Post op pics/Tummy tuck and bbl with Dr Duran/Dominican Republic

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Hi, I'm 40 3 kids( 23, 20 and 13)and I am from...

Hi, I'm 40 3 kids( 23, 20 and 13)and I am from Houston but was born in Brazil, so pls excuse my English. I had bbl done with dr Fisher last April and my butt was huge and firm for the first 5 months. I had some family issues and barely ate for one week, so I lost ALL the volume in only 7 days:( My body looks just like my pre op and my stomach is all wrinkly and deformed. I'm thinking about going for a round 2, if I didn't need a tummy tuck I would probably go with dr Fisher again or Hasan, but I really don't want to have any other surgery that's why I'm thinking about going with dra Duran, I don't think her bbl's are great like Fisher's but she does a great job and her Tummy tucks are perfect. I am a little scared to go to a different country to have this surgery, especially because I want to have more than one procedure done at once. Another thing that bothers me is my family, they were all against me last April when I had my bbl, they tell me I am addicted to plastic surgery ( had 3 already) and that I am putting my body and appearance first thing in my life even before GOD. They tell me I look great and that I don't need any other surgery. Oh well.. I am confused and scared of something going wrong, even scared of not liking the tummy tuck scar. ( not sure if I have enough skin) I am posting some pics, pls let me know what you think, I know I will have to gain some weight for bbl.

Paid my deposit with dra Duran

Hey sisters, paid my deposit and I will be having surgery on March 10. I am planning on Staying in a hotel instead of Recovery Houses because I think my husband and my mom are coming with me. I would like to know if any of you stayed in a hotel and how was it? Is it too dangerous? Do I need a nurse or my husband and my mom could take care of me? And what about renting a car? Can I use USA drivers license there? I really want to get a hotel instead but I am afraid of not knowing what to do there since it's a different country, and would like to know if it will be dangerous driving around to buy groceries and stuff.

Need help sisters :)

Hey sisters, it has been a long time since my last posting. My surgery is supposed to be next month on the 10th but will try to postpone to the beginning of April and I need some help. I have a few questions if some of you sisters could help me. I want to know about how much extra should I bring for food, taxi, massages and medicines? How much extra besides the surgery cost? Also, how much in pesos and dollars? And..any recommendations on a good and cheap massages and taxi driver? Another thing that worries me is that I will be going with my husband and planning on staying at hotel plaza Florida, is there a grocery store nearby and a place where I can get l like some food ready ?

Only 22 days left. Tummy tuck and bbl w/ dr Duran

Hey, I'm very anxious..only 22 days left. Gained about 12 pounds for surgery.

Had surgery last Friday

Sorry for the late update. I had surgery last Friday, dr Duran only had 2 patients ( surgery) , me and one more girl. I arrived at Cipla around 6:50 am ..signed some papers at Duran 's office and paid the remaining balance ( she will discount the deposit from the total), then they asked me to go downstairs to see the nurse and got cleared up for surgery. Had surgery around 12:30 pm. Thank God I didn't wake up during surgery, when I did , I was already in my room with my husband. My first day was horrible, I was feeling very nauseous, throwing up in like every hour. Didn't have anything in my stomach anymore, so that was very painful because I had muscle repair. Saturday around 11:00 I was cleared up to leave, thank God my hemo was good. Dr Duran came to my room and explained to me that my case was really hard, because I had aggressive lipo last year and formed a seroma I had a lot of scar tissue and still had a seroma. She told me when she opened me, she got scared because she thought she had punctured my bladder, still had a lot of water left from the seroma . She showed me pictures of my self with my stomach open, I couldn't believe how bad it was. It looked horrible . I am glad everything went well. I am back to the hotel and trying to get some rest, still weak . I will take some pictures when I get my first massage and try to post it soon. I believe it will be tomorrow or Tuesday . I am really happy with my doctors choice, dr Duran is very professional.


Post op pics.. I am really happy with my results!!

One more...

25 days post op

Still swollen under my bb

25 days post op

More pics!!!


New pictures/36 days PO

Feeling great, still swollen on my stomach but It gets better everyday!! :)

Almost 2 months post op ( 54 days)


5 months post op with dra Duran

More pictures


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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