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Hello everyone, I've been on the RS site and MMH...

Hello everyone, I've been on the RS site and MMH since Novemeber 2012. Now that I'm fnally taking the steps to the "New Me" it's time I tell my story and share my journey. I'm a single mother of two. I'm in my early 40's but if you look at me you wll think I'm quite younger. I'm 5'7 weighing 227 lbs and my measurements currently are: 38dd,39,49. My Tatted Gut has my Rattlesnake looking like a BOA CONSTRICTOR!!!! NOT COOL!!! Anyway, I'm already curvy and I have a "Booty Judy" already but i would like it a lil more rounder and to fill in the lil "dents". I've been considering getting a tt for 5 years now I was obsessed with it, but not the prices in the U.S way too expensive.I was scared to go to Mexico and honestly didnt like the work I seen coming from there. I'e heard of the "medical tourism " and at first I was a bit skeptic but as i read more into it, I became more interested and that's when i stumbled across RS, and one o the patients just had a tt by Dr. Katrina Camillo in D.R so I was sooo gunho to go to her I went though Global Medical and sent my nr $500 deposit instead of putting a PAUSE on it, then the same patient stated that even though she like Dr. Camillo's work she loved Dr.Yily's work better and wished she would of went but that she was going to her for sculpturing.. So of course I researched Dr. Yily and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE HER WORK!! I'm not a baller or anything but I took an L to the $500 and I'm confident about my choice with Dr.Yily. Dr. Yily gave me a quote of $3800 for tt,full lipo to flanks, stomach,back, bbl and arms, also w/ th compression, testing, 1night at the clinic etc. I want my inner thighs done moreso than my arm but I'm so freaking excited!!! i'm tired of having two butts (one in the front and one in the back)lol I already know my anatomy and makeup to it so I'm not asking for an unrealistic body I have curves already and I want allllll the fat sucked out my abdominal area and back and my body wll be Delicious...lol I'm going with 3 of my BBl/TT sisters and I aint got no worries, staying prayed up and not worrying about the negativity, So far, I got my flight booked,money for Jacq Spa for 10 days, I'm going to have Jacqueline take me to the local pharmacy to get my heparin shots because forreal I dont want to pay $250 for what I could get at a cheaper rate. This monday I'm applying tor my expedited passport, so now I'm shopping my list on what to take with me so far I have: 1.Arnica gel 2.Gauze pads 3.Omeprazole 20mg 4.Ice bag 5.Hibliclens 6 Bacitracin Ointment 7. Benedryl ointment 8.Peroxide.9.Dial Antbacterial Soap 10. Femenine Wash 11.Baby Wipes 12.Depends. 13. Chux 14. Supr Maxipads 15. Boppy pillow (ordered online)... I have more to get but i should be done with my list by the first week of March, Right now I'm taking it easy because I dont want to get overwhelmed... any advice or anything you feel i missed please helpa sista out lol.. I will taking my laptop,dvds, phone, makeup too gotta stay cute thru the pain...lol my journey now is your journey to come I will definitely keep you all posted because we family now each and everyone of us and what I'm about to expose and share with you is what i dont really with my immediate family and friends.... #TeamYily

My Before Pics Ladies Please Look At Your Own...

My Before Pics Ladies Please Look At Your Own Risk!!!!!
I figure I'm going to show the ... "Before" pics of me to appreciate the "New"me.. So Today is Monday and I applied for my expedited Passport the clerk stated I would definitely recieve it w/in 2 wks. I have started my shopping of the supplies that I will need so far I have:
2.Arnica gel
3,Boppy Pillow
4. Head pillow (for comfort on the plane)
5. short comfy socks
6. Sundresses
9.Cell phone
10.Makeup Bag
11.Dial Bacterial Soap
13.Super MaxiPad
15.Ice Bag
19.Feminine Wash
20.Bacitracin Ointment
21.Gauze Pad
22.Omeprazole 20mg
24.6pc Travel Set
26.Benedryl ointment
28.Wet Ones
29. Baby Wipes
30, Doggy Pads
31. Miralax
32, Lotion
33. Travel Toothbrush/past
34,Shower Sponge
have a few more things to get like Bromelain pill (you can get them at GNC for $12.99) for swelling, I also want to order an Abdominal Board for www.LipoExpress.com for $20.00 to help flatten my stomach in the garmet compression... Okay enough for today Dolls ttyl;)

Oh yes I forget lol, Sx Money check**Rh Money...

Oh yes I forget lol, Sx Money check**Rh Money check** Deposit sent check** Flight booked check*** Passport Expedited check*** Ready to Go check,check,chech****!!!!! lol

Sorry Dolls this is original review but I have a...

Sorry Dolls this is original review but I have a duplicate on
Here as well because I was being a fast butt. Feel free to comment on
either one I will respond until they take one down..lol

Hi Yily Dolls, Just wanted to check in with yall....

