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Hello everyone. I am in need of some serious...

Hello everyone. I am in need of some serious advice..i got a quote from both Duran and Yily and I really think they are equally amazing. Duran quoted 4500 and Yily quoted me 4100, my surgery would involve a tt, bbl, and liposculpture.
Duran's email was short and sweet with my quote and list of pre-op and post-op recommendations and suggestion...mostly vitamins and meds I should take.
Yily's email was a lot more detailed(about 3 pages) and I don't know where to even start to purchase all these things...I know if I buy everything there it will cost a lot more than here(well..im assuming it will).
I need to make up my mind and I need to do it quick! I will be arriving in DR on August 19.
I need websites to buy the faja(S) cheaper and also those compression stalking's..w/e they're called...all the vitamins and creams. And are the massages really 31 each? how long are they for? and who does those? the women at the rh?
btw im really short 4' 10.5" to be exact..i weigh 124...got 4 kids and so I been thinking...my dream body is gonna be almost impossible to get. I want to look like an hour glass but because my torso is so short i don't think there will be enough room for me to get that look. I'm excited though...i never thought i'd be getting this done nor did i think i would be able to afford it. Thank you Jesus for these doctors!

2013 is all about me myself and Duran!!!!!

Im soooo excited!! I scheduled my surgery for August 20th with Duran. I cant begin to tell you all how excited I am!!! so im getting my tt(that ive been wanting since 2001) and a bbl and liposculpture. Im very short..i remind myself of an oompa-loompa and im just ready to be sexy and feel sexy..im only 4'11" and i weigh 124.
I am 32, mother of four..two girls two boys..ages 11,7,6, and 3.
I want to say Thank you to all of you who have shared your journey on here and motivated and inspired me to finally get this done. I been wanting this for so long but i've always been scared to do it, but now after getting hooked to RS, im not really scared anymore..more excited than anything!!!
I bought my ticket to DR back in Feb so i only paid 540 round trip, everyone thought i was crazzzyyy cause i wasnst sure at that point if it would just be a vacation or if i was gonna have surgery done but either way i didn't care. This year is all about me!!
I scheduled my stay at Angela's..spoke to her for like 10 mins..sweetest lady ever!! I will be there from 8/19-8/26. I asked if she had a driver there that would bring me to and from the airport and my appts and she said yes, i told her that my fight gets in at the crack of dawn she said that wasnt a problem. She told me not to forget the compression socks and money for the meds i would have to buy in DR. and she said bring tons of pads the "jumbo" ones...
Now im trying to keep calm cause i have soooo much to buy!!! i dont have anything..like nothing. lol I love shopping so im trying not to get stressed out about it and make it a fun thing.
still not sure of how much weight i should gain. i posted a question on the Q/A forum and got a response from one doctor (who btw does incredible work but i cant afford) and he said i dont have to gain any weight cause the extra weight i have now should be enough..but i dont think he realizes that i want a fatty..like Nicki Minaj type fatty..im looking at myself grabbin my chichos (luv handles) saying to myself all this can go into one butt cheek, i need enough for both..lol

i cant wait to get rid of the body!!!

RS is my only support system..

Out of the people I've told..which is my immediate family and three friends, I only have the support of my best friend and it bothers me how my entire family is against this..they keep telling me I might die, I could get a huge infection, I could come out butchered..my organs are gonna be sold to the black market..like wtf???.
I DONT WANT TO HEAR that BS!! it's so annoying and then they want to tell me about every horror story that they've ever heard of..I don't need this crap, this stressful enough, I just want to be excited and I wish they would be excited for me. Then theres the haters...they want to tell me I shouldn't get this done cause I will look "fake"... but
B!#&% just last year you were talkin about getting an ass cause you look like popeye's olive oil..cant stand chicks like that! anyways I apologize for venting on here but RS has really become my "go to" place when ever im feeling stressed, scared, excited, inquisitive...and motivated.
I just want to say to anyone who is experiencing the same thing..that youre not alone and If you want this done as bad as I do, you will do what I did and tell them to all to kiss your new fat ass!! well, I didn't actually say it but IM THINKING IT!..lol

I'm so excited I ordered my vitamins today...

