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I've known for a few years now that I wanted to...

I've known for a few years now that I wanted to get a tummy tuck. I started having kids early and my first one was delivered by c-section. I had 3 v-bacs but they were all back to back pregnancies causing my body to never really get the chance to snap back. I've tried working out and eating right but it just won't get back to where it use to be. So, i've done so much research and was set on doing my surgery stateside but then a few weeks back a friend of mine posted up a link to Dra Robles facebook page and I fell instantly in love! Suddenly I couldn't get enough of going to the DR and getting redone! My hubby loves me just the way that I am but he knows that i'm unhappy with how I look and he's willing to do whatever it takes to me happy so he gave me the go ahead to get things done :D So far I have only received a response from Robles but I've sent out consultations to Baez and Diaz and still waiting on a response. It's been over 3 days and i've heard nothing back from them though so it looks as if Robles will be my main lady. If anyone knows of a better way of contacting any of these doctors I sure am open to it! I am hoping to get my operation done February of next year, so anyone planning on doing theirs at that time I'll definitely be up for a travel buddy :) I love talking and will definitely be keeping a detailed blog on my journey so please feel free to message me with any info that will help me be more prepared for this road to a new and more improved me!!!


So I've finally heard back from everyone including Almonte :) I've sent out all required info and pics and I'm currently waiting on quotes. I'm hoping to find someone with an all inclusive like what Robles offers but at a lower price. Robles doesn't want to do my breast lift, bbl, and tummy tuck all at once but Almonte is willing to and I'm still waiting in Baez and Diaz response. I'm hoping to lose anywhere from 30-40pds by my operation date (february). I've been doing crossfit for 3 weeks (love it!) And I plan on changing my eating habits starting July 1st (I'm currently vacationing and eating right is out of the question, lol) . I'm still looking for a travel buddy and any advice on which doctor to go with helps as well.

Still contemplating....

Sighs...I still can't decide between doctors. There are just way to many to choose between and way to many procedures and RH and masseuse, and etc. I'm going to have to take about a week out and go through price lists for the different RH and dissect procedure pics before deciding. I'm working on losing 40pds by January and starting on a huge chunk of it in July. Ya'll wish me goodluck with this, lol because I'm going to need it!

Chose a Doctor!!!

So after weeks of going back and forth between pictures, prices, and packages hubby decided that I should go with Baez. I am so stoked to have finally picked a doctor! I am overly confident in her skills and definitely believe that she can make me look the way I want to as naturally as I would like to. I'M GOING TO BE A BAEZ PANABARBIE DOLL!!!! Now I'm just stuck trying to find an RH...if there is anyone else looking to go around the time of February 23rd please let me know. I am definitely looking for a sx buddy. My mom is suppose to be coming with me but trying to find a RH at a decent enough price for the both of us is proving to be more difficult than I had originally thought. So if anyone has any ideas or advice, please let me know, I am totally open to them :)

Now to the RH :(

Trying to find the right Recovery House is even harder than trying to find the doctor :( I've been looking for days but the crazy part is that everyone would post the name of the house but no info in contacting them. I have this long list of names and no way to contact them so if anyone knows the contact info for the following houses or at least the price I would greatly appreciate it!
-Fantasty RH
-Yazmin RH
-Yenny RH
-Zara RH
-Juana RH

Super Cheap Flight!!!

Not sure if there is anyone out there who will be going to do their sx within the next month and haven't booked a ticket yet but there are some ubber (yes I said "ubber", lol) cheap flights flying out of Ft. Lauderdale! They're currently $284RT!!! They're coming from Spirit Airlines which is apparently a very cheap airline to fly to the DR with, just FYI :) ~Toodles Dolls


On Monday i'll be purchasing my airline tickets!!! I just found some RT tickets for next year (my sx date) for $251.51!!! So I guess i'll be making my deposit and purchasing my tickets all at the same time!! Me so excited!!! My hubby knows i'm a bargain shopper and I will be making this the cheapest overseas surgery known to mankind so he wasn't nearly as surprised at my finding as I felt he should have been :( Sucks to have your own couponing business sometimes because people aren't so surprised when you save a ton of money or find a good deal. Oh well!!! He is happy about it though, that's a $150 savings from my findings 2wks ago!!! *Fingers crossed that they'll still be available come Monday*