Hi Yily Dolls,
Just wanted to check in with yall. So my "friend" called himself ordering me a "Boppy Pillow" Amazon when the only.thing that came in was a Boppy Slipcover!!! I should have known $20 for a brand new pillow was too good to true talk about #TeamPissed anyway I went to a baby consignment shop and bought one for $12 :) so it worked out. I purchased Bromelain pills from the Vitamin shoppe for $8.99 good deal. I'm about to order my bloodwork to be done and order my foam boards too by next week because time is flyyyyyyying.... Ttyl Dolls

Gm Dolls, I went to get my bloodwork done this...

Gm Dolls, I went to get my bloodwork done this morning through Lab Corp so I'm waiting on my.results. (fingers crossed) and I also ordered my Lipo foam boards and abdominal board hopefully the come quick. Here are the links: www.LipoExpress.com$7.95 per I got 5 boards.and the ab board I got off the www.contourmd.com for $20.00 so check.it out if you're interested.. Just a few more things to get then I'm done whoop!!

Through all of this I'm.in the process of moving...

Through all of this I'm.in the process of moving uuuugh, I should feel a bit overwhelmed but I refuse to because I don't want anything to interfere with my health to get this sx done. Sometimes I lay off of this site to keep myself together and come back on with a sane mind, yesterday I purchased my boy beaters 5pk from Walmart so the last but not least to get is my silicone strips for my tummy tuck and a marble for my belly button lol mama gotta get right and tight:)

STRESSED!!!! I got my bloodwork back today and my...

STRESSED!!!! I got my bloodwork back today and my hemogloblin level is only 11.1 gm/dl !!! I know I'm anemic and I been taking my vitamins since Dec. Now I took the test in the morning and I came on my period that evening. I don't know if that makes a difference but now I gotta double up on my iron (which I have 2 days ago) I pray my level is higher come
April 17!!!!

HELP!! I need an immediate "Iron Booster" can...

HELP!! I need an immediate "Iron Booster" can anyone help me???

So I got my lipo foam boards today Yayy!!! From...

So I got my lipo foam boards today Yayy!!! From www.contourmd.com they came pretty quick and my ab board should be here tomorrow.. still waiting on my passport though:( I'm so impatient now...

34 Days now!!! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and I...

34 Days now!!! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and I caught a cold I hot all of my supplies packed just waiting on my passport!!! My mother was not of fan.of me getting this procedure done out of the country (even though I'm in my 40s) but she surprised me and bought me a walker and and elevated toilet seat *tears* now that i got her blessings I can proceed!! #TeamYily

I hit a bump in the road but I'm back on track God...

I hit a bump in the road but I'm back on track God Is GOOD!!! Praying I get my passport in time for my flight April 16th!!!

I hit a bump in the road but I'm back on track God...

I hit a bump in the road but I'm back on track God Is GOOD!!! Praying I get my passport in time for my flight April 16th!!!

Realistically speaking!!! I'm reading alot of...

Realistically speaking!!! I'm reading alot of negative B.S on here about Dr. Yily and I'm just gonna keep it a 100, stop trying to get unrealistic results!!! It depends on your natural body shape to what you're actually gonna recieve and if she is "fat grafting " she is deciphering between your good and bad fat!!! If you dont have ENOUGH you wont get what you want!!! Some of you may want to stay in the states and get IMPLANTS, INJECTIONS to get that DONKEY BOOTY okay real talk and if your health is not at a 100% look for complications that may arise!!! I may have a complication but I'm still getting this done and I'm taking a chance knowing it can go the other way. I'm NOT into the negative as I wish everyone a great journey Happy recovery and that God is with you all but the mess I'm reading on here is getting me burnt!! Dont come at me either because I will go even harder!! This forum is to help, and heal and learn from past stories not to bash or wish bad on another human being because of what may have happen to you!!! The next time I post will be my ass on the plane!! Im Out Holla!!!

I was really trying to hold out on posting but I...

I was really trying to hold out on posting but I can't!! Regardless of the negativity I see ppl on here are playing into trying to defame Yily I'm not participating !!! I'm #TeamYily and will see her in 20 days!! So I'm going to ask you negative biddies nt to post on my page page nothing !! If you can't wish me and buddies well I don't got you to don't even try no fake profile either I will get you locked off my page!!! In the end the only ones that will be BURNT is the haters trying to discourage and play lil girl games!!!

I posted new pre op "before " pics because i want...

i posted new pre op "before " pics because i want to truly see the difference in 20 days !!! lol

Happy Easter Ladies!!! I got a surprise in my...

Happy Easter Ladies!!!
I got a surprise in my mailbox this weekend my passport!!!! Now I feel official and ready to go. Booked my post surgery stay after a few days in the RH with Dominga she's a sweetheart. Luggage is packed and now I'm just waiting:)



Hey ladies my days are growing shorter now less...

