testimonials From Our Tummy Tuck Patients!

1. No driving for 3 weeks post tummy tuck surgery or until off narcotic pain medication completely.

2. Please take the medications as directed. Antibiotic medication is for 2 weeks, pain, nausea and Valium medication are taken as needed. Never on an empty stomach and always space out the medications.

3. Constipation is very common due to the pain medication and anesthesia, please use Colace over the counter or any laxative that has worked with you in the past. You may start taking something to help prevent constipation 2-3 days post surgery.

4. If you develop a rash or think you are having an allergic reaction to the medication please call our office immediately. Sometimes Benadryl will help.

5. No exercises for 6-8weeks post surgery

6. No showers for 6 weeks post surgery. No ocean water or pool water for 8 weeks post surgery or until the incision is fully healed.

7. No tanning or sun exposure to the incision until the incision has healed completely.

8. Please do not put scar creams or ointments on the incision immediately after surgery, you may irritate the area or cause an allergic reaction.

9. Patients need to be in the hunched over position for 4 weeks.

10. Please use a walker during your 4-week recovery. Try to borrow a walker from a friend or family member or you may rent or buy a walker.

11. Remember to move your feet back and fourth for 2 weeks post surgery.

12. Remember to do the deep breathing exercises for 2 weeks post surgery.

13. It is a good idea to have a recliner to help keep in that recovery position for sleeping. Often times you need a lot of soft pillows to help keep you comfortable.

14. After surgery you will have lots of dressings, binder, drains, pain pump, and compression stockings provided to you. Please leave everything on until we see you, which is usually 7 days post surgery.

15. Pain pump is removed 1-week post surgery.

16. Drains are removed 2-4 weeks post surgery if they are ready. Drainage output of the drains needs to be below 20cc within a whole 24hr period.

17. Patients must wear their surgical binder for a total of 2-4 weeks or until drains are removed and may start wearing a spanx garment.

18. After drains are removed patients need to wear a spanx garment/body suit to help with the swelling for 4 weeks. The spanx garment needs to cover the whole abdomen area. You may find them through our office for the amount of $82, add $10 for shipping or you may also try your nearest department store Khols,Walmart, Targel etc……

19. After drains are removed we want to make sure that there is no fluid build up “Seroma”, please make sure to call the office if you feel you have developed fluid. Sometimes fevers, nausea will be a side affect or the abdomen area may have swelling and you can feel fluid move. Almost like a waterbed affect.

20. You may expect to be swollen for a few months. Sometimes the most swelling will be at about 2 months post surgery and note that swelling will travel south so the pubic area may look swollen too.

21. Bruising can take a few weeks before it goes away, arnica may help to minimize bruising.

22. Patients may start applying scar creams to the incisions after 3 weeks if the incision line if it looks good and there are no open wounds or scabs.

23. For Scar treatment most patients will use Hybrisil Ointment which you may get from our office for $90. Add $10 for shipping. Hybrisil is prescription strength medication that helps prevent keloiding and redness, and is normally used twice a day for 2 months. You may also use anything that has worked for you in the past. Scars will look their worst and angry looking closer to 2 months post surgery.

24. It’s very normal to have some drainage or seapage from the incision line during the healing period.

25. Incision lines and final results may take up to about a year. Sometimes sutures take time to dissolve, and sometimes you may have them reach the surface. This is normal and you may gently trim them.


I find it so ironic the website is called real self, but its all about plastic/cosmetic surgeries... well I guess it has still been a good source for support, not sure which pics are real results etc. However, I am on my way, flight booked, room taken care of, bags packed. Jesus hold my hand :)

Cabbie Jose Britto

Can someone please give me contact info for Jose Britto, the cab driver? I have my flight booked but looking for a taxi driver I can depend on while I am there...oh and any recommendations for a nurse please leave the info or name, thx :) 3weeks, the countdown continues

Still waiting for passport

As time gets closer, Im nervous because I havent received word regarding my passport. I have repacked my bags, taking out a few clothes. I cant seem to fit bottled water in mu luggage, do anyone know if bottled water can be purchased while in DR and if it is safe to drink?

