Round 2 Hernia Repair / TT Scar Revision - Dominican Republic, DO

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Here is my dilemma...I have been reading up on...

here is my dilemma...I have been reading up on surgery abroad DR in particular and i found alot of reviews about Dr.Santos, however it has been about 4 weeks now that i have tried contacting her for a quote and i have not heard back from her. I've wrote to her in English and in Spanish and no response. I have been waiting for years to have this done and now that i can this happens. I don't want to wait too long to have it done.

Can someone...anyone give me a contact email or phone numbers that i can actually reach her at to get a quote and schedule my surgery PLEASE.

Ok Ladies, I finally got in contact with Dr....

Ok Ladies,

I finally got in contact with Dr. Santos and she has been in contact with me everyday since saturday. She has responded to all my questions. I am scheduled for Sept 6th...YAYYYY... i Have my flight booked for the 6th and hotel booked for the 7th. I am now counting down the days and getting my few last things i need.

Does anyone know if she gives a prescription for the meds? or

Do i have to get them here?

Good Morning Yily Dolls!!! I am super thrilled...

Good Morning Yily Dolls!!!

I am super thrilled to bring you my update as of today 3-21-2013
Ticket Booked - American
Hotel 7 Massages Booked - Villa Capri & Spa
Deposit Done - awaiting confirmation

OMGoodness this spa is simply the best, the are located on the beach and they have the drainage massages that Yily offer at $25 per massage.

The Staff thus far is so awesome, i have a whole apartment with every thing in it its like a home away from home. I cannot wait.

My surgery list i have so far is as follows:

Maxi dresses - 7
wife beaters - 15-20
2nd garment
tooth bursh
shower cap
Anti Bacterial Hand soap - BBW
Body Soap - Ivory(not so harsh on the skin)
Vitamin C 1000 mg
Folic Acid 800 mg
Ferrous Sulphate
Arnica Cream
Palmers Cocoa Butter in the jar & raw cocoa butter
Pnaties they give you after c-section(have a
Chux(have a
Epi Foam - on the way
Passport - on the way

still shopping for stuff...I am so excited about this!

* Hotel & Massages Booked - Villa Capri & Spa

* Hotel & Massages Booked - Villa Capri & Spa

Confirmed!!! September 6th....BOOOMMM. I am so...

Confirmed!!! September 6th....BOOOMMM. I am so happy now I am counting down the months.

I need suggestions on what to carry i don't want...

I need suggestions on what to carry i don't want to buy a bunch of stuff and then don't use them. So far here's what i have:

Maxis Dresses
Sports Bra
Wife Beaters(do i need them if i am using the silicone foam?)
Gauze Pads & Tape
Arnica Gel/Loition
Ice Packs
Arnica & Bromelain kit
Wipes(lots of them)
Maxi Pads
Cotton balls
Scar Away Silicone Strips
Scar Massager
Flip Flops
Yoga Pants
Bath & Hand Soap(Antibacterial)
Raw Cocoa Butter
Stage 1 Compression Garment(Extra One)


Packing and don't want to purchase things I won't use!

Good Morning Yily Dolls!

So far I have almost everything except the medication list...I am allergic to aspirin and Yily said she will change my prescription but she hasn't gotten back to me as yet!

Other than that I think I have everything I need. No wait I don't have my extra garments but ill get those closer to my sx date!

Further Weightloss before Transformation!

I've always been between 156-167 pounds, however after 2 pregnancies via c-section I was unable to get my desired body back along with the stretch marks I got during my second pregnancy. I was 220 pounds at time of delivery( i was huge) During the course of the last 2 years with diet and exercise I've managed to lose 62 pounds wasn't easy. i gained back aome of it and now there is some sagging skin along on my waist and there is a lot of fullness(term used by PS) around my stomach. I am trying hard to get down to my pre pregnancy weight 167 or close to it 177 at least. Currently at 192!

6 & 1/2 weeks away from my dream bod!!

Counting down the day!

Down a few pounds!!!

So i'm down to 188lbs...yaaayyy!!! Few more to go wish me luck!

Less than a month away!

Ok ladies I am officially less than a month away from my makeover. I have almost everything except my passport and my ab board which I will get next week from in the pink room which is a 20 min drive from me. Other than that I am starting to get nervous yet excited! Be blessed everyone else going before me.

Just a few more detailed and wish pics!!

Countdown to Yilyfiness! 23 days left.

Ok ladies the countdown is on and I keep packing and unpacking to make sure I don't forget anything. Let me know if I should anything that not on my list above! Thanks

16 days and counting!

