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I'm a 43year old with 4 kids. I have been looking...

I'm a 43year old with 4 kids. I have been looking into this for a very long time. Having all kids of feelings and doubts about my age and weather or not to go along with this. Well I decided that it's time to do me... It's time to have the body I have always longed for.
Im a picky person with very little patience for non sence anyways I have chosen Dra. Duran as my doctor. I love her work...
I kept reading how hard it has been for you ladies to get quotes and I don't have time for all that so I did a bit of research and contracted Bella Vita Consultants, Jazmine is amazing. I contacted Jazmine on a Thursday made the payment on Friday and no later than I week I have a quote from Dra. Duran..
Now all I need to do is make that deposit, coordinate what date I want in February of next year and all I have to worry about is my blood levels and recovery houses. I don't want to be stressed out over anything and the fee is not unreasonable.

Once I have anymore info I will let all you beautiful ladies know!!
Any questions feel free to ask!!

Dra. Duran

So I've been stalking this site for a few months now and today I read a profile where the doll was recovering from burns due to the Lipo, made me think, do I really want to take that chance? Do I want a bootie that bad?
What do you dolls think??

Vacation approved

My job finally approved my vacation. I requested a month off. You see I have over 800 hours of vacation time accumulated over the years and I am the biggest baby. I'm anticipating pain and lots of discomfort so I want to be in the comfort of my bed if and when that happens. In this next month I want to concentrate on making my deposit and purchasing my ticket. God time is going so fast for me. Any advise from you dolls would be greatly appreciated. I'm flying out there by my self. And anything you lovely ladies can think to be helpful would be greatly appreciated.

4 months and counting

So i now have a lil more than 4 months to go and I'm no where near ready. I want to start taking my vitamins on the first. i also scheduled a physical with my primary doctor, I'm hoping that she will prescribe the meds i need for this thing.. i can put that money towards my massages... or something else.
My family still doesn't know what I'm doing, don't plan on telling them either. for all that they know I'm going on vacation.
So i have scheduled my RH WITH OASIS.. Just felt like they responded right away and i haven't found any terrible reviews. but if anyone knows anything please let me know.
I want to schedule my flight already but my friends keep telling me to wait that after the holidays they go down drastically. but right now they are in an excellent price. I'm swetting bullets here.
Im excited to meet the famous Dra. Duran, this is going to be amazing...


So as you guys know I used a consultant to help me with this journey, but basically all they have done is schedule my surgery. I have done everything else. I'm 4 months out and I haven't heard a thing from them. I scheduled my own recovery house and if I don't ask them questions I don't get answers and even then I have to email and it takes her at least two days to get back to me. I'm I expecting too much? I want a reminder as to when to start my vitamins, that I need to schedule my flight, that she recommends I bring certain things.. I haven't heard a thing. I'm a bit pissed off.. so any ladies out there please save your money..

Started purchasing a few things I think im going to need for my trip. I will post a list of things im taking.
The vitamins im taking are Iron 65mgs (2 times a day), biotin 10,000 mcg (1 a day), blood builder (1a day) thinking that maybe two weeks before I will increase to twice a day and lower the iron to once a day. Biotin, vitamin c, and folic acid once a day...
if you guys know of something else I should be taking please let me know. my iron is always supper low that's why im taking the blood builder now...
anyway my lovely dolls have a blessed day.. And to those in recovery may you have a speedy one..

Vitamins I started taking Today

These are the vitamins I started taking today. I'm always anemic due to heavy monthlies, so I'm starting now, I have a physical scheduled with my primary doctor for the end of the month. I want to check my hemo then. Crossing my fingers because honestly I don't do very well with pill consumption????.
I do however have a question how do you dolls travel with all that cash? I must admit that I'm a bit concerned. Any suggestions please help a sista out.....