I've been posting on my review for a few days now and I've asked several questions but never get a response...is it because my review isn't showing up in the main feed or something? I'm so lost and want to be prepared for this whole thing but i'm just not getting any feedback even when I send messages to other ladies on here so now I'm beginning to wonder if my review and profile are showing up at all :/ This is a very hard road to travel alone so I'm hoping that my review can be seen. I'm so excited though, I'm striving to lose 30-40pds before sx and I've been doing crossfit for 5wks now and eating right for 2wks and I can see a major difference already. I am super nervous to get on the scale or tape myself for fear that they will tell me that my eyes are deceiving me :( I'm starting some natural fat burning pills on Tuesday though so i'll be getting on there on Monday and taping myself as well. As of right now i'm just searching high and low for a RH house or hotel since my mom will be traveling with me if I don't find a buddy beforehand. I'm also hoping that with me working out so much and building muscles, the healing period won't be so harsh or long for me. Does anyone know if my theory is correct? Hopefully it is and if not...at least i'll be mentally prepared for the pain, whoop-whoop!! Well back to searching I go since i've heard from no one in ideas or advice for RH houses. Also I read once about a guy who does amazing massages and he uses creams or something unlike Brunhilda who doesn't use anything...if anyone has his information I would greatly appreciate it! Gotta go for now...~Toodles Dolls

Changing Minds

Okay, so i've been still perusing different doctors (aren't we all guilty of such) and I found Dr. Fisher down in Miami. I love his booty'z! They are hot!!! I also notice that because he does everything as two seperate operations (6wks apart) it allows for your booty to stay nice and full. He is charging about double the amount (7,500) of what Baez is asking for but he is stateside and only about a 6hr drive away from me. I have family there as well so I would have a place to stay and someone to look after me. I don't know though because it is so much higher than what I had wanted to pay :/ I'm really big about sticking to my budget so I'm going to send Baez pics of what I'm wanting to achieve and see if it's something she can do. I'm going to post the pics of what I'm hoping to look like afterwards, front, back, and sides. Dr. Fisher said that if I drop 20pds he can definitely achieve the looks I'm going for so hopefully Baez says the same. I will be at 160 after dropping the 20pds but I'm shooting for 150 due to the fact that I'm only 5ft. tall. I am so excited about this whole thing and I have a very full shopping cart on Amazon as well! Lol...thank you ladies for posting up everything that you guys feel is necessary or a must have for these trips!

Flat Tummy Recipe!!!

I tried this flat tummy water that I discovered online and drank it all last week and there is definitely a difference. I measure myself on Tuesday so i'll find out exactly how much i've lost within the last week. I am going to give it to you guys in case you want to try it. I also do crossfit so that may be having a huge impact on it as well.

Flat Tummy Water
-Ginger (do not put a whole lot or else you WILL NOT want to drink it due to the after taste)
Cover ingredients with ice and pour water over it and allow it to sit for 30min/overnight. I prefer overnight that way the flavor is in there and I can't stand the taste of plain water so infusion is a necessity for me. Hope ya'll enjoy!

2 Inches!!!

So I measured myself (I weighed myself as well but due to the fact that i'm doing crossfit 5 days a week i'm not expecting to lose pounds as much as inches) and I've lost 2inches on my waist and hips, 1inch on my thighs and unfortunately nothing on my arms although I'm still puzzled as to how that could possibly happen. I'm definitely suprised and really thinking that the tummy water played a huge part in it. I lost basically 1inch per week :) I'm pushing closer and closer to having that easily cinched waist so that it can be snatched and formed to look the way I want it. Also I'm not wanting to lose to much weight and then my wish pic not be achievable so hopefully with me building all this muscle and losing the excess fat will allow me to look as close to it as possible. I'm still looking for an sx buddy for February if anyone is interested please message me!

