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So after cyber stalking this site for 4 months...

So after cyber stalking this site for 4 months I've finally decided to post my journey. I came across this site by accident and ever since I did I'm like a crack addicted junkie looking to get my next fix. I guess i will just start at the beginning and tell you all about myself but first I wanna thank all the wonderful women (and men) cant forget y'all...who have had the courage to post their dreams, journeys, experiences, support and advice on this site because without that, I wouldn't be posting this. I am a 44 year old mother of 2 boys, ages 26 and 17. I am originally from the UK but moved to Cali 18 years ago, I am 5'8" and 190lbs. I have a good frame but with age and lack of exercise everything is heading south of the border (and i don't mean Mexico). I am looking to get a tummy tuck, BBL and lipo everywhere from my rooter to my tooter. I am recently married to a younger guy (11 yrs) and he loves me the way I am but this is something I have wanted to do even before I met him but didn't have the finances. Well, he just got a second job to help pay for all this and now my dream is finally a reality. +He is as excite+d+ as I am. I told him h+e's gonna feel like he's cheating after I'm +He said "don't be thinking you are going to be going to the gym+ by yourself" I said, yup, sure am and I will be there in a pair of white Daisy Dukes on the stair stepper in the middle of the I am going to upload some before pictures and also some wish pics. Hopefully I can inspire someone else thinking about this surgery as much as you guys have inspired me

Before pictures

Omg, I can't believe I'm posting these pictures for all to see..

Wish pictures

I'm gonna need a permanent security guard if I end up looking anything close to this (side eye)

Dr. Durans info (if anyone needs it)

SUPPIES. How much is to much?

So we've all seen the supply lists on here from dolls that have gonna before us (thank you) But I'm wondering how much is too much because some of these lists are longer than the Presidents State of the Union address and ain't nobody trying to go broke over this or having to lug 10 bags through customs on the way there. I read a review where this girl took bottled water because she didn't wanna use the faucet water there in case it wasn't clean and she didn't wanna get an infection. I'm all for being prepared and doing everything you can to keep yourself healthy but if I worried about every little thing I wouldn't be getting this surgery and would be on my couch right now eating a Krispy Kreme donut. But I digress, if anyone has been through this what did you actually use out of the supplies you took because we all know women over pack anyway. Now I got myself all hungry talking about damn Krispy Kreme donuts....smh


So like with many of us past and future dolls that are having BBL we all want a way to be able to sleep at night without fear of crushing our new bootys...this is even more important for those of us also getting TT that can't sleep on their stomach either. Well I think I've found the perfect solution. It's called a Holo and it's meant for pregnant women who want to sleep on their stomachs. Its basically one of those pool loungers with a hole in it to put your stomach in but this would also be perfect to put your butt in too....what do you guys think???


So when i initially picked Dr Duran for my sx I was concerned how I was gonna be able to get hold of her after reading countless reviews of people that had been trying for weeks and even months. It seemed like the people that were successful in getting a response had contacted her on a Sunday so that's what I decided to do. I sent her an email early Sunday morning with pictures and was shocked when I got a response back that evening requesting medical history, I responded right away and now I have been waiting two weeks and no word. I know I want her for my surgery and that she is booked up months in advance so because I want to go in July I knew I couldn't wait so I contacted Bellavita. We all know that these procedures cost money and none of us want any additional cost especially me but I figured the $200 it cost for Bellavita to secure a quote and surgery date is well worth the money especially since they can help and recommend recovery houses, drivers, cooks, nurses etc, heck, that's a month worth of Starbucks that I am willing to cut out because I want be in Bootyville more than I want that iced, frap, half whip, soy, latte, no sugar..whatever else they put in there to make you bounce around for a few hours hyped up on caffeine.
Anywho, Jazzmine has been great, quick to answer emails, informative and helpful. So far its been three days and I have filled out my registration info, paid my $200 and should get my quote in the next couple of days.

Great Site For Compression Garments

I got this site from a fellow Realselfer...thanks girl

Finally got my quote from DURAN

Shit is starting to get real. I got my quote from DURAN along with a very detailed pre and post op and supply list. If you guys have no idea what you need this list is from Duran herself. I am uploading my quote and supply list for you guys to see. My quote includes Tt, BBL, lipo for bbl and also extra lipo on my arms and thighs. I have have a hernia that needs repairing that's included in the quote. Omg, my hand are shaking I'm so excited!!!!!