Ladies i went this week to my primary for a physical and my hemo is 9.9. i
seriously need to work on this. i have 3 months before my surgery date. HELP how do i work on this

36 Days Before i Leave TO the DR.

So much to prepare, and the days are going by so quickly. Im currently getting iron infusions to get my levels up, I must say one thing they are kicking my ass. First the moment it starts to hit my vain I can taste the iron in my mouth and it makes me nauseous, also it gives me this awful carper taste that I need to have gum or candy in my mouth to tolerate it nasty.... To think I have 3 more sessions to go, but im sticking to it no matter what because my levels need to be on point. Also my primary DR. is prescribing the meds I need for my surgery which will save me some money.
Im supper excited and all I do now is obsess over booty's. I see so many dolls with these amazing bodies. I cant really decide weather I want a big old one or a small one. I guess I will let DR. Duran just do her magic.
Im packing things as I get them. Don't really know What to take with me, but as I read different stories in here I add to my list. Things I can get there im just going to get them there. Debating on the Dr. Miami Booty buddy pillow. Have any of you dolls purchased it? how do you feel about it? This week I plan to send in the remainder of my recovery house payment that way its less cash that im traveling with.
Any advise would be so greatly appreciated...

Im 9 days away form Sx

So im 9 days away from sx, I think that for the most part im ready. I have purchased all my supplies. I wanted to bring only a carry on but im carrying too many things. I know im bringing too much I just need to make sure that when im there in my recovery im not going to need anything. Its more of a calm mind kind of thing.
Im experiencing a lot of emotions all at once, however im not scared about the procedure, but im scared of the pain after if that makes any cense whatsoever. My surgery coordinator has been emailing me about my Hemoglobin I checked it on the 1st of February and im at a 13.7 (yayyyyy). I will start today taking my blood builder vitamins again to maintain my levels. im due to get my period around the 20th but I stopped my birth control so im sure that is going to bring it along a lot sooner. I just hope its after rather than before.
What else can I say other than im ready for this. My boyfriend is scared but hes trying his hardest to be strong for me, I think that what's killing him is the fact that he's not going with me. I made these arrangements before he was in my life and im not changing them, he understands and I have promised this is my first and last round, with the exception if anything needs to be repaired. :)
I cant stop admiring the new pics Dra. Duran has posted on IG those dolls look amazing, Im hoping that one day soon my picture will be up on her page as well.
Well my future dolls please keep us in your prayers.. I will take lots of pictures and will keep you guys posted on my progress. once im there I will update my before and after pics..