My Pics

So I decided to bite the bullet and past up some personal pics. No nudies though, I'm just not bold enough for that step quite yet. I will be weighing myself tomorrow but these pics were taken two days ago and my clothes are still getting looser so I'm not complaining to much at the moment. I'm excited and definitely looking forward to February. At this rate I'll be well below my goal weight of 160pds by then :D

Naughty Girl :(

So...I haven't been to cross fit or anything for the past 6 days and it's killing me!!! Life called and I had no choice but to answer it. Kids start school in about 2 weeks so I've been having to run around doing last minute school shopping while the deals are still hot! I will be going tomorrow and doing a full cleanse again. I have been such a slacker and naughty about this diet. Good thing is that I haven't gained any weight or inches so let's keep our fingers crossed that I lose more by next week. I'm pushing towards it but losing weight alone isn't fun :( I am still looking high and low for an SX buddy and any ideas on a RH. ~Toodles Dolls

Back on Track!

Whoop-whoop! I got my rear end back on track and back into the gym :D I'm going to lose these 30pds if it's the last thing that I do. I been going through researching different doctors opinions on doing a tummy tuck at my current stage and due to my weight and height ratio it's being strongly suggested that I lose at least 30pds. I'm really wanting to push for 40pds though but I'm just a little worried that it wouldn't allow my legs to have that "thick" look to it. A majority of my weight is in my midsection so I've started wearing a slimming belt while working out with hopes that it'll reduce my belly and start shedding the pounds in that area. Hopefully I can lose 10pds in the month that hubby is gone...*fingers crossed*. I get to see my doctor on the 4th and I'm going to try and get a referral to a nutritionist along with all the other pills and things needed for SX. I am so excited about this whole procedure...I totally wish it was at least January already (with me being 30pds lighter, lol). Still searching for an SX buddy and RH but Daisy is raising up on the list due to the good reviews on it. Welp! Back to all my constant researching and review reading...~Toodles Dolls

Accomplishing more and more...

So I've made two major decisions this week. I decided to go to the DR alone and I've also decided to stay at Daisy RH :) I'm just going to go and stay the whole 14 days, turn this sx into a little vacation before my whole year rolls out. My hubby will be coming back home from deployment and then right after that we're doing a big move across the US and it'll be my first time away from home and my family. I'm looking forward to the change of scenery and moving but I'm also a little nervous about being so far away from my family. I just keep imagining the look on my hubby's face when he gets off that plane and sees me for the first time after sx! I have been working out everyday this week and i'm seriously considering going to tomorrow for a little extra but I have a big day ahead of me as well. I'll be taping and weighing myself again on Monday so hopefully i've lost something because today's workout was a bit of a doozy! I am worn out and my leg went out on me as I was about to go shower. Ouchie!! Hopefully it gets better before morning or else I won't be able to attack the gym at all :( Well my melatonin is starting to kick in so I gotta go! ~Toodles Dolls


Okay I know it's been a few weeks but life has been hectic and overwhelming to say the least. I also was beginning to lose hope that Baez could do thick/big girls but faith has been reignited! If you don't believe Baez can do a thick girl please check out iLuvChris3 review. She looks amazing! I'm super happy that I ran into that review because it shows that Baez can definitely do her thing whether ubber skinny or super thick. My weight loss is coming along fine but I'm gaining to much muscle and not losing actual weight which is something I don't want so now I have to do some serious adjustment on my diet so i can lose more pounds. My doctor is referring me to a weight loss clinic where they'll be putting me into a aggressive weight lost program and they said that I should definitely be down those 30pds by my sx date. I'm still waiting to start the program but until then I'm continuing doing crossfit and working on my diet. I'm down 4pds and probably more since I last checked during my period. I haven't measured myself in a few weeks but I know that the inches are melting away, that much can be totally felt already. I'm considering going completely paleo for a bit but I'm not sure I'm completely ready for that just yet. Well I have another appointment to run off to so...~Toodle Dolls

I'm still here!