Hey ladies my days are growing shorter now less than 14 days, I have everything on my list but Im going to repack and leave a few items behind because it would be pointless to take some things that cannot be used until my scars is healed. I read a lot of blogs and what I actually want done Full lipo ,tt inner thigh lipo under arm and ft to my hips. My bit is already inches If s n cool. I'm doubling my iron pills w/ oj since I came on my cycle I want my hemo levels high for sx. I will be staying at Jac spa for 3 days post op then at a BnB w/the host Dominga . I will report if its true about Roach or Rat infestation as well smh I will also keep in mind I'm in a developing country and some of the most elegant richest houses over here in the US have that problem at times anywho I can't wait for the "New me" I'm nervous hella excited pissed my netflix will not work over there because their satellite is programmed to their stations ugh lol oh well I have my DVDs ....countdown dolls

Hey ladies my days are growing shorter now less...

Hey ladies my days are growing shorter now less than 14 days, I have everything on my list but Im going to repack and leave a few items behind because it would be pointless to take some things that cannot be used until my scars is healed. I read a lot of blogs and what I actually want done is Full lipo ,tt inner thigh lipo under arm and ft to my hips. My butt is already 49.1 inches if Yily can make it a lil rounder I'm cool. I'm doubling my iron pills w/ oj since I came on my cycle I want my hemo levels high for sx. I will be staying at Jac spa for 3 days post op then at a BnB w/the host Dominga . I will report if its true about Roach or Rat infestation as well smh I will also keep in mind I'm in a developing country and some of the most elegant richest houses over here in the US have that problem at times anywho I can't wait for the "New me" I'm nervous hella excited pissed my netflix will not work over there because their satellite is programmed to their stations ugh lol oh well I have my DVDs ....countdown dolls

I need to see more chin lift pics I want too:)

I need to see more chin lift pics I want too:)

Hi ladies, I want to share an idea I came up with,...

Hi ladies, I want to share an idea I came up with, and maybe you too will find this useful, there has been alot of questions concerning where to place your money to go to D.R I came up with an idea to secure the money on my persons. I have put up 2 pics up (bra,spanx like panties High waist) so you can get an idea. Being that with the type of control waist panties or spanx sold out here their made with extra cloth of course. I figure I will slit the fabric to make an insert around the waist to place my surgery money once i exchange from the bank in $100 denominations to flatten more) in to wear. I also plan to do the same thing inside my bra removing the air pockets to place my traveling money inside. I feel this will work out best for me and an fanny pack lol and i will be more secure, and if they question me at the airport i will happily explain.:) if anyone can suggest anything else please let me know:) thanks

*Question anyone please feel free to answer* So...

*Question anyone please feel free to answer*
So my mama is trying to convince me to get "Traveler's Checks" for my protection from my bank take to take to D.R, I'm trying to contact Dr. Yily's team to see if she will accept this for my sx payment. Has anyone else thought of it? It is a smarter and safer idea, but I have'nt seen anyone mention this before HELP:(....
Also my mother gave me her lil phone that carries 250 minutes free to take with me instead of my using my phone and she contacted her carrier that will allow me international calls. So make sure if you're getting a $20 phone you contact the carrier to confirm you can use it in another country ... that is all for now. Thanks ladies:)

I received an email from Dr. Yily's assistant...

I received an email from Dr. Yily's assistant requesting for me to confirm my sx date for Wednesday 17th. I'm flying out Tuesday morning... Things just got REAL TO ME!! I can't even sleep literally, my nerves is like " oooooh maaaan" but I'm ready just finished catching up on my bills, so that will be the last thing I worry about when I come back. I haven't had major surgery since my C-section with my daughter 24 years ago. I want this so bad and now it's here and honestly Idk how to act lol. Let me get off this for now TTYL ladies ;)

I'm at the airport with my Yily sistas laughing...

I'm at the airport with my Yily sistas laughing already waiting on our flight to D.R Yily here we come!!!

Hola ladies, Well. me and mys Yily sistas are...

Hola ladies,
Well. me and mys Yily sistas are here , im waiting on my nloodwork to cone back, Dr. Yily is beautiful with a natural Big Booty despite the rumors!!! She's warm and about her business placing your health first... I will have to tell you I'm off this now ttyl:)

Gm ladies:) well my sx was a success I can finally...

Gm ladies:) well my sx was a success I can finally see my punany :):):):) I wasn't Abe.to get everything because my hemo level only raised up .5 from 11.1 to 11.6 I was anle to get my lipo (not too aggressive though) and my tummy tuck tuck all in I have no complaints!!! Oh btw I never seen anything unsanitary nor any bloody scrubs from Dr. Yily or anyone else including Dr.Duran and everyone use gloves so I don't wby that was ever said anyway me and the girls are still at Cipla waiting to go to Jacqueline she performed 6 sx last night I admit the organization needs to be better bit that's another story i will tell later I'm still in a lil pain and tired, the nurses and Dr Yily are very nice and attentive no bad reviews with none and the anesthesialogist loves to pinch faces and blows kisses he's a mess but funny oh how bout I was up my whole time of sx I didn't feel or see a thing I was singing and I think Dr.Yily was singing with me lmao. Ttyl ladies I gotta sleep.