Oh I got a quote from Baez that was $3700, that includes the airport ride, meds, massages, almost everything others are charging extra for.

Lipofoam vs maxi pads

Hi everyone I have a question...as of now im scheduled with Duran, I cant get a hold of her to answer my questions :( I want to know if the lipo foam is needed or will the maxi pads take its place.

Sx Buddy

I will be in DR on Oct 3rd. I want to stay at a hotel room and split the cost of room and cook with a buddy. I have a room booked but its not set so it can be changed. I do want one room my entire stay. I am a germaphobe and want to clean it down before surgery. If anyone will be there willing to share the cost between the 3rd and 15th let me know. So far the room I have is Apartahotel plaza del sol a few min from Cipla and total cost for 12 days is 576 (48/night)...two beds with kitchen.

Passport CHECK

I got my passport today, all of my shopping is done, I have packed and repacked, flight booked. I am ready to go! My luggage wont hold water, pineapple juice, but Im hoping to get at least one thing of ensure in. Did anyone purchase these things in DR? Arriving Oct 3rd, Sx Oct 4th cant wait #teamduran

3 weeks and counting

I am 3 weeks from my travel date. At this time in 3 weeks I will be in ATL waiting to board heading to SDQ...super excited and ready to go get my makeover (21days)


Is lipofoam really needed? Whats different from that and the maxi pads? I cant get this question answered, if someone knows please let me know.

Almost time

I have 15 days before I take off. Im excited and nervous at the same time. I am still unsure on where I will stay. I have a room booked but If I dont buddy up the price for a nurse/cook will put me well over the dollar amount of a RH... oh well. I am glad to see hardbum561 recovering well, gives me hope :). The video they posted, her and her sx buddies, is very helpful and they answer many questions most of us wanted to know. check out her profile.

Measurements (wish pics)

Counting down til take off, I have come up with wish measurements. I am currently 40-39-41.5...i know it sounds like a box. Surprisingly I am not as bad as it sounds, lol, right huh...I want more hips to fill out. My wish measurements are 36-26-49...im 5'0 1/2 (yes i added the 1/2 hahaha). the girl in this pic is 34-26-46

so i tried on my faja that I pre-ordered from caribbeanshape.com and ugh, yeah, about that. I called like oh nooo its way to small. Lilian put me at ease, there is no limit on returns but I have to pay return shipping plus flat rate shipping the new cg to me. it really held well at my current weight (s). i could only button the first 4/5 clips. oh well hoping to get in that thing about 5/6 weeks post op

Social Media Games

I see why people say they leave these sights. To be called out of my name and i guess disrespected because you dont read properly is childish and ghetto. I said i guess because I didnt take it personally, just read it matter of factly. However, it is something I dont like to see. When I see someones opinion that I dont agree with, what do I do? I keep it moving, its not productive or beneficial to me to comment on anothers thoughts. When will some people learn get an understanding before popping off. It shows more about you than the person you talking to. its better to ask questions for understanding than to have to apologize for going off for nothing. Now, i dont disrespect others and I dont tolerate disrespect...so if you feel the need to be disrespectful its okay to by pass MY journey, comments, or post. Its called self control. thats one of the very FEW things in life you actually have control over. RS/FB and any other site where people come together, that should have like minds(sx,support), have to much drama and hating thats not needed. Women are the worst when it comes to other women.

Simple people

I had a response for you, left nameless because she not worth the attention being all it does is comment, but responding to it is a waste of time... lesson of the day..dont be simple minded, put your left brain with your right brain and think

back to my countdown!

Still deciding

still deciding if I should stay in my hotel or switch to a rh... i want to minimize my cost, which is why im traveling to DR to begin with. i wonder how long most take to get around "okay" with a tt... will the vets let me know their healing time.