Hey dolls! I'm still here, lol! I'm steady stalking profiles and constantly reading blog after blog. I haven't sent in my deposit yet though because I might be having second thoughts. It seems like now and more people are very disappointed with their Baez BBL and I'm very uncertain about adding money on a procedure that won't come or well. I have a lil booty already and I'm just wanting it to be filled out a lil more. Argh! So many decisions in so little time. I wanta doctor that won't cause new to feel a need for a round 2. I want one and done! I do love Baez belly buttons though and the fact that she's "safe" but I also want a snatched waist and a heart shape butt :(

On another note, tomorrow I will have my interview for my aggressive weight loss program :D Yay, yay, yay! I can't wait! My doctor said that my goal of 30pds within the next 4/5mths is very realistic and I shouldn't have any problems racing it so I am definitely thinking positive! Well it's time to go blog surfing some more so I'll ttyl! ~Toodles Dolls


So I just sent Dra Almonte a consultation request and I'm waiting to hear back from her now. I have been searching tons ever since I noticed that more and more people have started complaining about the lack of fat retained in their butt lifts and I refuse to come back for a round 2. So I started searching for someone that isn't one of the danger docs but would also do a superb bbl and tummy tuck and I found her. I already crossed Robles off because there have been quite a few complaints about her within the last year and both Duran and Yily are huge no-nos in my book so that left for slim pickings. The only thing that I am skeptical about with Almonte are those super skinny belly buttons of hers. I seriously want something that looks real and not to fake. I am getting excited about it all over again now. I am going to relook into the Dra Manuel Diaz though and see if there are anymore reviews with pics of him. I know he's still new so there weren't to many when I first started my research but I'm going to look again. Hopefully I can find what I want quickly. Well my sleeping pills are kicking in and I seriously need to hit the sack! ~Toodles Dolls~

Putting in some overtime...

I so have not forgotten you guys but life has been phew!!! Cray-cray!!! I got sick and then my daughter got sick...we both got better and then my daughter got sick, again! The doctors have been no help what so ever in diagnosing her so it's been home self remedies and medications for her. I'm now putting in overtime while she sleeps hunting for flights and considering a different doctor as I had said before. Baez booty's haven't been what I need it to be and I refuse to even consider a round 2. I am currently checking out Almonte and Diaz, both offer all inclusive but I know specifically which recovery house I want to stay at and Diaz goes with a different one. Hopefully Almonte can grant me the house I prefer to stay at. Does anyone know which recovery house Almonte uses? Also I am still looking for a sx buddy.
My little status update is all over the place but I'm just trying to get everything down before the sleep monster totally attacks. So it looks like I've discovered a fix to my flight dilemma...I originally was going to fly out of MIA (which is an 6-8hr drive from me) and fly back into there as well but after reading several reviews regarding the severity of sitting on your new booty for hours, I decided to fly out of MIA and then fly back in since the cost will be approx. $243RT and then catch another flight from MIA to JAX (which is 1.5hrs away from me) and that one will cost me approx. $84OW. For me that'll be a total of $327.18 and I don't think that's to shabby. I'll probably end up renting a little dollar rent a car for a oneway trip down there and that'll only cost me about $15-$30 plus gas...eh...small car so I won't need to spend to much in the gas department neither but I'll have someone pick me up from JAX which would be awesome since I can lay out on the back seats :D I told you guys this will be the thriftiest sx you've ever seen!!
As for all my thriftiness!!! So I am an extreme couponer and have been for quite some time (a few years) and I have been able to get all of my gauze, dressing tapes, and adult undies for FREE!!! I'm literally just about all packed for under $20 (including my maxi's). I'll be purchasing my special sx bag at the end of this month and that's going to be my most expensive purchase thus far ($50) but it's going to be personalized and everything. I'll also be getting my passport at the end of this month as well (yay me!) because I sure do not want to have to spend anything additional to get it expedited. So...other than that everything for sx is still on schedule and with my current itinerary i'll be in the DR for a total of 15days...leaving on the 21st and coming back on the 8th due to the prices being cheaper and everything plus I don't mind being there an extra day to do some sight seeing and purchase my meds on my own (so no one can go trying to make a buck off of me and overcharge me for anything). I would also like to stop through some of the faja stores and try to get my 2nd one ahead of time. My spanish has been coming along great (no thanks to my parents) and my daughter's understanding and vocabulary has increased greatly (my baby is going to be bilingual!!!). Well now the monster is trying to attack so I must sign off...until next time ~Toodles Dolls!

Seeking SX Buddy ASAP!!