Oh I got ft to my hips and butt to for roundness

Oh I got ft to my hips and butt to for roundness

Gm Yily dolls i just want to say I'm blessed!...

Gm Yily dolls i just want to say I'm blessed! 5days post op my drain is getting clear so hopefully when I see Dr. Yily tomorrow they can come out. Sorry I haven't posted to keep you dolls updated but mami was in so much pain it was unbelievable.I have so much to talk about from how beautiful and sweet Dr. Yil is to her no nonsense rules when it comes to her work. Your health is #1! So ladies stay on your iron if its not up to par uou won't get everything you want done because your hemo levels will drop fast one of the girls that was with us had 2 blood transfusion. I took a couple of picks of Dr. Yily she is so beautiful in person and it was so funny when she said "I remember you singing during surgery" we laughed and before she went in to changer into her scrubs she blew kisses at me goodbye. I love her aww.:) Anway at Cipla they are very sanitary with everything I seen no bloody scrubs on Dr. Yily n previous partients that came in to see her their body was freaking amazing and gorgeous. She gave me my flat tummy ,my hips , and my full round booty my butt was a 49.1 now its measured at 52.1 and I'm told once the swelling go down it gets bigger:):):) Big Booty Judy .. anyway Jacqueline Spa was nice ,food was great and now me and one and blkgirlchnagirl is at Dominga's BnB its very beautiful peaceful and we are across the street from the sea. Dominga is sweet and there is No Roaches or Mice, she recommends you stay at the Rh for atleast 3days po before coming because her place is not a Rh its as stated a BnB . I will go through the dilemma getting to her place on a different note but I will say this be careful not to confuse a buddy as someone that could be a friend have them for what it should be for rooming at the Rh for the discount! Everybody appears cool over a phone is mot what they appear in person I experienced this first hand and I will get into that later but today I won't let that spoil my joy I'm in live with the sun and the sea. Ttyl Dolls:) btw bout to get my hair and nails done.:)

*I did plenty of typos but yall know what I meant...

*I did plenty of typos but yall know what I meant lol *

Hi Dolls , I git my first massage today and it was...

Hi Dolls , I git my first massage today and it was painful pleasure I must say. I went to Andrea Hair &Spa and i got both the lymphatic and ultra ray massage to my belly which was awhopping $100 US dollars
$8000 pesos smh so tomorrow I will go To Jacqueline , it felt good and released fluids but my legs and feet are like elephants trunks! I have on the compression socks I admit I just put on today, and its time I change my faja to a stage 2 they already put me in a loose faja from the beginning I was already on the 3 rd clich 2xl I need and XL I believe. I cleaned my desk. If clogs a few time and thaak me itch ! I will st pics tomorrow right now I have my legs elevated. The worst pain for me is my back so stiff inside skin it the lipo is no joke and the healing process isn't either thank you all ladies for your well wishes I really appreciate it and also that this damn A/C is finally working in my room lol ttyl.

I'm typing from my phone so I have typos but I was...

I'm typing from my phone so I have typos but I was saying I clean my tube a lot from clogs and it makes me itch looking at it ugh.. I need to rest because I be doing way too much and my body is letting me know. So ladies please concentrate on your healing font get your booty massaged either Yira advised me today ..I'm out for tjis time ttyl

I had a lil scare ... Last night I had to go to...

I had a lil scare ... Last night I had to go to Cipla so Yily could look @ my tt scar it start leaking out and i was so scared but she said it was fine i was sleeping on tha same side the tube wasn't on and being I had a LG abdomen i have a lot of liquid so it will come out one way of another ladies make sure to unclog your tubes !!! So I'm resting my feet up and waiting for the massage lady to come .. I will definitely post pics up later I'm just so weak right now...

Gm Dolls well this is my last day in D.R my...