Deposit paid thru Bellavita

As soon as I got my quote I asked Jazmine to secure a date for me. She got back to me straight away. I sent my $250 for Duran's deposit to Bellavita and they forwarded it for me then email you a receipt. This is so much easier than having the stress of doing it yourself, or trying to. Next step, picking a recovery home (they help you with that too)

why it takes Dr Duran do long to answer..take a look, crazy!!!

So I saw this on another girls blog and thought I would share because a lot of us are always wondering why it takes so long for her to respond...if she does at all...

Travel Buddy needed (DR) JULY 2015

Anyone going to the DR mid July? After reading so many mixed reviews on RH I am not only more confused but down right concerned about the care you relieve. I was thinking about renting a private apartment then hiring a caregiver to cook and care for me for maybe the first 5 or so days. That way I can eat, sleep and do whatever I want on my schedule and not theirs. Even having to pay for groceries and pay caregiver It still won't be more than a RH especially if I can share with another girl.

Hemo is 13.4!!!!!

So I had a physical last week and got a call today from my doctor that my hemo is 13.4!!! To say I'm shocked is an understatement! !!! I have every fast food restaurant in my area on speed dial and haven't eaten a vegetable in years...ewww, yuck!!! Any how,  my LDL is a little high so doctor told me low fat/low cholesterol foods (I see veggies in my future, ohhh joy) I started taking all the necessary vitamins and also drinking liquid chlorophyll every day.  If you don't know what that is you should Google it. Lots of benefits for people preparing for surgery.

I need help with recovery houses. I researched a lot on the list and read some really good and really bad with all of them.  Does anyone have any insight into which one you think would be better because I ain't trying to go to the DR and catch a case because someone in the recovery house is acting the fool...shoot, i can't be going to no DR jail especially once I have the surgery, I'm gonna be looking so good I'll have all the women up in the jail fighting over me,  then I'm gonna be having to deal with another issue. ..smh

Just got my surgery date with Dr. Duran

Shit just got Hella real!!!!!! I got the confirmation today when i was at work and no lie i jumped around like i just won the lottery. Every single one of my employees know about my surgery and are super supportive and just as excited as me. Was even happier to find out that i will be the first surgery of the day. My heart has been beating all afternoon. Seriously ladies I know most of us know about Bellavita and a lot of people don't wanna pay the $200 fee but let me tell you that hiring her had made this journey thus far so smooth and easy and got me my quote and surgery date in about two weeks. It's well worth the money.

Now is time to look for flights. I'm gonna fly out in coach but return in first class for more room, priority boarding and just be way more comfortable. Booking the flights separately seems to be cheaper.

Supply list

So my surgery isn't for another 103 days (yes I'm counting) but im a super organized person and have pretty much all my supplies bought. Ladies, I know when we are budgeting for surgey we might add up all the major stuff like surgery, flights etc but make sure you budget all the extra little things in there too because all those little things add up quick!!!!!! I went on a shipping bender today and I'm probably gonna be eating Top Ramen for the rest of the week...smh. I did get a great deal on some cute suitcases to.... $60 for two pieces. Thank goodnessi can now just throw all this crap in there because my husband is getting tired of all the crap building up around the house.

Faja sizing

So I've decided that I'm gonna buy my 2nd stage faja beforei leave because I've read too many reviews where girls have got their faja from Duran after surgery and they just don't fit and I am not wasting $150 on something I won't be able to use if it doesn't it and besides, you can order good ones off Ebay for less than $150. Question is do I buy one that fits me now or go a size smaller. My hip to waist ratio is pretty big right now and after surgery there's probably gonna be a bigger difference. I was gonna order based on hip size then just pad it with lipo foam or what

NEW Bellavita contact Info

For anyone interested

I need help finding a cook/nurse DR

Does anyone have a recommendation for a private nurse in the DR? I'm renting a private apartment and want a nurse for the first 5 days or so. Someone who will also be ok with cooking meals. Thanks in advance. ..


I'm so confused. I wanna book at Armonia RH. But I'm finding two different websites with different pictures (one in a house and one in an apartment penthouse) and different info. I know the original one is owned by Mayra which is the one i want. I don't want the one that is run by an old employee. Help, I need to seems my deposit...

Prescriptions filled

I went to my doctor today to get an EKG and to see if she'd full my prescriptions. I knewi was gonna get a lecture about going out of the country for cosmetic surgery so I made up some bull story that my family is from the DR and the doctor is an old family friend of the family. She bought it.
Anyway she looked at the list and said she'd fill everything except the heparin shots. I guess it's rare for doctors to give those out in this country because they aren't considered a safe drug. No worries, I can get those when I get there.

