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Hi Real Self Sisters! I have been obsessed with...

Hi Real Self Sisters!
I have been obsessed with researching here. I have gone to YouTube also to seek information. This is a journey I have begun and there is no turning back now.
One of the things I did during my search to find the right doctor is take notes. If a lady here listed the items she took, then I copied and pasted to my own Word document.
If someone mentioned a great RH, then I made a note.
When someone mentioned they had to go back for a second sx because the first doctor did a poor job, that doctor was immediately removed from my list. I review any pics they had to show the problem(s).
I compared how many procedures the doctors would do, or how many they did in a day.
Take special note of any deaths. Oh yeah, I do want to come back from the DR! Not to say that the doctors here are perfect either!
I watched countless videos on here and YouTube of previous surgery results by different doctors.
I reduced my options to 3 doctors, then two, and finally comparing price, skill, years of experience and all comments to make my final choice.
And most important, I go with my gut feelings.

Tall and Thick

Need to lose 25 lbs.I eliminated red meats, alcohol, white foods, sodas, and starting cardio exercises.
Stats 40d, high 30s waist. and 40s hips
I want to be after March 36d,30,48
A lady can wish, right?

Tall and thick will never be skinny

my last date did not take. There is one picture of me at a spa but the others are wish pics. My tattoo is in the perfect place to hide BBL scar(s). I like Amber Rose's figure. I think she is tall, but not sure. Then I discovered Lira, forget her last name, on here and she got the butt and hips also.


I got new swimsuits. I couldn't help myself ladies. So I can see my after photos in the same swimsuit later. I got the thighs of life, but I want some lipo in there. Dra Duran decides where when she see you at consultation. She does not like to promise more than she can deliver. I would trust her to give me the body I feel I am on the inside.

dresses I won't wear

When you have dresses you love but won't wear anymore!

Sharing an Informative Post Thank you, Pretty_Lady

Hi Dolls,

As we all begin our journey, we strive to find helpful information to assist us in making a decision. I have seen many of us change doctors several times, lose deposits, and re-create usernames because we could not update the new doctor information. I think the latter part has been corrected by the site managers. However, we continue to read reviews to make a final choice on which doctor to trust with our lives, especially when we are considering going abroad. Going abroad adds another element of fear to overcome. I found this helpful post by Pretty_Lady below:

Hi Ladies, just want to share my thoughts on what you should look out for when choosing a doctor in DR only. Please note that this is just my opinion based on my research and all the post op results I saw on realself and in my total of almost 5 weeks stay in DR (both 1st & 2nd round). I will be discussing mostly the popular doctors in DR. If you disagree with me, that's fine, no offence meant or taken, but if it helps you in making your decision in any way, I will be happy for you. I will try to be as unprejudiced as possible but if I'm biased against Yily or favour Cabral, please don't blame me, it is based on my experience.

1) Determine what is most important to you because the best breast doctors are not the best in BBL and Liposculpture unfortunately. Is communication and aftercare more important to you? Sadly there is no doctor in DR that has it all in 1 package. You will have to trade off something for what matters to you most.

If I have a good body already with good fat storage (no saggy/excess skin), a little something on my behind already and was more interested in having an excellent breast work, I would choose Baez (the lady), Robles or Disla in that order. They have had no reported deaths or infections that I know of. Baez has top notch communication and aftercare and uses FDA approved implants which costs a little bit more. She is also the only one that has textured implants which stay where they are placed and you won't have to worry about your implant dropping or wearing a breast band. Their Liposculpture and BBL on small girls with enough fat and no saggy skin is on point and amazing. If you are in the same RH with Baez or Disla patients, you will envy the aftercare they receive. The doctors clean the incisions themselves and take care of their patients better than any of the other doctors I will talk about. Robles aftercare is great as well but the time taken to book an after care appointment and wait time to see her is just horrible. If I'm a big lady or have tons of excess skin, I will not go to any of them except maybe Robles. You will not like the results from them if you do, except if you want to console yourself by the fact that you look much better than what you started off with, but that's not what you paid for or is it? Some of Robles patients are complaining of their belly not being flat after TT.

Duran is great with after care and does it herself and communicates very well with her post op patients but it will cost you an arm and a leg to get through to her to get a quote or a surgery date, but it is worth it at the end. She is one of the almost well rounded doctors there, good with all body types, her skills are just crazy. She does good breast work with different lift techniques depending on your body and what you ask for, note that I said good not excellent like Baez. She sculpts a lean and mean torso like Cabral but she still maintains the definition at the waist line for extreme curves. The S curve at the back and the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks differentiates her patients from that of other doctors. By looking at pics I can tell if the doctor is Duran or Cabral (their work is quite similar and different from the others). The only faults she has: extremely difficult to contact initially, 1 reported death, infections more than 2 that I've read of, 1 patient still unable to walk post op, some complaints of volume loss from BBL and hips and some have complained of belly bulging after eating (that may be normal I think?)