Ok so my transformation is 16 days away. I've been pretty frustrated with my weight loss process thus far, so I decided to go see a nutritionist and as far as weightloss and the scale goes the number on the scale reflect just that numbers she said. She said this because (I have had my bf training me at the gym he was a personal trainer at Bally's so he know how to train me) there is no way a scale can determine fat from muscle. So since she told that I have not been on the scale since I weighed in at 187. However I have noticed a major difference in the way my clothes fit me. I've taken a few pictures this morning after I came from the gym and here they are. I think I look a bit smaller dont you?

????????????14 Day to go---->

Let the count down begin!!!????????????

Don't Understand??!!

Ok so I am reading reviews on RS and for some reason lately people are bashing Yily so bad that is to the point where its annoying me, they are saying her work is suffering because she is being greedy. I understand everyone has their opinion but don't bash her work if you are not willing to support it with photos to show where, what and how she messed up. Then you start bashing DR being a third world country, WTF are you talking about???the same shot thy happens there has happened here and is still happening here. Not because u think you have everything here nothing can go wrong, so fall back with that shit!

Damn iphone!!

*same shit that happens

O Lord!!!

Well my friends it's winding down to that transformation day and I am getting more nervous n nervous...I am packing and unpacking just to make sure I don't forget nothing. Well I am already now.

SX Date - Check
Passport - Check
Ticket - Check
RH - Check
Supplies - Check
Tech gadgets - Check

Yup I got everything I need. Almost there! Almost a Yily Goddess!

Sandra Jones???

I keep reading posts about this person and how they almost died as a result of Negligent Doctors in the DR...but here's my thing how can you almost die at the hands of two different doctors undergoing the same procedures at the same time???? What? One minute it's Duran that treated her like a dog the the next is Yily??? I'm so confused about this is anyone else seeing these postings???

Bruising & Swelling!!!

So I've had lipo back in 2006 and I just came across the preop instructions. So here goes to prevent too much bruising and swelling start taking Arnica & Bromelain 3 times daily for seven before procedures. I have started them both this morning along with my vitamins that i started 6 1/2 weeks ago. Hope this helps. Good luck ladies I'm one week away!

Am I weird?

I'm taking my own towels, sheets and pillow case with me. I like to feel comfortable especially when away from home. I've heard nothing but good things about my RH but still I'm going to do it anyway!!! I'm weird

6 days-------->

Here we go ladies the countdown has officially begun!

5 more days to go------>



I think I've lost a lil sumthing.

Today Sat(8.31)


More tips!!!

Belly button

Ok so I have a friend that just had a tt and she gave me a little tip on how to get your belly button round again instead of looking like a number one...please note before doing this... Make sure the wounds around the belly button is closed first. Then you get a marble or one of those flat beads you put in the bottom of your vase and place it in your belly button and then place the Johnson & Johnson medical tape over for about 25 minutes once or twice daily and then take it out and increasing the time daily up to 4 hours until you get your desired belly button. Remember to always clean your belly button and marble before and after wash session!


Ok so I am a very strong believer of prevention is better than a cure. With that being said as I was doing my endless research about tt over the years I came upon a dr's website that offered preop instructions and this was one of them.

7 days before sx shower with antibacterial body wash. DONOT use a wash rag or puff use your hands only to wash away all bacteria that might be on the skin. The wash rag and puff hold bacteria and you don't want to transfer it back to your skin.

Day 5------>


Day 4---->


Day 3 --->


My wish pics!

I couldn't decide if what I wanted my new bod to look like. A lot of a$$ and hips or just enough. So my bf and I had a talk and he said he loves me just as I am. So I asked if he wants me to have a big ole booty and he said no just a rounded out ass. So I went of to see who had my dream bod and I found her.

Day 2-->



Waiting to board that Yilyification plane.... Yessss that day is here finally!

More tips!!!

Ok so I'm at the airport hanging out waiting for my flight to board so I decided to do some research on

Wound reopening---->

For the first three months after a tummy tuck, you'll need to take care when moving and avoid positions that strain your incision line — such as quickly bending at the waist — to prevent the re-opening of the wound.

"Wound opening. This can occur due to pressure on the incision, exaggerated movement or trauma during recovery, inflammation from sutures, an infection, wound edge hardening, or suture failure." I'll keep looking for you since I'll be doing nothing much for the next 2-3 weeks.

Day 1->

Lets just count down the hours now. Yily emailed me a few days to confirm I'm the first one in sx So that is awesome. As soon as I land Dominga will take me to CIPLA to get my testing done and then we wait for the big day. Ladies wish me luck and say a prayer for me. Thank you to all the ladies that have been interacted with me and supported me through my journey this far.


