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Hoping to go to DR in March 2015, I need a surgery...

Hoping to go to DR in March 2015, I need a surgery buddy. I am super nervous!! I haven't book a date yet but I wanted to see who else is going and perhaps needs a buddy so I can try to book the same time frame. I am looking to get a Tummy Tuck, lip, and Brazilian Butt lift. Dr Duran does amazing work! The proof is in the pudding!! lol

Contacting Dr. Duran

Okay guys so I see many people have the same issue with getting a hold of Dr. Duran. I had the same issue in the beginning and I just didnt give up. I emailed her about 10 times back to back to make sure she saw it,that I think she had no choice but to answer lol. I didn't set a date as she did recommend I lose a little weight before surgery for the best results. (currently at 195) I am hoping to be around 175-180 by the time March gets here. Never mind hoping!! I AM going to lose the weight! Anyhow, I just wanted to see when everyone else is going to hopefully book around the same time and have a sugery buddy. here is my email for anyone seriously interested in being my sugery buddy. jrod816@gmail.com

I have a date!!! I'm flying in the 10th with Surgery on the 11th!! Who's with me???

I'm flying in the 10th with Surgery on the 11th!! Who's having surgery that week too?? Where are you staying?? still need a buddy I know I had some people contact me but with different dates. Let me know ladies!!

Okay so this is really happening!! I booked my stay with Kindness RH !!

This is all just to surreal to me! I can't believe my dream is about to come true. Yes, I said my dream. Ever since I had my babies I have been so unhappy with my body and my youngest child just turned 10!! So this is long overdue. I have my place booked, and I even have an amazing surgery buddy but I still have so much to do.. I still have to book my flight and get a passport, (never been out of the country) Is anyone else staying at Kindness March 10th-23rd??

Passport ? Supplies ? Nerves... Not in check! Lol

So here we are 30 days before I fly out and have surgery with the one of the most talented surgeons in the Dominican Republic, and I am super nervous! For some reason it's still unreal to me, I guess it's not going to hit me until I'm about to swallow that blue pill! Lol unfortunately I no longer have a surgery buddy, she had to change her date which is understandable, but now I'm going to be all alone :( I'm still staying at kindness and I'm completely happy with my decision, conrado has been so amazing since the day we met on what's app! I'm going to check my Hemoglobin again on Monday, last time I checked it was at a 13.9 prior to taking any supplements. I'm hoping for a 14 or 15 so I can get chin lipo! Wish me luck ladies!!

Before pics :( ????????????

Guess I should add some before pics huh?

Take 2! Before pics

My pic didn't upload the first time. Here we go again..

Before Pictures..

I took a few pictures in a GUESS dress I bought about a year ago when I was determined to lose weight, now the dress will be a major comparison photo. Right now the dress doesnt zipper in the back and its a size medium. Lets see how I look in this dress after surgery. Currently 193lbs. My weight keeps going up and down as I am on a freaking roller coaster of emotions right now..

Vitamins I am taking..

These are the vitamins I am taking. I started using geritol in the beginning but then switched to SSS tonic as my hemo actually dropped a little. I guess it was because I had my period about a week before I went in for my second labs. Currently taking each of these once a day but I split up the iron and Vitamin C by taking those on an empty stomach in the morning and I take the folic acid, b-12 in the afternoon. Should I increase the iron to a few times a day or what? HELP!! :(

T-Minus 10 days until the big day!!

Mixed emotions are running through me as my big day approaches. I fly out in 8 days, with surgery in 10. I went from having no one to go with me to having 3 friends coming with me for support! I am excited, nervous, anxious, exhausted, you name it! I am secretly hoping Duran can do my surgery on the 10th, instead of the 11th. I can use the extra day to recover. So heres to hoping someone reschedules or cancels! lol

4 days post-op

Today is day four. Today is a little better even though it's a little early in the morning but compared to yesterday I already feel at least 50% better. I have my first postop visit with the Duran tomorrow, which is when they will close this faja I've been walking around with the Faja open and it is driving me insane but I have to admit I'm a little nervous about them closing it seems like it's going to be very tight. Overall my experience has been great I'm staying at kindness recovery home and people are very nice they attend to me with the upmost care. So far I like my results I'm not in love with them yet but I like them big improvement to what was going on with my body before. Duran is a very sweet lady but she is also very strict she does not play around when it comes to her patients and their health if for any reason she feels something is not right she will send you for more testing or whatever needs to be done which I can appreciate. I'm not ready to post pictures yet, confined to the bed for now I get up go to the bathroom look around and get back in bed but hopefully this week I can update you guys some pictures but when I will tell you is my booty looks huge which im not surprised LOL

20 days post-op

Hello there, here I am 20 days post-op I love the size of my waist although I am still swollen. because I had a tummy tuck along with my bbl I had no choice but to lay on my butt and I feel like I messed up bbl results but I guess I will wait and see what time does for it.. My tummy is healing but due to duran's assistant putting me in a faja that was wayyyy too small I was burned badly but the place I am going to for massages is helping me a lot. the are soaking my burns with betadine and applying burn cream. I stood with a lot stretch marks due to my stomach being so big in the first place, Duran was upfront with me about that prior to surgery and told me I would still have them and I'm okay with that.. Well I'll update in about a week or two. Feel free to leave any advice or questions you may have and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

4 months picture update

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Based on pics and reviews is looks as though Dra. Duran is the best at what she does.

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