Okay so I am actively seeking an sx buddy right now. I will be leaving on the 21st of February and returning on the 5th (I'm paying for 2 days oop). I will be scheduling my sx for the 23rd of February to give myself some time to gather a few things prior to and everything. I will be staying at MyHome Recovery House and getting my sx done with Dra Almonte (yes I changed it again). I would rather not have to stay in a room alone so I hope to find someone who will be willing to share a room with me. I am getting ubber stoked about this whole procedure though!! My bestie is getting married in September and she has been picking some stunning mermaid bridesmaid dresses that I more and more looking forward to totally rocking!!! *FLAWLESS*. I'm doing the no carb diet right now and it's definitely working...yay me!! Monday i'm going to start pushing myself even harder because I have to seriously drop this weight...4 months to go and if I do 10pds per month then I'll be on the road to where I need to be! Well I have to run but seriously if anyone needs a buddy for those dates contact me asap! ~Toodles Dolls

Aawwww PHEWY!!!

So...I sent out my request for the February 23rd and was told that Almonte had nothing available til the 25th. So...now I'm hoping for a February 18th date. I've already sent in my request and I'm just waiting for a yes or no as far as availability. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed because after doing some math and everything I found out that my air fare will be about $45 cheaper!!! (N ya'll know i'm a cheapo, lol) Hopefully everything works out with these dates because hubby is trying to get some time off so he can stay home from work while I go get my sx done. (Yay me!!!) I told my family about it all today and my dad was just worried about me going to some crazy non-credential surgeon. My older brother is thankfully a trainer and was able to explain to my in denial mom, sister, and brother why no matter how much I work out my stomach will never be flat! Thank goodness because trying to explain it to them was getting tiring (they refused to believe me). So...now that my big bro has broken it all down to them, they are much more on board about my tummy tuck. My sister though is so against my BBL but eh, she has a super Latina booty while I got that ubber flat thing. I have no idea where it came from neither because all the ladies in my family have one except for me :( Hopefully after this sx though, I can finally blend in :D I can't wait and i'm so keeping my fingers crossed for the 18th date! I've gotta run but I will be back as soon as I can lock in that date!!! ~Toodles Dollz

Official Date!!!

Whoo-Hoo!!!! So I have my official date of February 18th with Dra Fatima Almonte!!! I'm so stoked!!! It's crazy really because the whole time that I was going for Baez I just never felt this confident about her work and ability to do everything I wanted with just one round. I am ubber excited and never have I felt so sure about wanting this done as I have these last few days. It's like a HUGE sign that I am definitely meant to be an Almonte doll. I do need to change the Dra review info (again) since I'm no longer going with Baez :( I think it was more the disappointment in her BBL reviews that turned me away and the lack of girls relative to my height and weight being done by her. It's really hard to gauge how I'm going to turn out when I see all the super bodies being done on already tiny or small girls. Almonte has several big girls that she's done and I feel confident that she will do me right! Thursday I pay my deposit, 1st of November I order my passport, and 15th of November I book my flight. I'll be staying at the My Home recovery house and since Almonte's quotes are all inclusive I will be $500 under budget at the end of it all. Yay me!!! Well I must now run off and get the kiddies ready for bed :) ~Toodles Dollz!


I am down to under 3mths left and I am so excited!!! The only downer...my hubby isn't so excited :( He is so happy and content with me being the way that I am but I think he's more nervous about the attention that I'll be receiving. I'm already conceited and know I'm hotty but when we met I was smaller and had dudes fighting...now I'm going to smaller and have everything in all the right places...eeks!!! He's in trouble now!!! Lol...I keep telling him that he should be happy because all that sexiness will be his and ONLY his for ever and ever!!! SN...i'll be starting crossfit the Monday after Thanksgiving and also doing a No Carb diet. I have to get these pounds off. I have been doing the Fruta Planta pills as well and I lost 3pds this week. I'm just not sure if its due to me coming off my period or the actual pills :/ I guess I'll find out after my next week weigh in and let you guys know :)

I've been a GHOST!!!