I will take lots of pictures but I will probably not post them until about 7 days or so. I will need my rest so ease be patient with me for them. I will try my best to be as detailed as I can about my journey after my sx.

Thank you again to all you ladies for your support. Best of luck and god bless to all having sx in the next 7 days. As I will be resting and trying my best to stay off of RS, it is too

See you on the flat side!!!!



Giulia was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived. She is very nice. Took me about 30 minutes total to get through customs 25 of which was spent waiting for my luggage. This part is horrible they need to fix this ASAP. Other than that everything seems great for now. Hella tired been up and about since 3 am had about 3 hours sleep the night before entertaining my in laws who came to see me off.

Now I am here and this feels so surreal. I have wanted this for so long and it never seemed possible with finances and timing. And as my mom says if it's god's will, it will be done. So I guess it was his will for me to have my Sx.

CIPLA & gloves!

Trip to CIPLa

Met Samira and she is very nice. 

Arrived at CIPLA to have my labs zone and I was in and out in 5 minutes!

While having my blood drawn i didnt have to ask for anyone to pur gloves on. I am here to confirm yes they do put gloves on with all ten fingers covered none exposed.

I dunno maybe it has to do with the lab tech!

The guy that did my X-rays was very nice and so was the lady that did the blood work I didn't get her name.

Today is the big day!

Well this is it!! I was so nervous/excited that I could barely sleep last night. I'm going to be exhausted by the time I get to my surgery! Oh well, it'll all be worth! Ok ladies see you on the flat side. Oh and I can't stay off of rs I have nothing else to do but watch movies and be on the net. So I'll be posting Ok I'll be back on Sunday...lololol.

Made it to the flat side ladies!

Thank all of you for your prayers and blessings. I will give a detailed review in a few days. Off to sleep again before I start rambling.

Day of and after surgery

I got to CIPLA and and had to wait on the cardiologist cause he was stuck in traffic. After he get there about 1/2 an hour later we get the ball rolling. Took me downstairs to admissions and then to my suite. Yily came in and greeted me with a hug and kisses. I was playing candy crush and we talked about how she was stuck at level 35 for the So she told me to get undressed and she took pictures and started marking me up for surgery. Samira gave me the blue pill and I was out for a few hours. Then this guy came in and wheeled me off to surgery. I got there the put me on the table and they put the. I've in and I started to get woozy. Then 3 of then held me down and stuck me with the epidural which I felt btw. 

Here comes the disappointing part Yily did do my surgery a bunch of guys did. After she marked me up that was it I never saw her again. While in the operating room this man kept squeezing alcohol in my mouth telling me to breathe, breathe. I dunno what that was about. It was fucked up to say the least.

After I started breathing they wheeled me back to my room and onto my bed. Then a few hours went by and I started having this outrageous pain in my stomach that kept getting worse and worse despite the medicine they kept giving. I was in excruciating pain at this point and this bitch ass nurse Ana telling me I'm a baby. I said bitch I'm no baby I an hurting and I need a doctor. Then Yily assistant came in and was rubbing my head and said I will be ok. I kept asking for them to put me in my faja. I think I needed the compression, so as soon as the stuffed me in a smedium faja the pain stopped. I was lying down on my ass the whole time and my ass hurt like hell. 

So after I got through all of that I lay back in the chair in the room and fell asleep and then the same bitch of a nurse came in talking about you going bye bye, I said thank god cause you people are just terrible. I had about 4 nurses and Maria and the other two were very attentive I must say every time I called they came. I threw up after the gave me some nasty soup. I called Maria and she came running to get me all cleaned up.

Oh I for got as I am screaming with pain do you believe this bitch was stuffing that damn soup in my mouth.

*yily didn't do my surgery!


A Few Pics - 3 Days post op!

i am super swollen. Cant stand straight yet. Had a blac tee under the my faja and it made me too dam hot so i got up and took it off. it was hell to get it back on. stuffed a bunch of pads not to get burn.


Ladies please be patient with me in regards to photos. I will post them but I won't be doing so everyday. I will post one a week for now and then monthly. I was originally to post them today but since I didn't have my massage today I can't post them. It is all kinds of hell getting in and out of this faja. And not to be mean but it is not that serious to put myself through that kind of pain for a few pics. When I get them you will see them. Thanks and be blessed.

Dominga's RH(Guilia's Room)

DON'T book this room if you want your rest. These f$&(;:*%# kids are annoying tha fuck out of me. I cannot sleep for nothing. I am so pissed I been trying to sleep for the last 4 hours and I can't between the baby screaming and the older kids screaming and yelling its a fu€*%$&@ nightmare! I want to hurt somebody!

1 week PO!

i week post op still have these damn drain in and i want it out really bad.