Im so excited..today I purchased my first set of supplies for my surgery from Makemeheal.com and I used the 15% off code I got for signing up. I ordered:
VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain) $92.95 $13.94 off
Boiron Arnica Montana Cream $8.95 $1.34 off
Kelo-cote Scar Healing & Reduction Gel $33.99 (comes with two but not eligible for discount).
Subtotal: $135.89
Coupon Discount: (on eligible products) $15.28 (15%)
Total Damage: $120.61
Does anyone know where I can purchase the silicone strips at a good price??..they're sooo expensive!!!

BBL veterans...i need your advice...pleeease...

I would be happy if you dolls could answer a few questions I have.

I wanted to know:

1.is the board necessary?

2.how the heck do you use epifoam, is it a cushion or spray cause I seen both regarding tt and I don't know which one people are using and/or suggesting.

3.does the pee funnel work? is it necessary? I read one person say not at all and the other say absolutely..

4.how long did you wait to go #2? did it hurt? (im gonna be so scared even with stool softeners)

5.should I bring chux for the RH or do they have them there?

6.im getting the compression stockings but are the sleeves necessary too?

7.I cannot..will not..wait 6 weeks to be with my boo...so realistically speaking how long do I have to wait???

I know some of theses are personal but I need to know..send me a pm if you want.

i have to gain weight if i want my dream booty...

So today Duran told me i dont have no where near enough fat to get my dream booty. i have to gain weight to get close to my dream booty but im scared of how that will work cause i gain weight in all odd areas before i gain in my mid section or butt, so how will this look after surgery?? i will have a fat face..arms..feet, and vajayjay and a small waist??? i dont have the money for extra lipo. ugh! im gonna have a cute tiny waist and two chins..great!
im so frustrated. She said she would make my body look nice but i will not get a big butt with what i have to work with. Im gonna gain ten lbs two weeks before i go to DR. Is that even healthy?

And the count down to my new booty begins...

I cant believe i will be in DR in 25 days..so anxious.
So i was hoping to get my meds here cause with my insurance i would be paying less then 20 for the three i need and in DR i will be paying 150, thats on top of the 130 for insurance..i guess over there it doesnt cover meds. :(
i started taking my vitamins a week ago. Hope my iron is good when i get there supposed to have it between 12-16 and when i had my labs checked here for my physical it was 12.1.. too close to the cut off so im taking a multivitamin..will check it again soon...
i wanted to buy my faja here cause it alot cheaper but i couldnt find one i like so i guess i'll be buying it there.
So i been meaning to share my list, but i been so busy but here it goes...
Things im taking:
MMH post op kit w/bromelain(vitamins)
Arnica Montana tablets(reduces bruising)
Arnica gel
heparin gel
super duper jumbo pads
white tanks (mens sml)
migraine meds
razors (but waxing everything before i go)
pocket size flash light(some spots in DR have electrical issues)
tooth paste/brush
hair brush
comfy shorts
maxi dresses
a couple snacks
prilosec (omeprazol)
P-ez funnel
dial soap
baby wipes
feminine wipes
2 books
mosquito spray (for prevention of Dengue fever)
magic bullet
money for tips (sent all my other money ahead of time to my fam down there)

am i forgetting anything? decided not to buy the foam boards just the foam. other things on my list i will buy there, like the clorox wipes,protein shakes and detergent (gonna be there for 3wks)
i still have some time to try to get my meds here..any suggestions? i gotta find another doctor that will give them to me.
btw i've only gained like 3 pounds!! freaking out about that i usually gain weight so easily but with this heat im just not hungry and im trying but it's tougher than i thought it would be, i need about 10 more pounds for Duran to give me what i want.
Keep y'all posted..GN RS

Fianally im a Duran Doll!

Cant believe it... I had my surgery yesterday...its been a rollercoaster.I will go into detail when I feel better. Im in so much pain and whatever they give for here at Cipla sucks...I needed to have a blood transfuson. Cause after surgery my leval were low. Miss everyone back home..it was a bad idea to come out here alone. But im alive..havent seen my body yet but I feel im sitting on two ballons..lol
I was supposed to have my surgery today but when I came in yesterday to have my labs done she told me she would do it then. Talk to you guys soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Duran is amazing and i cant wait to be one of her dolls...

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