The great Yily acclaimed to have mad sculpting skills, yes I agree but when she actually does the work herself, there are lots of reviews to prove and disprove her results. Yily is a skilled and excellent doctor for certain body types. If I have a good skin tone (big or small it doesn't matter), some foundation for BBL, no TT, breast work or any other lift required I would go to Yily. I would also require a guarantee that she would do the job herself. Yily is hit or miss, when she does the surgery herself and gets a hit, the results are jaw dropping awesome but when she misses, it is quite mediocre. For breasts, she misses more than she hits, her Liposculpture success depends a lot on body type. There has been lots of complaints on belly not flat after TT, loss of volume from BBL and hips with time and horrible breast work. Communication is okay for pre-op but mediocre to non-existent for her post op patients. Aftercare is handled by another doctor, so it's great. A lot of how I took care of myself after my 2nd round was what I learned from my 1st round aftercare with Dr Anna (Yily's post-op doctor). Yily's cons: 1 death due to sepsis, several cases of infection, burns, poor communication post surgery, results don't always withstand the test of time.

Cabral: A lot of people call him the king of barbies. He is very good at what he does and is excellent with every body type but to be honest, I think I would give half of that title to Duran. His results are just amazing, he takes big and shapeless and turns it into gorgeous Barbie (I am one of them). He pushes the boundary, does what other doctors say is not possible, finds fat where others say there is no fat. If you are big or small with excess skin or other complications or require lifts on other body parts, Cabral or Duran will be your best bet. If you are not sure if you have enough fat for a bbl and want to be sure the little the doctor can give you will stay, Cabral is the one. His bbl's and hips hardly ever lose volume except if you are losing weight, his lipo is very aggressive (my arms haven't recovered yet) but the results are gratifying. He sculpts a lean and mean torso, gives you that s curve at the back and overall Barbie look. If you want the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks, you would have to ask for it, but Duran does that best. Communication with him is the best both pre and post op via whatsapp and FaceTime. He is humble and open to discuss his history if you ask about it. Cabral has a doctor and nurse for post op and aftercare. They are ok, if you had only lipo and bbl, they drain you and check that everything is ok. They never cleaned my incisions even when I insisted, they only looked at them and told me they were healing fine. I came with all my supplies, so I cleaned by myself and applied my antibiotic ointment with the help of a lady at my RH. If you want and can wait, you can always see Cabral for aftercare, for my nose I always waited to see him, cos I didn't want to take any chances with that. Cons: 2-3 deaths, lots of burns and 1 infection, aftercare needs a lot of improvement and some complaints of uneven stomach after lipo.

2) know your body type and dimensions because the doctor you are raving about may not be the one that gives the best results for your body type. Note that the doctors can only re-distribute your fat, they will not remove or reduce your rib cage or hip bones. If you know a doctor that can move the rib cage or make them narrower, I'm interested. So if your ribs are wide from the top to bottom, then getting the hourglass shape will be quite difficult and depend on the doctors skill with fat re-distribution (a steel boned corset can also help). The most important thing to know is: are you short waisted, average or long waisted? Then how long is the distance between your bottom rib cage and the top of your hip bone? That is the soft part that can be pushed in or lipoed to create that dramatic curve at the waist. If that part is short, don't expect that beautifully curved waist you see on a lot of ladies on realself. It has to be at least 4" or more to get that kind of result for an amazing hourglass shape. If you are average or long waisted, then almost any doctor you go to will be able to give you that definition at the waist with lipo for the hourglass shape. But if you are short waisted and also have a short gap between bottom rib cage and hip bone (1 to 3"), then you need to choose a doctor that will lipo your torso for that lean look and use the curve of the hips to create the illusion of an hourglass shape. They start building the hips from around the waist and it curves into your full hips for that wow effect. It's only Duran and Cabral that I have seen do that, that is why I dub them the king and queen of barbies. That is the difference between what Yily did on me and what Cabral did. I only have about 2-2.5" between my top rib cage and hip bone, my waist now (26 to 27") is not so much smaller than what Yily made it (28"), but Cabral built up the hips and used the flare of the hips to create a much better hourglass silhouette than what I had before. When Cabral worked on me, I had even less fat than I had when I went to Yily, but he was able to still harvest fat from my belly (which Yily had worked on before) and some from my thighs for hips and BBL.

3) doctor's history and 'background' check: after all said and done, you still have to be comfortable with the doctor you choose. You can see that the most popular doctors who have done the most surgeries have had cases of deaths and infections. I would not rule a doctor out without trying to ask them about it first. Talk to your doctor and discuss their history, be sure you understand why the issues happened and the steps they've taken to prevent them from happening again.

