Duran Doll 2017

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Future Duran Doll I'm 5'8 weigh 230 I go to check...

Future Duran Doll I'm 5'8 weigh 230 I go to check my hemp level next month in 2 weeks exact the plan is to loose like 50lbs I have 5 months so I gota get on it
Feb 27 2017 is the date I want hope it's available paying deposit 275 on Sunday I'm so excited I look at this page everyday is anybody going feb 26 or that week ??? I'm
Getting BBL TT&Lipo thinking about BA also
So excited can't wait !!!

Same day surgery

Hey future dolls I want to know do u get your surgery the same day you go see Duran ? I want to do all my stuff in the same day

Deposit Paid!!

Paid my deposit today !!! 250 with an extra 25$ for home delivery! Ladies make sure you use home delivery option
So now I'm just waiting for her to receive it I will start calling Tuesday hopefully I can get a date Tuesday !!! My Bestfriend paying her deposit in the morning so We're going together !!! #counting down Praying I can get a feb or March date !!

Got Sx Date!!!

Got Sx date today after calling all day best time to call is early am or after 3 I'm frustrated because they had 2 Sx dates in February which I rather have but me n my bestie would have went on separate days so next available was March 13 and now I wished I picked February so I'm calling back tomo praying those dates are still available I rather do feb my bday is in April and I want to be at least 6wks PO are close

Feb21!!! It's official

Ok so I finally was able to get the feb date!! Yesterday I had two choices feb and we go different days or March 13 same day at first I picked March but really rather have feb so I can be 8 weeks PO come my bday April !!! Luckily I was able to still get the dates in February for us so me and my bestie will be Duran dolls within the next 4 months !!!! Super excited !!! Healthy habits and working out will start NOW!!! FYI they say better results the lighter you are and I want my waist SNATCHED!!!! so I plan to loose 50-60 lbs within the next 22 weeks !!!

Need to loose weight !!!!

Ok I need to loose weight I haven't even started yet and I have exactly 4 months .!!! OMG I plan to start a No Sugars/No Bread Diet tomo no Fried foods etc I need to loose at lease 50lbs within 4 months I'm 234 I want to get down to at least 180 so I can get the best results!!! I need to look GOOWDDDD need my waist as little as possible !!! So let the Weight loss journey begin !!

Purchased Plane Tickets!!!

Im So Excited purchased my plane tickets this morning for me and my bestfriend, finally got them after 2 months of stalking different sites. FYI plane tickets are cheaper on monday evenings and tuesdays i purchased our tickets at 530 this morning late nights early mornings are best prices its krazy how i watched the prices go up and down. Anywho im a little less than 4 months away from my MakeOver!! time is ticketing!! now that the tickets are out the way My main focus is Loosing Weight!! and staying healthy i go to the doc next month cant wait to see what my Hemo is in the mean time I gota get some Daily VItamins!!

Still Need To Loose Weight OMG 40lbs

Trying to eat light omg still have to loose weight 40lbs to be exact within the next 2 months.!!! Pray for me!! Other than that I'm Excited taking my vitamins everyday.!! Will start purchasing my clothes and stuff for my bag next month.! Time is ticking I'm like wowww I remember when it was 5 months away and now it's 2.!!

Need to switch dates ASAP Anybody want 2/21 I want a date in July unfortunately I need to put it off a few months SMH...

Have to switch my dates due to financial situations I'm kind of sad because I been preparing for this for so long but in reality if I wait it'll be less stressful because I have more time to get things together and to really loose weight without all the stress and pressure I really want the BEST results so it'll be worth the wait ! Really hope I can get a date in July I'm sure I will!! That'll give me at least 4 months to get myself totally prepared for this I kinda feel like I've been rushing and now I'm just completely overwhelmed so switching is best for me Right now if anybody want to switch inbox me !! Thanks

Recovery house ?

So I'm calling tomo and getting my date changed pushing it back a few months I'm not sad anymore my Bestfriend is going to wait with me so I'm excited all over again!! Perks is I won't be going by myself I'll save on the recovery house and I'll get to LOOSE WEIGHT fr this time !!! Calling first thing in the morning ...ok recovery house I'm thinking of Maria or tropical deluxe kind of a hard decision heard great things about both anybody know about these 2? Please comment

DURAN DOLL 6/20/17 *Mommy Makeover*

New Date 6/20/17 So excited about getting my SX date changed!!! Now I literally got 4 months to get on my shit!!! I want to Loose 50 lbs ...Starting weight 225 goal weight is 175-170 ...They say the best results is when your close to your idea weight!! So yes it's grind time....I'm so excited I called and actually got straight through this time YaYYYYY!!!!!

Now I'm Scared

Ok y'all it's been a min since I been on here but OMG is anybody scared ?? Idk I go through phase one min I'm ready then the Next I'm like idk I'm scared of having complications or something smh this so hard for me especially hearing stuff. I've done tons of research so I'm confident in Duran just praying and wondering can my body handle this ??? My sx is dec so I got like 5 mths to really decide....this been a long ass process and I know that's playing a part I just want to get it over with!!!! I've had to change my dates 3 dam times smh huhhhh I really want my makeover I was so excited for so long now I'm second guessing(sad face)

Back excited Makeover 12/17

Back excited !!! lol I got 5 months to loose this weight need to loose it in 3 months though I want to be at a steady weight for at least 2 months I'm 220 now I lost 13 so far been eating bad though prob like 223 now omg I'm get serious fr prob start next week fresh this is so irking but I'm happy I'm back excited plus my bestfriend coming so we'll be together !!! But I'll be a duran doll 12/17 yayyyy
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Planning to go feb 2017 going to dr Duran her reviews are great !!! Can't wait to go I want a flattttt stomach fatttt ass and nice size hips lol Duran is the truth !!! Thinking about getting my breast figure I mitest well just get the whole package

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