OK ladies one month today.. Wow when they call this a Journey they are not playing. I'm still in some pain, lots of discomfort and that feeling of numbness in my abs and my sides, under my arms and my back. I'm still walking hunched over, feels like my abdominal muscles are so tight they are holding me in that position. After a while I can straighten up, my kids say I walk like I am holding myself from going to the bath room. HAHAHA
Now let me take you guys to the very beginning of my journey.
On 2/13/17 I flew to DR, made it there by late morning from the airport the RH drove me to Dra.Duran's office. It looks much bigger in pictures, her office is very tiny. Anyways ladies please, please bring extra cash. I'm an asthmatic so I had to pay extra for a breathing test. than because of my age I had to go to a cardiology office to get a stress test done just to make sure my heart was good for surgery. Now im not complaining, im absolutely glad thse percautions were taken, but knowing this ahead of time would of helped. thank god I took in extra cash. The girls in the office are very nice, one thing I di not like was that they were always on their cell phones and on facebook. ignoring you when you asked a question you had to be sure you got there attention. However very nice when they speak to you and friendly.
I had a surgery date for the 15th but they were able to push me up to the 14th when I asked.
The next morning my appointment was at 6am, office did not open until 7 and I had to wait for the clearance from DRA. Duarn. I was star struck when I saw DRA. Duran man she is stunning, smart, and so kind.. She went over my test results and did my markings assured me I was in good hands and that she will see to it that everything went well. That she knew exactly what to do to make me beautiful. Before you go upstairs the secretaries ask you for payment of surgery, they make you purchase the compression stockings $35. plus you need to pay for the blood transfusion ahead of time, and don't forget the second stage faja also needs to be paid ahead of time as well. Then they send me upstairs to the 4th floor or was it the 3rd I don't remember. There I waited for a room, once one was given I had hired a nurse from the RH to stay with me the night. Anyways I received breathing treatments and just waited I even took a nap. I think it was at about 6pm when the man walks into my room with a stretcher and tells me I can now take that famous blue pill, I do and he helps me into the stretcher. we take the elevator to the 5th floor. he wheels me into an operating room where a very pretty anesthesiologist is waiting, the guy tells me he will get the dr for me, and the anesthesiologist with a syringe in hand introduces herself and Dra. Duran walks in, she tells me she has to finish up in the next room but that she will be right in with me and that the young lady is going to give me something to make me very happy. I kid around with her and tell her I love happy meds, the anesthesiologist tells me she is now injecting the meds in the IV line and that she needs to pick up something from the other room that she will be right with me. That is all she wrote, It was lights out.
When I woke up I was in my room I was in so much pain, I was shivering uncontrollably and nauseous. The nurse came in and gave me some pain meds. I instructed the girl from the RH to give me my anti nauseas meds I brought with me and that was heavenly. Throwing up is so painful, you have no control over you abdominal muscles, I felt so not in my own body.
In the morning first thing Dra. Duran walked into my room, checked my bandages and asked me how I was feeling. She gave me instructions not to shower, not to lift anything and that water was the key to recovery. Water water water. she told me she was very happy with my results and that she was sure I was going to feel the same, but to remember that results are not true until after the three months. Shortly after that her assistant walks in to check upon me, pretty much told me the same thing the DR did. And wrote the order for them to bring me something to eat. I was brought in a cup of broth and a juice. I don't know if it was because I was so hungry but god I have never had anything so delicious in my entire life.
I was swollen from head to foot. My face was swollen, my hands my feet, it was hard to walk. I made it to the RH and I don't know how, by the grace of god. I thank the lord the girls there were gods sent. The next few days were a blur, all I remember is the pain, praying to be home in my bed with my loved ones. I had my very first appointment with Dra. Duran on Friday. That was painful and I was glad to be in and out of there, I didn't think I was going to see her again but she did see me. She liked the look of things and told me I was sitting on my butt too much. Could not help that, I had to sit at times, it was the only way to feel somewhat normal. she finally closed my faja that day and I had an extender on it she wanted me back on that Tuesday. By my second visit I was doing much better. she removed the extender and ordered me to start massages, which I had already started due to the pain and stiffness she also removed the drain on my back. She gave me another appointment for Thursday before I left on Friday morning. On my last appointment the beautiful assistant took pictures of me, she also took out my drain (I hated that thing, called it my child ) Dra. Duran came in and inspected my incisions and checked my new booty. She also gave me some advise, she told me that my results are going to be beautiful. To remember that even if I'm feeling better I'm still recuperating from major surgery. To please take it easy and not lift anything heavy. She told me never to exercise my abdomen, because that is tight and that is set for life, now with everything I have to be careful. That I can eat anything I want but in moderation. I have to keep in mind that I did this for a reason and that reason was to look good. She continued telling me that if I gained the weight back there would be no reason in doing this a second time, because I obviously don't care about the way I look and she will not be doing this on me another time. Which I agree with her 100 %..
One thing I was glad to be home, to y bed my things my atmosphere. Would I ever do this again absolutely NOT. im thank full I got the results I wanted and im not at my 3 months yet so I can just imagine what my body will look like then. Also im extremely happy with my choice in DR. Dra. Duran was professional, kind, and down to earth. I loved her....
I will continue to keep you guys posted and I have a few pictures I want to put up of my progress....

4 months Post opp

I'm almost at 4 months, I'm still experiencing some amount of pain, mostly while sleeping. My skin is still sensitive to touch. My abdomen is still hard and my muscles are still healing. If I stand up too fast I feel like my skin is going to rip off. Not a good feeling at all. I'm just so happy that the bulk of my pain is now past. I can finally enjoy getting dressed without feeling like a over sized ballon.
I haven't gone shopping as of jet, looking forward to it just don't know when I'll get around to it.
These were taken a few days ago, excuse the mess. Hope you guys like the pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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