Duran Doll 2017

Future Duran Doll I'm 5'8 weigh 230 I go to check...

Future Duran Doll I'm 5'8 weigh 230 I go to check my hemp level next month in 2 weeks exact the plan is to loose like 50lbs I have 5 months so I gota get on it
Feb 27 2017 is the date I want hope it's available paying deposit 275 on Sunday I'm so excited I look at this page everyday is anybody going feb 26 or that week ??? I'm
Getting BBL TT&Lipo thinking about BA also
So excited can't wait !!!

Same day surgery

Hey future dolls I want to know do u get your surgery the same day you go see Duran ? I want to do all my stuff in the same day

Deposit Paid!!

Paid my deposit today !!! 250 with an extra 25$ for home delivery! Ladies make sure you use home delivery option
So now I'm just waiting for her to receive it I will start calling Tuesday hopefully I can get a date Tuesday !!! My Bestfriend paying her deposit in the morning so We're going together !!! #counting down Praying I can get a feb or March date !!

Got Sx Date!!!

Got Sx date today after calling all day best time to call is early am or after 3 I'm frustrated because they had 2 Sx dates in February which I rather have but me n my bestie would have went on separate days so next available was March 13 and now I wished I picked February so I'm calling back tomo praying those dates are still available I rather do feb my bday is in April and I want to be at least 6wks PO are close

Feb21!!! It's official

Ok so I finally was able to get the feb date!! Yesterday I had two choices feb and we go different days or March 13 same day at first I picked March but really rather have feb so I can be 8 weeks PO come my bday April !!! Luckily I was able to still get the dates in February for us so me and my bestie will be Duran dolls within the next 4 months !!!! Super excited !!! Healthy habits and working out will start NOW!!! FYI they say better results the lighter you are and I want my waist SNATCHED!!!! so I plan to loose 50-60 lbs within the next 22 weeks !!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Planning to go feb 2017 going to dr Duran her reviews are great !!! Can't wait to go I want a flattttt stomach fatttt ass and nice size hips lol Duran is the truth !!! Thinking about getting my breast figure I mitest well just get the whole package

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