I Want to Feel Good when I Look in the Mirror

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I'm going to have surgery with Dr Emmanuel Mallol...

I'm going to have surgery with Dr Emmanuel Mallol Cotes in December of 2016
Feeling nervous excited etc. So many emotions. I have already made contact with him. I have paid my deposit by paypal which was very convenient. Now I need help deciding on a recovery house. I Need your help ladies which one was your favorite and why.

Plane Ticket Purchased

So my plane ticket is purchased for December 17th. This will give me enough time to get my blood work done in Dr.
Since I smoke on and off the doctor suggested some test with a specialist. This will cost an additional 150.00
These is too ensure my lungs are ok.
Has anyone else had this done?

Wish pics

I love these shapes

2 months away

Dr Mallol sent a list of things I need to bring.
What did you ladies bring that's not on that list? Or what do you suggest I bring.

Blood work done

So I went to my primary physician got my blood work done and everything is perfect. .. my hemoglobin was at 12.1 so I will continue to take my vitamins.
I have been taking folic acid one a day
Vitamins c and b complex and 2 iron pills a day

Feeling nervous

So instead of loosing weight I have gained about 8 pounds.
I'm one month and five days from surgery and need to loose 10 pounds what do you ladies suggest?
Please help

Chin Lipo

Have any of you ladies has chin lipo with Mallol if so please share your experience.
I think I want to add this to my surgery

Less than 30 days to go

So many emotions and concerns.
My biggest concern right now is infections.

19 days to go

So I was so hesitate to put my pictures up here but here they are.
I want to share everything from beginning to end.
Currently I'm 178 pounds so I have gained 8 pounds since starting my journey.
I have been drinking way to much soda.
Starting this Monday only water for me .
I'm going to try and drink 1 gallon daily.
I need to loose these 8 pounds before surgery.
If you guys have any suggestions I would truly appreciate it.

10 Days B4 Surgery

Extremely nervous
But excited to see my final results
I will be adding chin lipo also

Arrived in DR

Went to see Dr Mallol today.
I got my blood work done everything was perfect. He took a ton of pictures.
Surgery schedule for Tuesday at 7am.
Feeling alot of different emotions

Added a couple of areas

So I added arm lipo, chin and thighs

Surgery Day

I'm extremely nervous but trying to stay positive about the outcome


I have been waiting for surgery since 7am it's is know almost 12 noon and still haven't seen the doctor.
I have a terrible headache because I'm hungry.

Some pictures

In pain

My booty hurts bad as well as my back.
I'm unable to get up from the bed because my hemoglobin is 8.3 so I'm having to get a blood transfusion. I need two bags of blood to try to get it up at least 10.5 before they let me go to the recovery house

Day 2

Still in pain from all the lipo, my booty hurts bad.
Drain keeps getting clogged.
I'm at sea lily rh and love it here.
Waiting to get my first massage today

Day 3

I was able to sleep all night last night.
Feela little better. I can wall by myself now .
So I'm looking forward to tomorrow

I was able to move alot more today

Able unable to use the restroom without assistance now. This will be my third message. I am still really swollen but loving what I see in the mirror. Healing process is not fun but it is worth it I don't regret it one bit.

8 days I think

I have lost count of the days.
I'm so frustrated and I'm ready to go home I'm very irritable.

Dr appointment

I will have to keep my drain for another 2 days at least which sucks.
I'm loving my new shape more and more every day.
I'm needing a new faja since mine has already been altered twice and everyday it gets bigger and bigger.

My scar

My scar doesn't want to heal.
I don't know what to do.
The scabs keep coming off and it starts bleeding .
I was sleeping also allergic to the medical tape which cased a burn and my skin came off.

New pictures

I still have my drain not a happy camper but what can I do.
I'm so ready to go back home.
No pain just totally uncomfortable
I need to get used to this new body because I feel very uncomfortable

My biggest fear is coming true

I don't know what to think
Dr says it's not an infection I think it is
But anyway it looks horrible
Not sure what the heck is going on
But I'm extremely scared

Dr insured me there is no infection

So Dr Mallol insured me there is not an infection. Today it looks much better
I think today is day 15 or 16 and I still have my drain. I guess my body is not ready for this drain to be removed.
Anyway I paid for another seven days at the recovery house.
I really love it here.
Sea lily is the best.

Up early

So I'm finally going to get this drain removed so I can go back home tomorrow.


I went to see my primary physician today and was informed I have an infection
I was advised by Dr Mallol 3 different times that this was not an infection.
My Dr is trying to refer me to a plastic surgeon. She is afraid my incision won't open since it's showing signs of separation.
I'm seriously stressed out.
I was put on leave from work because of this

Infection picture

New medication

I was also put on bectrim yesterday
I believe it's working but the ps says that my umbilical cord is showing signs of dying

Still the same

I'm not healing fast enough.
My wounds still looks the same.

Doing better

Healing slowly but surely.
I was given santly to help get rid of the dead tissue so hopefully this will do the trick. I have to take the antibiotics another 10 days to completely make sure infection is gone.

Infection is completely gone

I'm feeling much better.
I'm still swollen and uncomfortable at times but happy everything is coming to place.

Before and after pics

What a difference

Round 2

Preparing for round 2 in a few months

Round 2

Decided to stay in the US for round 2
I feel safer this way. I will be correcting my bbl and getting lipo to my back and stomach area.
Possible scar revision depending on recovery time.
My new Doctor will be DR Samuel Rhee from NJ I have already sent my deposit and surgery is scheduled for December 21st. One year one day PO.
I'm super excited to be getting these things corrected
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

At the beginning communication is great. I feel that he is more interested in the money and anything else. The overnight nurses at the hospital horrible which are the younger girls. I always had to wait for my appointment 45 minutes to an hour because he was always late. Once I noticed something was going wrong with my incision in belly button ask to be put on antibiotics that were stronger than what he gave me. He refused because he said that I did not have an infection without testing me. I believe that he needs to listen to his patients instead of guessing at what's going on. Overall I am satisfied with how I look but not satisfied with the infection I got.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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