Gm Dolls well this is my last day in D.R my flisght leaves at 4:20 pm this evening I have a grid pic up that has my before and after although Im still very swollen Im liking my results:) Anyway Im feeling real good this morning and hopefully my drain comes out because I'm ready to go home!! I must address a simple childish issue on RS I see and once I do Im deading the situation and the person involved! Right now I'm with one of the 4 buddies I came down with Blkchnagrl in a BnB everything is smooth and we both leave today. But I have to address and issue that one of the ladies on here is posting to make herself look real innocent! there is 2 sides to every; story and then the truth. My whole intent was to come to D.R to get my surgery done by Dr. Yily nothing more nothing less. I actually did not come to make friends and was well prepared to come by myself, however during my journey I met a few ppl one in particular that I thought we could form a friendship past the surgery and D.R but as I stated earlier BEWARE of who you actually speak to and form a bond with over the phone , some ppl aren't who they appear. I should have took notice to my inner self telling me something wasn't right when I met the prsn at the airport but I ignored it because I was too excited about what was about to happen to me, anway from day 1 there was a lot of hypochondriac things going on trying to get attention from a fever to chest pains etc. then at Cipla the person getting upset because Dr. Yily placed her last in surgery stating she should of came by herself if she was going to be last as if it was our fault! She even went as far to accuse two of the buddies that was in a room with her of trying to steal her money then going to each of them blaming the other. but what took the cake is when I had already booked the Bnb for all 4 of us because we agreed we wouldn't stay in the recovery house long and wanted something more affordable, she apparently didn't have a bank account and wanted me to book it with my cc which I did and paid for it with the agreement I would get her half with another buddy once we were in D.R *ladies never do this stupid move I did!* anyway she was wishy washy and couldn't make her mind up whether she wanted to stay in the recovery house or not and actually threw others under the bus and when the cab driver did not know how to get to the bnb we end up left at a booked hotel while she and another buddy sat outside and left me and blkchngrl to call around to the bnb to pick us up ( mind you they were going to pick us up at the recovery house but I had to wait on the wishy wash mess to stop smh) I was then advised she told the buddy she was with that she wasn't paying me anything because I took it upon myself to book the Bnb, ( I didn't know this until later) and when it was time for Dominga fro the Bnb to pick us up neither she or the other chick wanted to go with us and didn't even say goodblye. The Devil Chick is now spreading mess on RS stating Im bipolar which at time I can be but also stating I was jealous of her speaking to other buddies that is stupid!! No what I didn't like is that plans would change and I would be the last to know. This chick not only was a Demon but I believe is psychologically challenged and I feel should have invested their surgery money on psychiatric evaluations!!! Funny the only Rat I see was the one trying to accuse another of stealing her money and in the same breath laughing and joking with them and accusing the other girl she stayed with of the same when she know damn well her broke a** aint have no money!! Im going to say this. Take several seats your miserable and having a tummy tuck and lipo aint going to change your situation,,, I pray for my enemies though because if I don't my blessings will cease and I wont have that anyway... Im off the situation and off her ugly behind.. Back to me I'm about to leave the Bnb and I pray for the ones coming here soon a great journey learn from mines on what not to do and enjoy your life in which I plan to do:) ttyl

I'm at the airport with my tube still on uuuugh!!...

I'm at the airport with my tube still on uuuugh!! At least I'm going home and my bff is a l.p.n so she will pull out my tube, about to hit Ft. Lauderdale for a 12hr layover but I'm Playing the "wheelchair " card so I can get on board with ease:)

I took my tube out today Yayy!! That sucka was...

I took my tube out today Yayy!! That sucka was looooooooooong smh (see pic) i feel a whole lot better even though my mom thinks I'm nut for that ..lol anyway I will keep yall posted :)

This itching mess is for the birds !!!!! Uuuugh!!!

This itching mess is for the birds !!!!! Uuuugh!!!

I will be 3 weeks PO tomorrow(wed) and I need a...

I will be 3 weeks PO tomorrow(wed) and I need a 2nd stage compression garment now. They put me in a 2x garment that is very loose now and when I take is off I feel gravity pulling my stomach down Ugh!!! My bestfriend lives in Newark and the Faja store she's around do have good quality garments however the sizes are off and I would have to go there to try it on. Even though Philly is close to Jersey I don't feel like makingds the trip. I don't want the kind with the thighs I want the brief whole bathing suit type, do any of you ladies know the best type stage 2 to get and from where please share the link and the price thank you. It's funny how others few you too lol a lot of my male friends that don't have a clue what I did but see a change stay focused on my butt calling me " Big Booty Judy" and "Damn gurl what you doing with allllll that back there" even one of my girlfriends keep staring (no homo) saying "you belong on Love & Hip Hop ATL with ya big booty small waist" , lmbo but for me I still see the "Pre Op girl"idk when it will actually hit me but hopefully when I do put some real clothes on I will see. Oh plus I was off wiith my pre measurement around my waist I was 38dd 42- 49.1" now my measurements so far with the swelling is (idk with my breast) waist 36-51" my booty went down an inch:/ anyway when I'm a month po I will put more pics down I took some down because I don't wanna see my pre ops on another site to embarrass me:( ttyl Dolls I'm about to get some Benedryl

Help Dolls, I'm so irritated right now do any of...

