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I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile...

I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile already, been consulting here lately but prices are CRAZY!!!! I feel blessed i came across this website all you ladies are AWESOME....i am waiting for Lily to respond back with my qoute ...to start making arrangements to head out to DR not sure the date of surgery yet but i know i will definitely need a surgery buddy, my husband wants to tag along but i rather him stay the whole point of me traveling to DR to get this done is to save $$$ ...If any of you ladies are looking into having it done anytime in August or September pleeeeease let me know!!!!

I am obsessing over this ....i swear i read reviews/ experiences almost every day and believe me it HELPS so much to all you ladies that leave tips for us that are heading that way ...GOD bless you all for all that info!

Decisions ... Decisions!!!

Got a quote from Robles ... But I'm aiming more for Yily she seems to throw a little extra!!! Getting my blood work done tomorrow so excited but now my husband is kinda throwing hints he doesn't want me to go alone :( he wants me to find a buddy to hold my hand the minute I walk out the door lol

Need a Buddy from San Antinio,tx

Ladies If anyone of you is from San Antonio, TX and is thinking of getting any work done in the DR with Yily PLEASE let me know !!!! I will be more than happy to share expenses....

Wating Game is RIGHT!!!!

So my mind is still set on team Yily however after looking at some of Duran's girls ...OWEEEE i must say im tempted to go with her instead just sent her an email and it went through hopefully i hear from her soon!!! My Blood work came back all Good ....My hemb is at 13.6 without taking any Vitamins as of yet! I also heard about CIPLA being closed I read on one of the reviews that Dr Yily reaffirmed it will open up agian in a couple of days, hopefully they will be more cautious and stertile now that they had that inspection going on!!!! Praying for all you ladies who's sx are coming up soon and please do tell we are desperately waiting to hear from your experiences.... Take Care Dolls ;)

I have made up my mind.....

I have made up my mind for the fourth time...smh is this normal to have all these mixed emotions on what Dr to go to for best results, lol I've decided to go with Dr Salama he is very popular therefore he is booked until 2014 but that's ok I'll have more time to bust my a$$ at the gym...so if any of you ladies are scheduled around that time and wants to buddy up please let me know ;)

Vanidades is a SCAM!!!!!!!

I am soooooo glad i didn't give Vanidades any of my money ...ladies BECAREFUL with this place!!!!!!!! they have no idea what they are doing....they are truly a waste of money and time!!!!!!!

I finally did it!!!!

First of all I want to thank God everything went well...I'm on my 2 day post op pain is crazy ....Dr Freidman gave me 300cc I wanted 400cc but he said they would be to huge for my petite frame! I'm so happy with my results... Will post pics as soon as I start feeling better ;)
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