Another death in DR

it is sad to hear about the lastest person who passed the other day at Cipla. I cant lie i am scared. More so than in August because its the Anesthesiologist not the actual doctor. it opens so many questions like was it the language barrier, how could a mistake be made pre-op, why not start low and increase, etc. im 5 days out before i leave and for the first time i am thinking what if its me. I know when its my time its my time but i hate to have it while doing an elective sx. I almost lost my life in the us and couldnt get anyone to help me, so im not making this a dr vs usa thing, its strictly needed vs elective. do i want me pre-baby body back, yes. i know know amount of exercise can fix my belly after my hysterectomy gone wrong. but i want to be alive for my children, i am a very healthy person and i want to stay that way... although i have a reason for much needed concern, i wonder how much play into last minute cold feet. im nervous, confused, and praying for safety from the airplane to after i come back . i have no problem skipping the sx and just laying on the beach for a vacation.

Here is the link from the new york post

here is the link from the new york post. ladies be careful..


wrong lady

OMG, so thats not of the recent lady who dies a coule of days ago. that link is to Erica, the lady who dies at the end of Aug...

nerves are kicking in

I leave out tomorrow overnight and boy am I nervous. I was hoping to lose five lbs but gained them instead... I hope its from the increase in meats to maintain my iron levels. I pray for my safety and success and hope for the results I ask. I'm scheduled with duran :) but have an appointment with Beaz...all the cipla talk, death, and infections are playing heavy on my mind. I'm praying Lord guide me. Uggggh, well I plan to update my journey while there on rs and notes in a journal. I will keep it updated on who I choose, where I stay, my thoughts on the doctors etc. So until take off....ttyl :)

4 hours

4 hours til take off pray much for me!!!!

Nothing going as planned

I'm super frustrated, my head hurt, and nothing going as planned. Hotel taxi car stopped had to wait for a jump. I sure pray this day is not a reflection of what's to come

sx this am

I am up getting ready for sx. Trying to find a rh for after sx. I have healing haven I'm getting to work out. I'm kind of frustrated but is all on me. I won't get my results back til later this morning. Got to shower up I'm packed and ready to check out of Plaza del sol. Hoping jose come through today.


pain is no joke

I'm in so much pain. Duran is Pretty, brittob is a hottie. This is the worst pain I've ever felt. I feel dizzy yall ttul

2 days op

I'm two days post op. Still have pain swelling and fluid build up in my arms and stomach. I will post pics when I can. Thanks for your support and well wishes. I went to the bathroom all by myself. I hear to scratch the hotel I'm staying at healing haven. Betty is the bomb.com...I just wanted to check in to let yall know I'm still here


The workers for healing haven are great, they are truly helpful. Make sure prices are agreed upon first. Trying to stuff into faja is like putting a 5 yr old in a 6 month onesie, and I'm not closing it up yet. Right now I'm stuffed with fluid the nurse forgot to open my drain back up. Wifi goes in and out so my phone calls are not as smooth with magic jack. I'm so drained of energy with the excess fluid right now. I'll do pics soon I hope.


I brought my own food so I haven't taken advantage of the meals but they sure smell delicious.


I try to respond to everyone individually, if I miss u please don't take it personal. I will try to answer when I can. I primarily try to answer new questions or concerns. Man I sure hope I'm not flattening my butt.. It's let field but I'm concerned :)

hunk alert

He's a true hottie, hahaha, but he is honest. He do not recommend yasmin because so much goes on he thinks if anything happens her first goal is to save family. It's his opinion but it does make sense. Jose britto

After pic

My belly is swollen so don't pick me a part to hard yall. I want to keep adding pics as I take them but don't want opinions on docs etc on my page and please don't take my pic wo asking. If there is a pic you don't like just skip it please i want positive energy here, thanks in advance ???

After pic


Man o man I want starburst, mac and cheese cabbage and fried chicken wings. I won't change my eating habits but I will control my portions. Ummm the thoughts I think lol


I moved around today, sitting in the living room, going to bathroom, etc. I began to feel very swoll and light headed. The nurse forgot to re open my drain, no problems I opened it when I noticed I wasn't draining. Later I started feeling bad again, I noticed my drain was clogged, so I went back to my room when pain started in my bottom. Thank God the nurse was close by, she came and immediately un clogged my drain, I began to feel better instantly. She cleared most of the line but got out the clots/clogs. Now I'm laying here waiting to go to sleep. Doc visit in morning. I'm nervous my butt won't be big enough, proportionate, capitol A or upside down heart. Lol, gn rs

not the faja

The faja does not cause burns, your skin is sensitive. My chux and t shirt had stuck to My skin. If it's ripper off you skin comes with and causes the burns Ppl say. My body is in so much pain. This was the worst massage I ever had.


