Dra. Almonte 11~23~16 TT BBL LIPO - Dominican Republic, DO

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I wasn't going to start ma review this early but I...

I wasn't going to start ma review this early but I got an email to start and figured maybe a can find a SX buddy along the way. I got a ways to go but ma flight is already booked (still doesn't feel real) and I would love to talk to others who has gone or will be going to Dra. Fatima Almonte. I'm leaving out of Michigan with a layover in Atlanta on Nov 21st. Haven't figured out where I'm going to stay the first two nights, I'm open to suggestions and anybody going around that time plz let me know. As of now I'll be traveling by myself and would like a buddy. I'll be getting a TT BBL and Lipo to waist and back. So far I've gotten my vitamins and my BBL Pillow. I don't want to over pack so any advice from u Vets on what i won't really use/need would be nice. Its early now but I'll definitely keep u guys updated and will post before pictures when i figure out how to cover my tattoos.

Hotel stay before SX

So i was wondering, for those that fly in early, where do u stay. My Sx date is Nov 23rd but I'm flying in Nov 21st. Not sure what hotels are best. Ive been lookin online but don't wanna go off pictures alone as they can be old. Do anyone know if they let u stay at the recovery house before Sx


OMG.. London Barbie really has me scared. Her Dr was Dr. Duran but it still hits too close to home. IDK if it's better to stay off of here and stop reading horror stories or soak it all up. All it does is play with my mind.. Ladies I am praying long and hard for all of us. My trust in the Lord is the only thing that keeps me strong. I have to trust he has me covered.. All of us. Most of all let's pray for our doctor

Extended My Stay

I have been reading more and more reviews and realize a lot of girls come back with their drains. I thought that they got taken out by at least day 7. Guess it's different for everyone however I WILL NOT leave with my drain. I've extended my stay to the 30 days that the tourist card allows. I will pay to change flights bcuz I absolutely won't be able to take it out maself and I have no one else to. It's not possible to still have A drain in after 4 wks right? I hope not.. This may be unnessary but I only want to change ma flight once and can't take no chances. New dates Nov 21 - Dec 21 at My Home


I'm so confused as to why so many ppl suddenly stop their review after surgery. I have seen endless reviews with pics of the clinic, recovery house, food, tickets etc to where u know they were there. Then nothing...pics of everything but their results. I really wanna know why that is. I'm wondering is it bcuz they don't like the results or What? Or is it a privacy thing..then why start a review

Since this frustrates me...regardless if i like my results or not I'm going to post pics so ppl who are my size with my doctor can have sumthing to see. Even if u aren't my size...ppl jus wanna see her work period to help make a decision. U guys have my word on that whether I love or hate my results.
I will post before pics when I get marked up so they will be the most up to date

Am I over Packing- HELP

So I jus packed my suitcase to see how everything would fit now that I bought everything. And omg...my supplies alone filled up my whole suitcase with no room for clothes. Can somebody anybody tell me what you won't really need. I'm staying at My Home RH and idk what they will or will not have. I hear a lot of girls saying they didn't need most of what they brought. Plz shine sum light on supplies and or what RHs offer.

Price Summary So Far

I have been trying to keep up with all of my expenses to get a clear price check on what everything all together is going to come out to be. I've lost track a lil bit with supplies but I'll round it out.

Surgery + RH for 10days - $5150
Plane ticket - $757 + $49 insurance
Return flight change date (decided to stay 30 days) penalty + flight difference $222. Fyi..insurance doesn't cover elective surgery..wasted the $49
Delta bag Fee there/back - $50
DR surgery insurance - $250
Extra 20 days 4 RH - 1500
Heparin shots - $40
BBL Pillow - $100
Ab board and back board - $50
Lock box and key - $23
Supplies/big clothes - around $400
DR massages 30@$25 each - $750

Total so Far - $9,341

That doesn't include garments, Emerg money, tips, possible transfusions and extra curricular activities - $2500

Possible Grand Total - $11,841

I will update on how much of the $2500 I did actually spend to give the Real Actual Grand Total when I get back. I think I covered everything.

My Home RH vs Essence RH

This recovery house process has been very stressful.I was suppose to stay at My Home but their communication hasn't been the greatest. It's very hard to get them to return emails so I'm thinking about changing (dont really want to...
Heard good things). I'm staying for 30 days so I don't think it's asking to much to return one lil email. Feels like I been practically begging on ig. She keeps saying I'll email u but it's been 15 days still no email.

So I'm thinking about Essence Recovery Home. Pros - They provide everything so u can jus bring a carry on. Ac throughout the whole penthouse...not jus bedrooms. Nice terrace and healthy food. Giving me a nice deal bcuz of 30 day stay and sells ab board and lumbar molder for $40.
Cons - Not many reviews and no hospital beds but she does have recliners and I didn't see anything about free international calling.

If anyone has stayed there or heard any bad reviews I might've missed plz share

Miscommunication on My Home

So i guess My Home emails system was messed up. So after one last try she finally got back to me, apologized and sent the email right over. I got a great quote bcuz I'm staying 30 days so I'm very happy about that. My Home it is and I'll give a detailed review on it once I'm there.

Flight change

Finally chaned my flight from Nov. 21-Dec.02 to Dec. 21. There was a $200 fine plus the difference in ticket price which was $22. Non refundable so God willing i make this flight with no hiccups. Make sure u certain of your days. I didnt wanna come back with the drain in


Had my hemp checked in July and it was 14.5. Went and got it checked Oct. 31 and it went down to 13.7 which probably was due to me coming off my cycle which is always very heavy (have endometriosis) I'm due to come on the day before surgery so I hope it doesn't drop to the 12 range when I get there. Lord willing I can get back to 14 and stay there.

Look Who's Going First

Yay!!! ???? NOV. 23rd

I'm here

So today was a long and exhausting day but I made it safe and sound. Thank you Lord! Don't feel the need to go into details cuz It's been kinda dead on here...im usually talking to myself but this is where it all began for me so I don't wanna give up on Realself even tho there's more interaction on IG. I'll continue to update both cuz I hate when ppl drop off the face of the earth and leave u hangin. Hopefully ppl will read it and get something from it. If ur on IG and wanna follow me on there DM me so I'll know who to accept. No personal pages plz. Surgery pages ONLY. Thanks and keep me in ur prayers

Recovery house

If anybody is interest in a review on My Home RH let me know. If not I won't bother with that part on here. I'm here to help anyway I can. U can ask me anything I'm an open book with ma surgery sistas. No question is too personal,offensive,big,small or dumb for me if it's a concern of urs. I'll know a lot more Wed after surgery but I wanna support and encourage u all like u did for me. Bcuz I wouldn't be here without Realself making me face my fears thru y'all journeys. Thanks

Quick Update

I have been I'm so much pain and so uncomfortable I haven't felt like writing any thing jus yet. I am 3 days P/O but I can't see much yet. But tomorrow I see Raquel and she's going to clean me up and I'll have her take pictures. Then I will put up before and after. Jus give me a day or two bcuz I dont wanna half ass my review. I wanna give great details so I wanna be pain free. But I promise I won't leave u guys hanging.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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