Help Dolls, I'm so irritated right now do any of you know how to use this damn abdominal board (pic posted)??? I don't know when I'm suppose to use it at this stage and if I'm supposed to wear it alllllllll day !! I hope not because it looks stupid!!! So irritated right now:(

Hi Dolls, here are a few new pics for my 1mo post...

Hi Dolls, here are a few new pics for my 1mo post op. im still swollen, my waist went from a 42-44 to a 35.5 my goal is to have a 32" waist by 8wks. I don't know when the "fluffing" starts my butt is at 50.9 so it seems to have gotten smaller:( anyway I need to continue my iron because I lose my energy real fast. I haven't tried to get myself in a pair of jeans yet, I continue to wear my tights but my tees and shirts are too big I need meds, my nutty boyfriend is supposed to take me shopping, he gets on my nerves though always wanna touch, touch, touch!!! lol anyway I wear my ab board and squeem over my cg until I get a new one I want this recovery to be over!!! ttyl

posted a pic tonite

here is my 5wk po pic of my lil booty (50") ;(

lil update @ 5wks

Here are additional pics I took tonight, still swollen with faja on but hopefully by the third month I'm good,. my waist is a 34.5 now big accomplishment for me a big girl that at 5'7 was pushing up to 240lbs. will update more at 8 wks, My tt scare is healing nicely barely noticeable except for the swelling;( my booty lil:( ugh

I'm so hurt emotionally right now!!

I'm so hurt that my cousin wanted to take me out tonight with one of her girlfriends and they ended up getting into a physical fight with 3 younger girls, I had to get in the middle to break them up and my knee got scratched. I couldn't believe I had that much strength to hold two off once I intervene in the fight but the point that I had to do this hurt me mentally and I pray didn't damage myself physically because of this I'm pissed and my cousin knows this!!! I can't believe I put myself in harm's way please pray for me dolls:(

Supplies I used in DR

Hi Dolls, so over the dilemma from last night I'm okay but m"
y bf banned me from going out for awhile..lo... out of everything on the list here is what I actually used:
1.baby wipes
2.Arnica gel
4.Boppy pillow
7.cell phone (when got reception)
8.Dial soap
13.Feminine Wash
15.Omeprazole 20mg
18Travel toothbrush/paste
19Doggy training pads
Everything else was used(except Depends) when I got back home.
I use Scarguard on my TT line and it works great!! I'm using cocoa butter for my lipo marks

This Yily Doll Almost left you dolls this morning :(

I said I wasn't going to post anything in a while, but what I'm experiencing today is a must share.. I'm am currently admitted to the hospital due to blood clots in both of my lungs and right leg.. 'this is something I feared and in my previous posting I stated my mother worried about me getting this surgery because of 2 pulmonary embolisms she survived. Last night I literally could not sleep, I've been ignoring the signs "wheezing" while lying down, shortness of breath, no energy while going up the stairs,fatigue and sharp pains in my rib cage that came from a continuous dry cough, m mother urged me to go to the hospital but I ignored her, because I didn't wanna deal with the question of having surgery abroad. Anyway enough was enough, I sat up 5 in the morning and looked up my symptons lawd "Pulmonary Embolism" my bf rushed and got dressed called my mom and took me to the ER my daughter was already there, I was losing my breath and crying I was scared. When the doctors said I have both lungs filled with blood clots and my right leg still has one after doing the ekg,and cat scan, I was in shock, I played a huge part in this though ,I got into a lil depression when I came home and I wasn't moving like I should of been, walking,exercising, etc. Also I neglected taking my iron (I'm severely anemic now) Then going out for a girl's night out and acting like never had sx was so foolish of me. I was so involved in my appearance instead of my health, and I have been reading a lot of posts saying to myself I can't wait for round 2 when God made me humble my behind and DEAL with what's more important to me my health or I wont be around for round 2 I say this to say, Ladies let me be an example to please do your aftercare correctly and make sure your health is on point INSIDE as OUTSIDE, I want a bigger booty but I want to live another day to see that happen, what happened to me made me put a lot of things in perspective, I pray to get better and be 100% soon, I will have to postpone my round 2 until sometime next year if I'm good. I just wanted to share this... Dolls have a good recovery and don't make my mistake I will be taking a rest off this site and focusing more on myself which means my health. Don't mean I wont come for ya if ya talk slick tho ;) Goodnight muah Dolls

Updating my progress since my P.E Episode

First of all I want to really thank all you ladies for your prayers and concerns, this was scary for me and I wanted to come back on to give you an update. I just got discharged out of the hospital since my admittance(sat). I am currently placed on Lomonax for 5 days which means I will self inject myself in the stomach...ugh, I am also on Coumadin for 6 months and will be carefully watched every 2 wks I will have to get my blood level and something else checked can't remember right now. They wanted to place a stem in my main artery but they will wait till after 6mos to determine will that be necessary . It's funny how I was sooo cool now I may have to take Coumadin to save my life for the rest of my life.. Anyway I just wanted to touch basis, and say may you all have a happy recovery and a peaceful journey and the beautiful bodies that you all desires peace and God Bless

