DURAN DOLL****** MAY 2016 ****** TT, Lipo Sculpture, and BBL After Hydrogel Injections - Dominican Republic

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So I have been back and forth with...

So I have been back and forth with SurgiCoodinators and FINALLY paid my deposit and am awaiting a date!!!!

::sigh:: where do I start?!?! I planned on coming to the Dominican Republic in April 2016 with Dr. Hernandez, but after seeing Dr. Duran's amazing (understatement) work.. I have chosen to cancel my Sx with him and to wait another month to go to Dr. Duran.

I have read that it's hard to contact her, but honestly all of the emails say it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to respond.. But if you're anything like me, we are super excited and 48 hours feels like a week and a half... Lol

I had my hemo checked and without taking any supplements, my hemo is at a 13.7!!! Yay!! Let's hope it stays this way!!!

I am currently waiting for my passport to come in the mail, which I applied for two weeks ago.

I am still undecided about my recovery house. However, I'm leaning more towards Tropical Recovery House at the moment...

I will keep you guys updated on my progress!!!

Date confirmation!!! MAY 25, 2016 arriving in DR May 23rd

Stephanie from SurgiCoodinators contacted me today and confirmed my date for May 25. I had to change my flight around which was an extra 220.00. I'm flying a nonstop flight from Orlando with Jet Blue airlines! I live in New Orleans, so I will be flying to my moms house (who is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines) for free and then staying at her house before and after my surgery.

Before PIC

Can't wait to have these stretch marks cut off (most of them) and my tummy flat again!!!

Passport just came in the mail!!!!!

Yay!!! My passport came in the mail. This is really REAL!!! I'm so excited!

Lipo foam vs LIPO board????

So which ones will I need and where can I buy them?? Any advice??

I didn't realize they were different until I started trying to purchase them.

I'm having a tummy tuck and BBL.

Please comment advice below.




I know my frame isn't quite small enough to replicate this exact look... But anywhere close to this would be a dream come true.

Ten days until I leave and I found out today I have a tooth infection!!!! ????????????????

So today I found out my tooth is infected and I need to see an oral surgeon to have it extracted on Tuesday!!! I am hoping that the infection clears before my surgery date!! ????????????

Arrived in Dominican Republic

So I finally arrived in the Dominican. I left New Orleans at 10:00 a.m. And flew southwest to Orlando. When I got to Orlando, I switched airlines to Jet Blue. I was so stressed before I got here from reading everyone else's dramatic interpretation of their stories, but it was easy. I filled out forms for immigration and customs while on the plane (JetBlue provided them). Also, there was in flight movies on the aircraft and plenty of space. Once I arrived in santo Domingo. The gentlemen from Betty's recovery house were there with their sign as planned. (They sent me pictures of themselves through whatsapp before I got there so I knew exactly who I was looking for). Once I arrived at the recovery house it was 6:30ish and all the girls in my room were great! Everyone is mature, respectable, and pleasant... It's going to be the four of us for the next few days. So hopefully we don't get any rude, whiny girls after these nice ones leave.. I'm here for fifteen days and I get my testing done tomorrow. I will post another update soon. I haven't been on here so much because mentally preparing yourself for surgery is exhausting!!!!!! I barely speak to people that I know any more... I'm just ready for it to be over and for me to be healthy!!

Made it to the flat side!!!!

Too tired to write some big long update... So here's a pic!

In love with my new body. Thank you dr. Duran!

I'm was in excruciating pain all day today from the lipo and muscle repair... But now I am safe and sound in my recovery home and feeling a little better. I haven't gotten a good look at my ass just yet, but his stomach is sooo flat, flatter than before I even had my daughter...

Three months post op with pics!!!!!!

So I haven't been on here in FOREVER!!! But let me just say I couldn't have asked for better results!!!

I was lucky enough to not have to deal with major swelling, hematoma, seroma, etc... I had little to no complications after I got back to the United States.... And can I just say dr. Duran is a damn miracle worker. I talked to her yesterday and she was just so happy and amazed by her own work...
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