If you have insurance definately go get them through your doctor. In the DR thru charge between $150-$200. I got everything filled including enough Percocet to last me 10 days and everything came up toa whopping $24!!!!

All supplies are bought, money saved, tourist card bought ahead of time online, travel insurance done. Ago I have to do is book flight and recovery house then I'm done!!!!!

My date just got moved up

So I was scheduled to have surgery with Duran on July29th. I secured my quote and date with Jazmine at Bellavita. I them found a sx buddy on Realself who had been trying without luck to get a quote and date with Duran. She didn't wanna wait any longer so she hired Bellavita to do it for her under the condition that she had to get scheduled around the sane time as me give or take a day or so. Well........Jazmine connected me today and told me she can't get her a date around mine but if we wanted we can go 2 weeks early and have surgery on the 13th. Holy moly...2 weeks doesn't seem likea big difference but when you're dragging around extra weight it seems like forever. Now I gotta hit the gym and lose 10lbs because I don't wanna be all snatched and have Johnny Bravo arms. JULY 13TH HER WE COME!!!!!

54 days to go

So my buddy and I have 54 days to go until our much awaited surgery. We have booked our flights, RH and 2 bedroom apartment. I am a bargain hunter and always look for ways to save money. We are flying from California so the plane tickets are a lot higher but i managed to find 1st class tickets both ways for the price of coach with Delta airlines. When we added up the cost of baggage fees both ways and a little extra for better seats it worked out the same as 1st class so why not get priority check in, security, extra weight for baggage, better food, bigger seats???!!

We also decided to stay at the RH for the first 5 days them move to a private 2 bedroom apartment for the remaining 5 days which saved us almost $300 each instead of staying at the recovery house for the full 10 days.

The RH was gonna charge is $100 each for airport pick up and drop off (each) even though we were flying in and out together. We told them we'd find other pick up arrangements cause paying $100 each when it's one trip for both of us is ludicrous. So we hired a driver who had a cab company called Bambino taxi. He is charging us $70 for pick up and drop off for both of us!!!!! Saving another $65 each. He even said he'd take us wherever we wanted while we were there. Nothing like saving some money!!!!

Duran's breast lifts??

I think I'm gonna add a breast on my surgery if I can pull the extra $2000 together in the next 7 weeks. I picked up a second job and will now be working about 60-70 hours a week. I'm gonna be a walking zombie but dammit I want my boonies done.

Question.... had anyone had a breast lift with Duran? Right now I'm a 36ddd if I have a lift will my boobs look way smaller?? Do I need to put an implant in?? I'm so!!!

No much for sx sisterhood

First I wanna say thank you to all the sx veterans that went before me and helped me through this journey by posting about their experiences.

I decided to pay it forward and post my journey for others coming up after me. With that being said, I think it's frustrating and sad that someone can post information for others and ask questions for them self for things they need help with but there's absolutely no response or support but as soon as you post that you're at the airport on your way or you just arrived at CIPLA then all of a sudden everyone starts blowing you up like 4th of July fireworks. Well, I shall continue posting my journey for informational purposes for those who need it but from this point will not answer or respond to any more questions especially when i arrive in the DR in just over a month. It's been real...

6 months post op pictures

Love my results

Round 2 CALI Colombia

So I'm in the beginning stages of planning my round 2 in Cali Colombia. BA with lift/implant, lipo and BBL and Blepharoplasty upper and lower eyelids. I LOVED Dr. Duran but Colombia is way more advanced as far as technology and I will not do traditional lipo again, the recovery for that shit hurt more than TT recovery. Im 6 months post op and just now starting to feel normal. Colombia has MicroAire Lipo (PAL) system which has faster recovery, more fat removed in less time, less bruising, faster recovery and does not use heat, so no accidental burning. It also helps break through old scar tissue. I will be staying at Beauti Sleep. I haven't chosen a Dr. yet because they are all pretty good so I am going a few days early to have physical consultations with a few. So far Dr. Henao is my first choice. I also love Dr. Leonardo Buritica but he is a little bit more expensive since he does alot of Middle Eastern and Colombian beauty queens and Colombian rappers/musicians.

2 years post op

Round 2 still in the works. Colombia for BA upper and lower eyelid surgery and veneers.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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