My health issue HAD NOTHING to do with Dra Yily let's get that clear!!

my pulmonary embolism had nothing to do with Dra. Yily or that I was in BAD HEALTH!! what I experienced could happen to anyone having any kind of surgery or no surgery at all. I say this because it's one particular chick that hasn't had surgery yet that loves to be indirect on things, on other ppl's pages and I know she seen my posts she doesn't comment. Her knowledge comes from what she read or "what she was told" quite irritating and all I'm going to say is this until you have your surgery babygurl get you life and hush!! Your comment on anyone one's posts aint worth nothing!!! Whether You go with Dr. Yily Cabral, Duran Baez, Perry, Jimmerson, none of the are miracle workers, and what one surgeon performs one one with the best results may not work on another it all depends on HOW YOUR BODY RESPONDS!!! if your not getting injections, honestly and going back 2,3,4 times for touch ups, you may or may not get it right on 1 round, it's okay to go to whomever, my next round (whenever that may be) will not be with Yily but I do appreciate what she has done. I love the work I seen ;her do on others so I wont bash her for that. I get tired of this particular chick making mentions to things as if she been to D.R had Yily or any others work always trying to sound off, girl take several seats to the back balcony!!! Yeah I know I said I would stay off here and get my health in check but I had to say this because hoooooney some ppl need to fall back and wait their turn. Good Day.


Ladies beware of these fake profiles coming on your thread posting insults to you about the work performed by the Dr. you chose. They are advocating for their doctors, funny thing is I'm sure their not getting "paid" a dime for it!! Stop feeding into what ppl "hear" if they were not an eyewitness to what is happening in CIPLA their opinion means nothing!!! I learned that firsthand, because If I believed half of what was told to me when I went to D.R I wouldn't have had sx period, so glad I seen things for myself.. I'm not knocking any PS there I feel they are all great hell D.R is becoming the Mecca of PS every 3 out of residents of D.R seem to have Plastic Surgery done on them. Whoever you go to get the best results and if you Don't go for round 2 if your health is good and you trust the hands of your doctor, let the pics and our journey be the truth not what a prsn that hasn't even the sx or a FAKE A** PROFILE deter or discourage your decision on what you've done or going to do!! I'm so sick of coming on here and reading the negative ish, not even real ish more like hating negative what I heard mess!! Get yo Life You tried it!! I pray that the ones being negative and alllll knowing come with the best results and be a woman and posts them pic shawty until them like I say take 7 nah hell nah take 1000 seats back in the stadium, I'm going to start reporting ya behinds to the community manager to get ya blocked!! Now hate on That!!

8wks PO (6/17) Loving the Transformation Dr. Yily did on me;)

Hey dolls, it's me again nothing to do so I took some pics to show how far I came since my sx 4/17 I'm loving how my 43 year old body is transforming before my eyes... my waist today is waaaaaait for it 32.3'-my butt is holding at 49' whoot whoot. Dr. Yily told me that my body would look "boxy" until my body would start to mold w/in 3 mos I was a bit discouraged but Dr. Yily knew what she was talking about (hell she does sx in her sleep lol) I'm so happy with the way my coke bottle figure is coming along:) My issue was my waist I wasn't worried about my behind because I already had that just want more shape. I can't speak for anyone else she did the damn thing on ya gurl am for round#2 I'm considering either her or Dr. Cabral for my BL/BA and inner thigh lipo....

Another pic in my white frilly panties;)

here's another pic in my white frilly panties...

see the side shelf sticking out smh

back booty shot

want my booty more rounder hopefully with round #2 I achieve this!!

a lil pic

Hackers are violating girl's pages I deleted majority of my pics i suggest yall do the same!!

Cab;ybake page has been hacked by someone placing some nasty derogatory things and threatening to post are pics on Twitter, I'm on Twitter a lot so I'm not amused by the B.S and if she is not aware of her situation they put her info on blast as well smh. Ladies be aware and if you decide to keep you pics up your choice I'm honestly about to be off this site altogether it's worser than MMH now!!!

I'm not going anywhere!!!

Thank you Sassi1 for reminding me that there are a lot of women that need to read my journey as well as others that has already made the transformation with their bodies, our story whether good or bad need to be heard to encourage others and also to help us as well, I'm going for round #2 end of this year and I need you all, We are like distant cousins at this point (lol) extended family no matter what PS we go to I feel we are all in this together and I'm so sick of outsiders trying to come in and HATE!!! I'm not going anywhere and I'm so glad the Community manager blocked that user's page for now I did take down pics, I may put them back up but for now, I'm going to be cautious but I'm still her!