I know I haven't logged in or updated my review in like forever!!!! It's because of facebook though :( I'm in so many group pages for sx and Almonte that I barely have anytime to get on realself. There's also the fact of the holiday season just finishing up and I still have New Years to get past. I am so ready for this sx though!!! I'm getting more and more excited and hubby is helping me pick out bootys like nearly everyday. Lol...he was scrolling through my wish pics and telling me which ones he likes and which ones were to vixen for his liking. I am worried because they changed the BMI levels to a 35 no matter what and my current BMI is 35.6. I have to really start hitting up the gym and getting my diet right no matter what. I need to drop this weight and get my BMI and Hemo to where they need to be by February 1st. Yes I realize that's only giving me a month but last I checked my Hemo was 12.9 and that was before taking any iron pills or anything so now that I have been doing all of that and everything I believe that Hemo will definitely be going up. I'm going to go in on the 1st and see about getting it checked again though. I also will be getting my tubes tied like right before my sx and I'm a bag of nerves about that because I don't want that to interfere with my sx in any way. They scheduled my consultation for the 22nd of January which means that more than likely I'll be having surgery in the beginning of February :( I'm hoping to be able to schedule in an earlier date though so *fingers crossed* that I can get one. With this being my last month before sx I know i'm going to be a bag of nerves and totally just trying to lose as much weight as possible before going over seas. I'm looking to send for my passport on the 1st and then get my ticket on the 15th. Someone had mentioned purchasing my return ticket once i'm in the DR, just in case I need/want/or am allowed to come back home earlier or later. I never thought of that so now I do believe that I may be waiting but first I have to see if there will be a drastic or huge difference in the price since often times you get better deals if you travel round trip opposed to just one way. Well I have to go and get me some much needed beauty sleep but I will try to keep this review a little more updated with my progress until sx and after :)

I'm including a pic of me taken yesterday and a few more wish pics :)

Everything is going according to plan!

Okay so I finally went and applied for my passport today and then I was able to get my date for my tubal earlier so I'm going for my consult on Friday and hopefully can get my tubes tied next Friday. I finally purchased my carry on bag and can start packing that. I've started a new diet (I demolished everything over the holidays) and I've been doing pretty good thus far (i've dropped 3pds in 2days). I'm seriously hoping to get this extra weight off before sx though. I only have 6 weeks as of today before I'll be laying out on the operation table and getting over to the flat side. I've been having a mixture of excitement and nerves with a dash of stress :( Lord help me because I want this so badly but know that I will be a bundle of nerves in the end..

10 DAYS TIL SX!!!!!!

Okay so everything is coming down to the stress break down of my life :( I am packed, flight booked, passport in, all my money in hand, and my bmi is right at 35. I'm still dieting but...my hemo, that horrid hemo :( I went from a 12.9 to a 12.4 but of course my period came on 3 days after my test and I just found out that i've been eating and drinking iron prohibiting food. So...I now have to cut out the green tea from my diet and eggs. I will be taking one more test on Friday prior to leaving that way I will have my final hemo results prior to take off. Please pray for my hemo everyone because I really need that 13.5 to get everything that I want. I sent Leslie a message to find out if I can take iron shots if my iron is over 12.5 but under 13 in order to get my hemo above that 13 level for a full body liposculpture. I'm praying that I don't have to take them though. I have a whole list of iron rich food that I'll be eating from now til sx. The hemo level is real ladies and the doctors are definitely cracking down on it, I'm thankful that mine is at least above 12 but that doesn't mean i'm content with it being at this level. At my current level I can only get my TT and perhaps a very small bbl but she wouldn't be able to do my back, arms, nor inner thighs and that for me is unacceptable because I once again, refuse to do any round2. I have picked my final wish pics and I refuse to settle for anything less than what I've been dreaming of since I started this sx journey. I'll keep everyone updated as I take my test and totally prepare for my flight and sx :D


I'm in the single digits and a bag of nerves!!! I can't believe it!!! I'm only waiting for my passport pouch to arrive and I'll be taking out all my cash on Friday. Walking around with all of that cash on me will have me super nervous but...I'll be okay since so many before me have done it without any problems. I've uploaded my final wish pics and my play with the surgery app. I just want a booty with hips, laterals, and a super snatched waist!!! I will have my hemo checked one last time on either Thursday or Friday (preferable Friday) and I'll post the results once I get them. I cannot believe that next week this time I'll be in the DR!!! So many months of planning and this dream is finally becoming a reality.

Made it to the flatside!

Whoo-hoo!!! I'm flat and I'm loving it! I'm extremely swollen but once that selling goes down...watch out world here I come! My hemo was high enough to get everything that i wanted and then some! I seriously can't believe that this is me or that i look so good!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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