Got my drain out and pooped I feel better today. Last night was hard I felt like a ton of bricks

Duran Duran Duran Loca

She tried putting my faja on third bracket, I say no no no 2 or 1. My gosh I'm stuffed. She's serious about that compression. Plus she come in run way ready, she's ahottie too even in a track suit, nap time


Never mind the front my drains came out today so I'm leaking

Ready to go

I'm so ready to go, I miss my family. I can go home and get the same quality of care maybe better. My church mates are nurses. I think I may pay to leave tomorrow. He garment is kinda of comfortable on the second latch. I'm draining like crazy and want the nurse to change the pad, don't know if she will come. I hope she come in the am for my last shot and I think I will leave. I have lymphatic massage at home.


I have decide to leave the dr 6 days post op. is going to be hard I know especially because it was not planned. I want to be comfortable. I will eat

I made it home

So I'm home and I will update everything about the recovery house soon. I'm arms are killing me, m my recliner is a lifesaver. Boy did I work my husband nerve last night.

a little about me

One thing about me is I'm honest. I am a Christian and I live my life as such. I don't fast talk or try to get over. I'm more than fair. If I say it it's true to me, for me.. From my pov. No one can bully me into anything, I hold my own


I have a small skin issue where the chux stuck to my skin during my massage. That's how I realize it's not a burn and it's not from the suit. I will try to take a picture of it. My skin is intact and I put silver solution on it. When I tried to flip over I felt it was stuck. The massage therapists tried pulling I said no get water. I think that's why it's not bad because I stopped it.

Everyone know my experience and journey is mine and I can only tell it from my pov.


They say if you have a bad feeling don't do it... That goes for any aspect in this journey. I had a bad feeling and went against it now it's causing me a headache. I want to move on from this and continue my healing recovery.

My stomach is softening slowly. I'm moving better and eating regularly. If anyone has a recommendation on making the navel right can you please let me know... She didn't keep my existing one because of the navel repair. Thanks

recovery house update

I will write a full review of my stay from arrival to departure in dr when I'm able to sit at computer. It should be updated within 3 days. I'm a real person with honest reviews. I do not work for or have any personal relationships with anyone I came in contact with, you will receive a honest review.

update before and after pics

dr and healing haven

I arrived to dr headed straight to hotel. I had to use a taxi from airport because Jose didn't come and didn't respond that day, when I got to room I realized it was not good for post op. I posted that I needed to go and healing haven responsed. I sent her an inbox on fb asking if she had openings and this is where it all begins.

I had a buddy that I was traveling with and we wanted to stay together. So I start asking julene about fees and this get shaky. I leave the Convo the nigh before sx saying I'll get back to you don't make a move. She wanted to send her driver to get me. Ff I have my sx Jose comes through and picks my up. He walked to my room door to get bags and off to cipla we went. I locked my bags in duran office and Elizabeth and I go to take test and get room, 404. I had to pay 35 bucks for open toe compressing stockings. I get my blue pill and off to sx at 1. The nurses were not that bad. I learned dolor quick. The next morning I was greeted by mayra from armonia I made plans to go with her but she wouldn't have an opening until 10pm and I was being discharged at 11am. After being squeezed into my faja, Duran kept it open, she was explaining to mayra how to care for me, something about sensitive skin, andin walks a man... His name is Cecil. Stay tuned

bad business manners

I have been trying to contact Healing HavenDr regarding my refund due to me on prepaid services not used. Now the day she stated i would be refunded she is not responding or answering my calls. she originally quoted me 42.55 a night for ten nights came to a total $425.00 usd. but charged me 600. I said she would refund me my $175 after i threatened to leave. I just now found out my husband gave me that money. I have witnesses to everything I will post regarding money stay and her accommodations. she now owes me 229.50 plus my $175. i will also post our conversations via fb. I have contacted a lawyer and I have every intention to sue her and Cecil, her english driver that took my money from my meds and didnt bring back my change. I gave him $98 usd for my meds he brought back $41 bucks worth

bad business manners

my buddy and i were going to stay at a hotel, but with no microwave it was inconvenient. thats when the emails begain. she blew my fb inbox up. i responded and she said she would give me a quote i gave her my hotel room number, she called several times. i have fb messages from her i will post btw... fast forward, i get my refund from the hotel and prepared to check out the next day. i later found out she sent her driver to cipla, although i did not tell her to send him. she said my buddy said she was staying and wanted me to join her, well after talking to my buddy the next day she told my buddy i was staying and she should join me. shes a liar at least from my experience.