6 1/2 wk pic

some pics back up

I'm putting some pics back up (after pics) trying not to show my big tatt to give me away lol

Medium Squeem and Medium Vedette #705 (don't like it)

here's a pic in my medium squeem along with my Vedette faja #705 don't particularly care for this faja, I was being cheap but it goes to show cheap ain't always good so I'm about to purchase a good one from Lipoexpress.com I'm trying to get a store open and carry all fajas in my area because believe you me these chicks need some help!!! lol.


My current measurements are 36 DD-32.1-49.2 Here is my fit to tonight :) #TurntUp



Small squeem or Xs squeem can''t decide:(

It's funny how your body transforms quick, I said I was gonna wait to post up a pic but I did today because I needed to see myself since I'm trying to decide which squeem I need to adjust to.. I'm leaning just towards buying both small and xs though.

Pre Op Pic

this is my pre op-> Thank God For Dr. Yily!!!!! God Bless her!!

12 week mark Today I changed my Bio Pic to My Own Booty:)

Hola Dolls,
Long time no hear:) I wanted to wait until I hit my 3month mark to comment and post pics, I changed my Bio Pic to my own Booty Pic :) no more wish pic'n for me:)
Ok here it is: I am healing pretty good I don't feel as much stiffness only if I'm on my back too long, and the itchiness is a very low min. My from abdomen and sides are still numb and swollen so hopefully by my 6mos mark everything will be back to normal. I went to D.R weighing close to 240 lbs @ 5.7 (I'm actually 5'6 1/2 my Dr. informed me I shrunk lol) now I'm 209 lbs yay! I still maintain my big boobs small waist big booty and curves I'm good this way lol. I now do light cardio, squats, crunches and inner thigh exercise. My eating habits have change I'm not on a diet but I eat small portions, basically whatever I have I eat only half of it and I'm done. My sexual appetite has increased and my boyfriend can't keep up lolololol Ladies this surgery will change ya life I swear lololol. My booty is fluff, however I see dents I didn't have before and I'm hoping by October everything evens out along with squats or round 2 it will be dealt with, what I want to do in round 2 is get my breast lifted my chin done my inner thighs sucked out and if my of course it can be shot in my hips lol. Seriously though, I am considering this may go back to Yily for it or Salama haven't decided however it all depends on how busy Dr. Yily is when I plan to go. I love what she has created on me and I have no regrets or concerns. I'm on Coumadin for my blood i'm doing very well and it doesn't stop me from any activities. I should be off by October (crosses fingers) Oh, I also still see a crease in my back and I add foam to my now size Small waist cincher to smooth it out and I still use my ab board. But Honeys on hot days like this Lawdy Jesus have mercy I can't take it and wanna rip it off by I don't I get in a cool plaare ce and relax. My current measurements 36DD-30 waist and 49.4 booty. I'm blessed my tt line is healing good as well just still swollen, okay babes here on some pics you can see I a lil ways to go but I sooo love my results ttyl Dolls Happy Healing and Journies to come. Muah!!

more pics

more pics

I won't be back on RS until my 6mos is up Then I will close my page.

I will not be back on here until my 6mos is up then i will be closing my page. It's been a real journey met some beautiful ppl on here,. I heard good and bad and I learned alot even within myself. My body continues to transform and I'm losing weight in the right places hopefully by October I cant show the big change:) Until then ladies have a wonderful happy recovery I wish you all the very best no matter who performs your surgery and know your life will definitely change for the better!! Muah love ya Dolls Muah!!

Hi Dolls Long time no hear lol

First off I wanna say I miss you guys , I promised I would be back on here at 6 months to show my progress. I love Dr. Yily's work and its been a life changer. What I do now is exercise to maintain. I get aaaalot of attention (I love it) I'm actual waist training now to get my tummy smaller. My measurements are 36dd-30-49.5 the fluffiness is REAL you will def see how your booty settles and fluffs around your 6 months. I massage my butt a lot because sometimes I feel the soreness. My tummy tuck healed great I haven't revised my tatoo yet. I use a cover up concealer for now. I plan to get it revised by my bday in a couple of weeks. I'm still taking coumadine but everything is good... here are some pics of me now.. I feel my body constantly changing. My stomach is still numb in the middle hoping that wears off real soon. Anywho enjoy my pics and I pray for a happy journey and experience to you all.


6 month Pics

more pics

last of my pics

okay 1more pic I swear its the last lol

ok I lied 1 more pic just to show b4 & after jow my body changed luv it!

7mos Post Op Pics Dr.Yily

Just posting updated pics love love love my results everyday. Now I need a breast and chin lift lol

7mo post op waist pics Dr.Yily

Here's my 30 in tummy pics

visit my store?

Hey Dolls,
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more pics


Hey ladies,
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January 2015

Posting new pics havent been on here in a while hope everyone is fine... i will be going back for a breast lift some time this year and maybe more lipo ...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I would do it all over again with Dr.Yily!!!!

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