Recovery House Review...Good, bad & ugly!

The Good thing about this recovery house is that the rooms are very clean. the hosts as people are very nice especially Dominga's sisters. The first day i arrived everyone was very nice especially Guilia, then after my surgery anything i would ask her for she would act like i was bothering her and give attitude.

Bad & Ugly

Not sure how to put this, you have to beg them for food if Cesa dominga's sister is not there even then you have to wait to the point where you are about to pass out from hunger. I originally booked the loft for $50 per night including 3 meals. Well little did i know that the loft was now being built. So when i got here they put me in another room. every morning you wake up they give you a glass of juice as breakfast, and lunch if you ask enough times even then they act like its a problem and dismiss you until you ask about 3 or 4 times. then they have to go out to buy you food appose to home cooked food. theres no dinner again unless you beg. Its been 3 days since i have had headaches due to not eating anything for literally 24 hours. Now Her sister is back and i was fortunate enough that she fixed me breakfast and brunch and no dinner cause she has left already. When i originally booked this was the main reason for me booking the loft, now i get here there is no loft and the reason im in this room is because there is no ac. Well Guilia wakes up at 6 every morning and shuts the AC off until around 8 or 9 everyday while i am here trying to sleep and waking up soaking wet in my faja. i have to take it off and let it dry. It is beyond me why i am paying to be comfortable and recover from surgery and you do things like this.

Tomorrow i will be leaving here with a friend and heading to another location where this is not a problem.

Another Massuese!

So the massages I've been getting thus far was a waste of money. I was not draining. I had a lot of fluid build up to the point where I could lie on my back it was so painful. I got a new Massuese yesterday and whew let me tell you she is so good. First she had to poke a hole in the incision in my ass crack so I could drain, that was so painful I literally blacked out. After all of the poking and massaging etc I was at a relief when she was done.


This is very important ladies, I only took 5 of my heparin shots and I had blood clots in the incision in my butt that's why I couldn't drain and that's why there was so much fluid build up. As I mentioned Cesa was not here for 3 days those were the days I didn't get the shot she administered them for me. How ever I am back on track and set for another massage during the course of the day. I have to walk a lot even though your feet swell like melone you have to. I have to chug lots of juice and water to flush my body and stay hydrated. Going back to bed now.


Pre Post

9/6 Bust 36C 9/19 36C
9/6 Waist 39 in 9/19 33in and shrinking
9/6 Hips 44in 9/19 45in

Miami Airport Hater!

So I'm at Miami airport for my connecting flight home and I'm going through customs and the lady pushing the wheelchair through and this bitch not sure if she is a hater or past patient cause she had a jacket on and I couldn't really tell. Anyway I'm in the wheelchair going through customs and here she goes and piss me off...she is standing there with two other females and she blurts out oh she coming back from the DR she just had surgery. Look at her waist...excuse me...I said I can't really tell are you a past patient and know the routine or you were never a patient and you just mad that you didn't get my curves? Have a great day! Man the nerve of some people just straight nosy and like to gossip.


So I think I might have some fluid accusation in my back and I was wondering if any of you ladies know anyone nurse or masseuse in NJ/NY area that would drain it for me. Please I bod me the info. Thanks a million ladies!

Not Happy!

So Im not sure if I'm accumulating fluid because as soon as I take my garment of I swell up like a balloon and it's puffy. So today I'm on my way to get my massage and drained hopefully that'll do it an I will feel better. Other than that I look amazing in my clothes and just waiting to start my scar therapy and exercising again. My but has lost one in as is expected but I still love it. It is what I wanted just to round it up nicely. My inner thighs hurt like hell and feels like I have pebbles in them just have to keep massaging to soften up the scar tissue and smoother out. Will update with some pics in a few!


Ok so I'm 6 weeks post op and I have lost a ton of weight. I am currently weighing 174 pounds u came home at 190 with swelling etc. anyway I lost 2 inches off my butt and for some reason it looks bigger u guess because my waist is still shrinking. I still have a lot if swelling especially the area where the muscle was repaired. I have a few pics with clothes in and I'll post later pics without clothes.

Excuse the typos damn iphone auto correct.



Well I haven been on RS lately because I am not too happy with my results. I have a lump above my bb and I think it's a hernia if the sutures were not done correctly and they came loose. I have to have a revision and I am not sure what doctor to use for this. I emailed Duran since back in October and she didn't bother to respond to any if my emails.

I am not sure I want to go to Yily simply because of my experience the first time around. I am really upset that I did everything right to prepare for my surgery to bd a success and this is what u get. Well I know what to expect when I do it again. I will attempt to do a more detailed search for another doctor and hope that they will so the job correct this time.
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