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Preparing for my upcoming surgery in less than a...

Preparing for my upcoming surgery in less than a month, click here to see my BBL review. Nerves are kicking in and I am super excited! Have a few things still some things I need to get. But overall more than ready. Duran is my choice and Armonia the Recovery Home. After all I pray that I come out as healthy as I go in. I am thankful to have this platform to share my feelings and journey. I've been on this for quite some time. The perfect moment doesn't arrive even when all I've done is look for it. I am not ready but I am at the same time. Fear of the unknown and hope are those 2 things that lately have not left my side.


I need to drink coffee everyday. I know I have to stop but I lie to myself everyday. Actually I drink less than 7 ounces and in the majority without milk. This little life of mine ????

Pre surgery

Hemo problems!!

If you follow my BBl journey I have a full explanation of my hemo levels and what supplements I was suggested by my doctor to take.

17 more days!!

Updating at 4:53 in the morning because I don't know what to do with myself. I keep thinking of my surgery and how I'll come out. Worried and stressed and then hopeful again. I am almost done packing I still need -PADS I keep forgetting every time I go to the store :-/
My hemo hopefully is responding to all this liquid iron I've been taking because honestly it doesn't taste that good.

I've been eating healthier and snacking between meals. 5 meals consisting of fruits,protein ,veggies and a few pieces of chocolate here and there.

While I sleep I have dreams of the surgery and I even talk to my surgeon Duran. Maybe I need to relax but the truth is having something hold u back from regular life is kind of stressful. I just want this to be over with.

On another note I made friends with an RS member and I must say she is so nice and we laugh. We talk about SURGERY!! Yeah! I know! Lol we're on RS all day but we cant get enough. She is also getting surgery the 2nd with Duran. We will be surgery buddies including the date :)

I need to get the lipofoam somewhere on this site I hear it helped a lot with swelling! Hopefully I get it before I head to DR!
Oh and question and let's see if someone reads this and replies. Whe is it ok to slip on the second stage faja???? Please somebody



Avoiding Infections

I'm back, this time I've been on the look on how to avoid infections. -

After surgery we are so vulnerable and our immune system is down for a few days. Here on this link http://www.hdcarecompass.com/Blog/February-2012/Patient-Safety--What-You-Can-Do-to-Avoid-Infection
there's an entire article about how we can avoid infections and what are the things we should ask our surgeon before surgery in regards of this. I read it and it gave me peace of mind. It also mentioned a soap! CHLORHEXIDINE aka HIBLICENS should be used the day before surgery if our surgeon recommends it. I'll be trying to purchase one before I depart to DR which is only 16 days away.

They also have a section that talks about the signs of a POST OPERATIVE INFECTION & what to do. All of this information is GOLD! Not because we might think we will get it but because we want to be knowledgable about our body's and have an idea about how it works and speaks to us. In a positive way if we know our body and how is responding we can addressed anything without fear or insecurity! Please follow that link and I hope is of help. Have a blessed week

Little things!

Compression vs Anti-embolism

Hello Hello, I'm back. While I wait for my surgery date to get here I spend my time researching and looking around RS for post op FLAWLESS dolls, barbies and gorgeous women coming together to share there life changing experience.

•If the patient is ambulatory they should wear "medical graduated compression stockings"
•If patient is laying in bed they should wear "anti-embolism stockings". *Complicated? Well to me at least it was. I did not know which one to buy and why!!? my favorite question WHY?.

-Anti-Embolism lasts for about 3 weeks since its mainly purpose is to serve those who can NOT walk. Or for immediately post-surgical.
-Compression stockings lasts for about 6 months if they are properly taken care of. They treat a variety of conditions venous insufficiency, lymphedema and varicose veins. For AMBULATORY patients.

See ya next time :)

Sterile Water & Petroleum Gauze

Went to Walgreens and checked out a few things. There I found sterile water like in a aerosol can but when pressed it released a fair amount of water. Im considering buying it once I'm back and have the clear to take a shower. I'll be cleaning my incision with that. I also came across some info about petroleum jelly gauze, allegedly is good for incisions to help healing- NOW , I posted a question still waiting for an answer from the drs here on RS about this PETROLEUM GAUZE. While I was looking around I came around other information as well. This time about incisions that re-open and for some reason refuse to close. I must say it is more common than I thought, a lot of patients had this problem. Any who just though I mentioned it because DR gets a lot of slack about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! All the stories I read were here on RS and from US surgeons.

On another note. My day is closer and I am nervous as I've been but the closer it gets and the more I read I become more comfortable and ready to take on this new part of life.


Covered or Uncovered?

This is amazing!! I've been researching and learning SOOO much thanx to this surgery. I have to be thankful for this forum it's a tool to share with you all, all of my findings and amazing discoveries in the middle of the night. I also want to be thankful to GOD for giving me the INMENZE CURIOSITY I have and the LOVE I have TO READ.

Please I ask you all to read this EXTRORDANERY article!

How To Heal Open Wounds Faster? Keep Wounds Moist.

Scientific research has shown that a moist healing environment is beneficial for wound healing. Wounds heal 50% faster if kept moist (Winter, 1962)

Moist wounds enhance the regrowth of new skin (epithelialisation). Other studies have shown that a moist wound prevents tissue dehydration and cell death.

The cells in a to the air exposed wound will dry out and die. This dead tissue, often mixed with gauze pad fibers will lead to more wound pain, chance on infections and as a result scarring.

“Moisture prevents the formation of a hard scab, which acts as a barrier to the development of new tissue,”
source: dermatologist Bruce Katz, M.D., associate clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

And also:
“Despite the theoretic risk that a moist environment is associated with a higher risk of wound infection, studies have shown that occlusive dressings do not increase the incidence of infection.”
source: Hutchinson J. Prevalence of wound infection under occlusive dressings: a collected survey of reported research. Wounds 1989;1:123-33.

Why covering wounds?

Necrotic tissue and slough in a wound prevent healing.

An epitheliasing wound is a wound that is forming a film of new cells. ( the beginning of a crust) When a wound is left uncovered this new epithelium dries out and forms a scab or a crust. This is not desirable because crusting slows down wound healing and is a major factor in scar creation.

-Wounds that were kept moist healed in approximately 12 to 15 days while the same wound when exposed to the air healed in about 25 to 30 days.

Clock ticking!!! ????????????????

4 more days n my life will change!

Iron intake and Finally Peez got here!!

Hey I'm back little did I know Peez would be stressing me out. Given that I ordered it a week and a half ago. It's here now and I'm just happy ;)

My mijer in law she's dominican she made me some liver and she said she made it extra special. Lol
See ya next time
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've known this surgeon for almost a year. All I can say she is the equivalent of positive and driven.

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