bad business manners

okay,, so this is how i came to Healing HavenDr. after the night before sx i last told Julene Mercano to hold off ill let her know what i decide after speaking to my buggy and husband. i woke up britto took me to Cipla, i have a pic with him and my bags in the background. i left my things in my dra office. i woke up with my dra letting me know all was well. i had Mayra from Real Recovery Armonia there as Duran explain her how to care for me(she does personalize aftercare, not generic) Cecil walks in. I had no clue who he was. Julene sent Cecil not only that time but the day i was in sx and that night, without permission or my approval that I was staying there. I told her i was tryiing to go to Armonia. anywho he comes in and was like my buddy said that she will stay at HH for me to meet her there. I gave Myra a sad face and went with Cecil. Later i found out Julene told my buddy i was staying there and for her to meet me there. we both felt she was pushy, i cant comment on their convo because I wasnt there but Julene wasnt truthful. We both had some sort of money issue dealing with healing haven. Also her prices where off. she claimed to have given me back my 175 but i have proof my husband did that trying to get me to stay after wanting to leave for money reasons. who sends someone to pick them up without even given the okay to do so? ladies be careful and bring out your calculators when dealing with her. pay for everything via paypal or creditcard so you have a true go between for conflicts. im disappointed in Healing Haven/Curacion Del Asilo and the way they handled my care and monies. i love betty shes so sweet but Cecil taking my meds money and Julene changing rates and not refunding my massages, 5 nights, transportation, and now $175 i wouldnt recommend this place to others. its sad but i know what goes around comes around and KARMA sucks.

Healing haven

Julene claimed i would have my money back on Monday for the unused nights and prepaid services. well its wednesday and I dont have my money. she is 48 years old and still getting over on people. she know she owes me I have emails proving such. they will come in handy in court, if she shows. if she doesnt then i will win by default. i tried to be nothing but nice to her regarding my fees but she fast talks and tried to get fly over the phone. this is more about principalities than money. but know if she did it to me she will do it to others. saying that why should i care what she does to others. if ideian23 have an issue she will have 3 fingers pointing back at her so what the heck right, lol. i see why people stop posting and dont want to share. you always have a ruff dog barking. at the end of the day my three fingers are 1) i left with cecil without giving her the okay to send him in the first place 2) i didnt pay close attention to her math and got it bundled even though my sx buddy said not to and 3) i left that morning knowing she owed me, i should have took my post op barely walking self in his room and demanded at knife point i get my money now...smh, the bafoonary. my story will add up ten times over because its truth, i have no reason to lie. but of course she is a business if she ever responds she has a reason to lie because she wants business. what do i have to gain, nothing, zip, nada...ladies think about that. what can happen to me can happen to you, if you give it the chance. do like my buddy and get a base flat nothing extra price, know what you get into. she has a habit of sendind cecil to cipla without approval, another lady said the same, so be weary of that. til i decided to add more, peace out

Our world today

If you speak positive is truth, if it's negative is a lie. What a world and society we live in. People are loco

people want attention

I would say what I want but that would be flesh, my spirit is greater so God bless you. Jesus is greater than what my mind thinks.

She know she owes


Let's clear this up, my issues with julene does not take away from Betty, she's a sweetheart, although I feel she's not quite ready for post op she was very very helpful. She helped me as much as she knew how and even in frustrating times like the faja she didn't give up. It took an hour but she kept trying. However as stated before she is only one person and has nothing to do with money. Only julene and cecil is suppose to be the house driver. Don't let julene misled you saying I was satisfied, that's why I left. I clearly state I can get same if not better service at home.
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