Above all ladies, pray about your decision and choice, be at peace with it in your spirit and believe that you will be safe. Be prepared to take care of yourself post op whether the doctor does it or not.

Goodluck and best wishes!

What to look for in YOur Faja

Hi Dolls,

I bought my second stage faja online, but I didn't know what size to get or nothing. I spent $85 on a hope and a prayer that I got the right one or the right kind. There are so many to choose from!
TropicalMood posted this and I hope it is helpful to you>

So ladies, the faja Duran gave me has very good compression and the opening allows for a #1 and #2. Make sure your faja has at least 80% nylon and no more that 16-20% elastic. The exact make up of the garment from Duran is 84% nylon and 15-16% elastic for the outer and inner layers. The nylon is what gives you that good compression, because it doesn't really stretch.

Hope this helps.


If you'd like to have your bloodwork done prior to traveling to your surgeon, check this website for more details.


Some states are excluded, please check for your state before ordering.

$24 - CBC Test (Complete Blood Count) to test your hemo.

Losing some weight

So I am happy to say I am losing some weight. Its hard to stay away from my meat though. I went to the mall with my friend and ate some fasr food and french fries. I should have ran out of there instead. However my tummy is going down.

Ladies get your Tourist Card online

Hi Dolls to be!

I just wanted to send out a reminder to get your Tourist Card online before you go to Dominican Republic. This will save you time when you arrive.
This is the information regarding the tourist card.

The Tourist Card is a tax the Dominican Republic charges its visitors. Its legal base rests on the Law 199-67, which establishes the acquisition of such card as a requirement to enter national territory, for tourism purposes, without the need of a consular Visa.

Law 199-67 establishes that the right to the Tourist Card is automatically lost if the beneficiary engages in lucrative activities while in Dominican territory. Furthermore, the inappropriate use of the Card will be sanctioned by the National Migration Authorities with immediate expulsion of the visitor from the country dispensing with any formalities. Foreigners wishing to enter the Dominican Republic for business purposes shall apply for a Business Visa, with one or multiple entries, at one of the many diplomatic and consulate offices overseas.

The Tourist Card allows a stay of 30 days in the country, after which, if wishing to stay longer, the Tourist can extend his or her stay paying a fee which will be proportional to the amount of time he or she wishes to remain in the country. If information on the matter is needed, contact the Ministry of Migration.

To obtain a Tourist Card the only requirements are a Valid Passport and the payment of aUS$10.00 or €10.00fee.

The Tourist Card is valid for a year from the date of purchase and is only valid for one person, who will only be able to use it once. The Tourist Card can be acquired at point of sale locations in land, air, or sea ports in the country; it is also available in Dominican embassies and consulate offices overseas and in Tour operating companies. It may also be purchased through the online portal at www.dgii.gov.do.

Who is exempt?
All tourists entering the Dominican Republic should purchase a Tourist Card except countries with which the Dominican Republic has previous agreements.

Tourist exempted from the Tourist Card purchase are:

Residents, Visa holders and Dominican nationals.
Foreigners arriving from Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru and Uruguay.
Diplomatic and Consular staff with assigned missions in the country, while they remain on duty.
Passengers using private, noncommercial aviation as long as the aircraft fulfills the following requirements: the trip must be for sport, leisure, executive, tourism and business purposes, and the aircraft must not weigh more than thirty thousand pounds (30,000) and have a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.
Haitian nationals having a card that validates their entry and exit of the country the same day. The use of this Card is fully explained under Art. 78 of the Migration Law .It also specifies that this card will only be valid in the Dominican province which borders the residence in Haiti of the holder .If not, a Tourist Card must be bought.
Hope this helps.

Florida SX passing the info on


LADIES PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH THESE RECOVERY HOUSES!!! I cannot stress this enough. My friend convinced me to go with a recovery house because the owner said she can get my appointment with Duran near my friend's sx date. Her charge was $150 which would apply toward my stay with her house. I thought this would be better than paying the surgical coordinator and wasting money.
I made the deposit with her and it was 2-3 weeks b4 she got to Duran to make my appointment. I did not get the dates I wanted. She got my money and did not deliver nor offer me a discount because she screwed up.
I did a search here on RS on the recovery house. YES you can do a search here!
The reviews were horrible!!! I also was in contact with another lady here on RS that I became friends with who had sx two years ago. She stayed at the recovery house for her sx. I mentioned it to her and she told me about her stay there. It was not good!!
So beware of the snakes in the grass ladies! If you want to know about your recovery house, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! I will give you the low down if you want if you email me. micquar@gmail.com
Good Luck and happy healing!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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